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MatsuRyo Fic Masterpost

MatsuRyo Fics!


MatsuRyo Drabble Series (12 Drabbles. G to R. Including various genre, also dorama pairings)

6 tries Jun needed to say sorry (PG-13, romance, bit fluff.)
Butterflies around you (Pairings: MatsuRyo and AibaDa, PG-15, romance, bit angst, bit humour. After finishing school, Aiba starts his new life as a university student... And the unique, eccentric guys he meets in this new life might accompany him forever. )
Landslide victory (NC-17, romance, When 'loosing' a bet involves a bunny costume and lots of lovely loving...)

Sunset of broken dreams (PG-13, romance, angst. Jun and Ryo are together since years. Suddenly they find themselves surrounded by the pieces of their breaking relationship. What will they do when only frustration and hurtful words are driving them?)
Waiting Time (NC-17, smut, romance. Jun had always hated it to wait... and it doesn't help much that Ryo is on concert tour since three months. So how to celebrate a reunion? Correctly... with an apatizer on the kitchen table!)

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