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YokoRyo Fic Masterpost

YokoRyo Fics!


School Rumble (PG-13, romance, fluff. Ryo gives Yoko a special birthday present... High School!)


Bar (en)counter (NC-17. DRAMA-pairing. smut. After a stressful job, Mac feels particularly tensed... Good that there is Ace around, because he knows the best how to make someone relax.)
Want me? Say it! (NC-17, romance, smut. Jealousy (also called Maru) leads Yoko do take a step further)

The art of admitting love (PG-15, romance, friendship, bit angst. Ryo is stunned when he hears Yoko's letter. Is this really what Yoko thinks of him? Suddenly he finds himself confronted with all kind of doubts, because all the time he had blieved that Yoko hates him. But now...suddenly... things seem to change.)
The scattered pieces of your heart are like flower petals, blown away by the wind (PG-13, romance, bit angst, friendship.In Yoko's dreams Ryo is still the little boy who always needed him so much... Until the day everything changed. Yoko's pained heart can't read the signs anymore because Ryo isn't giving him any. Or is he just looking for the wrong signs?)

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