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Arashi and the Magic Lantern Chapter 3

Title: Arashi and the Magic Lantern: Chapter 3(of 12): I wish for a decision?
Pairing: Ohmiya and Sakumoto (they are both main-pairings^^), Aiba
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, bit angst, friendship, AU-ish (it's a magic lantern after all)
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Due to unknown circumstances Aiba suddenly finds a magic lantern. What will be revealed when he opens it? A mysterious creature tells them that it will stay with them...until they won't need it anymore. Where does this ghost come from? What's its meaning and its purpose?
Suddenly the boys find themselves in the middle of unbelievable occurrences... What will happen when they have to face, not only their biggest desires, but also their deepest problems, the personal ones but also those they have with each other...?

“Alright.” Jun sighed a bit, looking at his friends expectantly when they came back from their trip. “So who takes Ghost?”


Then Aiba sighed. “Alright… I was the one releasing him, so I’ll take him.” He glared at Jun a bit. “I still can’t believe I’m the person that gets on your nerves the most.”

“Talking about…” Nino grumbled. “I can’t believe it’s my mother!!”

“Oh dear…” Ohno sighed deeply. “Can we delay this topic to later?”

Nino frowned at that. “My word.”

Sho coughed a bit, trying to lighten up the tensed situation by changing the topic. He smiled warily. “By the way…” he paused a bit. “Ghost… how long will you stay with us?”

Ghost grinned cheerfully. “As long as you need me.”

“That again…” Nino complained, feeling seriously confused again. As long as they needed him? Like: As long until all their wishes were fulfilled or did this ghost indeed have a deeper meaning?

Jun rolled his eyes. “Great… a cryptic ghost…” Then he turned around a bit. “Alright, then let’s leave this for today… We’ll meet tomorrow.”

“Bye.” Nino smiled then he blinked as he saw how Sho followed Jun. “And you are going home with Jun?” Nino pulled one of his eyebrows up, eyeing Sho sceptically.

Sho smiled wickedly, not even giving away a hint of what was really going on. “Jun’s cupboard broke down and my parents have the same at home. They don’t need it anymore and Jun bought it.”

Nino sighed. Why again was it so difficult to capture Sho? “And why are you going with him?” he tried it again.

“Because it would be impolite otherwise.” Sho told him firmly. “If someone buys something from you, you have to deliver it! No matter what.”

For a moment Nino wavered. Holy cow. Sho was so good. Pointing at his traditional family and his conservative and high education was like the best thing he could do. And really, Nino didn’t even know what else to ask. Sho grinned a bit at his friend before he walked after Jun, following him.

The moment Sho had caught up, Jun grinned at him. “You are brilliant!”

“I know…” Sho smirked a bit.

“So…” Jun pulled one of his eyebrows up as they reached his apartment, opening the door for them. “Want to help with setting up the cupboard?”

“Sure.” Sho grinned, wrapping his arms around Jun’s neck to pull him into a kiss. Jun grinned  into the kiss, before he pulled away, jumping up a bit to sit down on the small cupboard – the one that was supposed to be broken – and wrapped his legs around Sho to pull him closer .



“Here.” Aiba smiled a bit, placing a plate in front of Ghost. Then he blinked. “Oh… are ghosts even eating?”

“Of course!” Ghost beamed. “We love to eat! Some of my best memories are eating memories. Some years ago in ancient Greece I was even honoured to see a huge animal sacrifice.” He sighed a bit, ignoring Aiba’s confused expression, and inspected the plate closely. “What’s that?”

“Okonomiyaki.” Aiba explained. “I had some leftovers from yesterday…”

“New food…” Ghost sighed a bit. “Things change really fast… Which year do we have again?”

“2011.” Aiba explained, pitying the ghost a bit. “You were closed into that lamp since many years right?”

“Around 300 years…” Ghost sighed heavily, before he smiled brightly. “It took me some time to get the lamp close to Humans again. But now I’m free…”

Aiba looked at him curiously. “What did you mean with you’ll stay as long as we need you?”

Ghost smiled inscrutably, a mysterious expression appearing on his face. For the first time since Aiba had met him, he felt this creature’s high age and the mystery behind his being. “It means exactly that…”

Aiba blinked at that, but didn’t dare to ask again. Better to change the topic. “How long did you stay with your former Master?”

“Till his death…” Ghost sighed a bit. “He didn’t learn it till the end…”

Aiba’s eyes grew wide. “Holy cow…” he breathed out. “So long?”

“It’s like a curse.” Ghost smiled a bit. “Well… it’s not a real curse of course, but sometimes it seems to be like one. I’ll stay as long as you need me and then I’ll move on… I hope for you that you won’t need me too long.”

“So…” Aiba shook his head. “You stayed with some of your Masters…forever? What didn’t they learn?”

“They didn’t learn to not need me anymore…” Ghost explained cryptically.

Aiba sighed a bit realising that he wouldn’t get a clear answer on these questions. “So you liked all your Masters?”

“I liked the good ones.” Ghost smiled. “Humans are different, you know. There are good and bad ones… and some are in between…”

“And who was your last Master?” Aiba asked curiously.


“WHAT!?” Aiba spit out his drink again. “Napoleon!?”




“My mother?” Nino started again as they reached Ohno’s apartment. “I can’t believe you don’t like her. I thought you two were always getting along well.”

Ohno sighed a bit. “Will you believe me if I tell you that I do like her? It’s just sometimes…”

“What?” Nino wanted to know.

Ohno hesitated for a moment, wondering how he should voice the problem he had with Nino’s mother. But to his luck Nino’s phone rang exactly at that moment.

“Oh…” he blinked. “It’s my mother.” With that he picked up. “Yes Mom… hm… what?... oh no… not again!... come on…It’s the third time within two weeks… yes, of course I understand… Well, yes that’s true…” He sighed a bit. “Alright…if you really wish so…” He hung up again, looking at Ohno grumpily. “You won’t guess what!”

“Oh…” Ohno smiled sadly. “Actually I believe I will guess what.”

“Hm?” Nino blinked in confusion.

“Another Omiai. Am I right?”

Nino looked at the other in surprise, then he smiled warily. “I know…” he sighed. “I’m sorry… But she is so determined to get me married. She wants to have grand-children and a beautiful wedding… and no matter how much I tell her that I don’t want to marry now, she won’t listen. Apparently it’s her big dream. So…another Omiai. Just to tell the lady there that I’m not interested….” Nino sighed again, walking towards the bathroom.


Nino blinked at the intimate way Ohno approached him, because it hardly happened. Not that they weren’t close and intimate with each other, they just both hated such nicknames and avoided them. He looked at Ohno’s troubled expression in shock. “What?” he whispered, feeling confused and worried.

Ohno bit on his lips, swallowing down a dry feeling in his throat. “You have to decide.”

Nino shook his head in confusion. “Decided what?”

Ohno took his lover’s hand, looking at him insistently. “You have do make a decision! For my sake and for your mother’s sake…and also for yours.” He took a deep breath as he said the following words. This here was the worst situation he ever got himself into, his heart even aching at the mere thought of it. But he knew that it was the only possibility to set things straight between them again and to make them happy. “Decide…if you want to marry or stay with me.”

Nino’s face froze in utter shock. “But…”

“Kazu…” Ohno interrupted him, smiling sadly. “I know it's hard for you... because of the pressure that lies on you. I can understand that, really." He looked at Nino lovingly. He really could understand the other. Having parents that wanted him to marry so badly and that put so much pressure on him. How should he ever tell them that he would never marry. Never. And then deal with their disappointment and their anger. Ohno sighed. But also wasn't so easy for him to live such a life where Nino was torn between two worlds. "It's just... You can’t have both. You can’t be with me and go on Omiais ever week for your mother’s sake.”

Nino bit his lips at that, rubbing over his head when he felt how a wave of pain hit him. “I know.” He finally said.

Ohno looked down at the floor, clenching his hands to fists. “Maybe it’s the best when we stay apart until you decided, okay? I don’t want to force anything on you… I don’t want you to stay with me because you grew attached to me or because you are used to me. You should be able to decide on what YOU want. Freely. Be happy, okay? Then I’m able to bear every decision…”




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