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Arashi and the Magic Lantern Chapter 8

Title: Arashi and the Magic Lantern: Chapter 8(of 12): I wish for... the same?
Pairing: Ohmiya and Sakumoto (they are both main-pairings^^), Aiba
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, bit angst, friendship, AU-ish (it's a magic lantern after all)
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Due to unknown circumstances Aiba suddenly finds a magic lantern. What will be revealed when he opens it? A mysterious creature tells them that it will stay with them...until they won't need it anymore. Where does this ghost come from? What's its meaning and its purpose?
Suddenly the boys find themselves in the middle of unbelievable occurrences... What will happen when they have to face, not only their biggest desires, but also their deepest problems, the personal ones but also those they have with each other...?

Sho stretched a bit, cuddling up to his pillow, Jun’s arm lying around his waist. He was feeling so tired… after this day he was so glad to be able to sleep a bit. They had the whole weekend free, spending it on the little house Sho’s parents owned… located directly next to a small, beautiful lake.

The fresh air here felt so good… everything was calm and comforting. Every time they visited this place together they were enjoying every minute… It wasn’t too easy for them to spend some time alone together for more than one day or go on holidays as a couple. They always had to be careful so that no one would recognize them. It was rare that it was just the two of them. With a trip to this house they had often solved problems that were standing between them, or fights… or they were just refreshing their relationship. Not only once had it saved their relationship. With time this little place here became their favourite location for holidays. No paparazzi, no publicity, no other people. If you were standing in public all the time, such calm and peaceful days would be the ones you cherish the most.


Sho almost jumped out of the bed when a loud and persistent cry filled the house. He blinked for a moment, totally confused and irritated. Then he sighed… almost grinning a bit. How could he have forgotten THAT!?

Jun turned around a bit, rubbing over his eyes. “How late is it?”

“1 AM.” Sho sighed tiredly.

Jun stroked over Sho’s shoulder. “It’s okay Sho, just stay in bed. I’ll go and check on the baby.”

Sho smiled thankfully at that. Not that he disliked children, he loved them, but he had never been good with things like comforting a crying baby… or changing diapers… or trying to feed a little stubborn kid. That’s why he was feeling really relieved when Jun padded out of the room, heading towards the little room next to theirs to look after the baby. Their baby. For one weekend. And really after a few minutes the crying stopped and Sho leaned back again, smiling contently. How did Jun manage to do that? And he was never feeling tired or annoyed. He just did what was requested from him. Actually Sho had never seen him that patiently before. He was so caring and soft and sensitive. It was a new Jun… and this new Jun made him fall for him even more. Almost irresistible.


Sho blinked a bit at the little girl in front of him. “Yes princess? Why aren’t you in your bed?” he smiled a bit.

The little girl grinned, jumping up and down. “Ken-chan’s crying woke me up.”

“Ah.” Sho smiled at her. “Me too.”

“Can I sleep together with Daddy and Daddy?” the girl asked.

Sho sighed a bit. So much about cuddling with Jun. Not to talk about having sex. Then he smiled a bit, lifting the blanket a bit to let the girl crawl into the bed. “Come Eri-chan…”

“YATTA!” with a huge jump she landed on Sho’s stomach, making the young man wince in pain for a moment. Then she crawled down from him, slipping under the blanket. “But now be a good girl and sleep.”

“Okay Daddy!”


Jun smiled happily when he put Ken-chan back into his little bed, dimming the light a bit before he tapped back into his bedroom. There his eyes grew wide first before a soft smile appeared on his face. Little Eri-chan snuggled against Sho was way too cute. Who would have known that Sho was such a softie?


During the last day Sho had learned several things. If you have a child, you won’t sleep much. If you have two children, you will sleep even less. If you have children… you won’t be able to rest much. Children were demanding and active, wanting to play and jump around all the time. Why didn’t they get tired? No one could say that Sho wasn’t sportive or that he was a guy who became tired easily…but now he felt like dropping to the ground and sleeping… and it was JUST LUNCH TIME!

Why didn’t they get tired?

“Eri-chan!” he could hear Jun’s voice. “If you want to go swimming, put on your swim wings!”

“But Eri-chan can swim by herself.” Eri complained.

“Either you put on your swim wings or you have to stay out of the water!”


“No buts!” Jun told her strictly.

“Okay. But Daddy is mean…” Eri grumbled, grabbing the swim wings, looking as if she hated the whole world. Just for one minute though until she was paddling through the water. Apparently she had forgotten that she was angry with Jun, because she waved at him. “Will Daddy also come and swim with me?”

Jun smiled a bit. “Alright…”

Holy cow! Why was Jun never getting tired!! But though Sho felt like complaining he couldn’t help a soft smile appearing on his face. Just until the baby started to cry again…

Jun had heard it too of course. “Are you okay with it, Sho?” he asked from somewhere in the sea, Eri sitting on his shoulders.

“I guess I’ll try it.” Sho shrugged helplessly, padding into the living room.

Jun grinned a bit, twinkling towards Eri. “Do you think Daddy needs our help?”

“I think he will be lost without us.” Eri chirped, crawling out of the water, Jun following her.

“Hey Eri-chan…” Jun called her.

Eri turned around a bit. “Daddy?”

“Don’t forget to towel yourself off! You will catch a cold otherwise.” he told her firmly.

“Daddy is so strict.” Eri complained but grabbed the towel and did what he told her.

When they finally got into the living room, Jun had to grin a bit. Ken-chan was still crying, a helpless Sho holding the little boy on his arms.

“Jun…” he looked almost defeated. “How do you manage to calm him down?”

“His diapers?” Jun asked

“Checked. Are okay.”

“Is he thirsty?

Sho shook his head. “No. I tried that.”

Jun looked at the baby’s red head. Red from crying? “Try to take off the sweater.” He suggested. “Maybe it’s too hot for him…”

Sho looked a bit doubtful but did what Jun suggested, his eyes widening when the little boy suddenly stopped crying. “Apparently you are natural talent Jun.” he sighed, but couldn’t help a grin.

Before Jun could answer, Eri pulled at his sleeves. “Eri-chan is hungry.”

Sho smiled a bit. “I’ll cook something. Come with me Eri-chan and let’s give Daddy some rest.”

Eri looked at Sho suspiciously. “Can you cook Daddy?”

Jun hid his grin at that, looking into another direction. This girl was really something…

Sho sighed. “Well…” he paused a bit, not sure what to answer. He wasn’t the best cook of course…

“See, Daddy.” Eri turned around eyeing Jun proudly. “I told you he is helpless without us!” She squeaked in delight when Sho suddenly grabbed her and swirled her around. “Wah…” she giggled.

“I’ll tell you what happens to bratty girls.” Sho joked. “The tickling monster will come and tickle them…”

“Wahh… no…” Eri wriggled a bit and giggled like madly. Then she escaped Sho’s grip and rushed out of the room, Sho chasing right after her.



Jun stretched a bit when he put away the dishes from their breakfast. It was their second and last day with the kids… but he decided to enjoy every minute of it, instead of thinking that it meant a good-bye forever.

When he walked into the living room, he blinked in surprise. “Eri-chan, why are you watching TV? The weather is so nice!” he scolded her lightly.

Eri looked at him innocently. “But Daddy said I’m allowed to…”

Jun pulled an eyebrow up. “Did he?” With that he left the living room, searching for Sho.

Sho blinked at the other’s expression, wondering what he did wrong. “Jun?”

Jun looked at the other insistently. “Did you tell Eri-chan she is allowed to watch TV… right after breakfast?”

Sho blinked at that. “Well…she wanted it so much…” Sho stuttered.

Jun crossed his arms. “You are spoiling her, Sho-kun!!” He blinked suddenly himself, sighing a bit. “Holy cow… I sound like my mother.”

Sho grinned at that. “You are a gorgeous father Jun…”

“Thanks.” Jun smiled. “You are great too. I would have never expected that.”

Sho sighed a bit. “Neither did I.” he wondered a bit. Then his eyes grew wide when he realized his own soft thoughts towards the kids that were like their own ones. A life they would never be able to live together. Eri and Ken would be another one’s children one day, but not his and Jun’s, no matter how much they wished for it. He rubbed over his head. When was it that Jun’s dearest wish also became his? Being a father was the most beautiful thing on earth.



Aiba looked at the screen in front of him grumpily. “Where the heck are Sho and Jun?”

Nino shrugged helplessly. “We don’t know more than you. They are somewhere if Ghost. I guess it’s their turn for a wish…” He sighed a bit, looking at Ohno helplessly. Then his eyes beamed mischievously. “Since the two of them aren’t here we should delay this…eh… interesting evening.” He suggested, hoping that Ohno would agree to that. He had planned to show him and his other friends his newest photos from his last fishing trip. Not that any of them was interested in fishing in the first place.

Ohno smiled warmly, sitting down next to Nino and putting his arm around Nino’s shoulders. “It’s okay.” He said softly. “We’ll simply repeat this evening.”

“Repeat!?” Aiba breathed out in utter shock. Ohno wanted to show them these photos again. He looked at Nino helplessly, hoping that the slighter man would fight his boyfriend here. But to his surprise Nino didn’t say anything. He was too pre-occupied with snuggling against Ohno’s shoulders when the latter had put an arm around him.

Aiba sighed a bit at that. He really loved them dearly…all of his friends. And he was happy for them and glad that they found something so important. But sometimes he wished there would be a place in their lives… a place for him.



It was one hour before midnight when Jun walked through the dark house. One hour before everything would be over again. He peeked into Eri-chan’s room, smiling a bit when he saw her sleeping and peaceful face. Then he sneaked into the other room, blinking as he found Ken-chan’s baby-bed empty. Could it be…

He walked downstairs, looking around a bit, his eyes blinking in surprise when he found Sho’s figure sitting on the sofa, deep asleep of course. The baby in his arms also sleeping deeply… It was the first time that Sho had calmed Ken-chan down and stopped his crying. Jun smiled, stroking some strands of hair out of Sho’s face and sitting down next to him. He touched the baby’s little hand carefully.

“Hey…” Sho mumbled half-asleep.

“Sorry. Did I wake you up?” Jun asked.

Sho looked at him reproachfully. “What are you thinking? Of course I didn’t sleep!”

Jun grinned. “Of course not. My mistake…” He leaned his head against Sho’s shoulder, enjoying how comfortable they were feeling around each other.

Sho smiled warmly, looking down at the baby. “You know… I don’t even want to miss a minute.”

Jun nodded his head, grabbing Sho’s arm and pulling him up. “Then let’s go to Eri-chan’s room…”

Sho nodded his head, following his friend upstairs, the baby still sleeping in his arms. In Eri-chan’s room they sat down on the little sofa next to her bed. Jun took the girl’s hand into his, looking down at her lovingly.

“Who would have guessed that being a father would be that great?” Sho sighed out. “First I just agreed to this because you wanted it so much. But now…”

“Now?” Jun wanted to know.

“I can’t let go.” Sho admitted.

“But we have to let go.” Jun told him, wincing a bit when he looked down on Eri’s hands in his… the little fingers slowly starting to disappear, slowly first, until her whole body started to get more invisible with every minute. It was not in his nature, normally, but here he couldn’t help the tears dripping down his face.

“Ken-chan is gone…” Sho suddenly said sadly, hugging Jun from behind.




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