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Bittersweet Symphony Chapter 9

Title: Bittersweet Symphony: Chapter 9: Questions
Pairing: Main: RyoJin, broken Akame, Pikame, TomaPi, Uchi/Miyao, one-sided RyoDa
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, angst, friendship
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Sometimes it seems like we hurt the ones we love the most...


Yamapi pulled away from Kame, biting his lips nervously. Toma. He closed his eyes, trying to focus on his lovely boyfriend for a moment. And he wasn’t only his boyfriend, Toma and he were friends since years, partners. What was he doing here? Throwing it away for… Kame? A guy he didn’t even like much? But then… there was something. Something he couldn’t explain and he couldn’t even tell it someone else… because how should his friends understand him when he himself even couldn’t. But there was something in Kame’s eyes. His eyes were so deep, looking at him in a way no one ever did… And every time he was close to him, his heart was beating like madly, Kame’s scent made him gasp for air and his hands burnt on his skin. And slowly even the things he said, his words and his arguments worked their way into Pi’s mind… When did Kame’s opinion become important for him?

Pi’s stomach twisted painfully at that, painfully because of guilt and want. Kame was so mesmerizing… his hair, his slender hips, his fragile body, his trained biceps, his sinful lips, his intense eyes. “Oh god…” Yamapi breathed out, before he grabbed Kame’s face, kissing him back heatedly, cursing himself for not being able to resist this guy. He knew he should be stronger, but he wasn’t… he was just a Human being after all.

Kame’s arms hugged him tight, pulling him down to his couch, Kame lying beneath him now. He smiled down at the other guy, loving him… and hating him for what he was making him do here, just as much as he hated himself for it.




When Ryo woke up the next day he felt a huge headache, his stomach twisting painfully. Holy cow… he was totally feeling sick… and there was a cramp feeling rushing over him like a way, crawling through his body, making every single muscle hurt like crazy. Even his eyelids hurt as he opened them and tried to twinkle a bit.

“Awake?” he heard a teasing voice next to him.

Adrenaline rushed through Ryo’s blood as he jumped out of his bed, literally, before he broke down next to the bed. “Ouch…” he mumbled, rubbing over his head, a pained expression on his face.

“Really…” Jun sighed. “You are such a bundle of problems.” He grabbed his friend’s arm, pulling him up again and dragging him to the bathroom. “You should drink a lot of water now.” he told him softly.

Ryo sighed, following Jun and padding into the bathroom. The moment he felt the cold water of the shower dripping down on his aching body, he sighed a bit. Slowly some of his senses came back into his mind… with some missing links though. He sighed, turning the water off again and angling for a towel. Did he? And Jun? There was some kissing involved… but… did they go till the end?

“Hey…Jun…” he grabbed a glass of water and some meds against his headache and sat down next to his friend on his sofa. “Did we… you know… did we?” he looked at the other, a panicked expression on his face.

“No.” Jun reassured him, smacking him playfully.

Ryo winced in pain, but smiled in relief. “So I didn’t do anything strange?”

Jun bit his lips a bit, remembering Ryo and him making out and Ryo sighing out Jin’s name. “No.” Jun lied. “You were just dropping into your bed.”

“Oh.” Ryo smiled happily. “Good.” He looked at Jun thankfully. “Thanks for staying with me.”




Uchi blinked in surprise when he knocked at Ryo’s apartment and suddenly heard some footsteps behind him… Then a body bumped into him. Uchi turned around, staring at the other person. “Ueda-kun?” he blinked.

Ueda stared at him in horror. He wasn’t sure why, but somehow Uchi had always been intimidating to him. “Hi Uchi-kun.” He forced a smile to his lips, silently cursing himself for having such a bad luck to meet Uchi here. He had hoped to meet Ryo alone when he brought him some of his DVDs.

“Hey.” Ryo opened the door, blinking at the sight in front of him. “Hiro? You are here too?”

Uchi shook his head helplessly, staring at Ueda in surprise. “Well… I wanted to talk to you.”

“Alright.” Ryo smiled a bit. „Come in. Both of you.“

Uchi and Ueda sat down on Ryo’s sofa, looking at each other awkwardly. Never had Ueda thought that he would wish for Ryo to be at his side to save him from this awkwardness. Normally Ryo was the one he felt awkward around. But the strange atmosphere appearing while he was sitting next to Uchi, waiting for Ryo to come back, was even worse. But Ryo was in the kitchen right now, preparing some tea. “Well…” Ueda mumbled. “How are you Uchi-kun?”

Uchi still stared at him. “Eh…” he stuttered. “Fine. And you Ueda-kun?”

“Fine.” Ueda tried to smile a bit.

Uchi smiled back weakly, wondering what he should talk about with Ueda. He smiled in relief when Ryo came back with some cookies and tea.

“Here.” Ryo smiled absent-mindedly.

Ueda smiled back, while Uchi stared at the both of them, shaking his head. Since when where these two friends? Did he miss something? Ueda was angling for something in his bag, then he pulled out a few DVDs. “Here.” He smiled. „These movies are great.“

„Cool“ Ryo looked at the DVDs in interest, forgetting about his hangover headache for a moment.

“Well…” Ueda mused. „I guess I should go now.”

“Sorry.” Uchi mumbled, feeling a bit guilty. „You don’t have to go because of me…“

Ueda forced a smile on his face. “It’s okay… You want to talk to Nishikido-kun right?”

Ryo blinked a bit at that scene, but didn’t wonder much. He wasn’t the type of guy who would think too much about such things. So he just smiled at Ueda. “I’ll see you at this Senpai party, right?”

Ueda laughed lightly. “I guess so.”

Ryo bit his lips a bit. He didn’t want to be impolite, especially since Ueda had been so nice to drop by and give him these DVDs though he had better things to do for sure. “You know what? Why don’t you drop by next week, then we can watch one of the movies?” he suggested, wondering a bit what he was doing here. Wasn’t he supposed to be snarky towards Ueda? Why did he even invite him? Why was he nice to him? But somehow Ueda was totally different… not the strange, awkward, nerve-wracking guy from before. He was somehow nice and charming and interesting.

Ueda blinked at Ryo’s suggestion, his heart started to beat faster at the invitation. Apparently he wasn’t unlucky that Uchi was here… If it meant that he could meet with Ryo for a movies night, it was actually good that Uchi interrupted his visit. “That would be great.” He smiled a bit, before he got up, following Ryo who led him to the door.

Uchi blinked at them, wondering why Ueda had been here. Ryo didn’t seem weird or surprised at all… but it was Ryo, maybe he hid his real feelings or didn’t really understand Ueda’s. Was Ueda in love with Ryo? Uchi sighed. Complicated.

“So…” Ryo sat down again, leaning his head on Uchi’s shoulder. Uchi. Uchi grinned at that, hugging Ryo back and snuggling against him, enjoying these short moments of intimacy they always shared with each other. “Tell me what happened.” Ryo wanted to know.

Uchi laughed happily. “Guess who is together with Miyao-kun!?”



Ryo blinked when he heard his phone beeping. Uchi had just left him, not after telling him a hundred times how gorgeous Miyao was of course. He loved Uchi dearly, but now he was simply relieved that he had some time for himself. Until he heard his phone… A message from Jin… Great.

Ryo-chan… is it okay if I ask you a question?

Ryo bit his lips a bit. Yes, sure.

Jin wavered a bit, feeling pretty nervous himself. Did I do anything wrong?

Ryo blinked. Eh?

Are you angry with me? Jin tried to make it clear. He was well aware of the fact that something was off. But he wasn’t sure what… He couldn’t put a finger on it, though he felt that he was so close to the answer.

Of course not. You didn’t do anything.

Jin sighed deeply, typing into his phone again. Ryo-chan? We used to talk about everything right? There were no secrets between us?

Ryo tilted his head, biting on his lips. Jin was not wrong here. Well, of course he never told Jin about his feelings, but they used to talk about pretty much everything. True. You are right.

Jin blinked at the answer, shaking his head. If I’m right, then where are you?

Ryo blinked at that, eyes widened in confusion. What did Jin mean with that? What do you mean Jin?

Jin sighed a bit. Are you happy? What are you thinking right now? Where are you going to in your thoughts? What did I miss? Jin looked down at his phone before writing the last sentence. Where is my Ryo-chan?

Ryo looked down at the words appearing on his phone screen, gulping at that. His sight slowly became blurred by the tears that were dripping down.





“Hey…you are awake?” Kame smiled at Yamapi.

Yamapi smiled weakly. “You know…it’s not so nice to sleep on the floor.”

“Well…” Kame mumbled. “When did we change to the floor?”

Yamapi rubbed over his head. “Somewhere between the first and the second time.”

Kame got up a bit, leaning on his elbow. “Do you regret it?”

Yes. Yamapi actually wanted to say, but he couldn’t… He wanted to push Kame away or simply run away from this situation, but he couldn’t. The moment he saw Kame’s fearful glance, his intense eyes, he couldn’t help it. His hands moved on his own, stroking over Kame’s face, his fingertips touching the other’s lips softly.



Note: Hey dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support!! So, I wanted to tell you that my Request Post is open. If you feel like requesting a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE


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