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Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 15

Title: Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 15: Confusion
Pairing: RyoJin, Ohno/Aiba, KimuShingo, Takki/Sakamoto, Sakumiya, Nagase/Koichi and one-sided Miyake/Sakamoto (As for the others I don't know yet... (PiKame or TegoPi? KameUchi? What's with Jun?)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Summary: When a totally crushed Takki visits Sakamoto, something unexpected happens...
Ryo and Pi get a make-over while Tegoshi continues planning the up-coming charitable event - with two new men in his crew: Ueda and Maru.
Ohno is determined... and Sho is giving signs to Nino. Just what kind of signs?
During a dinner in a restaurant some unusual things happens: Miyake gets to know the truth behind Sakamoto. While Ryo has a break-down... and a tiny piece of memory comes back into his mind.

“Here.” Sakamoto smiled warmly, when Takki came back from the bathroom, dried up now, though there was still a worried look on his face. The younger one blushed a bit and sat down on the sofa. “Drink some tea.” Sakamoto told him

Takki smiled slightly, his eyes looking at the older one thankfully. “Sorry for intruding like that…” he mumbled.

“Well…” Sakamoto chuckled a bit. “It’s not like you interrupted anything.”

They sat there for a moment, none of them saying anything, both too pre-occupied with their own thoughts.

Takki looked at Sakamoto nervously. “Won’t you ask?”

“No.” Sakamoto answered simply. “If you want to talk, you will.” He sighed a bit when he saw the troubled expression on Takki’s face. Without even realising it or being able to stop it he raised out one of his hands, his fingers stroking over Takki’s cheeks softly, wiping away some strands of tears and water.

Takki blinked at that, too surprised to move… Sakamoto’s fingers were so soothing, giving him some peace. He sighed a bit when the older one pulled back again, like he realised he was doing something strange here.

Before Takki even knew what was going on, before he could even think properly or consider his actions, he had grabbed Sakamoto's hand, holding it tightly and leading it back to his face. He sighed when he could feel Sakamoto's fingers on his skin again, brushing over his cheek softly. Takki didn't even think properly, for a moment his body was moving on his own. So he simply bent forward a bit, kissing his Senpai softly.

Sakamoto's eyes grew wide, but he didn't pull back, his hand still on Takki's face, though it wasn’t moving anymore. Suddenly Takki moved back, cheeks flushed deeply. “Sorry... Maa-kun. I'm totally... it's.... I don't know what's going on with me...” With that he jumped up, rushing out of the apartment.




“Oh dear… I already told you: Don’t move!.” Okada scolded a bit when he placed some make-up on Ryo’s face.

“Yeah…” Sho grinned. “Otherwise we’ll let you go to school like that.”

Nino smiled sympathetically. “Though you would deserve that… making us think that you would do such a thing… You tricked us.”

“That’s actually right.” Subaru agreed, earning him a surprised look from Nino since he agreed with him here. “Sometimes you have to tell us things Ryo-chan. How should we know what really happened?”

“Sorry…” Ryo mumbled.

“I’m sure Ryo-kun was just feeling shocked.” Aiba defended the boy, though his face was unusually pale by the sight of Ryo’s bruises, but he tried to shrug it off. “They are doing a proper job with his face, right Nino-kun?”

“Yeah…Isn’t it good to have a Host Club around?” Sho joked a bit, his gaze shifting towards Nino, a soft expression on his face. Nino blinked for a moment, not sure what this gaze meant, but he couldn’t help a soft smile on his lips.

“It's not too bad...” Nino mumbled, smiling meaningful towards Sho.

Takuya blinked at that strange conversation. “Where is Takki?” he interrupted the two guys “He suddenly had to leave yesterday night and didn’t come back.”

“Maybe he had to work over night?” Subaru guessed.

Okada nodded his head. “I guess he had to meet up with Sakamoto-kun…” he suggested.

“Ah…” a little smile appeared on Subaru’s face. “That must be it. Sounds just like Takki.”

“If you are searching for Takki-kun, he just arrived.” Ohno just stepped into the room, in his hands some boxes with vine, placing them on the floor. His eyes immediately went towards Aiba, showing him an affectionate glance, making the other blush a bit and smile back. Aiba almost sighed in relief when he realised how normal Ohno was treating him, not asking questions at all, and not pitying him. Little did Aiba know that Ohno was determined now to chase away the shadows of his pasts… without even knowing them.

Jin's fingers touched Ryo's face carefully, then a mischievous grin appeared on his face. “Hey...Ryo... I could put a gangster look on your face. Right?”

Sho chuckled at that. “Totally... we could make your eyes bigger with some dark eyeliner.”

“Some shadows over your eyes to give you an older, not so innocent look.” Okada played along. “And then…”

“Forget that!” Takuya interrupted them fiercely.

Before one of the guys could argue any more Sakamoto came into the room, smiling friendly first before he gasped in surprise as he saw Ryo's face. “HOLY COW!” he yelled. “Your face!”

“Wow.” Okada blinked. “Seeing Sakamoto-kun surprised like that is a first...”

“Amazing.” Jin grinned.

Sakamoto glared at them dangerously, before he turned his attention back to Ryo, his soft fingers brushing over the younger one’s face and turning it a bit to check on it. “Really...” he sighed. “Takki, you didn't exaggerate.” he turned around a bit, looking at Takki and showing him an encouraging smile.

“Yes...” Takki mumbled, looking at Ryo, his eyes something between worried, shocked, embarrassed and sad. Ryo flinched at that.

“Well...” Jin mused, breaking the awkward moment. “I still think we should go with the gangster look! I have a fake piercing somewhere...”

Okada grinned. “I could offer some fake tattoos.”

“How about colouring his hair?” Sho suggested.

“I told you... forget that!!” Takuya grumbled.




“Your beautiful face...” Uchi whined.

“It will be beautiful again.” Jun reassured him, brushing over Pi's face with some make-up. “Besides that no one will know what happened when we are finished with you.” He smirked a bit.

Koichi nodded at that. “You are doing a quite good job here, Jun. Yamapi’s face will be pretty again soon.”

“I think his face is always pretty!” Kame glared, nodding firmly.

Tsubasa rolled his eyes at that. “Well, at least non-biased eyes will say the same when the make-up is finished.” he smiled a bit towards Yamapi. Ten minutes later he shoved Yamapi out of the door and into his car to drive him to school. He paused for a moment, when he sat down next to the boy, starting to drive. “Did you... is everything alright between you and your friend?”

“Ryo-chan?” Yamapi wanted to know.


“Everything alright.” Yamapi grinned happily, making Tsubasa sigh in relief.




Ueda glared at the two boys while Maru just blinked in surprise. “Why are your faces looking perfectly fine?” Ueda blurt out, earning him a grin from Ryo and no reaction at all from Yamapi.

Maru smiled a bit. “I'm glad at least you two look alright...”

“Well...” Yamapi took a deep breath, deciding not to make a secret out of it anymore. “That's the benefits of having a Host Club around.”

Ryo smiled a bit. “Totally.” he agreed.

“Now that everything is over.” Tegoshi interrupted them. “Let's not forget the charitable event I'm organising... Maru already agreed to help us.”

“I think I have to leave now.” Ueda mumbled, but got pulled back by Tegoshi.

Tegoshi grinned a bit. “Let's think properly. We have the manly and tall type with Maru. The pretty one...Yamapi. The cute one – me. Our only hot guy... Ryo-kun. No offense Yamapi, but he is hotter.”

Ryo chuckled at that, hiding his face behind a school book while Yamapi glared at him angrily, before he shifted his attention towards Tegoshi. “Really... you are a major pain! And I told you not to call me Yamapi!”

Tegoshi smiled at that, ignoring the other, going back to topic. “But we are still missing something.” Tegoshi’s glance wandered towards Ueda.

 Ryo and Yamapi caught his glance and blinked for a moment.

“Really, Tegoshi…” Yamapi sounded impressed. “Sometimes you are not totally useless.”

Tegoshi frowned, looking at Yamapi grumpily, while Ueda blinked in shock. “No way!” he blurt out. “I'm not going to be a Host.”

“Of course you will.” Tegoshi explained him simply, earning him an agreeing nod from both Yamapi and Ryo.

Ueda glared at Tegoshi, feeling pretty worked up that his glaring didn't work at all on Tegoshi. “Is this even allowed?” he tried another way.

Tegoshi shrugged. “Not sure. I guess not.”

“You know that this will get us into troubles.” Yamapi tried to intervene. Ryo nodded at that, feeling a bit uncomfortable himself.

The other one just smiled a bit. “What?  Are you two chickening out?”

“Of course not!”

“It's a charitable event.” Tegoshi made it clear again. “We'll earn lots of money with this. How could anyone complain then?”

“Well...” Yamapi mused. “Maybe you are right.”

Ueda sighed deeply. “Is anyone interested if I want to participate or not?”

“No.” Tegoshi mumbled in concentration, looking at his folder. “We need you.”

Maru shifted a bit, feeling his chance coming up. “So if we get him” he pointed at Ueda. “I don’t need to be a Host. I could help you guys with something else.”

“No way!” Tegoshi complained. “Cling together, swing together.”

Yamapi nodded his head. “I agree. You’ll also play a host.”

Ryo grinned. “Yep, no way you can elope.”

“But no one is going to want me.” Maru mumbled, sounding pretty uncomfortable.

“Nonsense.” Ryo huffed. “You are the tall and manly guy here. We need that.”

Maru flushed a bit by Ryo’s words, dozing of while the others went on with their discussion. If Ryo wanted him to be a Host, then it was okay… he thought fondly.

“Oh I nearly forgot.” Tegoshi interrupted his thoughts, pointing at a dark-haired guy standing next to him. “That’s Shige-kun, he is one class lower than us. He is in charge of making the flyers and layouts.”

Ryo-chan eyed Shige thoroughly, immediately noticing that the younger one shrunk back from his intense glance.

Yamapi grinned. “Say, Tegoshi, does Shige-kun know that he is in charge of the layouts?”

“Of course!” Tegoshi nearly sounded offended.

“And did he agree?” Ryo asked, grinning brightly.

Tegoshi didn’t think that was worth an answer. Because. Of course not!




“So, how was school?” Takuya wanted to know.

Ryo looked at him angrily. “No school-talk” he ordered. “We can have that every day!”

“Alright.” the older one laughed. “Then let's have a nice dinner.” He smiled at his younger brother, glad that he was able to fulfil his promise now and go out with him. “What do you want?”

“Okonomiyaki.” Ryo's eyes gleamed a bit as he thought of it. “I would love to eat it... it's so difficult to make it at home.”

“Well...” Takuya mused. “Why not? I'll order it.”

Ryo smiled thankfully. “Thanks.” Then he gulped, feeling the strange feeling appearing again, capturing his throat, like he would get no breath... though he was able to breathe normally...but something in his chest tightened painfully. “I'll just go to the restroom for a moment.” he tried to sound as normal as possible. “I never thought I would ever say that... but to check on my make-up.” That was a lie... of course.

Takuya laughed heartedly. “It's a new experience, right?” the he got earnest again. “Be more careful next time... getting yourself into such a dangerous situation.” He paused for a moment, considering if he should try to talk about this incident with the boy, asking him why he hid the truth, why he had been so scared to tell them... Takyua's mind could still remember Ryo's troubled expression, nearly panic in his eyes, and something far, far away... like his soul was being mirrored in his eyes. But then he decided to let the boy go to the restroom first. They could also talk later. “You go. I'll order.” he smiled.

Ryo walked away from the table and when he was finally out of sight he nearly chased into the restroom, coughing like madly. He sat down on the toilet's floor, resting his head against the cold wall... the coughing not stopping. It had to be because of the fight he had with those bullies...some sort of trauma...because one of the guys had been pressing his hands against his throat. Ryo tried to calm himself down with these thoughts... but just at the moment, when he felt calmer again and wanted to get up, he shrunk back in surprise, a piece of memory slipping into his mind again. Something he didn't even know was existing in his mind. He could see himself as a small boy... wriggling on a bed, while hands were pressed around his throat, a man looking down at him in delusion and hate... I'll kill you...Ryo...Die!

Ryo shivered a bit, rubbing over his head. It had to be a dream... a trauma from his fight.


When Ryo had left and Takuya ordered their dinner, he could suddenly hear a cheerful voice behind him. “SENSEI!! YO!!” Takuya flinched visibly as he heard the voice from one of his student. Oh, not ONE of his students, it was THE student.

“What’s the matter Katori-san?”

“You are still calling me like that?” the young man pouted. Then he pointed at himself. “Sh-i-n-g-o.”

“Alright.” Takuya decided that it would be better to agree to Shingo’s wish so that he would leave sooner. “Alright, Shingo-kun.”

“Great.” Shingo grinned happily.

“So, what do you want?”

There was a mischievous expression on the younger one's face. “Let’s go on a date!”

“WHAT? ARE YOU NUTS!?” Takuya’s stoic and calm aura was washed away immediately. What was this guy saying here?

Shingo looked at him interested, feeling happy that his experiment worked out. “I never expected that you were so short-tempered.” A huge smile appeared on his face, as he remembered how Takuya's temper had finally gotten them home again from their excursion. He definitely liked that. An emotionless guy was boring.

Takuya sighed deeply. “I’m not… well, maybe I am, but normally I have it under control.” Just with you it's different, he added in his thoughts, not saying it out loud. Slightly he wondered why he was telling this to that nerve-wracking, disrespectful brat. But there was something in Shingo’s personality that made people trust him and like him.

Shingo smiled encouragingly. “Well, I don't think there is something wrong with being emotional.”

Takuya smiled weakly. “Thanks.” He sighed a bit, sounding almost apologetically. “And I really don't want to be rude. But I'm here with my younger brother and I need to talk to him about important things.”

“Sure.” Shingo grinned. “I'm actually also here with friends...”

Before he could say anything else, Ryo came back, looking a bit pale under his make-up, but he tried his best to shove this strange piece of thought he just had back into his mind. He stared at Shingo in surprise. “Who are you?” he blinked, gulping when he realised that he was being impolite here. “Sorry... I didn’t mean to be rude. I mean...are you...”

“Don't worry!” Shingo grinned brightly. “I'm Shingo.”

Ryo grinned, liking the cheerful guy immediately. “Nice to meet you. I'm Ryo.”

Ah...Shingo thought. The youngest brother. Finally he was able to see him... Yoko had just found a simple photography of him. “I'm on of Sensei's students.” he explained, twinkling towards Takuya who sighed deeply. Then he got up again, remembering that Takuya had said he needed to discuss something important with his little brother. Shingo smiled sympathetically. “Sorry to interrupt you guys. See you tomorrow Sensei. Bye Ryo.”  With that he got up, walking back to his own table where Miyake, Hina and Yoko were already expecting him, their eyes had never left him while he was talking to Takuya.

“And?” Miyake asked curiously.

“That's Ryo-kun.” Shingo grinned. “Not a date.”

Miyake grinned brightly. “See. I told you! That's the same boy that was at Nagase’s home. I took care of him and his friends after they got into that fight. But good that you asked.” he nodded firmly. “It's important to make things clear!”

Hina rolled his eyes, throwing an annoyed glance towards Yoko. “You two are really something. And Yoko even encouraged you…”

“That's the power of love!” Miyake nodded firmly. “This Sakamoto-san... such a guy!” He turned towards Yoko. “Do you know something about him? Did you find something out?”

“Not much.” Yoko hesitated for a moment.

“What?” Miyake insisted to know.

“Well... some things you know already. He is Takki-san's Senpai. His mentor. Apparently he knows Takki-san and the boy…” Here he pointed at the table were Takuya and Ryo were sitting. “…since years.” Again he paused, making the other feel suspicious immediately.

Shingo looked at him curiously. “What else did you find out?”

Yoko sighed deeply. “He has a son.”

“WOW!” Hina breathed out, sounding really surprised for the first time.

“So?” Shingo asked.

“His son died years ago.”



Ryo nearly jumped out of his bed, panting heavily. Just slowly he realised that the voice he just heard wasn't in the room... but just in his head.

I'll kill you... Ryo. Die!




Note: Hey dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support!! So, I wanted to tell you that my Request Post is open. If you feel like requesting a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE

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