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Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 16

Title: Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 16: Silence
Pairing: RyoJin, Ohno/Aiba, KimuShingo, Takki/Sakamoto, Sakumiya, Nagase/Koichi and one-sided Miyake/Sakamoto, PiKame or TegoPi? Jun/Uchi?
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Summary: When Subaru visits his therapist Tsubasa, Tsubasa can help him to understand a few things.
Action at the Host Club: When the brothers gather there for dinner during the only day the Club is closed, there are some unexpected visitors.
Shingo slowly starts to realise some things... not about him and Takuya of course, but about Sakamoto... and Takki. Meanwhile Takki still avoids Sakamoto, while Ohno doesn't avoid anything about Aiba anymore.
An unexpected horror movies night with Kame, Uchi, Yamapi and Jun...
And then there are Jin and Ryo, showing each other glimpses of their pasts. But still Ryo doesn't know: What are the dreams he is having recently? Dreams or reality?


“So?” Tsubasa looked at his documents. “How have you been Subaru-kun?”

Subaru rolled his eyes in frustration. “Well... I have been good...” he grumbled sarcastically.

Tsubasa smiled sympathetically. “Then… what wasn't good?”

“Ah...” Subaru sighed. “My brother...”

“The youngest one?”

“You know...“ Subaru explained. „He is not a bad boy, but a bit closed. He hardly tells us anything. Oh and dear…all these arguments at home. But at least he made some friends. My difficult brother and friends… He spends a lot of his time at his new friend’s home… Well, at least that’s what he says, I hope he isn’t lying and doing something stupid instead, like shop-lifting, or joining a gang.”

“Do you think he would do that?” Tsubasa asked.

“No.” Subaru admitted, smiling warmly but also considering his words. “Or better: I don’t want to think it. But he hardly talks about anything. I don’t even know if this Yamapi even exists.”

Tsubasa blinked in surprise. Yamapi? Might be a coincidence… but still, this nick-name was so unique… “What’s the name of your brother again?” he asked carefully.

“Ryo.” Subaru smiled a bit. “I guess I love him too much to think that he will get himself into danger... Though recently he got beaten up, because he helped one of his classmates. He didn't even tell us that he wanted to help this poor boy... he pretended as if he just wanted to make troubles.”

Tsubasa sighed. “And his friends name is Yamapi?”

“Yes, but his real name is...”

“Yamashita Tomohisa?” Tsubasa interrupted him.

“Eh?” Subaru blinked. “How did you know?”

Tsubasa grinned a bit. “Well, at least I can reassure you that your little brother is not shoplifting, when he says he visits Yamapi.”




Takki sighed deeply when he sat down at a table in the Host Club where all of his brothers were currently sitting at. “Why are you here again?”

“Nino cooked.” Subaru grinned, earning him an angry glance from Nino and a giggle from Ryo.

Takuya looked at Ryo thoroughly. The boy had been acting so strange during their dinner-date some days ago... somehow so absent-minded. And no matter how much Takuya kept asking him about the recent incident with Maru, Ryo had tried his best to reassure Takuya that he had just felt shocked and hadn't been able to say anything.

But today Ryo looked calm and happy again. And really, Takuya was not that wrong, Ryo really felt a bit relieved. The strange dream he had back then, didn't come again... and Ryo was sure that it was just some sort of shock from his fight. He smiled at the Hosts. “Do you want us to leave?”

Jin wrapped his arms around Ryo possessively, smiling brightly. As always: Meeting Ryo made him feel glad and happy again. “Of course you should stay! At least you…”

“Thanks.” Nino rolled his eyes. “Now the rest of us feels really wanted.”

“Of course you are also wanted.” Sho said, smiling his inscrutable smile.

Aiba grinned. “I'll prepare something nice for you.”

Subaru smiled happily, but before he could say something his glance caught three unknown guys stepping into the Club... though it was actually closed. What were these three up to? Apparently also Takki had already eyed them, because he was looking at them in utter surprise. The Host Club was closed during day after all.

“Yes?” Takki asked.

“Excuse us.” Shingo smiled cheerfully.

Takuya stared at the young guy in disbelief. “What...”

“Yo! Sensei!”

Miyake and Hina stopped in utter shock. They had just stepped into the Club, looking at it in awe, but now their attention shifted to Shingo and Takuya.

“Did he say ‘Sensei’?” Miyake stuttered. When he turned around a bit, he already saw Hina bowing towards Takuya, apologizing.

“Yes, please, we didn’t know…” Miyaki mumbled, blushing deeply. “We thought this here is a normal restaurant.”

“Who are you guys?” Sakamoto wanted to know, smirking bit. “Well, I know you.” he smiled a bit at Miyake who blushed deeply. “But the other two... Wait…didn’t we meet the other day in this bar?”

Miyake smiled a bit, his heart beating faster in joy. Sakamoto-san remembered his name!! “Yes, we all met.” Then he shook his head. “But it’s better not to introduce us… otherwise Sensei might remember our name…” he whispered.

Hina sighed. “I guess it's too late for that...”

“Yes Miyake-kun.” Takuya grumbled. “Some names I won’t forget that easily…”

“It's alright!” Aiba called out cheerfully. “The more the merrier.”

“What?” Takuya breathed out in surprise.

“Well...” Subaru mused, a very rare mischievous grin on his face. He had immediately realised that these were the students Takuya had told them about some weeks ago. And yes...he was curious. “Why don't you sit down?”

Shingo smiled thankfully. “Is that really okay?”

Nino grinned brightly. “You are already here anyway. Don't tell me you are really worried about manners now.”

“I'm not.” Shingo admitted, grinning a bit when he squeezed himself between Ryo and Takuya.

Okada watched this scene, pulling one of his eyebrows up. “You are a fan of Takuya-kun?” he wanted to know, smiling almost too innocently.

Shingo nodded his head.

“And why do you like my brother?” Nino asked curiously.

“He has a gorgeous ass!” Shingo joked. “And some other nice features.”

Even Takki couldn't help a bright grin at that... He had to admit that this here was a nice distraction from recent happenings… and problems. He sighed a bit, rubbing over his head. When he lifted his head, he met Sakamoto’s eyes… and blushed deeply.

“Oh, I almost forget…” Shingo interrupted Takki’s thoughts. “These are my two friends. Ken and Hina.” He smiled a bit, looking at Sakamoto. “Ken thinks you are hot.”

Hina grinned brightly, while Miyake blushed deeply.

“Totally.” Hina agreed.

Okada nearly spit out his drink by the surprised expression on Sakamoto's face... while Takki was looking unexpectedly bothered and gloomy at this confession.


Miyake jumped around happily on their way back home. They had just ended their dinner and their nice evening at the Host Club and he was feeling overly euphoric. “Thanks Shingo!” he grinned. “First I was angry that you dragged us to this Club... but then... maybe sometimes it's the best to dash forward right?”

Hina rolled his eyes. “Honestly... you two are really something.” Secretly he was feeling glad that though Takuya had fought and discussed with Shingo all the time, he had been unusually cheerful. Slowly Hina wondered if Shingo really hadn’t got any chances to get Takuya… Besides that Hina found it also really interesting to meet his Sensei's brothers and see a Host Club. A real Host Club! And it was such a gorgeous one... one of the most beautiful buildings he had ever seen. And the Hosts... Takki was so pretty. But also Sho and Okada... and the younger one, Jin. He had just started to work there, but he was so good-looking.

Hina shifted his gaze towards Shingo and blinked in surprise. Shingo was looking unexpectedly earnest.

“Ken?” Shingo asked carefully. “Do you really like Sakamoto-san that much?”

Miyake's eyes sparkled in delight. “I've never wanted someone that much!” he explained, hugging himself playfully. “I want this guy! No matter what, I want him!” He put his hand on his chest, sighing a bit. “My heart beats so fast every time I see him. It’s almost painful.”

Shingo bit his lips nervously. Though he was a cheerful and easy-going type, he was also quite smart and his instincts were working really good... So he knew that besides all the annoyance his Sensei was showing him, Takuya actually liked him... Shingo just needed to make him fall in love with him... but the basics were already there. With Sakamoto it was different... Shingo's eyes didn't miss the glances Sakamoto had thrown towards Takki. This dangerous guy’s eyes that were usually looking so cold and earnest and devilish... suddenly so fond... so nervous... so full of love and tenderness... but only for Takki. Miyake had no chance and Shingo knew that.



Takki sighed a bit when the young students had left and when his brothers went back to their house. He carefully locked the door of the Club, wanting to walk around a bit, enjoying the warm night.  He was still totally surprised about himself... about how he approached Sakamoto the other night...  What would Sakamoto think now? Takki rubbed over his head in desperation. Everything was such a mess!

When he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder, he nearly jumped, turning around a bit to see who was standing behind him. He blinked in shock when he saw Sakamoto behind him. “Maa-kun?” he stuttered.

Sakamoto looked at him through inscrutable eyes. “Will we ever talk about it? Or are you running away forever?”




“Wow!” Aiba breathed out when he stepped out on Ohno's balcony. Ohno had set the table there... with some nice vine, some fruits and cake. Aiba smiled happily when he sat down, feeling really glad about having this lovely guy.

Ohno hugged him from behind, placing a soft kiss on the other's cheek. Aiba smiled at that, everything about Ohno was soft and soothing, he couldn't deny that.

“Hey, Masaki?” Ohno asked.


“I don't want to frighten you.” Ohno smiled. “So I won't say that I love you.”

Aiba blinked at that in surprise, blushing a bit over that confession, but to his surprise he didn't feel shocked or overstrained by Ohno’s words, he was actually feeling happy, a bit scared maybe... and really guilty. “Sorry...” he mumbled, tears in his eyes. “It's not that I don't feel anything for you... but I can't say it.”

Ohno smiled warmly. “That's okay. I know that.”

“Sorry... for being so complicated.” Aiba mumbled under tears.

Ohno hugged him tightly, placing a soft kiss on the other's earlobe. “What is it that bothers you all the time?” he asked. “Tell me. Please...”

Aiba sighed a bit. “What if you'll hate me then...”

“That's not really likely to happen.” Ohno grinned a bit.

“What if you will say that I was stupid for not leaving him?” Aiba asked.

“I won't say such a thing...” Ohno promised.

Aiba sighed deeply. “You know...” he started. “It's not so easy. Being with such a person. These guys always say that they won't do it again... and each time you believe them, thinking that you will be able to change them, or thinking that it's your fault that they react like that... I guess I never felt that weak before in my life before.”

Ohno's eyes widened for a moment, before his gaze grew hard, arms holding Aiba even tighter. “So that’s the reason for everything?”

“Yes.” Aiba leaned into Ohno’s touch, thankful that the other wasn’t asking anything or saying anything. He didn’t want to be pitied, he didn’t want someone who told him that it was alright. He didn’t want to hear any questions. What he wanted was acceptance… and Ohno was willing to give him exactly that.




“What are you doing here?” Kame glared at Uchi and Jun.

Jun sighed deeply. “You know the meaning of a movies night, right?”

“Of course I know that.” Kame sighed. “Just...”

“Just what?” Yamapi asked friendly when he placed some popcorn and chocolate cookies in front of them.

Kame blushed deeply. “Nothing...” he mumbled. “I was just babbling along about nothing important.”

Yamapi laughed at that. “Don’t say that! Actually I think you always say important things.” He sat down between Kame and Uchi and switched on the TV. “What are we watching?”

“The Ring!” Kame blurt out, well aware of the fact that Yamapi was afraid of horror movies and hardly watched any of them. Not that Yamapi would ever admit that of course... but Kame knew every of Yamapi's moves and he was able to realise it what the other was feeling. Okay, he knew it was mean what he was doing here, but then... he didn't have that many chances, right?

“A horror movie?” Yamapi coughed.

Jun rolled his eyes a bit, looking at Kame grumpily, but decided to go along with his friend's wish. “Yeah...why not? It's one of my favourite movies...” he lied.

Uchi's face grew pale a bit. As much as Yamapi disliked horror movies, he disliked them too. “Okay...” he agreed weakly, while Yamapi nodded his head.

30 minutes later Yamapi was already hiding behind a pillow, trying desperately to pretend that he was feeling alright and that the movie was great. It wasn't really believable... but to his luck Uchi was even more scared, clinging at Jun in panic.

Jun sighed. “'s not that bad...”

“Holy cow...” Yamapi breathed out. “Did you see that? Was that... wahhhh...” he took a deep breath, searching for an excuse to leave the room and this movie for a moment. “I have to go to the restroom for a moment.” He finally managed to breath out and escaped the movie... at least for a few minutes.

Uchi was still clinging to Jun's neck, hiding his face behind the other's shoulder. Just slightly he was thinking that Jun smelled really good... but at this specific moment he was way too afraid to even think about such things.

Jun sighed deeply, padding Uchi's head. “It's okay...” he reassured him, before flinching a bit by the movie scene in front of him. “Though it's really a bit scary...” he admitted.

“A bit!?” Uchi whined, hiding even deeper behind Jun.

Jun smiled a bit at that, letting the other do as it pleased him, secretly enjoying Uchi's need for his presence.




“Did you sleep well the last nights?” Ryo asked, leaning against Jin, stroking over the other’s shoulder a bit. “You are still thinking about your past?” He rested his head on Jin’s shoulder, wanting to give him some warmth. He so wanted to be able to make Jin forget everything. Jin deserved just the best after all!! And Ryo was willing to give him everything to make him feel good.

Jin smiled, curling some strands of Ryo’s hair. “Sometimes.” he admitted. “But it's not bothering me much anymore...Just sometimes those annoying dreams. But these people were never my parents.” He stuck out his tongue. “I don't even hate them. They are nothing. Isn't that a clear sign that I'm over it?”

Ryo smiled a bit. “I guess so.”

Jin stroked over his hair a bit. “What's with you? What do you feel about your parents?”

“I guess I still hate them...” Ryo mumbled silently. “Does that mean I'm not over it?”

Jin smiled softly, before his glance grew a bit harder. “Over what Ryo?”

“I'm not sure...” the younger one admitted. “I can't remember anything, maybe because I was still a kid back then... And sometimes I’m dreaming bad and strange things….” As if they are parts of a lost memory.  He wanted to add, but how should he explain that to Jin… the strange scenes and pictures that were popping up in his mind recently. He couldn’t even explain them himself? Were they just dreams… or something he had forgotten? He didn’t know it, so he paused here, not wanting to deepen this conversation and Jin found it was better to let him be. Ryo was telling him much more than he was telling anyone else... and Jin was sure that one day he would get to know everything.


When Takki heard a cry from upstairs, he was up his feet immediately. “That's Ryo-chan...” he said, before he ran upstairs.

“What's with the boy?” the detective wanted to know.

Sakamoto shrugged helplessly. “We don't know it... he has nightmares.”

“What's with their parents?”

Sakamoto sighed. “The mother is away since years...”

“And the father?”

Sakamoto rubbed over his head. “Dead. Suicide” he explained. “This man was insane...”

The detective blinked. “Insane?”

“Yes, apparently he was mixing up reality and imagination, he was seeing things and persons though they weren't there. God knows what really happened between them.” He looked up to the staircase. “I met Takki-kun after the death of his father. I don't know what happened before.”



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