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Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 18

Title: Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 18: Break-down
Pairing: RyoJin, Ohno/Aiba, KimuShingo, Takki/Sakamoto, Sakumiya, Nagase/Koichi and one-sided Miyake/Sakamoto, PiKame or TegoPi? Jun/Uchi?
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Miyake is determined, while Shingo and Hina feel helpless. Just what kind of trouble will Miyake be up to? Ryo visits Yamapi's house together with their friends and has an interesting talk with Kame. And why is Uchi reacting so weird recently? Ohno and Sho and Nino.
When Ryo comes home this evening, there is a sudden incident.

“You are sure?” Miyake blinked.

“Yes…” Hina shifted around, feeling uncomfortable. “Yoko said that he saw Sakamoto-san kissing someone else.”

As Miyake stayed quiet, while Hina turned around to look at Shingo. But the latter just shrugged helplessly, not sure how to handle this situation. “I’m sorry Ken…” Shingo mumbled sheepishly. “It’s so bad that he already has someone…”

“But I really like him.” Miyake argued.

Hina looked at him helplessly, trying to pad his shoulder, but the other pushed him away. “I don’t know…” Hina stuttered. “But isn’t it hard to get him when he is already been captured by someone else?”

Miyake glared. “Can’t I even try it?

Shingo shifted a bit, feeling uncomfortable. He knew Miyake since years already and he was well aware of the fact that the other could be quite persistent and stubborn… not because he was proud or selfish, rather because when wanted something or someone or when he had feelings for someone, he felt it with every sense of his body. He was so pre-occupied with his emotions then, totally captured by them that it was difficult to get some senses into him. It was a beautiful feature of Miyake sometimes, because also when he felt pity for someone or when he felt happy, he always felt it to the highest extent. It was even sadder though when Miyake was sad… because his tears were so heartbreaking… But it was also a difficult feature of his character sometimes… Miyake always fell in love with all his heart, with all he could give, not seeing anyone else, not accepting any other opinions or people who tried to knock some sense into him. He was so pure, but also so dangerous when he was obsessed with something. Not dangerous for other people, but dangerous for himself. “You know, Ken. You can’t steal another person’s guy. That’s not good.”

Miyake blinked. “I would never seduce someone. But what when it happens that he likes me more?”

Hina rolled his eyes. “You don’t want to give up?”

“Can’t I confess to him?” Miyake asked. “I might regret it forever if I don’t.”

Shingo rubbed his hands… fighting with himself. There was a point in what Miyake said… because confessing to someone, also when it was a one-sided love, might help to get over it. Though Shingo wasn’t sure if Miyake would get over it with such an action or if it would make things even worse. “There is no way you would listen to one of us, right?” he asked.

Miyake tilted his head a bit, feeling slightly guilty for giving his friends so much trouble. “Well…” he mused.

Hina sighed. “Alright. Give it a try. But don’t be overly disappointed when he rejects you, alright?” he looked at the other insistently. “Please, don’t do anything stupid then.” he begged, frowning a bit when he didn’t get an answer.




“Hi.” Koichi smiled sheepishly when he opened the door for the second time today, this time looking at Ryo.

“Hello Koichi-san.” Ryo bowed a bit, stepping through the living room. He blinked for a moment, when he saw Tegoshi leaning over the balustrade of the 2nd floor. “I was first.” Tegoshi chirped. “We are waiting upstairs.”

Ryo nodded his head a bit, then he lowered his glance, blinking when he saw the rest of Yamapi’s family sitting in the living room and eating something. “Oh…sorry to interrupt.”

Tsubasa coughed a bit. “No problem.” He smiled, while Kame carefully looked into the other direction not wanting to let Ryo see how he was blushing. Uchi leaned back a bit, half-hiding behind Jun. Jun just shrugged though, looking directly at Ryo and smiling slightly.

There was a mischievous glance in Ryo’s eyes, something he hadn’t known was still inside him. And he absolutely couldn’t hold it back. “So?” he smirked. “How’s the real-estate business going?”

Uchi flinched a bit at that, while Jun didn’t loose his poker face. He just shrugged, grinning a bit at Ryo’s little joke. “Well… guess we changed our profession.” he explained diplomatically.

Tsubasa chuckled lightly, twinkling a bit, putting an arm around Ryo’s shoulders. “But I’m really a doctor.” he smiled. “Don’t be mad at us.”

Ryo shrugged. “I’m not…” he grinned. “It’s just so grotesque.”

Tsubasa laughed. “Well if it’s nothing worse for us, it’s good right?”

Ryo looked at the man, smiling a bit. Tsubasa had something soothing and charming, it was difficult to stay angry or stubborn when he was around. “I guess so.” Ryo grinned, before he nodded at the others politely, joining Tegoshi and Yamapi upstairs.

Jun watched him walking upstairs. “He is really cute.” He grinned.

“He is not!” Uchi hissed, earning him some surprised and suspicious glances. He blushed a bit. “Well… he is… but…” he stuttered, pausing in utter embarrassment. “Forget it.” he grumbled, standing up and hurrying into the kitchen. Jun blinked in confusion, staring at the young man as he was hurrying away. But before Jun could voice his thoughts, the doorbell rang again.

“Oh dear…” Koichi sighed.

“Forget it.” Tsubasa laughed. “I’ll go and open it.” With that he got up, heading to their entrance door. A few minutes later he was back with Ueda and Maru. “Yamapi and the other two boys are upstairs.”

Maru smiled cheerfully, nodding his head. “Thanks.”

Kame stared at the two boys as they walked upstairs. “What kind of strange school is that?”

“Totally…” Jun agreed. “Why are they all so cute?”

“Did you see the one boy that looked so girly-like? A beauty.” Koichi grinned towards Jun before he turned his attention towards Uchi who came back with a coffee in his hand.

“Ah… I don’t know.” Jun sighed. “Too feminine for my taste.”

Uchi smiled at that, leaning back contently.

“So…” Tegoshi smiled cheerfully. “Don’t forget… the charitable event starts with next week. Let’s make this the best.”

Ueda stared at his documents. “Well… I guess there is no way anyone can beat us here.” He almost sounded proud at that.

“Ah…” Maru sighed tiredly after hours of work. “I’m thirsty…”

Yamapi smiled apologetically. “Sorry… I was so pre-occupied with out work that I totally forgot that you guys are my guests… I’ll get you some soda.” With that he wanted to get up but Ryo smiled at him.

“I can do that.” he reassured Yamapi. “You are still working on these lists right?”

Yamapi smiled thankfully. “That would be great. Thanks.”

Five minutes later Ryo walked into the kitchen and nearly dropped out of the door again. “Kame-kun?” he stuttered. “Sorry… I just wanted to get us something to drink.”

Kame blinked at the other in utter shock. “Hey….” he mumbled sheepishly, then he grabbed a plate and some glasses handing them over to Ryo.

Ryo looked around helplessly, not sure how to overcome the huge silence that wrapped around them now, but before he could say something Kame spoke up again.

“Listen…” Kame started, not sure how to move on from that point. “I…” he paused, Ryo’s eyes eyeing him curiously. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” Ryo looked at him insistently. Kame frowned, thinking that kids nowadays were quite difficult

“For busting into your brother’s Host Club and well…the other things…” he explained.

Ryo tilted his head a bit. “But that wasn’t exactly your fault…” he mused. “Still strange, but what’s more interesting…” he paused, looking at Kame curiously. “Why do you dislike me?”

Kame blinked at that question first, then he bit his lips nervously, flinching slightly. “I…” he paused. “It’s not that I dislike you.” he mumbled. “Actually you are quite nice.”

“But…” Ryo wanted to know.

Kame shook his head fiercely. “I don’t dislike you. Really.” He paused, knowing that Ryo wouldn’t be content with that answer. He decided to go for half of the truth. “I guess I was just envious.” It wasn’t even wrong… just not the whole truth.

Ryo blinked at him in surprise. “Envious?” he asked. “Because of my friendship with Yamapi?”

Kame smiled lightly. “You think that’s stupid, right?”

“Not really…” Ryo admitted. “If someone would be close to Jin suddenly, I would be envious too…”

Kame blinked at that. “Jin?”

“My closest friend.” Ryo told him, blushing lightly.

Kame blinked even more, slowly realising that Ryo was not the kind of danger for him that he had expected. His eyes were glinting happily when he said Jin’s name, his cheeks blushing slightly. Kame sighed deeply, fighting against the urge to hit his head against the wall. But before he could say anything a third voice interrupted him.

“Sorry.” Maru sneaked into the room, smiling cheerfully. He grinned cheekily. “I had to escape the situation.” He laughed lightly. From his depressed and silent attitude almost nothing was left. “Tegoshi’s and Yamapi’s non stop bickering is too much.”

Kame’s eyes grew wide at that, his mind working on its own.... Slowly he started to realise that he might have been jealous of the wrong person…




“Hey!” Aiba smiled cheerfully, waving at Nino. Suddenly he blinked, his smile growing even wider. “Ah, Sho-kun is here too!”

Nino sighed a bit, but smiled at the other. He liked Aiba… also when he was actually interrupting him in something. But then Nino blinked. Was there Ohno-kun behind Aiba? “Hey, Aiba-kun.” He smiled friendly. “And…eh… Ohno-san.”

Ohno smiled politely. “Good evening.” When he caught Sho’s glance he immediately realised the other’s annoyed expression and couldn’t help a sympathetic smile. At least he wasn’t the only one feeling grumpy that he was in danger to be on a group-date, instead of being alone with Aiba.

Sho sighed a bit, forcing a smile to his lips, before he turned to Nino. The latter caught his strange glance and bit on his lips nervously. It was like a once in a lifetime…. He was here alone with Sho and Sho wanted to be here…alone with him.

Ohno smiled at that, turning his attention towards Aiba, his hands brushing against the other one’s softly. Pretending that it was a coincidence… they were in public after all. “How about we get us something to drink first?” he suggested, secretly wanting to get away from the others.

“I heard the cocktails here are quite amazing.” Sho said, a sly grin on his lips. “Someone said it's the best he ever tasted...”

“No way!” Aiba blurt out, grabbing Ohno's hand forcefully. “We'll try that out! Bye guys!”

“Bye.” Sho grinned a bit, he and Ohno looking at each other in relief, while there was a content smile on Nino's lips.




“Hey Ryo.” Takuya smiled a bit, when Ryo came back home. “Did you eat something?”

“Well...” Ryo mused. “A bit.”

Takki rolled his eyes at that, but didn't say anything, secretly wishing that Ryo would watch out for his health better. “Are you hungry?” he asked.

Ryo eyed his brothers suspiciously. “Who did cook?” he asked carefully.

Nino glared at that, but Subaru grinned brightly. “No one. We ordered something in.”

“Alright.” Ryo nodded his head firmly. “Then I'm a bit hungry.”

He grabbed one of the plates, sitting down and angling a bit for some of the rice. Right at the moment when he reached for his chopsticks, he felt it again... Hands being wrapped around his neck, a man pushing him into a corner. He coughed, dropping the sticks on the floor, his hands rubbing over his throat and forehead.

Somewhere he could feel Takuya's hands holding him up and Takki's voice calling his name from far away...


Note: Hey dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support!! So, I wanted to tell you that my Request Post is open. If you feel like requesting a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE

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