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Arashi and the Magic Lantern Chapter 2

Title: Arashi and the Magic Lantern: Chapter 2(of 12): I wish for happiness?
Pairing: Ohmiya and Sakumoto (they are both main-pairings^^), Aiba
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, bit angst, friendship, AU-ish (it's a magic lantern after all)
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Their day off Arashi spends on Ohno's boat...when Aiba suddenly finds a strange bottle. What will be revealed when he opens it? Suddenly the boys find themselves in the middle of unbelievable circumstances... What will happen when they have to face not only their biggest desires, but also their deepest problems, the personal ones but also those they have with each other...


Are you happy?

What does this mean… happiness?

How much of it is not enough?

When is it less than what you need?


Ohno shook his head a bit at the sight in front of him. He brushed through his hair with his hands, eyeing the ghost insistently. “But I really haven’t got any wishes.” He tried to make it clear, shoving away the other complicated thoughts in his mind…including the whole look of the ghost. What was this ghost? Where did he come from? What did he mean with I’ll stay with you until you don’t need me anymore…? And what was with his appearance? Why was he looking like…?

Nino blinked at Ohno, feeling slightly confused that his friend was still able to surprise him. “Aren’t you even a bit shocked?” he asked in surprise, sounding almost impressed.

Ohno shrugged helplessly, showing Nino a warm and loving smile. “Of course I am. But I think we should solve one questions after another.” he explained simply.

“But everyone has wishes!” Ghost interrupted their talk. “I’m sure you have wishes. Think about something.”

Ohno smiled a bit. “Of course everyone has things he wishes for or things he desires, but I don’t think that’s the right way to get them.”

Ghost looked at the guy in interest, wondering a bit about how the Humans had changed since the last time he was with them. “I understand. You want to achieve your dreams by your own?”

“Kind of.” Ohno agreed.

“What about your problems then?” Ghost asked carefully. “Wishes are not only for things we want to have, but also for problems we want to solve…”

“Problems?” Ohno stuttered, feeling taken aback.

The ghost just smiled at him, tilting his head a bit. “You don’t have any problems?” he pulled an eyebrow up. “You are feeling content with everything in your life…”

“That’s…” Ohno paused here, wincing slightly.

Jun frowned at the strange expression Ohno was showing them. He shifted his gaze towards Nino, scanning his face properly. But apparently Nino either hid it perfectly or he was really feeling not suspicious at all. Jun sighed a bit, wondering if there were problems between his two friends. He looked at Sho who just shrugged helplessly. The latter cleared his throat a bit. “Maybe Riida is right. Shouldn’t we be able to fulfil our dreams on our own? And solve our problems?” Sho smiled a bit, trying to let his voice sound as steady as possible, but he couldn’t hide an unsure tune in his voice, wondering if those things really existed… Problems you couldn’t solve on your own. Or dreams that couldn’t be fulfilled…He looked at Jun, but the latter's face was wearing such an inscrutable expression that Sho frowned deeply. Did Jun have such problems or wishes?

“Maybe we should try it out?” Aiba suggested carefully. He smiled at Ghost friendly, making the creature in front of him smile back warmly. “Is there a contract?” Aiba asked carefully. “Like… one of us has to take your place? Or something similar…something tricky?”

Ghost laughed at that. “No. I’m just a simple creature… I don’t even know how to turn one of you into a ghost…”

Jun grinned a bit, pulling his eyebrows up. “Watched too much Buffy and Charmed, Aiba?”

Aiba glared at the other. “I’m just trying to be careful here…”

“Well…” Jun sighed. “Maybe you are right…”

“So?” Aiba looked at the others hopefully. “We can try it out? There is no limit to the number of our wishes anyway…”

“And what do you want to wish for?” Sho rubbed over his forehead, feeling a bit tired.

Aiba shrugged helplessly. “Just something simple… to see how it works…”

“Maybe that’s not a bad idea.” Nino agreed half-heartedly. He was still feeling uncomfortable here, but then…the ghost was already with them. So there wasn’t any way to get rid off him any time soon. They could just check if this ghost was really true… or if it was just a joke after all. “Let’s try it.”

“And who should try it?” Ohno wanted to know, sighing deeply when three pairs of eyes were staring at him expectantly. Just Nino was looking into another direction, not wanting to put the other under pressure.

“Alright…” Ohno grumbled. “I can wish whatever I want?”

“Whatever you want!” Ghost reassured him. “Except the few things I told you before. No love. No death. No miracles.”

Ohno sighed, not really in the mood to fight whatsoever. “Alright…something simple…” he mused. “If it makes you guys happy, I want a piece of chocolate-cream cake.” He gasped in surprise when there was suddenly a plate in his hand, with a huge piece of cake on it.

The others stared at it in utter shock.

“Impossible…” Jun mumbled, shaking his head.

“Can’t be.” Sho agreed.

Ohno sighed in frustration as he inspected the plate and cake. “I also wish for a fork…” he demanded softly.


Jun coughed a bit, feeling slightly overstrained here. But still…there were also other important questions. “Well…now that we solved this, can we move on?” he wanted to know.

Nino nodded his head in agreement. “There is still this thing about your appearance… It’s…” he paused, not sure how to voice what he wanted to say.

“…weird?...impossible?” Sho finished his friend’s sentence.

“Yeah, something like that.”

 “Well…” Aiba mused. “That’s true…”

“Alright.” Sho interrupted this strange discussion, looking at Ghost. “Why do you look like this guy that knocked me over while I left a supermarket last week?” Sho sighed as he remembered the incident. “All my things dropped down… even a vase I picked up from the service man.” He paused here, not saying that it had been Jun’s vase he had picked up and that it broke into hundred pieces…a present from Jun’s deceased grand-grandmother. Of course it led him into a huge fight with Jun, hence they hadn’t talked to each other for three days.

Sho smiled a bit when he felt Jun’s hand touching his back, telling him more than words could do, that he was sorry about his outburst and that a vase could never be that important to lead them into such a fight again and that he had just been overworked recently.

But then Jun knitted his eyebrows as the realisation suddenly hit him. “Like a guy you met on the streets?” he breathed out, looking at Sho in utter shock. “But Ghost doesn’t look like a stranger!”

“Yeah…” Nino agreed, looking at Sho in surprise. “He looks like my newest drama director…”

“No…” Aiba shook his head. “Like the restaurant owner of the ramen store we always eat at…”

For the first time since Ghost’s appearance Ohno felt really uncomfortable. “No.” he mumbled. „He looks like your mother, Nino…”

Jun stared at the ghost in disbelief, then his attention shifted back to the others, especially towards Aiba. “No way… he looks exactly like Aiba-chan!”

Ghost laughed at them. “Every person sees something different in me.”

“Ah…“ Sho knitted his eyebrows. “And why? Or rather… how come there is a difference?”

“Well…“ Ghost smiled cheerfully. “You see the person that annoys you the most at the moment.”

“WHAT!?“ Aiba breathed out, looking at Jun grumpily. “He looks like me for you?”

Jun flinched slightly at that, shrugging helplessly, while Nino turned around a bit to eye Ohno piercingly. “My MOTHER!?”


Nino sighed happily, his fingertips wandering over Ohno’s perfect back, tracing his spine. No matter how long they were already together, he never grew tired of the other. He stroked through his friend’s hair softly.

Ohno smiled at that, turning his head a bit to look at Nino. “You are still awake?”

Nino chuckled a bit, kissing the other’s shoulder, looking at him warmly. Then he lied back, taking Ohno’s hand. “Are you happy?”

Ohno blinked at this question, his stomach twisting painfully. But as he saw the expectance in Nino’s gleaming eyes, he swallowed down the honest answer he should have given and forced a smile to his lips. “Of course…”

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