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Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 17

Title: Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 17: Storm
Pairing: RyoJin, Ohno/Aiba, KimuShingo, Takki/Sakamoto, Sakumiya, Nagase/Koichi and one-sided Miyake/Sakamoto, PiKame or TegoPi? Jun/Uchi?
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Sakamoto and Takki... second stage! Meanwhile Tegoshi's Host Club plans go into the second round... while Ryo has an interesting talk with his brothers. A very interesting and annoying one. Nagase and Koichi are obvious for Jun... but what about Uchi? Nino's smartness brings him closer to Sho... And Ryo is hunted by his past again.


“Do you want some tea?” Sakamoto asked softly when Takki sat down on the sofa in the older one’s apartment.

“No thanks.” Takki mumbled, blushing a bit.

“Something to eat?”

“No thanks.”

Sakamoto rolled his eyes a bit. “Some courage?”

Takki couldn’t help but smile at that, he grinned weakly. “That would be great. I could really need some courage right now.”

Sakamoto tilted his head a bit, smiling slightly. “I bet you have enough courage inside you.”

“You think so?” Takki asked, looking at the other warily when Sakamoto sat down next to him. The older one smiled wickedly, the usual sarcastic glance of his eyes completely gone now. Takki had never seen him looking that soft and gentle before. And again…Without thinking any further he bent forward, kissing the other lightly. Sakamoto’s lips were pushing against his now. They were rough, Takki thought, but in a soft way. He drew back a bit, looking at Sakamoto guiltily. “That’s the moment you should actually slap me across my face.”

Sakamoto grinned at that, playfully and softly slapping the other. “Do you feel better now?”

Takki rolled his eyes stubbornly. “You are not being earnest here…”

“I am…” Sakamoto sighed. “I shouldn’t do that…”

“Do what?” Takki wanted to know.

“Fall for you.” the older one explained, his hand stroking over Takki’s cheek softly. “You are so young… Almost the same age my son would have been now.”

Takki flinched a bit. “I’m so sorry I can’t make you forget him…”

Sakamoto smiled weakly. “There is no way we can forget such a loss…” he paused, his hand stroking over Takki’s hair. “But you helped me getting over it.”

Takki smiled at that. “I did?”

“Of course.” Sakamoto took a deep breath. “Takki. You have to think about what you want!”

Takki looked at him guiltily. “I acted without thinking…” he mumbled. “Sorry. But you were there… and I felt so safe… and warm… and hate the feeling that you might leave me one day.”

“Well…” Sakamoto mused. “That’s at least something, right?”

“And what do you want?” Takki asked.

The older one smiled a bit. “I still think you are too young for me.” When he saw Takki’s hurt and stubborn expression, he chuckled lightly. “But who cares?”

Takki blinked at that in surprise, deep inside his mind he wondered a bit, how it came that he was acting so immature when it was about Sakamoto… but he couldn’t help it. So also this time his normally earnest eyes started to sparkle a bit, while he bent forward once more, kissing the older one softly.





“Yo, Ryo-kun.” Tegoshi chirped. “I’m calling because of the School Host Club.”

Ryo blinked at the phone in surprise. “Hi Tegoshi.” He tried to sound annoyed but couldn’t help a sympathetic smile. “What’s up?”

“Nothing important.” The other boy reassured him. “I just called Maru before and also Ueda…”

“You are kidding me…” Ryo interrupted him in disbelief. “How did you get their phone numbers?”

Tegoshi grinned a bit. “I got on Nagase-kun’s nerves…”

“Ah…” Ryo smirked. “And you were successful?”

“I’m always successful.” Tegoshi stated.

“Alright.” Ryo grinned. “Whatever you say. So?”

“We’ll have a meeting after the weekend.” Tegoshi told him. “Please don’t make any appointments for Monday, alright?”

“Okay…” Ryo agreed, before something crossed his mind. “Did you already call Yamapi or do you want me to call him?”

“No…” Tegoshi’s voice sounded firmly. “I’ll call him!” he stated forcefully.

Ryo blinked in surprise, feeling really amused by Tegoshi’s firm behaviour here. He and Pi were like day and night…but somehow they got along so well. Not that Tegoshi or Pi would ever admit that though. But before Ryo could voice exactly these thoughts, he felt a strong pressure on his throat. Ryo’s eyes grew wide, he started to cough. “Sorry…” he tried to sound as normal as possible. “I have to go now. See you next week!” with that he hung up, sinking down to the ground, his hand touching his throat, thoughts swirling around his minds. The words appearing again. Die! In his mind there was the picture of this strange man again… strong and… old… his fingers around Ryo’s throat. But he couldn’t see his face… Who was that?




“Hey Sho-kun!” Nino waved towards the other man, smiling at him softly.

Sho blinked for a moment, then he returned the other’s smile, walking towards Nino. “Nino-kun… what are you doing here?”

Nino shrugged a bit. “I’m often going to art conventions and exhibitions.”

“Really?” Sho looked at the other in surprise.

“Yes… I’m not really good as an artist, but I love paintings and photography.” Nino explained, smiling a bit. “Sadly I wasn’t able to teach this part of my interest to one of my brothers.” He laughed. “Takuya is more into literature and economics. Takki is too busy. Subaru isn’t interested at all. And Ryo thinks painting is not cool.”

Sho laughed at that. “Well, but at least you have fun.”

Nino nodded his head, there was a strange glance in his eyes. “Yeah…” he mused. “Though going alone to such conventions is not that much fun.”

Sho blinked a bit, flinching at the other’s sad face. “Well, I like art.” he told him. “Whenever you want to attend such an exhibition, tell me. I’ll go with you.”

Nino smiled thankfully, hiding a mischievous grin. He had never thought that it would work that easily… But the moment he had seen Sho here and found out that they shared this interest with each other, he knew there was a chance to spend more time with Sho… and to his own surprise it worked out! “Thanks. That’s really nice.” Then he looked around. “Let’s get us some drinks… and see what the organisation committee will tell us…”

Sho nodded his head, smiling a bit. When he saw how Nino turned around to go to the bar, he took a deep breath. It was important for him to voice what was laying on his mind since days. “Nino-kun?”

“Hm?” the latter turned around, blinking over Sho’s earnest look.

“Sorry.” Sho said simply. “For snapping like that. You know…the last time we met. I was just overstrained and stressed. Thanks for helping me.”

Nino smiled softly. “Don’t worry! Treat me for a drink and I won’t even think about it anymore.”

Sho chuckled lightly. “Just a drink? How about dinner?” he suggested.

Nino nearly jumped at that, his eyes growing wide for a moment, before he had himself under control again. Dinner was even better! Of course! Drinks were just a few minutes of chatting… but during a dinner one could have meaningful and important talks and discussions. “That would be nice.” he smiled. “Thanks.”




“So…” Nagase mused, looking around a bit. Next to him a totally surprised Koichi. “That’s the place you are working at?”

Koichi was still staring at Nagase in disbelief. What was this guy doing here? “Well…yes, that’s my Host Club.”

“It’s beautiful.” Nagase admitted.

Koichi grinned a bit. Apparently this guy had never been in a Host Club before… “Thanks.” He paused. “And you are here, because…”

“Ah.” Nagase chuckled lightly. “I had some errands to run and was somewhere around this area.”

Koichi shrugged a bit. He wasn’t sure if that was really true, but somehow he was too lazy to worry about that now. “Okay.”

Somewhere behind his back Koichi could hear Jun snort at that. He turned around a bit, glaring at the young man, but Jun just rolled his eyes, turning around to tell something to Uchi who started to giggle like madly. Koichi pulled one of his eyebrows up and looked at the two guys grumpily, but then he sighed a bit. At least Kame wasn’t there to tease him or to witness this moment.


“Koichi is so much fun…” Jun grinned a bit when they had left Koichi and Nagase alone.

Uchi giggled. “Yes he is…”

“He doesn’t get it at all that this Nagase-kun apparently is totally into him…” Jun mused.

“Well he is cute.” Uchi stated.

“Who?” Jun teased. “Nagase-kun or Koichi?”

Uchi grinned at that. “Well…somehow both I guess.”

“You are totally nuts.” Jun teased. „None of them is cute.”

“Well, Koichi-kun is pretty…” Uchi mused, blushing a bit under Jun’s smirk. “And Nagase-kun…”


“He is handsome. Manly handsome.“  Uchi mused.

Jun smiled a bit over the other’s blunt words. “I guess he is.”

“You are laughing about me” Uchi whined.

“A bit.” Jun admitted, smacking Uchi playfully.

Uchi pouted a bit, but as Jun kept smiling at him, in his very own and special way, Uchi couldn’t help but blush deeply.





“Eh?” Ryo blinked when he got downstairs into the living room. It was just Saturday morning and he wanted to get himself a nice breakfast. He normally wasn’t eating with his family at Saturday mornings… Takki worked till late at night and also the others were happy to be able to sleep long on their free day. They normally met for lunch later to have some family time. But today all of Ryo’s brothers were sitting in the living room. Subaru looking at him piercingly. Takki was looking rather… tired… and annoyed. Takuya was even more annoyed. And Nino looked too surprised to be annoyed.

Ryo inspecting them closely, slowly feeling stressed and uncomfortable. And it didn’t help much that all four of them were staring at him now. He bit his lips, not sure what this here was about. Out of a suddenly awakening instinct, he blurt out an “I didn’t do it!”  

Takuya blinked at that. “What…?”

“Whatever…” Ryo nodded his head firmly. “I didn’t do it!”

Takki pulled an eyebrow up, looking at Ryo insistently. “Do what?”

“I’m not sure…” Ryo mumbled.

Takuya sighed a bit. “You didn’t do anything.” he paused. „At least nothing we know about…“

Nino grinned. “Did you do anything?”

“No…” Ryo answered warily, not sure what to answer here. Were they tricking him?

Takki rolled his eyes. „As Takuya said. You didn’t do anything bad.”

“So I’m not in trouble?” Ryo asked carefully.

“No.” Takuya sighed deeply. “You are not in trouble.”

“Okay…“ Ryo looked at them warily. “Why are you looking so earnest then?”

Subaru coughed a bit. “Here take one of the toasts I prepared and sit down.”

Ryo blinked in surprise, grabbing one of the prepared toasts and sat down at one of the sofa chairs. “So…” he looked at his brothers.

“Do we really need to do that?” Nino asked in annoyance, making Ryo blink in surprise.

“He is right.” Takki sighed.

“I feel sick…”Takuya mumbled.

“Okay guys!” Subaru interrupted them. “We are carrying the responsibility together, right?”

“Yeah…” Takki sighed.

“Alright!” Ryo blurt out, already feeling a bit uncomfortable. “What is this about?”

Nino coughed a bit. “What Subaru wants to say is… You are in a certain age now, right?”

“A certain age?” Ryo blinked.

“Yes…” Subaru nodded his head, thankful that Nino started this talk. “Soon you’ll have some interests…”

“In what?” Ryo glared, already feeling impatient. As his brothers stayed quiet, he jumped up. “You know what… Forget it. I’m not interested…” With that he wanted to leave the room, but Subaru looked at him strictly.

“Stay.” he told the younger one firmly.

Ryo sighed at that, but decided that it wouldn’t be really wise to ignore Subaru’s words. So he sat down again. “Okay…” he grumbled.

Subaru nodded his head contently. “So.” he started again. “As I said, you are in a certain age now. And soon you’ll be interested in things…”

“What kind of things?” Ryo wanted to know.

“Well…” Subaru mused. “Interested in other people… someone special maybe?”


“He is talking about love.” Nino sighed, already feeling pretty annoyed himself. He could totally understand his youngest brother for being so tensed up right now.

“WHAT!?” Ryo yelled.

“Yes.” Subaru said softly. “And soon you’ll have a special interest…feeling physically attracted to someone else.”

Ryo stared at the other in disbelief. “What… it’s such a talk!?”

Takuya sighed. “Apparently.”

“But you don’t need to… I know how it works!” Ryo called out.

“WHAT!” Takki blurt out. “You know how it works!?”

“You shouldn’t know it!” Takuya said angrily.

“I agree…” Subaru breathed out.

Ryo glared at them, angry about their superior tune. “Well maybe I already did it?” he said with his best poker-face, secretly grinning about the four shocked expressions of his brothers. As if… With whom should he have tried it?

“WHAT?” Takki yelled.

“You are too young to have sex!” Kimura blurt out.

Nino frowned deeply. “What the heck? WHEN?” he asked, sounding pretty worked up.

“You did…what?” Subaru stared at Ryo in shock, then he turned around to the others. “I swear…he is not gonna leave that house ever again. Life’s dangerous outside…”

“Totally agree!” Takki agreed earnestly.

The others nodded their heads, earning them an angry glare from Ryo. He grabbed his toast. “Forget it.” he grumbled, before he ran upstairs.


Ryo sighed deeply, when he got into his room, closing the door behind him. He looked at his toast in annoyance. Stupid, nerve-wracking brothers! Life with so many brothers was difficult!! Everyone wanted to push him around and tell him what to do… Simply annoying.

Ryo threw the toast into a corner of the room, dropping down on his bed. He closed his eyes, taking a few breathes. Then he gasped suddenly when he felt the well-known pressure on his throat again, his heart beating so fast suddenly, unable to make him call for help.

“Die!” the man yelled, his hands releasing Ryo’s throat and slapping him hard, before they were back around his throat, cutting his air again…



Note: Hey dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support!! So, I wanted to tell you that my Request Post is open. If you feel like requesting a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE

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