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Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 12

Title: Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 12: Shadows
Pairing: RyoJin, Ohno/Aiba, KimuShingo, Takki/Sakamoto, Sakumiya, Nagase/Koichi and one-sided Miyake/Sakamoto (As for the others I don't know yet... (PiKame or TegoPi? KameUchi? What's with Jun?)
Rating: PG-15
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Summary: The boys fight gets into the second round... But will they be able to fight the guys who bully Maru?
For Miyake it was love on first sight when he met Sakamoto... And it gets even better for him when Hina has some information.
Meanwhile Aiba gets chased by his memories and Nino decides to find the real Sho underneath the host's calm surf
Note: Sorry for the lack of RyoJin here - There will be more of them in the next chapter!

“Wow…” Miyake sighed happily. “Did you see this guy? His eyes… it’s his eyes! They are so gorgeous… The way he looks…the way he is superior… and he is so good-looking… And oh dear, he has some nice muscles… His stomach must be so trained… such a pity that he was wearing a shirt… without would have been better… And his ass is gorgeous!”

Shingo nodded his head in half-agreement. “He is quite cool… but Takuya-sensei’s ass is the best!”

“Well…” Miyake mused. “Takuya-sensei’s ass is really special, true… his backside has so many nice features… And how he is able to wear these tight jeans. But Sakamoto-san is so trained!”

“He is.” Shingo agreed. “Seems like he does a lot of sports… And you know what the both of them have in common?”

“What?” Miyake wanted to know.

“The eyes…” Shingo grinned cheerfully, happy that someone joined him in his admiration for Takuya…

“Yes…” Miyake nodded his head earnestly. “Their eyes are so intense…”

Hina sighed deeply. “You two are killing me…”  he grumbled.

“Come one, Hina… don’t worry! We’ll find someone for you too!” Miyake tried to reassure him. “Or you could go for thin but hot Yoko-san.”

“He is right.” Shingo agreed. “Yoko is not bad at all…”

Hino looked at them in annoyance. “Could you two just shut up? Then I can tell you something… and you two can be eternally grateful for having such a good friend.” he complained, feeling a bit annoyed about himself for not keeping the information he had away from those two, but then… they were his friends… so…

“What?” Shingo blinked at him in surprise, then he smiled a bit. “We are always thankful to have you!”

Hina had to smile at that. Shingo always sounded so honest. “Alright… You know whose brother this Sakamoto-san is friends with?”

Miyake paused in surprise. “Who?”

Hina grinned a bit. “I heard how Koichi-san talked to Nagase-kun about it… He had some problems with his Host Club… because two of his guys sneaked into a famous Host Club… You know whose Host Club?”

“Oh dear…” Shingo breathed out. “You like to keep it dramatic, right?”

Hina nodded his head contently, feeling pretty proud about the information he had. “Takki-san’s Host Club. And who is Takki-san’s brother?”

Miyake stared at him in disbelief. “Takuya-sensei! His brother’s name is Takki and…”

“…he owns a famous Host Club.” Shingo breathed out. “Brilliant Hina!!”



“WHAT??” Ohno jumped when he heard a scream coming from his bedroom.

He had just met with Aiba a few hours before… and the latter had decided to go to sleep before the Host Club opened up again… Until now.

Ohno was at Aiba’s side immediately, shaking him softly. “Hey…Aiba-chan?”

Aiba slowly opened his eyes, staring at Ohno in utter shock… as if he was some sort of monster.

Ohno looked at him softly. “It’s just me… Ohno… Don’t worry…”

Slowly his senses returned to Aiba’s mind, he rubbed over his head, still panting, sweat dropping from his forehead. “I had a nightmare…” he breathed out. “Sorry…”

“No need to apologize…” Ohno said softly, his hand carefully moving over Aiba’s back to make him calm down a bit. Deep inside he worried what kind of nightmare had scared Aiba that much that the latter was reacting like that.

“I think I’ll go to the bathroom…” Aiba mumbled, his head still spinning around.

Ohno nodded his head, helping him up and leading him to the bathroom. “You need my help?”

“No…thanks…” Aiba pressed out.

Ohno stroked over the other’s face softly, before letting go of him and watching how he closed the bathroom door behind him. Ohno sighed deeply, going back to the living room, trying to work a bit… but he was too distracted. The look of Aiba’s eyes… his shocked, or rather: his frightened expression… that was the worst thing ever. Ohno had never seen someone looking like that. What kind of nightmare made someone react like that?

Aiba shivered as he sat down on the bathtub, his hands trembling a bit. Somewhere in his stomach he felt a sharp feeling and the next moment he was already bending over the bathtub, vomiting… coughing… vomiting. He sighed in relief as his stomach felt empty again and opened the water a bit to clean up the mess he had created.

He stroked through his wet hair… wet because of too much sweating… his fingers were still trembling, as if they weren’t belonging to him. When he looked into the mirror he drew back in shock. He moved his fingers to his face, touching the bruises on his cheek and nose… and lips… everywhere on his body. Aiba felt like screaming again over the never-ending nightmare, when the picture suddenly changed again. He sighed in relief. There were no bruises on his face… they had disappeared, since years already.

Aiba sighed deeply, his fingers moving over his face again, touching it, as if he needed to make sure that there wasn’t anything left. It had been a long time, he thought, since this nightmare was haunting him.




“Hey, Aiba-chan…” Okada waved at the young man as he came back to the Host Club. “Do you want to join us?” He pointed at the table where he, Sakamoto and Sho and Nino were sitting at. Just slightly Aiba wondered why Nino was here…again. Well, it wasn’t that rare that the brothers were visiting the Club, but not that often.

“No thanks…I want to prepare for tonight…” Aiba breathed out. His senses were still a bit tensed, nervousness standing in his eyes. His thoughts were still far away, somewhere at Ohno’s place, the worried expression of the other not leaving his mind… and also his own dream still circling around.

“’Are you okay?” Okada looked at the younger one thoroughly. “You are so pale…”

“I’m okay.” Aiba forced a smile to his face, trying to chase away the dark thoughts that were haunting him right now. “Just tired… a bit headache.”

“You should go and lie down a bit.” Okada sounded concerned. "First Jin-kun looking totally spend and now you...

"Well..." Nino giggled a bit. "Jin? I bet the reason why he looks grumpy is because his beloved Ryo-chan has to work longer in school today..."

Okada smiled at that, grinning a bit. "Maybe." Then his look was concerned again. "But you should really rest a bit Aiba-chan..."

“He is right.” Sakamoto smiled encouragingly at Aiba. “Rest a bit.” Somewhere far away in his mind he was wondering though… about the expression on Aiba’s face. It remembered him of those times when Aiba had started to work for Takki.

Sho watched Aiba as the latter left the room, walking towards his private room. “Is he really okay? He looks so troubled… not his usual cheerful self.” Sho’s voice sounded concerned, his eyebrows knitted.

“I don’t think Aiba is a cheerful guy…” Sakamoto mumbled, still a bit absentminded. “There is always much more to a human being than what we can see on the surface. Always.”

Nino stared at Sakamoto for a moment, before his gaze shifted towards Sho… Sakamoto was right, he thought. There was always something beneath the surface, something a person didn’t want to show others… or didn’t want to think of… to be reminded of… maybe something this person had forgotten… Every person had such a secret, for some it was more difficult, because the problem was lying deeper and maybe stronger, laying his shadow over everything else. Takki and Ryo were such people… Maybe Aiba was the same? Nino looked at Sho thoroughly. What was beneath Sho’s soothing and calm surface? Every day he had the same expression, the same smile, the same attitude… Nino frowned a bit. He longed to get to know the real Sho, no matter who he was. And secretly Nino promised to himself to search for this Sho-kun… the real one.




Yamapi chased down the alley, rushing through the bushes, some of the twigs hitting his face, leaving scratches there. Right behind him he could here Tegoshi. Out of a sudden instinct Yamapi turned around. “Be careful.” he told Tegoshi, before he headed right into the fight.

One of the guys was hitting Ueda right now, another pressing Ryo down to the ground, before the latter pulled his knee up a bit, hitting the man and making him stumble. And Maru was grabbing another guy, while kicking at a fourth one. His hair was already pretty messy, blood running out of his nose. The fifth guy was heading towards Ueda now to help his friend beating the boy up… Yamapi jumped right in between, grabbing the guy’s waist and pulling him down to the ground.

For a moment he could keep the guy in place, before he felt how some weight fell on him, pressing him to the side. He gasped when he hit his face at the ground, the guy sitting on his back now, pulling his arms up and holding him in place. With his hand he was pressing Yamapi’s head into the ground… Just at the moment when Yamapi thought he would faint he could here a noise and some weight was suddenly lifted from him. When he looked up, there was Tegoshi, in his hand his school bag. The guy was lying on the ground, looking at the pretty boy in surprise, before he got up walking towards Tegoshi.

“Wah…” Tegoshi blurt out in shock. “Someone do something to him… He is coming after me now.”

Ueda’s eyes had caught the situation. When he had seen Yamapi on the ground, he had struggled and wriggled to get free, finally succeeding. Now he robbed towards Tegoshi and Yamapi, gripping the guy’s legs and making him fall to the ground.

Somewhere at the other side they could hear Maru’s heavy panting and a pained sound Ryo made, right after a loud noise that sounded as if he got hit into his face…

One of the guys got free, getting up from the ground and glared at them. “I swear you… you little rats. I’ll call some other guys and you’ll be dead meat.” He gasped in surprise when his phone was suddenly taken away from him, a tall guy looking down at him, his eyes sparkling dangerously. “You won’t do anything like that…” the tall guy turned around a bit, waving at two policemen. “The guys are here…”

Maru blinked for a moment as the police started to handle the guys. “Nagase-kun?” he asked. “How… well… why…”

Nagase looked at them angrily. “Tegoshi-kun called me before he joined the fight…” he paused for a moment. “You idiots! Do you even know how dangerous your little stunt here was!??” he pointed at the guys that were now brought away by the police. “These guys have a serious police record. It’s what we call dangerous!” he yelled angrily.

Ryo sat up, looking at Nagase both surprised and impressed. So this guy was able to get angry! “Sorry…” he mumbled. “We just wanted to help Maru…”

Nagase sighed deeply. “Stupid guys… honestly… next time think better and come to me in such a situation. I’m glad you wanted to help your classmate. But these guys were seriously bad… what if you would have landed in hospital… or died? What if they would have raped you, because that’s what they did before!”

Yamapi looked at him in utter shock, his eyes widening “What…” he pressed out.

“We didn’t know…” Ryo mumbled, too shocked to say anything else.

“Sorry…” Tegoshi whined a bit.

“Yeah…” Maru agreed. “In the end it’s my entire fault…”

“No…” Ueda interrupted him. “I pulled Ryo-kun with me… Sorry.” He looked at the others sheepishly.

Nagase trembled a bit, his anger melting away by the sight of the five sheepish looking guys in front of him. “Okay… let’s forget it. Next time think more, alright? Come on… get up guys, we’ll go to my place and talk about what to do to help Maru-kun… and clean you guys up a bit.”

Yamapi got up, turning around to Ryo and holding one hand out for him, helping the other to get up. He smiled a bit, finally feeling how the awkwardness between them had disappeared completely.


“Cool. This is where you live?” Tegoshi looked around in interest, scanning Nagase’s apartment properly.

Yamapi snorted at that. Of course Tegoshi was the first to overcome their fight and feel well again. He winced a bit when he felt some ice on his face.

Nagase smiled. “Here. Your face looks not too good…” Then he turned towards Ryo, carefully pressing some ice on the boy’s cheek and lips. “Don’t glare at me Ryo-kun…” he smiled a bit. “The ice will help you…” Then he looked around a bit. “I guess I might need some help here… I’ll call Taichi-san.”

Ueda blinked at that. “Our grumpy music teacher?”

“Don’t say that.” Nagase’s voice sounded reproachfully, though he secretly also thought that Taichi was rather grumpy. “He is also a first aid genius…”

“Won’t we get into troubles if he knows about what happened?” Yamapi asked carefully.

Nagase sighed as the five guys were looking at him both scared and begging. “You are getting me into a really difficult situation here, you know that?” He smiled a bit. “But I tell you something: Next time you see someone being bullied, you’ll tell me before you get your lives into danger, alright?”

They nodded their head in agreement.

“Then we have a deal. I won’t call Taichi-san, but one of my childhood friends. Miyake-kun is a nice guy and he knows how to handle such things…” Nagase grinned a bit. “Because he was part of the boy scouts. I’ll call him right now…” He got up, walking into another room to search for his phone.

The boys looked at each other sheepishly. It was a bit awkward. Half an hour ago they were still fighting next to each other and now they didn’t even know what to say.

Maru cleared his throat. “Sorry to get you into this.”

“Forget it!” Ryo’s voice was a bit rough because of embarrassment, but he also sounded fond.

Tegoshi grinned. “Yep, it’s totally okay! In the end it didn’t happen much…”

“Wait…” Yamapi glared at him. “From what I remember you didn’t do anything!”

“I saved you!” Tegoshi pouted, his eyes sparkling a bit.

“Yeah… and the next moment you wanted me to save you.” Yamapi glared.

Ueda grinned at that, thinking that though people were difficult sometimes it was also nice being around them.

Maru smiled thankfully, blushing a bit. “Thanks so much…” He paused, looking at them through begging eyes. “Just please don’t tell anyone…it’s so embarrassing for me. Let’s keep it a secret.”

Tegoshi grinned at that. “Alright, we’ll tell everyone that we were chasing some robbers who robbed an old woman.”

The others giggled at that.

“Yeah…” Ueda grinned. “Let’s forget that Nagase-kun saved us and make ourselves super-heroes.”

More giggling.

Maru laughed too, for the first time since months feeling cheerful again. “So, you’ll keep my secret? Please?”

“Sure.” The others promised.



Ryo sighed when he got out of the cab, opening the front door and stepping into his living room. His whole body hurt and he felt totally crappy. Though this Miyake-guy had done a pretty good job. And he was a nice and friendly guy, not asking any questions at all. Still…Ryo felt strange. It wasn’t exactly the pain that bothered him but a feeling that remained. He touched his throat a bit, remembering the strange pictures that had popped up into his mind before… What were they? Where did these pictures come from? Ryo rubbed his head a bit. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t remember it…

He flinched a bit when he passed a mirror. Though Miyake-kun had done a pretty good job, Ryo was well aware of the fact that he was still looking totally horrible, his face swollen, bruises and scratches everywhere, and his lips were hurting badly.

“Hey Ryo-ch…” Subaru’s words got stuck in his throat. He looked at Ryo in utter shook, taking a few deep breathes, before his hands were touching his brother’s face carefully. “Holy cow!!” he called out.


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