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Brotherly Confusion Chapter 5 (of 6)

Title: Brotherly Confusion: Chapter 5 (of 6): Double Confusion
Pairing: KameRyo, side-pairing: Pin
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: romance, angst, friendship, family
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: They had always been together, even after the death of their parents. For Kame it's just normal that his twin is the most important person on earth. But then his brother falls for the same guy he likes... For the sake of his shy and insecure brother, Kame decides to give up on his own feelings. far can he push this secret?
Requested by: are_in. She requested such an interesting plot that I decided to make a Mini-Series out of it. I hope you'll enjoy it!!

The moment Kame realized who was watching them he jumped away from Ryo, eyes widened in shock. What did he do here? He turned around frantically, his eyes searching for his twin, but he didn’t find him anywhere. Did he just dream it? But  no…  Yuki’s shocked expression was still burnt right into his mind.

“Kazuya?” Ryo’s voice pulled him out of his thoughts.

Kame turned around, still feeling guilty and absent-minded. “I…” he shook his head. “I’m sorry. But I can’t be with you…” He winced a bit when he saw Ryo’s surprised and hurt expression and turned around as fast as possible, rushing out of the park, searching for his brother.

Ryo watched how the other left, his throat burning painfully. For a moment he considered if he should run after Kame and try to talk to him. But somehow he felt so tired. He didn’t want to be pushed around and he hated the fact that the other dumped him like that… without a particular reason.

“Hey Dokkun!” he suddenly heard a voice behind him. “Did you loose your way? I’m waiting since forever…”

Yoko blinked in surprise when he saw Ryo’s strange expression. “Is everything alright?” he carefully approached him.

Ryo looked at him absent-mindedly, his thoughts far away. “Sorry Kimi-kun…” he mumbled.

“What?” Yoko looked at the other in shock. Ryo being all broken like that was not a usual situation and took him aback quite roughly. Not even as a Junior Ryo was whiny or showing his emotions like that… Yoko shifted around a bit. What did he normally do in such a situation? He smiled lovingly at the younger one. “Want some ice cream?”

Ryo blinked at that suggestion, staring at Yoko in disbelief. Inside he grumbled a bit. Really…within Kanjani it was always about food… or what? “Eh…”

“They have mint ice-cream.” Yoko explained. “And Kirby-pink ice-cream…”

Ryo stared at the other warily. “For real?” he asked. “You want me to eat some ice-cream? Kimi-kun…I’m not 12 anymore.”

Yoko shrugged helplessly. “Ice-cream always helps.” he mumbled sheepishly.

At that Ryo had to chuckle a bit. No matter if ice-cream or not…at least Yoko was able to distract him a bit. He turned around a bit, scanning the area if Kame was around somewhere. Then he sighed silently. This time he wouldn’t go for the other or run after him. He had already done that before. Enough pride wasted. If Kame wanted him, he should come himself…




Kame rushed out of the building, looking around frantically. But there was no Yuki anywhere. He ran back to the convention and to the place he parked his car, hoping that he would find his brother there. But again no Yuki. He rubbed over his head desperately, worrying like crazy.  


Kame almost jumped at the voice behind him, eyes widening in surprise when he saw Koki standing right next to him. “Koki?”

“Yeah…” Koki blushed a bit. “Wait… you are Kame, aren’t you?”

Kame blinked in surprise. “You… what? You met… No…”

“Yes.” Koki shrugged helplessly. “I met him coincidentally. Yesterday. And he told me everything and why you never told us about him…”

Kame sighed a bit. “Sorry.” He finally said. “It was difficult for me, you know?”

“Don’t worry.” Koki chuckled. “I can understand you. I also have a brother… and would do almost everything for him.”

“Also forget about your own love?” Kame asked out of the blue, not sure why he even said that.

Koki blinked in surprise. “I…” he shook his head. “That’s a difficult question. I don’t think a brother would ask for something like that.”

“Yeah…” Kame laughed bitterly. Not when he knew what was going on… But Yuki didn’t know anything… He also didn’t know that he had no chance with Ryo, because Ryo always had liked Kame, not Yuki.

“Why did you ask?” Koki asked carefully. “Did Yuki-kun ask for something like that?”

Kame wavered for a moment, before he shrugged a bit. “It’s more difficult than that.” he finally explained. “And now…” he knitted his eyebrows in worry. “I can’t find him anymore.”


“I think he ran away…” Kame bit his lips, tears burning behind his eyes. He hated this whole situation. That his brother was not here right now. That he had to run away from Ryo. That he had to leave him.

Koki winced when he saw his friend’s expression, stroking over his shoulder softly. “It will be alright.” he reassured him. “We’ll find him.”

“Can I…” Kame mumbled. “..cry on you for a moment.”

“Sure.” Koki smiled a bit, hugging Kame softly. “As long as you want to.”




Jin looked at Pi piercingly. “Why?” he asked. “Why should I stay?”

“Because…” Pi stuttered, blushing a bit. He felt so strange… absolutely not like himself. He was so confident normally, so sure and direct and calm, but with Jin he felt all nervous and like a stupid 15-year old teenager.

“Listen Pi… if you don’t have a proper reason, better leave me alone.” Jin hissed angrily, tugging at his arm to get it free, but Yamapi just tightened his grip, not letting him go. Jin sighed, feeling how his stomach twisted painfully. He started to tug at his arm more fiercely, until he suddenly heard a squirm behind him and some weight dropping against him, before something dropped on the floor. Jin jumped at that, turning around to find Yamapi half-sitting, half-lying on the floor. “Oh my good…Sorry Pi! Are you alright?”

“Ouch.” Pi sighed, rubbing over his knees a bit. “You are too strong Jin…”

“Sorry.” Jin sighed, kneeling down next to his friend. “I didn’t mean to hurt you…”

Pi sighed. “It’s okay. I guess I even would deserve it if you hit me…”

“What are you thinking of me…” Jin grumbled. “I would never do something like that.”

“I know.” Pi smiled a bit, before he looked up at Jin, biting his lips nervously. He lowered his gaze a bit, knowing that he should be honest with his friend. Jin deserved to know the truth. So he took a deep breath. “Sorry.” He mumbled. “It was a lie…”

“What was a lie?” Jin asked carefully, feeling nervous again. Was Pi talking about his strange message again?

“When I said that I didn’t want to send you this message.” Pi admitted. “I was drunk, true. But I did it because I wanted to.”

“So…” Jin’s eyes grew wide. “Does that mean…” he paused here, looking at Pi piercingly.

“Can’t you guess?” Pi grumbled. He looked away a bit, feeling how his stomach twisted painfully. Then he blinked in surprise when he felt a soft hand on his face, caressing his cheek gently and brushing through his hair a bit.

“You are such a silly idiot, Pi.” Jin grinned, kissing the other’s forehead softly. What it was, he didn’t know that. Why he liked him… and how he even started to like him, he couldn’t answer that. But Jin had never been the complicated type of guy. It was simply. Why to make it more complicated? He smiled a bit, before his hand moved down Pi’s face, his lips brushing over Pi’s nose and cheek, before he pulled the other into a soft kiss.




Kame ran through the night, his heart hammering against his chest. He and Koki were already searching for Yuki since hours. In the meantime Koki had even called their bandmates to help them with their search. They went separated ways to be able to look at more places at once. Of course Yuki had turned his phone off… and there was no sign from him at any of his friends’ places.

Kame rubbed over his head a bit, looking up at the sky when he felt the first raindrops dropping down on his forehead. Great… Now it started raining. He leaned against the wall for a moment, considering his options. Where could Yuki be? In a park? In a bar? There were endless possibilities… But if he felt sad, wouldn’t he go to a place he felt protected at?

Kame sighed as a thought came to his mind. An idea. It might be wrong though, but it was an option. Definitely. There was a special place, maybe Yuki was there?



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