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Arashi and the Magic Lantern Chapter 4

Title: Arashi and the Magic Lantern: Chapter 4(of 12): I wish for a wish?
Pairing: Ohmiya and Sakumoto (they are both main-pairings^^), Aiba
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, bit angst, friendship, AU-ish (it's a magic lantern after all)
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Due to unknown circumstances Aiba suddenly finds a magic lantern. What will be revealed when he opens it? A mysterious creature tells them that it will stay with them...until they won't need it anymore. Where does this ghost come from? What's its meaning and its purpose?
Suddenly the boys find themselves in the middle of unbelievable occurrences... What will happen when they have to face, not only their biggest desires, but also their deepest problems, the personal ones but also those they have with each other...?

Aiba sighed a bit, looking around expectantly. He just came to their meeting room. “We are way too early…”

Ghost smiled apologetically. “It’s because of me… I was getting on your nerves…”

“Don’t worry.” Aiba looked at him encouragingly. “It doesn’t matter… We just have to wait for the others.”

“Do we?” Ghost pulled an eyebrow up.

Aiba giggled at that. “Right… I could wish for them to come sooner, right?”

“Yep.” Ghost grinned. “You just need to wish…”

“Alright.” Aiba took a deep breath. “I wish that you get them here immediately.”

“No problem.” Ghost smiled, snipping his fingers.

For a moment Aiba couldn’t see anything because of all the smoke in front of him. Then he blinked in surprise, his eyes growing wide.

Jun…just in some black shorts… looking really grumpy

Sho… as well… just in some shorts, though not black but red ones… looking even grumpier than Jun. Aiba didn’t know that this was even possible.

Ohno…with his fishing rod in his hand…looking around in confusion…




“Nino?” Aiba blinked in surprise.

“What?” Nino sighed grumpily, a towel around his hips, a shower-brush in his hands… and his hair full of shampoo.

“What’s…what were…what…are…” Aiba stuttered.

“I was showering…” Nino grumbled.

“At least you had enough time to take a towel.” Jun mumbled angrily, pointing at the shorts he was wearing.

“Why are we even here?” Nino wanted to know, avoiding it to look into Ohno’s direction. “God…” he sighed deeply. “I really need to get the hair conditioner out of my hair… It starts burning…”

“Well, we have a meeting soon…” Aiba wanted to explain everything when he suddenly felt two hands gripping his shoulders, eyes looking at him in utter anger. It had been long since Sho lost his temper the last time.

“Do you even know how much conviction I need to be able to be top today!!” Sho hissed out. “Without discussing and arguing… just simply being top? That was a once in a life time.”

Aiba stared at Sho in utter shock, blinking helplessly at the others. One part of his brain wondered though what the heck Sho was talking about.

“You could wish for being Top.” Ghost suggested innocently. “Though I don’t know what that means…”

“No I can’t!” Sho blurt out. “That’s not how it works!”

“Sorry…” Aiba mumbled sheepishly. “I didn’t know you were all that busy… I…”

But before he could finish his sentence Ohno’s eyes suddenly grew wide in shock. “My boat!” he yelled. “It’s somewhere on the ocean now!! Alone!”




“This ghost is a natural catastrophe…” Sho grumbled angrily when they had left the meeting room to change their clothes (or rather: to find their clothes), in Nino’s case: showering. And Ohno had taken Ghost with him to the boat to get it back to the harbour and return then as fast as possible.

Jun smiled at that. He couldn’t help it but somehow he found that an angry Sho was unbelievable hot. “You know…” he grinned a bit. “It’s not that bad that Aiba had this weird idea…”

“Are you kidding me?” Sho grumbled. “Out of all YOU think it’s not that bad?”

“Yes.” Jun’s grin grew wider. “Now we can finish our meeting earlier than expected…”

“And how is that good?” Sho wondered.

“Because…” Jun took Sho’s hands into his. “…we can go home earlier… and finish what we started this morning…”

Sho blinked for a moment, then he smirked a bit. “Alright…alright…” he laughed a bit, stroking over Jun cheek softly, before drew back. “I’ll get Nino out of the shower! Let’s get through with this meeting.”

Jun smiled lightly when he watched how Sho disappeared through the door. As he wanted to follow him, he suddenly felt the presence of someone else… He sighed a bit. “Ghost?”

“Yes…” the ghost popped up from nowhere, smiling at Jun.

Jun rolled his eyes. “What?”

“Don’t you have any wishes?” Ghost pulled up one of his eyebrows.

“No!” Jun glared. “I’m happy. No complaints.”

“Ah…” Ghost smiled knowingly. “Really?”

“YES!” Jun bit his lips to hold back his temper, already feeling slightly angry.

Ghost tilted his head a bit, scanning Jun thoroughly. “Everyone has wishes.” he finally said softly.

Jun blinked at that, feeling nervousness spreading through his body. What did this guy mean? No matter what… it didn’t sound promising… It sounded like a lot of problems. “I’m not sure…” he finally answered warily.

Ghost smiled. “Think of it. The deepest desire you have…what is it?”





“Good…” Ohno sighed tiredly, rubbing over his head. “We are finished…” He looked down at his hands, avoiding any look towards Nino. He felt his heart aching painfully when he thought about how he had to go home alone today…

No Nino around to lighten his mood. No Nino around to make him play a stupid videogame. No Nino around to just sit next to him…without saying anything. Just being there.

Nino’s eyes were twitching a bit, he shot some careful glances towards Ohno, glad that he was looking into another direction. Of course he did want Ohno! He loved him after all. But was that enough?

What about his mother?

What about society?

What about his friends? The ones outside the agency…old school friends that were marrying now and having babies…

Wasn’t there something missing in his life?

Why couldn’t they just go on like before?


“Alright.” Sho stood up, smiling unusually brightly. “Let’s go then!”

“Yes…” Nino jumped up, glad to escape the tensed situation between him and Ohno. “I still have an appointment…”

“Me too…” Jun smiled a bit, though his smile was rather absent-minded, Ghost’s words still wandering through his head. His deepest desire.

“Okay then…” Ghost jumped around a bit. “Then I’ll go with Nino-kun today…” With that he disappeared.

Aiba looked a bit sad, but shrugged it off… His new Ghost-friend had explained to him after all that he had to follow all of them, so it was okay. He smiled a bit. “Hey guys, we could still go for dinner right?”

“Sorry Aiba-chan…” Sho smiled warmly. “I have to leave…”

“Me too…” Jun forced a smile to his lips. “See you tomorrow!”

Ohno smiled apologetically. “Sorry Aiba-chan… I’m not feeling well…”

Aiba watched as they left, trying to shove aside some gloomy feelings. 5 meant 1 too much.




Note: Hey dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support!! So, I wanted to tell you that my Request Post is open. If you feel like requesting a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE

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