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RyoUchi Fic Masterpost

RyoUchi Fics!


Pillow-Talk (PG-13, romance, implied sex. About the benefits of waking up early...)
The story of our life (Drabble Series) (PG-13. They are loosely connected and can be read as a one-shot)


Say you love me (NC-17, romance, smut. How does Ryo answer Uchi's "I love you"?)
Sleeping in a cold river (PG, friendship, bit angst, bit romance. It's been one year since Ryo and Uchi had been talking for real... since Uchi gave up on returning to Kanjani. But after Uchi's speech during his concert, Ryo suddenly knocks at Uchi's door. Uchi soon realizes that too many things might be standing between them to really understand each other. Did they change too much to ever get along again? But then, just one day later, one decision changes it all...)
So this is Christmas (NC-17, romance, smut, Uchi comes up with a suggestion...)
The end? (PG, romance, drama. Did Uchi mess up too much?)


Title: The Stars Above Us *on-going*
Group: Kanjani8 (It's also the history of the group)
Side-pairings: Yasuba, YokoHina. The story starts really early, so other pairings will for sure appear!!
Summary: With Kanjani a bunch of guys with different and colorful personalities is able to debut. A group with 8 different guys. Life goes up and down for them. From pre-debut until today... In the middle of all these problems and various circumstances the boys try to find their way...and their love.

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