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RyoPi Fics!

The way I'll always seduce you (PG-13, romance. Pi tries to distract Ryo)
Words (PG-13, romance, drama. How do you apologize if you are too proud?)

5 tries Pi needed to get a date (PG-13, romance, bit fluff)
High Tide (NC-17. romance, humour, smut. Pi falls in love with Ryo...and jumps him)
Jump (NC-17, romance, humour, bit smut. Ryo and Pi live through the up and downs of their relationship... Well, actually there is a lot of up, but even more down, because Ryo decides to jump.)
Santa Love (NC-17. Smut, romance, humour, tiny tiny bit frustration. Ryo and Pi are facing problems in their relationship, because of Pi's tight schedule. And it doesn't help much that suddenly Ryo is having strange encounters... with Santa, Santa's elf and others.)
Stars Fall Down (R, AU, Sci-Fi, super-powers. romance. It starts all of a sudden. Strange powers awakening inside of Yamapi, Ryo and some others. They don’t understand it; they don’t know what it is or where it comes from. Soon they realize that everything might be connected… all the strings leading to Ryo.)
Super-rough and super-sweet (NC-17, romance, smut. Ryo is angry... but why? The reason makes Yamapi laugh, angry, embarrassed...and really hot)
The right to love (Keisuke's life-span is limited... deep fears burning inside him because of that. Will Kosaku be able to safe Keisuke from the wall of loneliness and dislike the young guy had built around himself?) Crossover between Code Blue and Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide, NC-17
Unusual Affairs (R, romance, humour, smut. Let's say you coincidentally spent the night together with one of your best friends... what would you do then? Pi freaks out... and Ryo is his bratty self.)


Title: My Love is my Castle *finished*
Group: NEWS, Kat-tun
Side-pairings: broken RyoUchi, various Jin and Kame pairings, TegoShige, Koyamassu
Summary: The way love takes is difficult to foresee... Is it okay to fall for your best friend? And what if the other is already taken? How do you know you are really in love?
Some of the boys know each other since Junior days. Together with their friends they struggle a lot to find the right way... But there are several paths for them to take first until they might be able to find each other.

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RyoPi ending (regular ending): [36] [37] [38] [39] [40] *end*
Alternative ending (completely different storyline from now on!): [36] [37] [38] [39] [40] *end*

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