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Bittersweet Symphony Chapter 10

Title: Bittersweet Symphony: Chapter 10: Confessions
Pairing: Main: RyoJin, broken Akame, Pikame, TomaPi, Uchi/Miyao, one-sided RyoDa
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, angst, friendship
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Sometimes it seems like we hurt the ones we love the most...

“Hey Ryo-chan…” Takki rolled his eyes, looking at Ryo insistently. “Talk to me!”

Ryo glared at him, crawling out of his bathroom. He was feeling tired after yesterday’s happenings and the incident with Jun. His hangover had hunted him for hours, making him throw up occasionally. Gladly the sick feeling had stopped now. Just that… “I hate to be set up.”

“Okay…” Takki sighed. “Sorry. But you were looking so sad and lonely all the time… And you like MatsuJun.”

“Yes.” Ryo rolled his eyes. “I like Jun. As a friend.”

“You admire him.” Takki smiled. “I thought you two might fit together. He is similar to…” Takki paused here, realising that he had nearly said Jin’s name.

“Similar to what…or who?” Ryo wanted to know.

“Well…” Takki said diplomatically. “Isn’t he type of person you tend to fall for?”

“But he is my friend…” Ryo mumbled tiredly. “I don’t see him as more. And I nearly went to bed with him… without being in love. He is my friend, I can’t do that to him… what if I had to break up with him?”

Takki rubbed over his head. “Alright. I get your point. I just didn’t expect you to jump into bed with him right away.” He closed his eyes as he realised what he said. “Sorry… I didn’t mean it like that.” He blinked when Ryo’s bedroom door got closed loudly in front of him. He sighed a bit, knocking with his head against the wall. “Okay, listen. You are so crushed since days… I just wanted you to have fun.”


“Oh come on!” Takki’s voice was something between amused, grumpy and begging. “Don’t freeze me out.”

Ryo opened the door again, carrying his ugly doggy in arms. “Really…” he grumbled unfriendly. “You should get lost of your brother-complex already.”

Takki grinned at that, putting on of his arms around Ryo’s shoulders. “But you like it when I bother you with my brother-complex.”

“Maybe…” Ryo admitted, then he glared at the other again. “But that doesn’t mean I’m talking to you right now.”

“Of course not.” Takki grinned.




“Hey, Hiro-chan.” Miyao grinned a bit, snatching the pan and cooking spoon away from Uchi. “Better sit down. I’ll cook.”

“My cooking is not that bad!” Uchi pouted.

Miyao grinned at that. “Of course not.” He smiled, dragging Uchi out of the kitchen and forcing him to sit down on the sofa, his fingers stroking over the other’s cheek, before they wandered to his hair, curling some strands between his fingers.

“Not fair…” Uchi mumbled over Miyao’s seducing actions.

The other smiled softly. “Your hair is getting longer again.”

“You like it that way?”

“I like it either way.” Miyao smiled a bit, his eyes gleaming in affection as he looked down at Uchi. The younger one bit his lips at that, before he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s waist, pulling him down into a kiss. He sighed a bit when Miyao’s hands were moving over his back, stroking him lazily.

“Hey…” Miyao drew back from their kiss, his fingertips now moving over Uchi’s face, feeling the other’s soft lips. He smiled contently as Uchi flushed lightly. Then his glance grew more unsure, he bit his lips nervously. “How about if I cook for your…later?” he asked carefully, waiting for Uchi’s reaction.

Uchi smiled a bit, liking how Miyao was unsure about this suggestion. Instead of an answer, he dropped back on the sofa, stretching there a bit, before he put his arms around Miyao’s neck, pulling the other down next to him. “Okay.” He grinned a bit. “I love sweet things the most.”




When Ryo opened the door to his apartment to look who was ringing there, he had to fight against the sudden urge to close the door again. Immediately. “Hey Jin.” he mumbled sheepishly.

“Hey.” Jin glared at his friend, pointing at his mobile phone. “Does your phone work?”

Ryo blinked for a moment, before he sighed a bit. “Yes…” he admitted.

“Okay.” Jin hissed. “Then why am I waiting for your answer since yesterday?”

Ryo bit his lips nervously. He had planned on thinking of a good answer and write it to Jin then… but there was nothing coming to his mind. Nothing besides a Because I like you. And there was no way he could write that Jin. “Sorry.” he mumbled sheepishly.

Jin sighed a bit over the other’s bothered expression. He didn’t want Ryo to feel bad or worried, he just wanted him to be happy. All the time and always, because his happy and smiling face was the most heart-warming thing on earth. So he stroked over Ryo’s cheek, smiling softly. “Sorry, I didn’t want to yell at you. I’m just worrying. What’s…”

But before he could finish his question, Yamapi was suddenly popping up behind him.

“Pi?” Ryo blinked.

Jin turned around as well, eyes widening by the pale look on Pi’s face. He looked at his friend in concern. “You look bothered.”

Pi sighed. “Good that you are both here…”

“Did something happen?” Ryo asked nervously.

Yamapi shifted around a bit, before he sighed. “I guess I have a problem.”

“What kind of problem?” Jin looked at him piercingly, his stomach twisting painfully when he slowly started to realise into what kind of direction this here might be going… Yamapi wasn’t the type to talk about his problems openly like that… it had to be something huge… Hence it had to be about Toma. And Yamapi was looking so guiltily. Hence he messed up…

“A dinosaur-sized huge one.” Yamapi answered silently.



Yamapi sighed when he finished his story. He had told them everything… except the little detail that it was Kame he was going to bed with.

“You did…WHAT!?” Jin blurt out, staring at Yamapi in disbelief. “Are you an idiot!!?”

“Eh…” Yamapi blinked at that forceful reaction, before he lowered his head a bit. “I know it was not the best thing I ever did…”

“Not the best thing?” Jin glared.

“He…well…” Ryo tried to help Yamapi. “He just made a mistake.” he stuttered helplessly, not sure what to think about what he just heard. He himself was way too obvious to even hide a one-night stand… not to talk about an affair.

Jin sighed in frustration. “Ryo...a one-night stand is a mistake, an affair is a serious problem.” he told them, his voice still inches higher than usual. As he saw Yamapi’s bothered expression and Ryo’s concerned one, he stood up. “Give me a moment…” With that he got up, walking outside on Ryo’s balcony and closing the door behind him.

Ryo blinked at Jin’s back as the latter started to yell his frustration into the night, not loud enough for him and Pi to hear it, but it was still quite clear to see that he was releasing his frustration outside. When he got back into the living room again, Ryo glared at him.

“Really…” he grumbled, lying down on his sofa “That’s my apartment. What will the neighbours think when you are yelling around outside?”

“Sorry.” Jin smiled a bit, smacking Ryo’s butt playfully and pushing his legs aside to sit down next to him. Then he looked at Pi sheepishly. “Sorry, I didn’t want to yell at you, so I…”

“…yelled at the world?” Pi sighed, looking down a bit, eyes widening when he saw how Ryo's dog was chewing at his trousers.

“Exactly.” Jin paused for a moment. “Okay…truth is… I think you have to set that clear with Toma…He doesn’t deserve that.”

Yamapi rubbed over his eyes. “I know.” he mumbled.

“Listen...” Jin sighed. “I'll always be at your side. I don’t judge you for having an affair, such things can happen…also with such honest and straight-forward guys like you. But you have to decide. If you start having an affair, you are messing up big time. Would that have happened, if you were still in love with Toma?”

“I... do love Toma.” Yamapi sighed.

“Do you love him enough?” Ryo asked carefully. “Don't get me wrong, I like Toma a lot. And I know that being all lovey-dovey is impossible after being together for some time. But how do you feel when you are with Toma? Do you still long for his kisses? Does your heart beat a bit faster when you are with him? Do you miss him when you are away from him? Do you miss him when you are together with the other guy? Do you even think of him then?” he looked at Jin helplessly, making the other blink for a moment. Why was Ryo looking at him like that? What did he mean? Was it also about him? But… he wasn’t together with anyone right now. Jin rubbed over his head a bit, trying to get some light into this confusing situation. But before he could say anything, Ryo turned his head towards Pi again. “If you don't love him, don't hurt him any further.”

“How do I know if I love him enough?” Pi wanted to know.

Ryo sighed, grabbing his dog that was running around in the living room, one of Jin’s shoes in his mouth, and pulling it on his lap, contently recognizing Jin's grumpy look at that. “Isn't this question already an answer?”

“It sounds so easy when you say it like that.” Pi smiled weakly. “You are so honest, Ryo. But I'm not sure if I can do that too...”

“But Ryo-chan is right.” Jin nodded his head. “If you are still in love with Toma, then stay with him. If you want to be together with Kame, then it's okay too...”

Ryo nearly spit out his drink, staring at Jin and Pi in disbelief. “KAME? But what… why… how… I mean…” he pointed at Jin. “…weren’t you with him. Wasn’t he in love with you?”

Yamapi sighed. “I don’t think he loves me… He is just searching for comfort I guess.”

“So…” Ryo shook his head. “But what’s with you Jin?”

“Eh?” Jin blinked, smiling apologetically as he realised that he hadn’t told Ryo about his talk with Kame yet. He had simply forgotten about it. “Oh... you know, he asked me to consider everything and not say ‘no’ immediately.”

“And?” Ryo flinched a bit in expectation.

Jin shrugged helplessly. “I dumped him…Didn’t I tell you?” He blinked as he discovered Ryo’s angry glance. “Ryo-chan?”

Ryo stood up from the sofa. “I need some water…” he grumbled, secretly thinking that Jin was the biggest idiot ever. Not that Jin dumping Kame would change anything… Ryo was pretty sure that Jin didn’t have feelings for him, but still… it would have been nice to know this recent news, because he wouldn’t have been freaking out then… or nearly going to bed with Jun. He angled for a glass in his cupboard, his thoughts rushing through his mind, producing an annoying headache. Why did he have to fall for Jin? Why couldn't it be someone else? Maybe he should really try to fall for Jun? Or search for another guy? It would be better to give Jin up, before it would ruin their friendship. He loved Jin too dearly to cut him out of his live.

“What’s with him?” Jin blinked, looking at Yamapi nervously.

Yamapi bit his lips at that. He could guess of course…without really knowing it, but it was absolutely not his task to tell it Jin. Ryo should do that. So he simply shook his head, pretending that he didn’t know anything.

Jin sighed a bit. He had seriously flinched by the strange expression Ryo had shown him, secretly he was wondering why Ryo was acting so strange recently. And he really worried how to bring this topic up again, especially since his first attempt failed so badly.



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