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Bittersweet Symphony Chapter 12

Title: Bittersweet Symphony: Chapter 12: Blow-up
Pairing: Main: RyoJin, broken Akame, Pikame, TomaPi, Uchi/Miyao, one-sided RyoDa
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, angst, friendship
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Sometimes it seems like we hurt the ones we love the most...

“Ouch...” Uchi complained a bit, trying to get up from the floor, but soon he could feel Miyao's arms around his waist, pulling him down again. “Not fair...” Uchi complained. “Next time let us at least try to reach the sofa...”

Miyao chuckled lightly. “Sorry... I just couldn't resist your beautiful eyes and all your other lovable features.”

“Really?” Uchi asked, feeling flattered. “What kind of lovable features do I have?”

Miyao grinned at that, secretly feeling amused about the other. “I tell you what... You let me cook for you, instead of you cooking for me. And then I will tell you about the many great features you have.”

Uchi was torn between being grumpy about Miyao making fun of his cooking skills and happy about the other adoring him so much. He finally gave in to the last point, smiling a bit. “Alright.”




Ueda looked around expectantly when they reached Ryo’s apartment. The first time he came here, Uchi was here with him... and he hadn't had a lot of time to inspect Ryo's apartment properly. He couldn’t believe it that the latter brought him here… But it was cold outside and his jacket was still at the party…together with his keys and his wallet. To be honest he was actually quite thrilled to be invited to Ryo’s apartment. It was like an once-in-a-lifetime chance.

“Something to drink?” Ryo asked.

“Please.” Ueda smiled a bit, waiting for Ryo to prepare the two drinks, before the latter sat down at the other sofa.

They both stayed quiet for a moment, while Ryo scanned Ueda properly. Actually the guy was quite handsome... When he didn't dress up so girlish like during his concerts, there definitely was something attractive around him. Not really his type... he rather preferred the manly type... but still Ueda was interesting. These big, inscrutable eyes, the interesting lips, the soft hair... definitely attractive.

Ueda blushed under Ryo's intense eyes and before he even knew what was driving him, before he could think properly, he stood up, walking towards Ryo. “I love you.” he told him. “It has always been you.”

For a moment Ryo's eyes grew wide at that confession, Ueda's hands moving over his face, he was directly looking into the other's big and soft eyes right now, their faces just a few millimetres away from each other. Before Ryo could even react he could feel Ueda's lips on his, kissing him softly, almost too carefully.

It was like a switch being pulled inside of Ryo's head, he grabbed Ueda's face, kissing the other back heatedly, while Ueda's hands started to stroke over his back, drawing wild patterns there. His lips started to move over Ryo's neck, nibbling there, tasting the other's soft skin, before he got back to his lips, pulling him into another heated kiss.

Just at the moment when Ueda pulled Ryo down on the couch and he could feel the other's body beneath him, he drew back, eyes widened in shock. “Oh my god...” Ryo breathed out, while Ueda dropped back on the sofa, not sure if he should cry or laugh now about his carelessness.

“Sorry...” Ueda sighed.

“No...” Ryo shook his head fiercely. “Don't apologize...  I just... don't want to have a one-night stand with you.”

Ueda blinked at that. “Why?” he asked curiously. “You could have just laid me and drop me then?”

“Really...” Ryo hissed. “What are you thinking about me? I know everyone thinks I’m fucking around a lot, but actually I’m not much into one-night stands. And I know...we aren't exactly friends, but I can't do that you...”

There was a sad smile on Ueda's lips. “I know.” he smiled a bit. “Thanks for treating me kindly and not like some piece of shit though.”

They sat there next to each other for a moment, before Ryo looked at the other sheepishly. “Sorry...” he sighed a bit. “I wish I would love you... everything would be easier then.”

“But you love someone else?” Ueda asked.

“Sorry.” the young Osakan mumbled.

“It's okay.” Ueda breathed out, forcing a smile to his lips. “I'll be using your bathroom for a moment if that's okay?”

“Sure.” Ryo nodded his head, a worried expression on his face.

Ueda sighed when he closed the bathroom door behind him, opening the water of the basin, before he dropped down to the ground, sobbing desperately. He was thankful that Ryo didn't bother him right now and got on his nerves. He just needed to be alone for a moment. One hour later he got out of the bathroom, surprised to see that Ryo had prepared something to eat for them.

He sat down on the sofa again, sighing a bit. “Say... Nishikido-kun...”


Ueda took a deep breath. “Can we become friends?”

Ryo smiled. “Well...we could try it right?”

Ueda grinned. “How about watching one of the movies then?” he suggested.

“Good idea.” Ryo sighed in relief as he angled for the DVDs Ueda had brought him a few days ago. He was so relieved that Ueda didn’t make a scene or a drama out of all this… He was already feeling guilty enough to reject him. But apparently Ueda was feeling the same… Ryo had always expected him to be weaker, but he wasn’t weak at all anymore. And being friends with such a guy was definitely not the worst thing to happen.

It was early in the morning when Ueda finally left his apartment. He was both feeling sad for the outcome of this evening, but also relieved, because he finally felt able to move on.

Ryo closed the door, leaning against it, his thoughts spinning in his head. Before he could think about it any further, he grabbed his phone, typing in Jin's number. He bit his lips nervously, wondering what he should write now. He needed to get back to be Jin's friend again and forget about his idiotic love. The only way to achieve this was to stop the strange arrangement the both of them had. No making out with Jin anymore. No matter how irresistible Jin was for him…

He dropped into his bed when he finally sent away the message, curling up there and feeling totally crushed.

Hey Jin. Let's stop our arrangement, okay? Before one of us gets hurt…




Kame eyed Yamapi in frustration. “Just say it already! Really... I don't want your pity.”

Pi rolled his eyes a bit. “Could you stop complaining... just for one moment?”

“What if I don't want to stop complaining?” Kame hissed.

“Just let me explain... okay?” Pi asked carefully.

“Okay...” Kame said, expecting the worse.

“It's just...” Yamapi looked at the other thoroughly, wondering once again what he was doing here. Kame was so complicated, so bitchy, so difficult, so bothersome, so annoying... so everything. Why? Why did this even happen? “I can't leave Toma like that.” Yamapi explained. “Let's stop meeting until I set things clear with Toma. He is not only my boyfriend, but also my friend, you know? I can't hurt him any further. I have to talk to him.” he bit his lips a bit in fear about that. “I can't do it like that: Breaking up and immediately being with a new guy. I need to solve this first...”

Kame stared at Pi in disbelief, his eyes growing wide as he realised what Pi was saying here. “You mean...” he shook his head. “You choose me?” he felt how his tensions slowly loosened, tears of a careful joy filling his eyes. “Why” he wanted to know.

Pi's hand moved over Kame's cheek. He felt his heart jumping lightly when he touched the other, wondering why he needed so long to find an answer he already knew from the beginning on. He was not the cheating guy after all… Doing something like that was a sign that he couldn’t go back to Toma anymore. “I said it before, didn’t I? Because when you cry, I feel like crying too...” He didn’t know why something that felt so complicated and made him feel so guilty, made him also feel safe and protected. Kame was able to do that to him… to make him feel that way. Pi didn’t care if they fit together or not. If it would be difficult to have a relationship with Kame or if they would be able to overcome their problems. He just slowly realized that it had been long since his heart was beating for someone… And he just couldn’t let this feeling let go again. Staying with Toma would be like a lie…to all three of them.





“Won't you stay with us?” Shun smiled at Toma. “Jun and I want to go for breakfast.”

Toma smiled softly at his friends. “Sorry guys... Yamapi wants to meet me...”

“Oh.” Shun blinked, his chest tightening painfully. He knew he shouldn’t feel bothered by that. “That's good right?”

For a moment Toma wavered, wondering if he should tell his friends that Yamapi writing a message to him with the words Could we meet? Please. Whenever you want, it's okay. I need to talk to you. was not really a good sign. But then he just smiled, trying to hide the sad glance of his eyes. “Yeah. I guess it's good.”

Shun frowned at that. He knew his friend way too good to miss the expression of his eye. But what should he say or do now? There was no way he could comfort him here... besides that he didn't know what exactly was going on. He just hoped they wouldn't break up. He hated it to see Toma sad or unhappy. And his face had been wearing a worried expression since days... Shun sighed a bit, flinching at both thoughts: that Toma might get hurt but also that he might stay together with Pi... and stay unreachable forever.

“Hey...” Toma turned around. He had already left the café when he felt Shun's hand on his shoulder.

“Shun?” he smiled at the other, feeling touched by his friend's bothered expression.

“Just...” Shun took a deep breath. “Promise me. If something is wrong and you feel down, call me... okay?”

Toma flinched a bit as he realised that Shun was well aware of what was going on with him, but then he sighed in relief, thankful to have him as a friend. “Alright. I promise. Thanks, Shun” He hugged the other out of the sudden, wanting to feel the warmth of someone's body before he went to the coldness that was awaiting him.




Ryo sighed in frustration when he heard his door bell ringing. He had finally fallen asleep. Finally after gloomy thoughts and sad dreams had tortured him. He rolled on his back, glaring at the ceiling. Why was someone visiting him now? It was way too early? Ryo grumbled a bit, tossing around in his bed and sat up a bit, rubbing over his tired eyes, a well-known furrow between his eyes appearing again. Was someone delivering something to him? He crawled out of his bed. “One moment, please” he called, before he hurried into the bathroom, showering within one minute, angling for some clothes and rushing towards the door. He nearly dropped out of the door again when he blinked at the person standing in front of him.

Jin looked at him piercingly, taking off the sunglasses he was wearing. He angled for his phone, searching for Ryo's message. “Before one of us gets hurt?” he quoted Ryo's message, looking at the other sternly. “I believe you rather meant: Before Ryo gets hurt... Am I right?”


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