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Arashi and the Magic Lantern Chapter 1

Title: Arashi and the Magic Lantern: Chapter 1(of 12): Unexpected encounters
Pairing: Ohmiya, Sakumoto, Aiba
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, bit angst, friendship, AU-ish (it's a magic lantern after all)
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Their day off Arashi spends on Ohno's boat...when Aiba suddenly finds a strange bottle. What will be revealed when he opens it? Suddenly the boys find themselves in the middle of unbelievable circumstances... What will happen when they have to face not only their biggest desires, but also their deepest problems, the personal ones but also those they have with each other...
Note: Okay, I know Nino suffers from sea-sickness. But let's ignore that here, okay?^^

"Hmmm… How nice…“ Jun stretched a bit. He was lying on a huge towel on Ohno’s little ship, trying to get some sun. He grabbed the sun-blocker, spreading some of the crème on his body, enjoying how it cooled down the heat a bit.

Somewhere on the other side there was Nino, sitting on a beach-chair, a hat on his head to save his face from too much sun, and a book in his hands. There was a content smile on the fragile man’s face… he had longed for such a nice day off since weeks.

The most content among them had to be Ohno. When was the last time that he got his whole band on his ship? Never! This here was a first. But since he had bought a better boat, much bigger than his former one – nearly having the size of a little ship – and since everyone seemed to more than eager for a day far away from the town, he had suggested it. And to his surprise they had agreed. Because… it was warm and sunny… the ocean was warm enough to swim in… they were free from TV-Shows and dramas and concerts right now. And since Ohno had his boat license, nearly being able to drive everything on the water, the others were suddenly ready to come with him. Who cared that none of them was actually fishing… except Aiba, who unfortunately had no idea about fishing. And who cared that none of them was able to drive a boat… Ohno knew how to do it anyway.

Ohno stretched a bit, shifting his gaze towards Nino and showing him a warm smile. Nino smiled back at his friend, fighting against the urge to get up and hug his friend right now. So he just twinkled towards him, before hiding his head under his hat again.

Aiba was currently sitting right next to Ohno, since hours trying to catch a fish, but apparently it was bad to sit next to a Fishing-king… because opposite to Ohno he hadn’t caught one single fish till now… He glared at Ohno, robbing a bit away from him and throwing his fishing rod out again.


Jun winced a bit when he felt something cold on his stomach, but before he could complain he felt some soft fingers on his face, stroking over his lips. It was just a short moment. Sho and Jun liked it to be decent and not to talk about what was going on between them. Within their band all the others suggested things, were suspicious and sometimes even asked them about it, but actually none of them knew anything. There was no proof for anything and both of them were too smart to answer their friends’ tricky questions. Actually Jun and Sho liked that… it was like a sweet secret between them. Jun grabbed the bottle of bear that Sho had dropped on his stomach and sighed happily as the cold liquid ran over his tongue, cooling him down from inside.

Sho lied down next to him, just far enough away from Jun that no one would have any evidence of their closeness, but still near enough to touch the other occasionally when no one was looking.

Jun smiled softly, his fingertips brushing over Sho’s trained arms as if it was a coincidence. “I can’t wait till we are home…” he mumbled.

Sho smiled contently, loving Jun’s impatience and his possessive way to always demand everything about Sho. “Me neither.” he grinned.


“AHHH!!” Aiba suddenly yelled in surprise. “I caught something. Help!!”

Ohno was up to his feet immediately, running towards Aiba. Even Nino threw an interested look towards the other guy, wondering what kind of fish Aiba was able to catch. He smiled a bit at the picture in front of him. Aiba was trying to handle the fishing rod, feeling slightly stressed, while Ohno tried to give him instructions in his calm and friendly way. Nino smiled at that, his gaze wandering over Ohno’s tanned upper body. He bit his lips a bit. Dangerous thoughts!

Jun on the other side immediately took advantage from the others distraction, pulling Sho into a forceful kiss the moment Sho had sat up. Sho grabbed the other’s face, kissing him back heatedly, his tongue brushing over Jun’s lips softly, demanding for entrance. Jun opened his lips a bit, allowing Sho’s tongue to slid in, a heated fight developing here.

It lasted just for a moment, before they broke apart reluctantly. Sho cleared his throat. “What did you catch Aiba-chan?”

Jun blinked a bit when he could hear Nino bursting into laughter. His eyes looking curiously into the other guys’ direction. “What?” he asked impatiently, getting up himself now.

Nino grinned impishly. “It’s a jar… or a bottle…maybe a vase..”

Aiba angled a bit to grip the item he had just caught, looking at it grumpily. “It looks nice…” he tried to get back some of his pride.

“It’s all muddy.” Sho mumbled behind Jun’s back, his breath brushing over Jun’s ear, making the other shiver a bit.

“It doesn’t even have a nice picture on it.” Ohno mumbled. “No colour at all…”

Jun rolled his eyes in annoyance. “Why don’t you throw it back? Do you have to touch everything you find?” he sighed a bit. “Like a child…” he grumbled.

Aiba glared at Jun, feeling both embarrassed and annoyed by his own bad luck. “You are talking a lot about children recently… Maybe you should make some?”

Nino breathed in loudly, secretly thinking that Aiba went insane here… Jun’s wrath could be almighty sometimes and he wasn’t too sure if they would be able to keep Jun from throwing Aiba down into the water.

“You would be a pretty good father.” Sho said, his voice extremely soft, to calm Jun down, only for Jun to hear it. And really…Sho’s words worked like a miracle on Jun, he swallowed down his anger, his eyes just looking at Aiba with a bored expression. “At least I have good genes.”

Aiba looked at him angrily. “My genes are good too…” he mumbled, taking the bottle into his hand and trying to clean it a bit from the dirt.

“Jun’s right.” Ohno sighed. “Just throw it back. It’s all muddy and dirty…and you should…”

But none of them ever got to know what Aiba was supposed to do, because Ohno’s words got stuck in his throat, as there was suddenly some smoke coming out of the bottle, a loud fizzling revolving around them.

Aiba jumped at that, dropping the bottle on the ground and moving back a bit. Ohno just stared at the bottle that was jumping around on it’s own now in utter shock.


“Good Noon!” a voice suddenly said.

“Nino…that’s not funny…” Aiba mumbled.

“I’m not Nino!” The voice sounded annoyed.

“Yes…” Nino’s eyes were staring at the smoke in shock. “He is not Nino.”

“Who are you then?” Sho wanted to know.

“My former Master called me Ghost.” The voice sounded rather pleased.

“GHOST?” Sho blinked.

“Wow.” Aiba grinned a bit. “An…interesting name.”

“Yeah.” Ohno agreed. “Creative.”

“I think I was in the sun too long…” Jun mumbled, earning him an agreeing nod from both Sho and Nino.

“I can do a lot of things for you.” The voice spoke up again. “Fulfil your wishes…”

“Like in Aladdin and the Magic Lantern?” Aiba wanted to know.

“Don’t insult me here!” The voice sounded upset. “I’m much better. There is no limit to my wishes, well except the ones about bringing death or waking someone up from the deceased. I can’t do miracles, like creating a new person or making someone fall for you. You get it, right? But there is no limit to your wishes, you can wish as much as you want.” He sounded seriously proud. “I’m your companion from now on, until you don’t need me anymore…”

“What if I don’t wish for something?” Ohno wanted to know, somewhere in his mind he was already feeling a bit worked up, while Nino shrugged a bit helplessly at his friend’s questioning look. Staying with them for… how long? This sounded rather cryptic… Somewhere in his mind Nino already felt pretty uncomfortable.

“Nonsense.” The voice told them. “Everyone wishes for something.”

Sho sighed a bit. “Is there any possibility we can see you and not only hear your voice?”

“Wish for it!” the voice demanded.

“Great… I swear… if that’s a joke, someone will wish to be far away….” Sho mumbled in annoyance… “Alright.” He finally sighed out. “We wish to see you.”

The moment the smoke disappeared five pairs of eyes stared at the person in front of them in utter confusion. “What’s with that…?” Jun mumbled in surprise.


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