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Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 19

Title: Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 19: Secrets
Pairing: RyoJin, Ohno/Aiba, KimuShingo, Takki/Sakamoto, Sakumiya, Nagase/Koichi and one-sided Miyake/Sakamoto, PiKame or TegoPi? Jun/Uchi?
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Summary: While Ryo is recovering from his fever, his brothers wonder about the real reason behind his break-down. Meanwhile Jin and Ryo slowly get closer...
Sho and Nino take a step into the right direction, same goes for Takki and Sakamoto, while everything breaks down for Miyake.
And in the end they are back...the haunting memories.


Ryo was deep asleep, his hands and forehead still hot, when the doctor had left them. But he had reassured everyone that the fever should go down soon.

“What did he mean?” Nino blinked. “Ryo is fevering because of stressed nerves?”

“Yeah.” Subaru nodded his head. “It’s not some sort of flu or cold. That’s why it will get down soon…”

“You mean it’s a breakdown?” Takki blinked in shock. “Isn’t that bad?”

“Ah.” Takuya made. “Now let’s not get worked up. Sensei said it himself that it might also be stress in school… And he did have stress right?”

“Well…yes…” Nino mused, feeling slightly reassured by Takuya’s calm and reasonable way to approach this problem. “A lot of things happened.”

“See?” Takuya smiled. “Subaru had the same fever once.”

“True.” Subaru mused. “When my last relationship broke apart. But do you think school-stress is really the reason for this here?”

Takuya sighed a bit. “Maybe not. But I think that right now we shouldn’t freak out. There is no use to that. Let’s stay focused and get him healthy again…”

“Alright then.” Takki sighed. “Let’s get some water and towels.”

“I’ll cook something for you guys, you haven’t eaten since hours.” Nino mumbled.

“Eh? Why?” Subaru sounded alarmed.

“Because I feel like cooking now.” Nino hissed angrily, feeling like he needed to distract himself a bit.

Subaru rolled his eyes. “Whatever...” To his own surprise he didn’t sound annoyed at all… but rather soft. “Let’s go.”

“Alright.” Takki got up, wanting to get Ryo some water and cold towels, to cool his fever down, but when he got up Ryo gripped his shirt, still half-asleep, holding him back. Takki blinked at him.

“Stay with me, Onii-chan.” the younger one begged and though Takki was actually feeling really concerned, his heart jumped lightly as he realised that not only Ryo wanted him to stay with him, but also called him brother again… for the first time since years. It reassured him a tiny bit that not everything between them had broken apart.



“You look tired.” Sho smiled a bit at Nino.

“I am.” Nino sighed.

They had met after Nino’s failed cooking session at home. The latter had decided that he needed to get some fresh air, especially after Ryo’s fever started to get down a bit. Now they were sitting at the balcony of Sho’s little apartment above the Host Club, drinking some vine and eating some snacks.

Sho smiled a bit. “Didn’t you eat at home?”

“Well…” Nino chuckled lightly. “My cooking skills aren’t the most gorgeous ones…” He rubbed over his head a bit, slowly starting to relax again.

Sho looked at him carefully, remembering the many nice days he had spent with Nino recently, fighting against his own pride. Then he smiled softly. “Want me to make you feel relaxed?” he asked.

“Eh?” Nino blinked in surprise. “How?”

Sho smiled wickedly, getting up and walking towards Nino. When he was standing behind the latter, his hands started to touch Nino’s shoulders, kneading and massaging them slightly.

Nino sighed deeply, Sho’s touches stirring something inside him, something wonderful and painful at the same time. “Sho-kun?” he asked carefully. “Didn’t you say you don’t like me that way?”

“It was a lie.” Sho grinned. “Didn’t you realise?”


“Ah...” Takki sighed in relief. “You are awake again.

Ryo blinked at him in surprise, looking around and finding himself lying in his bed. “What...” he blinked for a moment. “What happened?”

Takki smiled softly. “You fainted yesterday... and then you suddenly had a high fever.” he looked at the younger one piercingly. “The doctor said it's because you felt stressed... Is everything alright?”

Ryo looked at the other, feeling slightly uncomfortable. Stress? Like these strange images and dreams hunting him recently? Should he tell Takki about that? But then he decided better not to do so. He smiled apologetically. “I guess I overworked myself a bit... with the charitable event. And school.”

Takki tilted his head a bit, smiling warily, while wondering if that was the entire truth. Ryo's frightened face from yesterday evening and his screaming were burnt deep inside his mind now. Was something bothering the boy? But no matter what it was, there was no use in asking about it now, while Ryo was still tired and weak from his fever.

Ryo sighed in frustration. “I can’t even remember a bit about what happened… just that I wanted to eat something.”

Takki flinched a bit, though he had known it from the beginning that Ryo wouldn’t remember that he had actually asked for Takki to stay at his side. Then he smiled. “It’s okay. Good that you feel better.” He frowned when he saw how Ryo was climbing out of his bed. “What do you want to do?”

“Well…I’m feeling better…” Ryo mused almost innocently. “Can’t I get up?”

“Are you nuts!” Takki hissed angrily. “Lie down again. NOW!”

Ryo, taken aback by his brother’s firm reaction, slipped under his blanket again… almost immediately. “Sorry…” he grumbled, making Takki grin slightly. But before he could say anything else, there was a knock at the door.

“Ah… has to be Jin.” Takki mused, while Ryo beamed at that announcement.

Jin peeked into the room, smiling at Ryo softly, before he dropped his bag and jacket on the floor and jumped into Ryo’s bed.

Takki rolled his eyes as he stepped over the things Jin had dropped. “Seriously…” he grumbled, closing the door behind him. “Boys…”

Jin grinned a bit at that, before he turned his attention towards Ryo. He stroked over the younger one’s face softly. “So…Chibi…how are you?”

Ryo snorted a bit as Jin used his old nick-name out of his childhood-days. “I’m okay I guess. Just a bit tired.”

Jin’s fingers wandered over the younger one’s cheek, stroking the still warm skin. “You should sleep properly now.” he mumbled, blushing a bit over his own actions here. “You still have a bit fever…”

Ryo sighed contently over Jin’s attention, before he knitted his eyebrows a bit. “You should be careful…” he sighed out. “Not that you get sick too…”

Jin grinned at that. “I don’t care for that… Besides it’s not that you have the flu.” He stroked over Ryo’s shoulders reassuringly. “Stressed nerves? Why? Did something happen?”

Ryo sighed a bit. “Yes and no…” he mused. “I guess there were a lot of things going on the last few days…like my fight for Maru…”

“Is that all?” Jin asked carefully.

Ryo bit his lips nervously. “I’m not sure.” he finally admitted, looking at Jin apologetically. “And I’m not sure if I’m ready to talk about it yet…”  

Jin smiled softly at that, knowing that admitting that was already a huge step for Ryo. “It’s okay.” he reassured him. “Whenever you feel ready, I’ll be there, okay? Just promise me to talk to me before it escalates…”

Ryo sighed contently, snuggling against his friend. “Okay.” he mumbled.


“Wow! Almighty Takki-kun is late.” Sakamoto teased.

Takki blushed at that, angry at himself for blushing instead of getting angry at the other’s teasing remark. “Sorry.” he sighed instead. “I just wanted to make sure that everything is alright.”

Sakamoto smiled at that. “And? Is it alright?”

“Not sure.” Takki sighed. “I didn’t want to bother Ryo with questions now…” When he saw Sakamoto’s firm glance, he shook his head a bit. “Not now, please.” he begged, making Sakamoto smile a bit.

“Alright.” the older one said softly. “I’ll spare my lecture for tomorrow then.” He grinned, bending forward a bit to place a soft kiss on Takki’s lips, but the latter wrapped his arms around him, pulling him closer and into a more heated kiss.

“You are demanding today…” Sakamoto mumbled against the kiss, sounding a bit surprised, but not displeased.

“Sorry.” Takki sounded almost sheepishly, making Sakamoto grin.

“Not a problem for me.” the older one explained, wrapping his arms around Takki and pulling him closer, before he pressed him against the sofa. Then a sudden thought crossed his mind. “By the way, I nearly forgot. I have an appointment with this Miyake-kun tomorrow. He wanted to talk to me about something important.” He sighed a bit, sounding reluctant. “I’ll be home a bit later.”

“Hm.” Takki made, a wary expression on his face, making Sakamoto blink for a moment.

“Are you jealous?” he asked, something between surprised and amused.

“No.” Takki lied, cursing himself for blushing at that.

Sakamoto smiled. “Really… no reason for that. The boy is cute, yes. But nothing more. It’s as if I feel a bit responsible for him.”

“Why?” Takki blinked.

“He just totally resembles my dead son.” Sakamoto explained, a sad glance in his eyes.

“Oh…” Takki said, biting his lips at that, wondering how he should comfort the other now. But the older one just chuckled lightly. “Really…don’t worry! Your presence is more than comforting.” With that he bent down again, diving into Takki’s gorgeousness. 


“So?” Sakamoto smiled a bit though he actually felt really reluctant that he couldn’t meet Takki right now… But then… Miyake apparently had his reasons to meet him. Sakamoto wasn’t sure what it was, but something in Miyake’s whole attitude made it difficult for him to avoid the boy. Not only did his appearance resemble his deceased son… also his character.

“Thanks for meeting me.” Miyake smiled happily, though he was feeling a bit nervous. He grabbed his ice cream and followed Sakamoto into the park.

“What do you wanted to talk about?” Sakamoto came right to the point, grinning a bit at the innocent picture in front of him. Well, Miyake was really cute.

Miyake blushed deeply, wondering how he should tell Sakamoto what he really wanted to tell him. It had been easier when he thought about it earlier, but now… standing right in front of Sakamoto made it much more difficult. “It’s…I…”

“Yes?” Sakamoto asked when Miyake paused. He started to feel slightly nervous here… wondering what the boy actually wanted from him, while the other part of his mind was thinking of Takki all the time.

Miyake bit his lips nervously. “I don’t know how to say it.”

Sakamoto flinched at that, again seeing his son in front of him. He always had the same expression when being desperate or nervous. “What is it?” he asked softly. “Do you have a problem?”

“Somehow…” Miyake admitted.

“Then tell me!” Sakamoto demanded, already feeling really uncomfortable here.

Miyake took a deep breath, deciding to dash forward and get over it, feeling that he needed to take that chance and try it. He bent forward a bit, looking directly into Sakamoto’s surprised and shocked eyes when he kissed him. He moved back again. “It’s… I like you.” he finally blurt out.

Sakamoto stared at the boy in utter shock, touching his lips in surprise. Then he shook his head, knowing that he had to be understanding and nice to this boy. Miyake wasn’t the guy who was thinking a lot about his actions or considering things. Who knew what he might be doing if he rejected him harshly. “Sorry, Miyake-kun.” Sakamoto said softly. “I can’t… I’m with someone else.” he tried to say it as soft as possible, flinching slightly when he saw how the sparkling glance in Miyake’s eyes started to break into pieces.


“Give Rin-san back to me!” the man glared at the boy in front of him.

The boy shrunk back into a corner of the room. “Who is that? I don’t hide anyone…” he whined.

“I know you are hiding her.” The man grabbed the boy’s shoulders, shaking him. “Give me back my wife!”

The boy whimpered as he got pushed against the wall, his head starting to get dizzy again, hands wrapped around his throat, pressing it. Right at the moment when he started his mind slipping into something dark, the sight in front of him getting totally blurred, the man drew back. He coughed a bit, rubbing over his head, before he blinked down at the boy. “Why are you lying on the ground Ryo? Everything alright?”

Ryo sat up suddenly, eyes wide as another piece of his memory came back to his mind. Slightly he started to wonder when it was that he had forgotten so much… He couldn’t even remember that he had forgotten something. His mind didn’t feel like there were some missing pieces. There had never been a lack in his memory. He had never missed anything… did his mind cut these things from his memory on purpose? Or was it something different? Was he going insane here? He lied back in his bed, rubbing over his head to wipe away the sweat that had been built up on his forehead, before turning his head a bit, eyeing Jin who was sleeping next to him. He sighed, taking a deep breath, trying to remember that he wasn’t alone here… that maybe everything was just a strange dream. He robbed a bit closer to Jin, wanting to feel the other’s comforting warmth, before he fell into a light, uncomfortable sleep.


Note: Hey dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support!! So, I wanted to tell you that my Request Post is open. If you feel like requesting a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE
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