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Brotherly Confusion Chapter 3

Title: Brotherly Confusion: Chapter 3 (of 6): Double Heart
Pairing: KameRyo, side-pairing: Pin
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, angst, friendship, family
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: They had always been together, even after the death of their parents. For Kame it's just normal that his twin is the most important person on earth. But then his brother falls for the same guy he likes... For the sake of his shy and insecure brother, Kame decides to give up on his own feelings. far can he push this secret?
Requested by: are_in. She requested such an interesting plot that I decided to make a Mini-Series out of it. I hope you'll enjoy it!!

From that point on during this evening Kame had no chance anymore to meet Ryo alone or to even talk to him… Every time he saw him someone else was around him. Actually Kame was not sure if he really wanted to talk to Ryo again or to be alone with him. It seemed so dangerous. It was like a huge wave, a circle, which was radiating around Ryo, pulling him into his mesmerizing aura every time they were standing next to each other.

“Want to meet tomorrow for Yoga?” Yasu now asked.

Ryo shook his head apologetically. “Sorry, but I promised Kimi-kun to go to this game convention together with him.” He grinned impishly. Apparently Yoko had made high promises to get him to this convention. “But we could meet another day next week?”

“Sure.” Yasu laughed cheerfully.

Kame smiled a bit. Yasu was cute when laughing…but Ryo was cuter. There was nothing compared to his smile or to his laugh. Kame grinned a bit, he had never seen a person before that could laugh in so many different ways. Shyly. Encouragingly. Brightly. Cheekily. Impishly. In embarrassment. And out of real joy. Kame just hoped that he himself also had some lovable features that Ryo would like and appreciate.

Kame grinned a bit when he saw how Yasu and Ryo were messing around with each other, a grumpy Subaru pretending to ignore them. Kame sighed in delight. So cute. Then he blinked in shock. He was doing it again… thinking about Ryo. He turned his head away to not look at the other guy anymore and to stop thinking about him like that. Instead of Ryo he recalled his brother’s expression, when he was asking him to help him get together with Ryo. Kame smiled sadly, looking into the mirror. One face. One heart.




“Hey Pi.” Ryo dropped down on his sofa. “Leave it. I will clean up tomorrow.”

“You?” Pi pulled an eyebrow up, grinning cheekily. “You hate cleaning up.” But despite his complaints he sat down next to his friend, yawning tiredly. “Thanks for letting me sleep here tonight.”

“Of course.” Ryo mumbled sleepily.

Pi looked down at his hands a bit, then he watched Ryo’s frame properly. “Ryo?”


“Why did you invite Kame tonight?” he asked bluntly.

Ryo blinked for a moment, blushing a bit. “I…” he shook his head. “I’m not exactly sure.”

“Yeah…” Pi rolled his eyes. “And what are you not exactly sure about?” he teased.

Ryo kicked out with one of his feet, teasing Pi’s hips a bit. “Don’t be a jerk.”

“Hey!” Pi tried to push Ryo’s legs away. “You stop being a jerk first!”

“But you started.” Ryo teased.

Before Pi could say anything, he sighed a bit. “And we are in primary school again.”

“We are always in primary school.” Ryo laughed.

“True.” Pi smiled a bit, lying down next to Ryo and shoving the other one aside a bit to have some place on the sofa as well. Ryo smiled warmly, robbing to the side to let Pi snuggle up to him. “So why?” Pi asked again.

Ryo sighed, turning on his back and looking up at the ceiling. “He is interesting.”


“I mean…he is good-looking of course. But he is also cool. And sweet. And hot. And charming. And ambitious. And strong. And soft. He is like everything in one person. I like that…”

Pi giggled a bit. “Just admit it that you like him and not only his features.”

Ryo blushed at that. “So maybe… Are you happy now?” he grumbled.

“Totally.” Pi chuckled, then he looked at Ryo piercingly. “So that’s the reason Jin invited me out.”

“Didn’t you know?” Ryo asked in surprise.

“Well, Jin didn’t give away your secret of course.” Pi laughed almost sadly. “But he made it clear that he needed me to not appear as a single in front of Kame…”

“Yeah…” Ryo nodded his head, remembering his talk with Jin. “And? Did it bother you?” he asked more out of politeness than a real concern.

No Pi wanted to say, but to his surprise he couldn’t. He just couldn’t deny it… So he stayed quiet, looking away from Ryo’s piercing glance.

“It did bother you?” Ryo asked silently.

Pi blushed a bit, making Ryo gasp in surprise. The latter sat up immediately. “You have to tell him…” he stated. “Otherwise he might hurt you even more…”

“But how…” Pi stuttered.

“Don’t you wanna visit him?” Ryo suggested. “You are still drunk, so why don’t you gather your courage?”

Pi blinked for a moment, tilting his head. “Maybe…” he mused. “I’ll write him.”

Ryo sighed. “You really want to write him? Why don’t you talk to him personally?”

“Because I’m a coward in such matters…” Pi giggled, already typing his message. When he had sent it away, he dropped down next to Ryo again, yawning and cuddling against one of the pillows. “Now shut up. I want to sleep…”




Kame opened the door to his apartment as silently as possible. He didn’t want to wake his twin up…and it was already quite late at night. That was why he was even more surprised to hear a quite cheerful voice behind him.

“Hey, Kazu-chan!”

Kame blinked at Yuki. “You are still awake?”

Yuki chuckled a bit. “Of course. I couldn’t even sleep... I was too curious.” When he saw Kame’s tired expression, he hugged Kame gently, stroking over his hair. “But you are tired…” he stated. “We will talk tomorrow.”

Kame smiled happily at this warm gesture, hugging his brother back. “It’s okay.” he laughed.

“So you talked to Ryo-kun?” Yuki asked curiously.

The moment Kame heard Ryo’s name he felt the piercing arrows in his chest again, his stomach twisting painfully. “Yes.” he breathed out.


“Well…” Kame closed his eyes, shoving away his own needs and wants here and smiled at the other one. “It’s not exactly a date. But I found out that he is at a computer convention tomorrow, together with one of his friends.”

Yuki’s eyes grew wide. “Really?” he breathed out, his heart making a few jumps.

Kame looked at him insistently. “Do you really like him?” he dared to ask, wanting to make this sure.


“But you hardly know him.” Kame tried to intervene carefully.

Yuki shook his head a bit. “I know. It’s so stupid… Normally I’m not like that…”

“Yeah, normally you are the shy and awkward one.” Kame grinned teasingly. “Who sends his brother if he has problems with an ex-lover.”

“Hey!” Yuki complained, but then he smiled again. “See? And this time it’s different… I don’t even know why. I just want him.”

Kame bit his lips at that, clenching his fists a bit. But when he thought of the things Yuki went through some years before, he nodded his head firmly to himself. Okay, if Yuki wanted Ryo so badly, he would give him to him. “Then let’s see that you get him, alright?”

“Sure!” Yuki called out, wrapping his arms around Kame’s waist. “We’ll go to this comic con tomorrow.”

“We?” Kame stuttered, suddenly feeling his stomach twisting painfully again.

“Don’t you want to?” Yuki asked in surprise.

“Oh…” Kame nodded his head firmly. “Of course I want to…”





“YO! Kame!”

Yuki blinked for a moment when he heard a voice right behind him. He shrunk back immediately, but there was no way to escape this here, so he turned around, eyeing the person behind him carefully. Oh… he blinked. One of Kame’s band-mates… This Kaki…? Cookie…? Cokey…? “Hi.” He answered warily.

The other guy frowned a bit, inspecting him piercingly. “You are so strange… again. Everything alright?”

“Sure.” Yuki stuttered. “I was just a bit surprised.” He smiled a bit, somehow he couldn’t feel afraid or shy in front of this guy. Despite his rough look he was somehow looking like a…softie.

“Oh, okay.” Koki nodded his head contently. “Listen, want to go for a drink? I would love to hear your opinion on my solo song…”

Yuki sighed deeply, making Koki feeling suspicious immediately.

“You don’t want to?” Koki asked, almost sounding sad.

Yuki shook his head a bit. “That’s not it…it’s just…” he blushed a bit, rubbing his hands.

Koki stared at the other in surprise. Kame was acting so strange… like a totally different person. Was everything alright with him? Did he have any problems? “You know Kame…” he said softly. “It there is something you want to talk about, I’ll always be there for you.”

Yuki blushed at these warm words, returning the other’s smile immediately. Then he shook his head, suddenly loosing all his shyness. He even forgot to stutter. “I’m…” he took a deep breath. “I’m not Kazu…eh…Kame.”

“EH!?” Koki looked at the other in surprise. “Dokkiri?” he grumbled.

“No.” Yuki giggled a bit over the other’s dorky expression. “We are twins.”



Jin yawned a bit, grabbing his phone to inspect it closely. He blinked for a moment. A message from Pi? Did anything happen? His eyes grew wide when he opened it.

“I like you. Pi”


Note: Hey dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support!! So, I wanted to tell you that my Request Post is open. If you feel like requesting a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE

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