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Brotherly Confusion Chapter 2

Title: Brotherly Confusion: Chapter 2: Double Confusion
Pairing: KameRyo, side-pairing: Pin
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, angst, friendship, family
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: They had always been together, even after the death of their parents. For Kame it's just normal that his twin is the most important person on earth. But then his brother falls for the same guy he likes... For the sake of his shy and insecure brother, Kame decides to give up on his own feelings. far can he push this secret?
Requested by: are_in. She requested such an interesting plot that I decided to make a Mini-Series out of it. I hope you'll enjoy it!!

"Hey Ryo-chan…“ Jin smiled, pushing Ryo’s legs away a bit to sit down next to his friend on his sofa. “Want to watch some movies?”

Ryo was looking at Jin absent-mindedly, biting his lips nervously. “Hm…” His thoughts were still cursing around Kame. He had been a bit strange today, true. But it was Kame. Kame with his beautiful eyes. And his slender hips. And his beautiful hands. And his soft voice. And his ambitious attitude. He was soft and strong at the same time… that was the most amazing thing about him. His character. Okay, today’s Kame was a bit strange, but everyone had a bad or weird day occasionally. And he said he would come to his little birthday gathering. Ryo’s heart made a jump at that. Just one thing… How to tell Jin?

Ryo almost jumped when he felt a hand dabbing his cheek. “Eh?”

“Hey… earth to Ryo.” Jin joked. “I’m still here, you know?”

“OH.” Ryo’s eyes grew wide. Apparently he had been seriously dozing off here. “Sorry!”

“It’s okay… So?” Jin wanted to know.

“So what?” Ryo asked carefully.

The other sighed in frustration. “I asked if you would like to watch a movie. But apparently the answer is no.”

“Sorry.” Ryo smiled sheepishly. “I didn’t want to ignore you.”

“You didn’t?” Jin pulled an eyebrow up. “What were you doing then?”

“I was thinking…” Ryo stuttered.

 “Seriously Ryo-chan…spit it out already. I’m feeing quite uncomfortable right now. Did something happen?” Jin looked at his friend nervously, his voice sounding encouraging.

“Let’s say…” Ryo started. “Theoretically…”


“One of your friends fell for your ex-boyfriend. What would you do then?” Ryo asked nervously, cheeks a bit flushed, but beside that he didn’t give away anything.

Jin blinked for a moment, then he leaned back, stretching a bit. He grinned “You mean: You and Kazu?”

Ryo almost jumped up at that. “Me… and Kame? What…why… HOW!?”

“Oh come on…” Jin laughed. “You are so obvious sometimes…”

Ryo blushed deeply. “Sorry.” he mumbled.

Jin shrugged. “Nothing to apologize for.”

“But Kame and you…”

“…are history, since a few years already.” Jin told him. “I am not a bit interested in him anymore. Same goes for him.” He smiled a bit. “Just one thing… you can totally be honest with me. You don’t need to hide such things from me.”

Ryo smiled sympathetically. “Sorry. I guess, I was freaking out a bit.” he admitted, making Jin smile a bit.

“A bit?” the latter mimicked his friend’s voice. Then he smacked Ryo playfully. “But if you are together with him, don’t make us meet too often…”

Ryo sighed. “Well…talking about” he mumbled.

Jin’s attention was back immediately. “What?” he looked at Ryo carefully. “There is something else?”

“Not really…” Ryo stuttered. “I just invited Kame to my party…”

Jin’s eyes grew wide. “Seriously? Are you nuts! Couldn’t you tell me earlier?” Jin looked around frantically. “I need a date! I won’t show myself to Kame as a single…” He grabbed his mobile phone, going through the numbers. “Whom can I invite as my fake-lover?” he mused, looking at Ryo a bit helplessly.

“No idea…” Ryo mumbled sheepishly. “Sorry for getting you into such a situation.”

Jin chuckled a bit, shrugging it off. “It’s okay. At least you are finally doing something…” he teased, then he grinned. “I’ll call Pi.”

Ryo giggled. “He will be thrilled to be called as a replacement.”



Kame hid a bit behind one of Ryo’s cupboards, praying that this party would be over soon. Not that he hated it here – he was actually happy that Ryo invited him… and he would have loved it to spend some time with Ryo. But this here was too much for him… though the party itself gladly wasn’t too huge. Apparently Ryo had just invited his closer friends and band-mates. And of course Kame knew a lot of people here, but they were mostly Ryo’s friends. He on the other side didn’t spend much time with most of the guys here. And the times he was getting along so well with Yamapi were also over, so he couldn’t even sit down next to Pi. And then… Jin was here! Apparently with Yamapi.

Did he have a new lover? Kame’s heart jumped a bit at the thought of that. It would be great if Jin already had someone else… so he couldn’t get angry when he would flirt with Ryo. Kame’s gaze shifted towards so-said guy, smiling a bit when he saw how Ryo was patting Uchi’s head at the moment, because apparently Uchi had a sensitive moment right now, feeling touched by whatever, and started to cry a bit. Kame grinned. Totally like Uchi. Ryo standing next to him almost looked fragile, but then also so strong. But before he could continue this thought Kame sighed a bit. Just that Yuki also liked Ryo… and he had promised him to help him…

Oh dear, in what kind of mess did he get himself here?

He sighed deeply, walking over to Ryo’s kitchen table to get a drink…there he almost jumped. His eyes scanned the person in front of him over and over again. “JUNNO!?” Then he looked around, immediately seeing another well-known person. “Maru?”

Nakamaru flinched a bit, while Taguchi smiled cheerfully. “Ryo-kun invited me.” he told Kame. “We always got along quite well, you know? Since we were shooting for a drama together for the first time… And then I was filming with Yokoyama-kun and he also invited me sometimes… and now…” he shrugged a bit.

Kame nodded his head. “Sure.” he smiled. “Now you are filming together again.” Of course Ryo would invite Taguchi…they were spending quite some time together now… and Taguchi had always been eager not to let the contact between him and the other disappear so easily. But then Kame frowned, turning around to look at Nakamaru. “And you?” he asked curiously. “I can understand why Junno is here, but…”

Nakamaru blushed deeply. “Well…truth is, I’m not personally invited.” he stuttered. “But Ryo invited his band-mates of course.”

“Well…sure.” Kame nodded his head.

“And also Koyama…” Nakamaru went on, his blush deepening its colour. “And he told his better friends, like the guys from Kanjani and News and also Jin that they could bring their girlfriends, boyfriends, fiancées, whatever along. And so…” he smiled shyly. “Here I am.”

Both Taguchi and Kame stared at Nakamaru in utter surprise. Somewhere far away in his mind Kame found it very interesting that Taguchi was speechless for once. “You and…Koyama?” Taguchi finally managed it to ask.


“And when did you plan on telling us?” Kame asked piercingly.

Nakamaru sighed. “Sorry guys. But it was so busy recently… I was waiting for the right moment.”

“Well…” Taguchi chirped. “We are happy for you of course, right Kame?”

Kame nodded his head, grinning a bit. “Of course.” He smiled when he watched how his friends left the room, leaving him alone in front of a huge amount of food and drinks. He nibbled at some crisps for a moment before grabbing a bottle beer. When he turned around, he almost jumped. “Oh…sorry I didn’t see you!”

Ryo made a dismissive gesture with his hand, grinning brightly. Apparently he was in a gorgeous mood, making Kame smile a bit. “So, are you enjoying yourself?”

“Sure.” Kame nodded his head. “Thanks for inviting me.”

Ryo laughed. “I’m just glad that you are your normal self again.” He smiled. “You were so absent-minded the last time I saw you. I was already wondering.... As if you weren’t yourself.”

If you would know… Kame bit his lips a bit, remembering the promise he gave his brother. “Ehm…Nishikido-kun…”

“Hey.” Ryo interrupted him, grinning brightly again. “Why don’t we forget about all the politeness and call each other by our first names?”

“Eh?” Kame blinked, blushing a bit. His stomach twisted a bit by this suggestion… and he was glad that Ryo apparently had already one or two drinks so that he forgot about his own shyness and asked such a question.

“Well…” Ryo mused. “I’m Ryo and you are Kazuya.”

Kame smiled warmly. “I would really like that.”

“So we have a deal Kazuya-kun?”

“We have a deal Ryo-kun!”

They both smiled at each other for a moment, getting lost in this moment of intimacy. Kame didn’t know how and why, but like in a dream he suddenly found himself walking a bit closer to Ryo, his gaze never leaving the other’s eyes. He was glad that Ryo didn’t do anything to stop him, he was just standing there, watching him through his dark, intense eyes. Kame smiled a bit, raising his hand a bit, stroking through the other’s hair. He had always wanted to feel them once, then his fingertips wandered down over Ryo’s cheek, brushing over the other’s lips. Kame bit his lips when he felt the other’s skin like that, then he blushed slightly as he realised what he was actually doing here. He let his hand fall down again, away from Ryo’s face. Right at the moment when he wondered if he had gone too far, he felt how Ryo too his hand, his thumb brushing over Kame’s palm.

They both stayed quiet, not wanting to disturb or destroy this moment by talking to each other. They were just looking down at their hands and entwined fingers.


“YO GUYS!” a loud voice suddenly yelled through the kitchen, making the two men jump apart again. Maruyama peeked into the room. “We are waiting for you Ryo!! You have to open your present…”

Ryo forced a smile to his lips though his eyes were sparkling angrily at this disturbance, but then he forced a smile to his lips. “Sure, I’ll be there in a moment…” When Maru had left the room, Ryo turned around again, his cheeks flushed with a deep red colour. “Sorry…” he stuttered. “I guess I have to go…”

Kame’s face was just as flushed as the other’s. The short moment between them was gone and he didn’t know how to call it back. “Sure.” he nodded his head.

Ryo smiled a bit, escaping the tensed situation. At the door he turned around again. “See you later Kazuya-kun.”

Kame blinked for a moment, still standing there for minutes after Ryo had left. Kazuya-kun. He suddenly smiled a bit. So one part of their intimacy was still there. But soon his smile froze. Oh my god. Yuki!! What was he doing here? What did he almost do!!!? He promised his brother to help him to get Ryo… Kame’s heart ached painfully… How should he ever do that?



Note: Hey dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support!! So, I wanted to tell you that my Request Post is open. If you feel like requesting a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE

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