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Bittersweet Symphony Chapter 11

Title: Bittersweet Symphony: Chapter 11: Changes
Pairing: Main: RyoJin, broken Akame, Pikame, TomaPi, Uchi/Miyao, one-sided RyoDa
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, angst, friendship
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Sometimes it seems like we hurt the ones we love the most...

“You are really going to this party?” Nakamaru blinked in surprise. “You aren't even the party guy...”

“I'm not that boring.” Ueda argued, glaring at his friend.

“That's not what I said.” Nakamaru smiled a bit. “Just that you... well... you hardly go to parties. And this here is a Senpai party... One of the worst.”

“Why?” Ueda wanted to know, wondering why a Senpai party was so bad.

“Because there is TOKIO.” Nakamaru grinned a bit. “Last year they started to play spin-the-bottle. And every year someone is stripping”

“You have to be kidding me!” Ueda blurt out.

“Nope...” Nakamaru shook his head. “I was there last year.”

“Will you go this year too?” Ueda asked hopefully.

“No way.” his friend grinned. “I'll have a nice romantic evening...”

“Roma...” Ueda blinked, watching how Nakamaru turned around to walk away. “Wait a moment! Maru... who do you have a romantic evening with?”


“Hey....” Ueda complained. “Tell me!”

Nakamaru shook his head. “No...I still want to keep it as a secret, no one knows it.” He turned around a bit, looking at Ueda warily. “Listen Tatsuya, I'm saying that as your friend now. So don’t hate me for it, okay? But if you want to have a chance with Ryo, don't be so stubborn...”

Before Ueda could argue that, he winced a bit, feeling that Nakamaru was right here. Ryo would hate that attitude. “Maybe you are right…” Ueda sighed.

“Actually you are cool guy.” his friend told him. “I’m sure he will see that.” Nakamaru grinned a bit when he left Ueda, walking around the corner.

“You didn't tell him?” Junno laughed a bit when Nakamaru twinkled towards him.




“Hey Takki-kun.” Jun sat down, smiling a bit.

Takki nodded his head, torn between being amused and grumpy. “You are late. That's a once in the lifetime.”

“Sorry.” Jun smiled. “I met Toma on my way. And he looked so bothered that I just had to talk to him...”

“Bothered?” Takki's interest was awakened immediately. “Like...feeling bad? Sick? Or does he have problems?”

“He didn't tell me much.” Jun shrugged. “But it seems he has some problems with Yamapi.”

Takki blinked at that, his mind wandering its own way. Recently Pi seemed really absent-minded... Maybe partly because of overwork, but then... there was something else. Takki rubbed over his forehead, recalling his last meetings with Yamapi where Pi told him about his friends and that Kame felt heartbroken because of Jin… Then Takki blinked. How preoccupied was he not to realize it? Slowly he started to understand what was going on here...He knew Yamapi too well to not realise it when there was something seriously off...and also what was off...  Could it be that... “Kame...” he sighed.

“Eh?” Jun blinked.

Takki shook his head a bit, forcing a smile to his lips, though he didn't feel like smiling at all. “I was just thinking aloud... sorry for dozing off.” It had to be Kame... the strange glances Pi threw towards Kame and how Kame's eyes were following him...

“Ryo loves Jin.” Jun said out of a sudden, surprised by himself that he talked to Takki about that.

Takki blinked at that, then he smiled apologetically. “I know...”

“And despite that you wanted to set us up?” Jun wanted to know.

Takki sighed a bit, showing Jun a warm smile. “You and Jin are similar… I hoped that he would see that and fall for you.”

“He didn’t” Jun chuckled a bit. “All he sees right now is Jin.”




“Hey!” Kame smiled at Yamapi, blushing slightly. Secretly he wondered how it even came that far that he was blushing in front of Yamapi like that. Why he was longing for the other one to touch him, why Yamapi's words suddenly meant so much to him.

“Hi!” Yamapi trembled a bit, Kame's eyes mesmerizing him again... The way Kame looked at him sent shivers to his body. It was like a spell and Yamapi couldn't do anything against it. When he felt Kame's arms around his neck, lips kissing his softly, he couldn't do anything else than dive into the kiss and into this wave of want Kame was stirring in him.

But then there was this sparkle of guilt again, making Yamapi realise suddenly that he was not only betraying Toma here. No…truth was, he was also betraying Kame. He drew back from Kame, furrows of worry between his eyebrows.

“What?” Kame blinked when he saw Yamapi's bothered expression. Yamapi bit his lips nervously, producing a wave of fear that rushed through Kame's body.

Before Yamapi could even say something Kame winced in defeat. “You are dumping me?” the younger one breathed out, pushing Yamapi away.

“Listen Kame...” Yamapi sighed in frustration. “It's not like that.”

“How is it then?” Kame wanted to know.

“Just let me explain.” Yamapi sighed. “Aren’t I betraying both of you? You and Toma?”

Kame sat down on his sofa, hiding his head behind his arms. “It's just...” he mumbled, rubbing over his head while tears were dropping down his face. “Why is everyone always leaving me?”

Yamapi flinched at that, sitting down next to Kame, his hands trembling a bit when he touched Kame's hair. “I hate it when you cry.”


“Because then... I always feel like crying too” Yamapi mumbled out, eyes widening a bit when he realised that these words here were like a confession…though not a really clear one.

Kame looked at him nervously. “You have to decide Yamapi. Tell me, please. Whatever you want I'll bear with it. But I don't want you to stay with me out of pity.”




“It's nice to meet you.” Ryo smiled a bit, while Miyao nodded his head politely. It was the first time for him meeting one of Uchi's friends, beside Kame and Tegoshi...who weren't exactly Uchi's best friends.

Uchi grinned contently when Miyao ordered some strawberry cake. “That's a good idea... I want the same.”

“Sorry...” the waitress bowed apologetically. “There is just one piece left.”

Uchi sighed in disappointment, but before he could say anything else, Miyao smiled at him. “You can have my piece.”

“Eh?” Uchi blinked a bit. “Is that really okay?”

Miyao laughed lightly. “You love strawberry cake and I'm not so much into it...” he lied, blushing slightly as he discovered Ryo's smirk.

“And you?” the waitress smiled politely at Ryo.

“Just some coffee please.”

Uchi blinked a bit, waiting for the waitress to leave their table before he glared at Ryo. “Just some coffee? You should eat something.”

“I am eating, don't worry about that. I'm just not hungry at the moment.” Ryo explained.

“But you are so thin again.” Uchi complained.

Ryo bit on his lips to hold back a sharp answer. He was feeling way too tired for such talks, but gladly Miyao was there too. It would stop him from getting into a fight with Uchi. So instead of answering Uchi, he turned his attention towards Miyao. “And how do you like the drama shooting.”

Miyao smiled thankfully at him. “It's great.” He looked at Uchi softly. “I met a lot of nice people...”

Ryo rolled his eyes at that, wondering if all people who just fell in love were that cheesy. Then he smiled a bit, both amused and sad, as he thought about how he would react when being together with Jin. Wasn't Jin the most gorgeous person on earth?

“What do you think of him?” Uchi whispered when Miyao went to the toilet for a moment.

Ryo grinned at that question. That was so like Uchi... asking Ryo about his boyfriend like he was his father. “He is tall.” he grinned.

Uchi rolled his eyes at that, chuckling lightly. “You and your height issues.” Then he blinked suddenly, waving a bit towards the door. “Jin is there.” he told Ryo.

Ryo winced immediately, feeling how his stomach was twisting painfully. He wasn’t prepared for meeting Jin right now… not after he was dreaming of being together with him. Even the mere thought of being close to Jin sent shivers of joy through his body. Jin holding him… Jin smiling only for him… Jin laughing with him… Jin being dorky with him… even Jin fighting with him. He wanted him so badly that it hurt.

“Hey.” Jin smiled a bit, nodding towards Uchi and showing Ryo a warm smile.

Ryo looked up at his friend and couldn’t help but return Jin’s beautiful smile. “Hi Jin.”

Jin’s heart made a jump at Ryo’s beautiful smile and his gleaming eyes. He bit his lips, fighting against the urge to stroke the other through his beautiful hair, down his cheek, touching his shoulders slightly. His fingers were itchy suddenly, hands trembling at the mere thought of being together with Ryo like that. He didn’t know why, but suddenly he just wanted to hold Ryo tightly in his arms and never let him go again. Jin blinked out of a sudden, his eyes growing wide. Holy cow… What was happening here? Did he really…fall for… No, couldn’t be… Ryo was supposed to be his cute, stubborn and snarky best friend. Jin tried to shove his strange thoughts aside, but the stinging feeling in his chest stayed…




Why? Why why why? Why did it have to be him being stuck on a Senpai-party? His friends and everyone else BELOW age 30 already left… But of course his jacket and wallet were somewhere deep beneath the clothes of the others. He was already searching for his stuff since one hour.

“Oh no…” he sighed as he heard some loud noise and cheering. TOKIO already started with stripping… and table dancing… Great…

 Ryo turned around, looking at a fragile figure standing near him. “You are also stuck here?”

“Eh?” Ueda blinked at him.

Ryo tilted his head, sighing a bit. Ueda was still a bit strange, though somehow... also charming in his very unique way. When did he change like that? Ryo couldn’t remember… For him Ueda had always been nothing but difficult and weak, but now he was showing him a totally different side of him. “You are also just waiting for the right moment to leave?”

“Well…yes… my jacket and my wallet are somewhere… no idea where.” Ueda looked at bunch of clothes in annoyance.

Ryo nodded in agreement. “Same with me. It sucks!”

“Yeah, it really sucks!” Ueda sighed, then he grimaced. “OH NO! Is that Yamaguchi-kun getting naked there?”

“And Inohara-kun…”


“HERE IT IS!” Ryo called out almost cheerfully, dragging his jacket out from under Koichi’s bag and around 15 other jackets. Ueda looked at him a bit sheepishly, not daring to say anything, though he hated it to be left here alone… with their Senpais going wild here. It would be like a wish come true, if Ryo had invited him or stay with him.

Ryo shifted a bit. He so didn’t want to have company right now, being forced to make conversation… He hadn’t slept well in days and he just wanted to curl into his bed and get some sleep… No matter where he was, he could always see Jin's face everywhere, though Jin wasn't even here with him... Bad, it definitely got him really bad!! He should try and get lost of his love for Jin. He didn't want to loose his best friend with his strange behaviour, so he should definitely do something about that. 

He smiled a bit at Ueda. His common sense and his conscience were winning over him. He couldn't leave the poor guy alone here. “Forget your jacket. Let’s leave.” he stated simply.

Ueda gulped. “Eh? But I can’t… it’s… and there is still my jacket.”

Ryo turned around again, already looking a bit annoyed. “What? You wanna stay here all night?” he pointed at Koichi who was explaining Einstein's theory to an absolutely bored Nagase (not a good sign by the way. Nagase would definitely come up with something strange when being bored.) and Mabo who was dancing around one of the tables half-naked.

Ueda flinched at that side. No way!! He turned around, grabbing his sweater (at least he still had found that one). “Let’s go.” he stated fiercely.



Note: Hey dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support!! So, I wanted to tell you that my Request Post is open. If you feel like requesting a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE

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