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Brotherly Confusion Chapter 1

Title: Brotherly Confusion: Chapter 1: Double Feelings
Pairing: KameRyo, side-pairing: Pin
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, angst, friendship, family
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: They had always been together, even after the death of their parents. For Kame it's just normal that his twin is the most important person on earth. But then his brother falls for the same guy he likes... For the sake of his shy and insecure brother, Kame decides to give up on his own feelings. far can he push this secret?
Requested by: are_in. She requested such an interesting plot that I decided to make a Mini-Series out of it. I hope you'll enjoy it!!

“Hey Kazu!”

Kame blinked for a moment, turning around in his bed, blinking a few times at the disturbing voice. He was still half-asleep after all.

“I said: Hey Kazu!” the voice repeated its words, shaking Kame’s shoulders until the later woke up completely. He blinked a bit, still trying to get his senses together. Then he sighed. “What’s the problem Yuki?”

Yuki chuckled. “Really, when you are asleep not even a yeti can wake you up.”

Kame frowned. “Are you here to make fun of me or is it something important?”

“Sorry.” Yuki smiled. “But I need your help.” He lied down next to Kame, slipping under his blanket and cuddling against the other.

“Really Yuki…” Kame complained. “You aren’t a kid anymore!”

Yuki shrugged. “We are brothers so where is the problem?”

Kame sighed a bit. “True. But we are already grown-up… well…” he paused a bit. It wasn’t really weird to be close to his brother. They had always been closer than normal sibling, mainly because they were twins. It made them enter their own little world, leaving everyone who didn’t belong to them outside.

Since they were kids they had always been together, always there for each other. Even when their parents died, they didn’t grow apart. It actually pushed them even closer to each other. It had its good points to be that close, but also bad ones. Like…being waken up roughly like that. Or never being alone.

“So, what’s your problem?” Kame grumbled.

“I can’t go to my university class today.” Yuki explained.

“Eh?” Kame blinked. “Why not?”

His brother sighed. “My ex-boyfriend will be there. And he is getting on my nerves since weeks… always trying to approach me and touching me and stuff…”

Kame’s eyes grew wide at that. He sat up immediately. “What!?” he blurt out. “He is molesting you? Why didn’t you say something?”

“I thought he would stop.” Yuki shrugged. “But he didn’t.” He sighed a bit, looking at his brother through begging eyes. “Could you tell him to get lost? You are much more forceful than I am.”

Kame sighed. That was actually true. Yuki was not exactly weak, but he was shy and calm. Getting rid of such a guy was beyond his abilities. Kame frowned at that. How could a guy even take advantage of something like that… He felt a stinging anger in his chest… Whoever hurt his brother would have to deal with him first. “I’ll go and tell this guy to fuck off.” he glared.

Yuki grinned happily. “Thanks.”

“But what about the tour meeting with Kat-tun?”

“I’ll go for you.” Yuki told him. “It’s just a meeting right? No dancing or singing?”

“Just a meeting.” Kame reassured him, slipping out of his bed and pulling his brother with him. “I’ll tell you what you need to know. So hopefully no one will grow suspicious.”




Nakamaru yawned a bit, looking down at his scripts. They were almost finished with their meeting and actually it was going quite well. Everyone was so spent from the summer-heat so that they just wanted to finish the meeting as fast as possible.

And Kame was in an unbelievable sweet and calm mood…

Almost too sweet… and too calm…

“So, what do you guys think?” Nakamaru asked carefully, sighing in relief when the others nodded lazily. Of course, it was too hot. He eyed Kame carefully, actually expecting him to say something. His working spirit never got influenced by the weather or a lack of sleep. But this time the other guy just smiled a bit, nodding his head as well.

“Really?” Koki eyed Kame carefully.

The other blushed. “Well…” he stuttered, making everyone blink at him for his shy attitude. “There is… well… the costumes.” Yuki finally added, remembering what his brother had told him. “Aren’t they too plain? We should change them more often…”

“I agree.” Taguchi nodded his head. “Our costumes are boring…”

“Well…” Ueda mused. “We can change that.”

“Good!” Nakamaru agreed.

Koki looked around in confusion. “So that’s it? We finished everything?”

“Yeah.” Ueda smiled a bit. “I guess we are free now.”

But before anyone of them could suggest going for lunch together Yuki jumped up, sighing a bit in relief.. “Buy then!” he called out before he rushed out of the room, determined to run away from them before they could ask him any more questions or push him over the edge even  more. It was difficult to play his brother…

Koki blinked at that. “What’s with Kame?”

“Maybe he is feeling sick?” Nakamaru suggested.

“I’m not sure…” Ueda shook his head. “He was so… as if… as if…”

“As if he wasn’t himself.” Taguchi finished his sentence, then he sighed a bit. “Really during such moments I always miss Jin.”

“True.” Ueda agreed, rubbing over his head. “Somehow he immediately would have known what was off.”


Yuki ran down the hallway. How embarrassing… He didn’t even know the guys. And every time Kame wanted to introduce him he had almost begged him not to do so. He was way too shy after all, only confident when he was together with his brother.

One part of him was almost feeling proud that he was able to get over this meeting so well… he even told the other guys about Kame’s costume wish… so everything done.

Yuki was so pre-occupied with his thoughts that he didn’t even look where he was going to…until he suddenly heard a loud crash, papers flying around and he himself dropping to the ground.

“Ouch…” a husky voice grumbled. “Can’t you be more careful, Kame-kun?”

Yuki blinked in surprise at the guy in front of him. Uh…scary. He flinched a bit… these dark eyes were so piercing. Such an intimidating guy… but…oh so hot. He scanned him shyly, before he bowed a bit. “Sorry.” he stuttered.

The other guy blinked for a moment, shaking his head in surprise. Apparently Yuki’s apology had taken him aback a bit, because he jumped up, holing out one hand to help Yuki up to his feet. “It’s okay.” the guy mumbled, blushing a bit.

Yuki felt a shiver running through his body. Why did Kazu never introduce this guy to him? Well…okay… maybe because he was too shy to even meet his brother’s bandmates… and this guy was definitely not a Kat-tun member. Such a pity that he didn’t know the guy’s name.

“Are you okay?” the guy now asked warily. “You are dozing off…” he complained.

“Oh…” Yuki swallowed down the dry feeling in his throat. “I’m okay.” He tried to sound as normal and Kame-like as possible. “Just an awful bunch of work.”

The guy grinned cheekily. “Yep. Same here.” Then he paused a bit, looking around almost carefully like he was afraid that someone might be watching them. “Listen Kame-kun…” he started. “Although Jin might kill me for it… but why don’t you come to my birthday party next Saturday? We are meeting at my place.”

“Well…” Yuki stuttered, one part of his brain was seriously surprised. Since when did his brother have problems with someone? He knew Jin of course… his brother’s former best friend. But he didn’t know that the both of them were on such bad terms.

“Kame-kun!” the guy sighed in frustration. “If you don’t want to, just say it!”

“No, I’ll come.” Yuki blurt out to his own surprise, blushing immediately. What the heck did he get himself into here. How should he ever explain that to Kazu!????

The guy smiled contently, a slight flush on his cheeks. “Good.”

Yuki gasped a bit. Holy cow. Where they flirting and he didn’t even realise it? Was that good… or bad? Well the guy was definitely gorgeous… so, this part was good. But what did it mean what he said before? Jin was apparently having a fight with Kazu…and this guy was Jin’s friend… so… this part was bad. But he just couldn’t help it. He loved the way this guy was looking at him through his dark eyes. Or was he looking at his brother? He didn’t know anything about Yuki after all.

Before he could say anything another guy popped up from nowhere. Yuki cursed himself. He should really watch more TV…these guys were really everywhere after all. If he had paid more attention, he would know now who this guy… and the one that just appeared were.

“Hey Ryo! Are you coming?”

Ah! Yuki grinned happily. His name was Ryo… He wouldn’t forget that.  

The other guy smiled a bit when he saw Yuki. “Oh, hi Kame!”

Ryo waved at the guy. “Sure. I’m coming Pi.” Then he turned around to Yuki. “See you next week Kame-kun!”

“Yes…” Yuki stuttered, glad and sad at the same time that their moment was over.




“Yuki?” Kame looked around when he came home.

“I’m here!” Yuki chirped, hugging Kame from behind.

Kame giggled at that, trying to resolve from his brother’s grip, but he couldn’t help it… they were both the same height…and almost the same weight… Fighting didn’t help much. So they soon dropped down on the floor together. “Silly.” Kame grinned.

“And?” Yuki looked at him expectantly. “Did you tell him to leave me alone?”


“But you didn’t start a fistfight, did you?” Yuki asked carefully.

Kame huffed at that. “Seriously…how old do you think I am? Of course not. But I flirted a bit with one of your Senpais… and he got really angry at the guy and promised me to take care of him.

Yuki smiled a bit. “Really… I wouldn’t have been able to do that…”

Kame made a dismissive gesture with his hand. “Don’t worry about that. How was your day?”

“I told them about your problems with the costumes…And…” Yuki paused here.

“And what?” Kame asked curiously.

“What’s your problem with Jin-kun?” Yuki blurt out suddenly, looking at his brother expectantly. “And who is this Ryo-kun? And he invited me…or rather you…to his birthday party… and I said yes. So you have to go. Oh my god…he is so hot and cute!”

Kame blinked at this information. “Ryo?” he suddenly asked, voice a bit rough.

“Yes. You have to go to his party for me.” Yuki beamed. “And maybe you can flirt a bit… so that he goes on a date with you…then I can go instead of you and tell him that you are sick and I’m your twin and didn’t want him to wait for you.”

Kame flinched a bit. Out of all guys Ryo? Couldn’t it be someone else? “You really like him?”

“Yes.” Yuki made it clear. “You will help me, won’t you?”

Kame bit his lips, feeling a bit uncomfortable, when he thought of Ryo’s dark and intense eyes… and the way he could smile at him, awakening butterflies in his stomach. After Jin Kame had never thought that was possible… But recently…when he was near Ryo, it was. And now Yuki wanted him, his beloved brother liked the same guy. He took a deep breath, forcing a smile to his lips though he rather felt like crying. “Sure, I will help you.”




Note: Hey dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support!! So, I wanted to tell you that my Request Post is open. If you feel like requesting a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE

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