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Bittersweet Symphony Chapter 14 *end*

Title: Bittersweet Symphony: Chapter 14: Questions *end*
Pairing: Main: RyoJin, broken Akame, Pikame, TomaPi, Uchi/Miyao, one-sided RyoDa
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, angst, friendship
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Sometimes it seems like we hurt the ones we love the most...
Note: Ahhh...I would have loved to push this story further. It was so much fun writing it. But somehow I felt that to work out properly, it had to come to an end now. I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for all your support!!

“Thanks for coming.” Toma mumbled when Shun dropped by at his place. Toma sighed a bit, padding back to his sofa, lying down there. 

“Of course!” Shun said, looking at the other in concern. “I told you I’ll be there for you.”

Toma frowned a bit, but then he forced a smile to his lips. “Thanks for being my friend.” he told the other bluntly.

Shun sat down next to his friend, eyeing the other in concern. He had never seen Toma like that, of course there had been times when Toma was sad or feeling bad, but not that crushed.

“Don’t…” Toma breathed out, when he could feel how Shun started to stroke over his hair.

Shun flinched a bit, pulling his hand back immediately, trying to fight back the feeling of being rejected.

Toma winced slightly when he saw the other’s expression. “I didn’t mean it like that.” he reassured the other. “I’m just afraid that I’ll start crying if someone touches me now and is all gentle and nice.”

“Sorry.” Shun smiled understandable, feeling a bit relieved. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Just be there.” Toma told him straight-forwardly.

Shun nodded his head, not saying anything. He was just sitting there next to Toma, trying to comfort him. He felt so helpless watching the other’s tired and sad expression. But there was nothing he could do for him now. They kept sitting next to each other for the next two hours, before Toma sat up a bit. “I’m pretty pathetic, right? Other people break up too.”

“Not with Yamapi.” Shun smiled. “He is also your friend.”

“Was.” Toma corrected him. “Was my friend.”

“Don’t say that.” Shun smiled weakly. “Now you feel angry and disappointed. But you will talk to each other again.”

“You think so?” Toma asked warily. “About what should I talk to him?”

Shun shrugged, grinning slightly. “Just give it some time…  After some months you will start talking to him again…maybe about the weather… then a few days later you’ll talk about work… and after some months talking about football and other sport is an option… And then you might even go for a drink again.”

Toma smiled weakly. “Well…your words make it seem less gloomy…”

“Of course.” Shun grinned.

“Thanks.” Toma touched Shun’s shoulder softly, hugging the other out of a sudden.

“I’ll always be there for you.” Shun told him, coughing a bit to chase away the dry feeling in his throat.

Toma blinked for a moment, scanning the other’s expression, then he showed him an affectionate smile. “I understand.” he told him. “But not now… I’ll definitely need some time to get over it… Later…we’ll see.”

“I know.” Shun smiled, his chest tightening painfully but also twitching a bit that Toma didn’t immediately reject him.





“You think I said I like you just out of pity?” Jin looked at him angrily. “I would never do something like that. And I don't want to be with anyone else than you! Please let this slip into this stubborn mind of yours.”

Ryo stared at his friend in careful hope, shivering at the sudden confession, while he was thinking about the last days and weeks where he felt so off, like he was living in a different world. Still he had to make sure. “You are kidding me right?”

Jin smacked him softly, grinning a bit. “Why don't you believe me?”

“Didn't you... you are not feeling anything for Kame? I thought you were...”

“Really Ryo.” Jin sighed in frustration. “Kame just asked me to think about everything properly and not to dump him immediately. And I granted him this wish... though I knew from the beginning that I didn't love him...”

“But didn't you kiss him?” Ryo wanted to know. “You wrote me a message, saying that you kissed him... I thought you two were together back then.”

Jin blinked for a moment, feeling a bit surprised. “No. I wrote you that Yamapi kissed him...”

Ryo stared at the other in disbelief, before he sighed sheepishly, secretly cursing his phone for only giving him half of the information. “Sorry...” he smiled weakly. “On the other side…” he mused, eyeing Jin warily because he didn’t want to hide anything from him. “It would have been okay if you kissed him. I nearly had sex with Jun after all...”

Jin blinked at that. “You did what?”

“Takki wanted to set us up.” Ryo explained. “And we were drinking too much... But there didn't happen anything. Just some touching and kissing.”

“No way...” Jin mumbled in surprise.

“You are bothered by that?” Ryo blinked in surprise.

“Of course.” the other glanced at his friend, feeling torn between amused and annoyed. “I told you I like you.”

“Oh...” Ryo made. “Yeah…”

“Anything else you want to tell me?” Jin glared.

“Well...” Ryo mumbled, wavering a bit.

“Just spit it out already.” Jin grinned slightly, feeling a bit amused about Ryo’s bothered expression..

“Well Ueda-kun confessed to me and kissed me.” Ryo admitted. He smiled almost contently when he realised how Jin's eyes started to sparkle in anger. “You are really bothered?”

“You can be so fucking complicated sometimes.” Jin grinned a bit, though he still felt surprised that Ueda had the courage to confess to Ryo and even kiss him. He winced a bit at the thought that Ueda was so close to get Ryo. He sighed a bit. “But I can’t really blame you for having doubts now. So many things happened. I hate the thought of you being with someone else. And…Weren't you also bothered by me and Kame?”

“Sure...” Ryo mumbled. “But you and Kame have some history together... That's something else.”

“Okay.” Jin nodded firmly. “So let's make it clear. No other guys anymore!”

Ryo looked at Jin warily. “You really mean it?” he bit his lips nervously, not wanting to believe that Jin really wanted him... That he wanted to be his. Wouldn't that be just... impossible? “That's not a joke... is it?”

“Oh...” Jin rolled his eyes. “Of course, I was just kidding you.” He blinked as he saw Ryo's hurt expression, touching his friend's face softly. “You need to have some faith in me.” His hands started to move over Ryo's face down his neck, rubbing over his arms soothingly.

Ryo looked at that other nervously, an embarrassed smile on his lips. “Sorry...” he mumbled. “I…well…tend to see the bad things in people.”

“Oh yeah.” Jin sighed. “I know.”

Ryo frowned at that, but then he smiled apologetically. “It's just so new. So out of a sudden...”

“Well...” Jin smiled softly. “Isn't it okay like that? It kinda fits us...”

“Why?” Ryo looked at the other a bit surprised. “Why me...”

“Well...” Jin grinned. “It had always been you. I thought: Better be close to you by having such a random arrangement, instead of not having you at all.” He leaned back a bit, grinning. “Really...I'm gonna be a gorgeous boyfriend!”

“You?” Ryo snorted. “Till now you just had affairs.”

“Despite that I'm gonna be a great boyfriend.”

“You even have a second special-phone for the people you date...” Ryo reminded him.

“Hey.” Jin grumbled. “Stop complaining. I said I want to be with you, so shut up now.”

“Okay.” Ryo showed him a beaming smile, slowly realising that this here was real. He robbed a bit closer to Jin, thinking that he could still ask all the questions he had later. Jin wouldn't lie to him... not like that.

Jin grinned as he saw the change of Ryo's expression, stroking over the other's face softly, pulling him closer. “Okay...” he smirked. “Here we are.”

“Just don't ruin the mood.” Ryo smirked.

“Who is ruining the mood here?” Jin argued.

“Alright...” Ryo gave in. “I'll stop complaining now... You know what's fun? We can just keep going like we did before. Plus some new special features of course.”

“Does that mean you will cook for me occasionally?” Jin asked almost innocently.

Ryo rolled his eyes. “I already cooked for you before…”

With that he stood up, sitting down on Jin's lap, his arms around the other's neck, biting into his nose softly.

Jin's hand slipped under his friend's shirt, feeling his soft skin. “Yeah, everything as usual.” he grinned cheekily. “Just that we can also have sex.”

“Forget about that.” Ryo told him firmly, grinning a bit as he saw Jin's surprised expression.

“Hey.” Jin complained “Why can't we go to bed now?”

“Because...” Ryo grinned, enjoying Jin’s surprised expression. He immediately decided that he could push this little game a bit further, punishing Jin a bit for all the troubles he had given him during the last weeks. “I want you to invite me out first. Let’s go on a date…”

Jin rolled his eyes, before he smirked a bit, pulling Ryo down, his mouth now next to Ryo's ear, sending shivers through his body. “I already knew that you would be a complicated brat.”




Pi was still feeling a bit dizzy when he left Takki, though his mind was already much more cleared up. He sighed, his heart still clenching when he thought of Toma and his expression when he had told him the truth. There was so much disbelief in Toma’s face and so much disappointment. Yamapi hated himself for doing that to Toma… and for disappointing him like that but he also hated his self-pity, because it was just not fair towards Toma and also Kame. But still Yamapi wondered how to be with Kame after everything that had happened. Didn’t he also hurt Kame too much?

He blinked for a moment when he remembered that he had received a message earlier this day. He had almost forgotten about that. His surprise grew even more when he saw that Kame had sent him a message. One part of him already expected Kame to tell him to come back to him soon. Then a warm smile curled around his lips as he read Kame’s words. I'll be there for you if you need anything. Please don't stress yourself.

He shook his head lightly. Did Kame even know whom he wanted here? How difficult this relationship might be? But apparently Kame didn’t care about that. Before Yamapi even knew what he was doing, he was already heading down the corridor, searching through the rehearsal rooms.

Kame was sitting alone in one of them, going through his solo song, his mind far away somewhere else, but he tried his best to stay concentrated. That’s why he was even more surprised when the door flew open and a well-known person was looking at him… eyes torn between panic and fondness. For a moment Kame was nearly afraid, thinking that Yamapi would break up with him after all and leave him alone, but when he could feel two arms being wrapped around him, pulling him into a fierce kiss, he sighed happily. His lips kissing Yamapi’s longingly, hands rubbing over the other’s back, stroking over Pi’s muscular arms. Kame’s heart made a few jumps out of joy that he could claim Yamapi as his now and didn’t have to hide his relationship with him. Despite this he giggled a bit when he felt how Yamapi’s hands slipped under his shirt. “Not here.” he complained weakly.

Yamapi pulled back a bit, smiling at Kame fondly. “You know…” he sighed. “Some guys here might hate us now.”

Kame grinned at that. “I can live with that… I’m not that much loved anyway. Not like you. So…can you live with it?”

“Ah…” Yamapi smiled. “I think I’ll have to learn to live with it.”




“Hey Ryo-chan?” Takki opened the door to Ryo’s apartment a bit as there was no answer to his knocking and ringing. If Ryo had gone out, why was his door open then? Takki grabbed an umbrella that was lying around next to the door, just in case if there was something bad going on here… thieves or something similar. He paused for a moment when he heard low voices coming from the living room. Gripping his umbrella tightly he stormed into the room, holding the item over his head. “HEY!” he yelled, blinking as some giggling greeted him.

“Ryo-chan?” he blinked. “And…Jin?” He sighed deeply. The both of them were apparently in the middle of… something. Ryo lying on the couch, Jin above him, Jin’s hands under Ryo’s shirts, their lips already swollen from too much kissing. “Really…” he tried to sound strict, but couldn’t help a grin. “At least lock the door.”

“Sorry.” Ryo smiled sheepishly, getting up a bit. “We just came home… Jin invited me out…”

Jin looked at Takki in annoyance, before he gave the other a bit space to move. “And I was just trying to convince Ryo now that we should have sex.” he told Takki.

Takki rolled his eyes. “Details I never wanted to know…” then he smirked, an impish gleam in his eyes. “Hey Ryo-chan…”

“Hm?” the younger one blinked at him.

“Don’t worry. You can definitely let him wait a bit longer…” Takki grinned.

“WHAT!” Jin blurt out. “No… no, no, no.”





“Toma…” Yamapi breathed out, his eyes scanning the other fearfully. He had watched his steps during the last few months. He didn’t want to bother Toma or make him any sadder, so he had been careful with his dates with Kame… and he didn’t want to force Toma to talk to him… But now… he just hadn’t seen him passing through the corridor and of course he bumped into him. Yamapi grabbed the sheets of paper that he had dropped to the ground, his stomach twisting painfully at the sight of his former friend.

Toma tensed up immediately. He wasn’t sure if he was so fond of meeting Yamapi again… But then, not seeing him at all, not calling him at all, not having the other’s calm attitude around him…was so bad. He bit his lips, fighting back his pride and his disappointment. “It’s okay.” he told the other.

Yamapi blinked for a moment. “Oh…” he said warily.

Toma grinned slightly, he had never seen Yamapi that unsure and clumsy before. He took a deep breath, trembling a bit. He coughed. “And?” he asked. “How do you like the weather?”

“It’s…okay.” Yamapi stuttered, surprised that Toma was talking to him. “And you?”

“Okay.” Toma shrugged. There was a pause where both of them looked at each other warily. “Sorry…” Toma said. “I have to leave… I’ll meet Shun now.”

Yamapi blinked for a moment, then his eyes grew wide. “Shun?” he asked in surprise.

“Yes.” Toma sounded almost cold. “Anything against it?”

“Sorry.” Yamapi grew pale. “I didn’t mean it like that…” When Toma stayed quiet, he took a deep breath. “Sorry.” He told his friend. “I’m really sorry, for everything.”

Toma sighed, smiling a bit. “I know…” He looked around warily. “Did you watch the latest baseball game?”

Pi smiled a bit. “Yes.”




Note: Hey dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support!! So, I wanted to tell you that my Request Post is open. If you feel like requesting a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE

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