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Bittersweet Symphony Chapter 8

Title: Bittersweet Symphony: Chapter 8: Survival
Pairing: Main: RyoJin, broken Akame, Pikame, TomaPi, Uchi/Miyao, one-sided RyoDa
Rating:  R
Genre: romance, angst, friendship
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Sometimes it seems like we hurt the ones we love the most...


“Hey... Uchi-kun?” Miyao sighed deeply, rolling his eyes. He was feeling slightly annoyed. He and Uchi had met for the movies, but all the time till the end of the film Uchi had hardly said a word. “I'm talking here like crazy and you are all quiet. Everything alright?”

“Yes.” Uchi mumbled shortly, not even looking at Miyao.

Miyao sighed, walking behind Uchi, not sure if he should catch up with him to walk next to him or to better keep a few steps behind him and follow him. He decided the last one would be the best.

“Why are you following me?” Uchi grumbled, while he opened the door to the small bungalow-like house he was living in.

Miyao sighed deeply. “You are acting all immature Uchi-kun...”

“What!?” Uchi blurt out indignantly, feeling offended. “Me!? You are the one being immature.”

Miyao blinked in surprise, frowning deeply. He followed Uchi's into his bungalow, grabbing the other's arm and turning him around. “What do you mean?” he asked sharply.

“You are the one kissing some strange girl... in public... on the street!” Uchi hissed, as if it made any difference that it happened in public.

Miyao's eyes first grew wide, then he knitted his eyebrows, his usual calm attitude totally brushed away. He grabbed Uchi's shoulders, looking at him angrily. “And why do you care?”

“I don't care!” Uchi groaned out.

Miyao raised one of his arms. For a moment Uchi thought the other would simply hit him across his face, he pushed back against the wall, trying to avoid the other's hand. But instead of hitting him, Miyao's hands grabbed his face with a strong grip, pushing him against the wall firmly and holding Uchi in place while he kissed him forcefully. Uchi's eyes grew wide. Just standing there, he couldn't do anything else but move his lips against Miyao's, kissing him back fiercely, not even realising the firm, nearly painful grip on his face anymore. “Miyao-kun?” he breathed out against the kiss.

“Idiot!” Miyao grumbled, his voice something between annoyed, amused and happy. “She was just some random girl I didn't even know... One of my fans... And when she recognized me standing there, she apparently made a bet with her friends to kiss me. I don't even know her.”

“Oh.” Uchi mumbled.

“Yes... 'oh'!” Miyao mimicked his voice, looking at the other firmly. “Idiot...” he repeated before pulling Uchi into another kiss.




“Jun?” Ryo asked surprised. “You are also here?”

Jun blinked for a moment, before showing the younger on a soft smile. “You are out again? Be careful, alright? No partying till late into the night...”

“Alright.” Ryo smiled a bit.

“Who are you meeting?” Jun wanted to know.

“Takki.” was the answer.

Jun blinked in surprise. Ryo was meeting Takki? Takki!? He sighed deeply. “Sit down.” he ordered.

Ryo looked at the other in surprise. “But...”

“Sit down.” Jun demanded again, pointing at the empty chair.

Ryo tilted his head a bit, still wondering about the other's behaviour, but he decided that it was also okay to wait here for Takki. “Alright.” he sat down.

“Listen Ryo...” Jun took a deep breath. “Did you recently talk to Takki about me?”

“Eh?” Ryo blinked in surprise. “Of course not. I'm just always telling him how cool you are... Why are you asking?”

Jun sighed deeply. “Because apparently Takki wants to set us up.”

Ryo blinked in utter surprise, trying to grasp what Jun was trying to say here. “You mean... EH!?”

Jun laughed heartedly at that reaction, smiling teasingly at the other. “Guess who else wanted to meet Takki here?”

Ryo sighed. “You.” Then he blushed a bit, looking at Jun nervously. The situation was so awkward. And in comparison to Jun he knew why Takki tried to set them up... Ryo was sure that Takki caught his strange behaviour when Jin was around... he wanted him to have some fun and think of someone else. Well, that was nice of course, but also totally out of place. Ryo didn't want to have this kind of distraction. And he especially didn't want to use Jun, his friend!, for that. “And now?” he sighed  bit.

“Let's have dinner and some drinks.” Jun suggested.




“Hey Shun.” Toma waved towards his friend.

Oguri Shun turned around, smiling friendly. “Ah, Toma!” He walked towards the other who was sitting at one of the tables of a small café. “Is it okay?” he asked.

Toma smiled softly. “Sure sit down. I’m not expecting anyone.”

Shun grinned teasingly. “Your pretty little lover is not here right now?”

“No…he had to work till late at the night.” he explained, frowning deeply. “He didn’t make it home and slept at Jin’s place.”

Shun blinked at Toma’s bothered expression, feeling suspicious immediately. “Is everything alright?” he asked carefully.

“Yes…” Toma sighed. “And no. He is so strange recently…”

“Oh come one…” Shun tried to smile encouragingly. “I’m sure he just has tons of work… it’s just a difficult time for you. I mean… how long are you together? 5 years?”

“Almost six.“ Toma sighed a bit, smiling sadly. „That’s why I know if something is off…”

“Okay…” Shun looked at his friend insistently. „You know I’m not too good with guessing… so if something happened, tell me! I’m good at listening and helping…”

“I know.” Toma smiled thankfully at his friend. “You are great.” He paused for a moment, trembling slightly. „I’m just not sure if I won’t intervene too much into Pi’s privacy if I tell you…“

“But it’s also your privacy, right?” the other asked. “And you are feeling bothered. It’s okay to tell one of your friends…”

“Alright.“ Toma sighed. “He kissed someone else…“

Shun blinked at that for a moment. „Yamapi? One of the most honest guys ever?“ he coughed a bit when he saw the expression on Toma’s face. “But it’s just a kiss right?”

“Yeah…” Toma sighed. „But it’s Yamapi who kissed someone… you said it yourself, he is so honest and nice and straight-forward. That’s how Yamapi is.” He looked at his friend piercingly. “Tell me, Shun. Tell me not to be worried that something is wrong. Tell me that everything is alright between him and me.”

Shun looked down at his coffee, flinching a bit over these words. “I can’t.” he mumbled.





“Hey Ryo…” Jun giggled tipsily when the younger one pulled him into his apartment, hands roaming over his body fiercely. Jun sighed when he felt the other’s hands rubbing over his chest, fingers unbuttoning his trousers. He pushed Ryo’s hand away, grabbing the younger one and pulling him into his bedroom. His hands angled for Ryo’s face, pulling the younger one nearer, their lips finally meeting each other.

Ryo grinned into the kiss, his head dizzy from too much drinks, and Jun’s forceful kiss making him even dizzier. He kissed the other back fiercely, hands grabbing Jun’s hair to pull him nearer.

Jun’s knee started to rub against Ryo’s crotch, making the younger one gasp over this friction, breaking away from the kiss. With that the both of them dropped on the bed. Just slightly Jun wondered how many drinks they had that they were driven that far, but he didn’t care much. Ryo’s touches were promising and his kisses heated… Jun stroked through Ryo’s hair, pulling the younger one even closer, he tugged at his shirt, signalising Ryo that he should take it off.

The younger one giggled a bit when Jun’s fingers were moving over his skin, teasing and stroking him. He sighed out when Jun’s hands were moving down, unbuttoning his trousers and pulling them down. His hands started to stroke Ryo’s skin lazily, the latter’s head going dizzy over so many sensations, he dropped to his back, moving into Jun’s touches. It felt so good… he sighed, his sight trembling a bit. “Jin…” he mumbled.

Jun blinked at that. He was not drunk enough to overhear such a thing. He stroked over Ryo’s face carefully… “Ryo?”

But the younger one didn’t answer, he had already curled up in his bed, slowly drifting into sleep. Jun sighed deeply. What kind of mess was that? Slowly he started to understand why Takki wanted to set him and Ryo up…

He stroked through Ryo’s hair, rubbing over the younger forehead to wipe away the furrows there. “Silly…”




Kame switched through the channels of his TV lazily… though he wasn’t even feeling like watching TV. He was way too pre-occupied with his own thoughts. What was going on here? A few days ago he was still fighting for Jin’s love and then… he found himself in bed with Yamapi. Out of all people Yamapi! How stupid could one single person be? Kame threw the remote control into a corner of his room, hiding his face behind a pillow.

Jin had dumped him and he was feeling so broken. Hopes from years were crushed within days. And Yamapi was…there. Kame wanted to believe that it wasn’t more… His heart was still attached to Jin, no doubt about that… but he was a bright guy and knew that he had to move on. If he ever wanted to be friends with Jin again, he needed to be careful now, not getting on Jin’s nerves, not begging him to love him, not asking him for more meetings, not trying to convince him to go out with him, to kiss him and to simply see what would happen then. Jin was not the type of guy who would treat his friends like that, and actual Kame wasn’t such a guy either.

At least he had tried it, talked to Jin, asked him to think about a possible relationship. And Jin had been fair enough to do so. With that it was over.

But Yamapi? Kame wasn’t even in the mood for someone new or another guy. And even if he would be in the mood, he definitely didn’t want to sleep with Johnny Entertainment’s biggest jerk! He didn’t even get it why everyone said that Yamapi was so nice and sweet and friendly and good-hearted. Towards Kame he was acting all unfriendly, demanding, impolite and… well… like a huge jerk. But then…sometimes he wasn’t… Then he was just all sweet and nice and charming. Still, it would be so easy to avoid him…

But there was just one problem: Their sex was so gorgeous!

Just that Yamapi…had Toma. Damn! Kame cursed. This here was seriously bad. They had to talk that out. He angled for his phone, searching for Yamapi’s number.


“Hey.” Yamapi mumbled when Kame opened the door. “You called me?”

“Sorry to bother you…” Kame breathed out, feeling a bit awkward.

“Okay listen…” Yamapi sighed. “Let’s get right to the point, alright?” He looked at Kame piercingly, wondering why everyone thought of this guy as cute and fun and gorgeous. He was an annoying brat, nothing more. He and Kame together…was… such a mistake. He just needed to get back to his right track, thinking of Toma. Sweet and lovely Toma, the guy he was together with since years. How could he even do that to him? Toma trusted him in every point of their life, he believed in every of Yamapi’s words… and instead of staying away from Kame they had a one-night stand together. That was so bad… seriously bad. Yamapi gulped down his guilty feeling as he slowly realised the whole amount of his actions. “Kame…” he mumbled. “Let’s just…“ he paused, eyeing Kame warily.

The younger one blinked in surprise as he saw Yamapi’s pained expression, slowly realising that it was not all fun for Yamapi what had happened recently. He flinched a bit when he realised that he was part of this problem, going for another guy’s guy. “I’m…” he paused. What should he say now?

“It’s okay…” Yamapi’s voice sounded unusually soft. Especially for Kame. “It’s my fault for betraying Toma, not yours. You didn’t do anything wrong.” He looked at the other one thoroughly, smiling weakly, knowing that he had been the one betraying Toma. He went for Kame, it wasn’t like the other seduced him… it just happened.

“Yamapi…” Kame breathed out and before he knew what he was doing, he had already grabbed Yamapi’s shoulders, pushing him against the wall and kissing him fiercely.

Yamapi’s alarm clocks were ringing like madly, he pushed away from Kame, breathing heavily. “I…” he mumbled, trying to get his mind back to normal. “But… Toma-chan…” he winced a bit when he looked into Kame’s eyes, diving into the other’s deep and strong glance.




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