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Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 21

Title: Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 21: Black Dreams
Pairing: RyoJin, Ohno/Aiba, KimuShingo, Takki/Sakamoto, Sakumiya, Nagase/Koichi and one-sided Miyake/Sakamoto, PiKame or TegoPi? Jun/Uchi?
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Summary: On Ryo's way to school together with Jin something unexpected happens... Will Ryo slowly open up?
Meanwhile his brothers have a serious talk, wondering how to get down to the real problem of their youngest brother!
The School-Host Club the boys started is bringing a lot of money for the charitable event, just how long can they keep it a secret?
Meanwhile Hina, Shingo and Sakamoto are still searching for Miyake.


Jin smiled at Ryo while they were walking towards Ryo's school. “Isn't it nice that we have spring now? It's warm and we can spend some time outside.”

Ryo looked at the other softly, feeling unusually cheerful. He poked Jin's hips playfully. “Like you are that much into sports.”

Jin grinned. “Hey...cheeky brat. Better feel thankful that I'm accompanying you.” he scolded, tousling Ryo's hair.

“Are you feeling better again?” Ryo asked in concern. “Did your nightmares come back?” He snuggled against Jin's arm. “You know, you can tell me everything.”

“I know.” Jin smiled thankfully, putting an arm around Ryo's shoulder. “But it's okay, really. Sometimes I feel sad or angry or disappointed, but if it's okay for you that I bother you then and want your company, I'll always feel all better.”

Ryo blinked at him. “That's it? You don't want me to do any more for you?”

Jin grinned. “You are already doing enough. Your trust is actually the best thing ever.”

“It is?” was the surprised reaction.

“Well... you are quite stingy with your trust, right?” Jin teased softly, actually feeling happy that he was so special.

Before Ryo could say anything, he felt a now well-known feeling approaching him again. As always it came out of a sudden, like a shadow crawling over him, dark hands holding out to grasp him. He paused, touching his throat... trying to chase away the feeling of someone pressing it. Die, Ryo! The voice was in his head again. Give me back Ran-chan. Give me back my wife...

Ryo’s eyes twitched a bit. He remembered that scene from other flashbacks he had. The man blinking down at him suddenly, sounding seriously surprised. Why are you looking at me like that, Ryo? Why are you lying on the floor?

Ryo’s eyes widened suddenly. There was something new... a well-known person knocking at the door and stepping in.

“I'm home earlier from work and heard loud voices. Is everything alright?” Ryo could see Takki's surprised glance and his blinking as he looked through the room, looking at Ryo sitting in a corner of his room and at the man. “Ryo-chan? Why are you lying on the floor?” Soft hands helped him up. “Are you okay?” Ryo hid behind his brother, trying to get some safety from the frightening feeling of before. Takki looked at the man piercingly. “Dad? What did you do to him?”

“He didn't do anything...” Ryo's tiny self mumbled. “Really Onii-chan, I just fell to the ground. It's okay.”


“RYO!!” Jin shook him, his eyes scanning his friend in worry.

Ryo looked at him, blinking in shock and surprise. “Jin?” he asked, before he looked around in surprise. “I'm lying on the ground?”

“Yeah.” Jin sighed. “You suddenly sank down to the ground...”

Ryo looked at him, biting his lips nervously. What was that from before? He had seen Takki clearly, Takki saving him? From what exactly did he save him? Dad? What did you do to him!?

“Ryo...” Jin's voice sounded soft, as he stroked through the younger one's hair. “You trust me, don't you?”

Ryo nodded his head.

“Then tell me what's bothering you... Are you really just sleeping badly recently? Is it really just the weather? Or is there something lying on your mind?” Jin smiled warmly, trying to approach the issue carefully.

Ryo looked at him, his face wearing a bothered expression. He wavered a bit, but in the end he just wanted some comfort right now. “Don’t tell anyone okay?”

Jin nodded his head. “Okay.”


“I promise.”

Ryo sighed a bit, feeling a bit more secure with Jin sitting next to him. “Truth is… I don't know what’s going on. I'm having strange dreams... about a man who apparently is my father. But I don't know what's happening. I don't even know if it's reality what I'm seeing... or if it's just a dream.”

Jin blinked. “You are having dreams of your past?”

Ryo shrugged helplessly. “Somehow. But I never felt that something in my mind was missing, that there are gaps in my memory. But now... with these strange dreams... I don't know...” he looked at Jin in panic. “Am I going insane here?”

“Of course not.” Jin sat down next to the younger one. How should he tell Ryo? That out of all people he did understand him the best. “What kind of dreams are they?”

Ryo shrugged helplessly, not sure what to say. Should he really tell Jin the whole dark intensity of his dreams? Again he wavered… feeling a slight panic crawling over his body again. But to his relief Jin smiled warmly at him. “I know it’s difficult to dig through the past. We don’t have to do that right away…” He hugged the other one softly, knowing that Ryo had already pushed his bounds and limits by telling him what was bothering him. Pushing the topic any further might do more damage than help. Jin knew that quite well himself.


“Guess what...” Tegoshi grinned at Yamapi

Yamapi rolled his eyes, hating these little games Tegoshi liked to play. They had just finished their Host Club activities during their lunch break and were now heading towards their empty classroom to change their clothes. They still had to be careful... such an event like a Host Club was not exactly allowed in their school, so they were careful when they changed their clothes and when their classmates booked them.

“What?” Yamapi sighed.

“You have to guess.”

Yamapi rolled his eyes. “Okay, forget it. I'm not that curious.”

Tegoshi pouted a bit but his mood was way too good. He looked at Yamapi happily when they sneaked into the empty classroom, ripping his silk shirt from his body, while Yamapi got rid of his tank top. “Okay, I'll tell you.” he grinned. “We earned even more today!”

“Really?” a sarcastic voice asked, making both Yamapi and Tegoshi blink in surprise and shock. They carefully turned around, eyeing two angry eyes looking at them.

“Oh...” Tegoshi mumbled. “Nagase-kun...”



“Honestly...” Takuya rubbed over his forehead. “It's getting more and more complicated.”

Takki shrugged helplessly. “Sorry for bothering you guys.”

“Really...” Nino glared. “He is also our brother and you too. So don't apologize. That's what a family is for.”

“Sorry. I know that of course” Takki smiled a bit.

“And what now?” Subaru asked. “So he does have problems?”

Nino nodded his head, biting his lips a bit. “You know... Sho told me that he met Jin before and that Jin was behaving so strange... giving some hints that there was something wrong with Ryo when he accompanied him to school.”

Takki stared at him. “What!?” he breathed out.

“Stay calm...” Takuya ordered softly. “What exactly did Sho-kun say?”

“Just that Ryo was feeling dizzy suddenly... and that he brought him to the school nurse. And well... you know our little brother. Of course he didn't want to go home, so he is still at school...” Nino explained, sounding almost amused when he thought of Ryo’s stubbornness.

Subaru eyed him piercingly. “Since when are you so close to Sho-kun?”

“Eh?” Nino blinked, realising that he had given away a bit too much. “I'm just...we were...”

“Yes?” Subaru grinned.

“Hey!” Takki hissed. “That's not the problem here!” he glared at them, before he sighed a bit, looking at them sheepishly. “Sorry guys...I'm just freaking out.”

“I can understand why...” Takuya sighed.

“Wait...” Nino interrupted them. “You know, Sho is quite... skilled when it's about getting to know something without the other person even realising that he is been manipulated. And somehow he was able to make Jin tell him that Ryo is having strange dreams. Jin didn't even realize he said something. But...” He shrugged. "That's all though. We don't know what kind of dreams. We don't even know if it's an important information. Sho couldn't press out anything else of the boy... "

“Dreams?” Subaru blinked.

Takki sighed. “ least that's a clue.”

Nino looked at them piercingly. “Don't bash me now for what I'm suggesting. But...” he paused. “...does Ryo-chan have a diary?”

Takuya blinked at him. “You want us to spy on him?”

“No...” Nino sighed “Not really...Of course I don’t want to. I hate the thought of it myself. But...” He was almost surprised when Subaru was the one nodding his head in agreement. “I know.” he agreed “...but maybe it's our only chance.”


Ohno nearly dropped out of his bed when he heard Aiba screaming in his sleep, sweat on his forehead, his voice sounding panicked. “Aiba-chan.” Ohno said softly, carefully approaching the other.

Aiba's eyes shot open, he looked at Ohno fearfully, still caught in his dreams he didn't see Ohno in front of him but his former boyfriend. A huge panic took over, his mind going blank, when he hit Ohno out of a sudden to push him away.

“Ouch.” Ohno sighed, but smiled a bit when he saw how reality got back into Aiba's mind, his eyes now blinking at the other.

“Oh my god.” Aiba jumped out of his bed, kneeling next to Ohno. “I'm sorry, I thought you were...” he paused. “...him. I was dreaming.”

Aiba looked so sheepishly that Ohno couldn't help a chuckle. “Come here.” He pulled the taller one to his side, hugging him softly. “You bundle of problems.”

“Hey...” Aiba pouted a bit, but smiled against Ohno's neck. Then he eyed his watch grumpily. “I hate it that you have to go to work soon…”

“I know.” Ohno grinned. “I’m just so unbelievable cool that you can’t be without me for a few hours.”

Aiba chuckled at that. “Well, I’m actually really bored without you. Maybe I’ll drop by at the Host Club and see if one of the guys needs help” He stretched a bit, smiling warmly at the other. “You know what?”


“Truth is… you really are cool.”



Shingo knelt down at the ground, rubbing his hands against his forehead. “Okay, we searched everywhere...”

Hina sighed, sitting down on a bench. “Yeah... did we miss anything?”

Sakamoto looked at them a bit helplessly. “I'm not sure... we looked at the park. And at the places we met again. I called Takki to look at the Host Club...” he paused as a thought hit him. “Where and when did he fall in love with me?”

Shingo stared at him in surprise, jumping up to his feet immediately. “Right... the little bar we were having lunch at... and you were there too... you approached us because you knew Koichi-san...”

Sakamoto blinked. “Right... I met him for the first time there. Where was this bar again?”

“I know where it is.” Shingo made a gesture into the right direction, already running towards the place. The two other guys followed him.

“Hina-kun.” Sakamoto looked at Hina. “Call your friend. This Yoko. Ask him if he could drop by in case we need help. And ask him if there are any hotels or motels around.”

Hina nodded his head, angling his phone. When he reached his friend, trying to describe his problem, he blinked, turning around to Sakamoto. “He had the same thought before and found out about the place... He is on his way.”

“How did he know?” Sakamoto blinked.

“He is amazing...” Hina explained. “He hardly forgets anything people are telling him... And I guess one of us had told him that we met you in this bar...”

“Come on, guys!” Shingo yelled. “We are nearly there.”


Nagase eyed the five guys in front of him sternly. “Really boys, this was one of the most stupid things ever. I mean... a SCHOOL HOST CLUB!”

Tegoshi lowered his head a bit. “It was my idea. Don't blame the others.”

“Don't be stupid.” Yamapi hissed. “It's not like anyone of us opposed.”

“That's true.” Ryo mumbled, Maru and Ueda nodding their heads lightly at that.

Maru looked at Nagase sheepishly. “But we earned so much money. We thought it would be okay since it's for a charitable event.”

Ueda nodded his head. “None of us knew that it was really prohibited to do such an event. We just thought that the school wouldn't like it...”

Nagase sighed. “Honestly guys. All five of you are so bright. Come on... if the school law says that everything leading to something like buy-love-with-money is forbidden, what's with a Host Club then?”

Yamapi sighed a bit. “We know... we just... well... we were hoping that it was a key hole...” he admitted honestly.

Nagase couldn't hide a grin at that. “You guys are really something. I'm getting some grey hairs because of you.”

“We are sorry.” Tegoshi told him firmly. “But we just wanted to make an amazing thing. It's a charitable event and we wanted to earn as much money as possible.”

Nagase sighed. “How much did you earn?”

Tegoshi angled for a small notebook where he had written down all their income from the charitable event. He opened it, searching a bit and finally showing it to Nagase. “Here. That's the amount.”

“HOLY COW!” Nagase breathed out, jumping up from his chair. “That much!!?” The boys grinned proudly at him, which earned them a glare from their teacher. “Don't think we are done here!” he told them, still trying to grasp what Tegoshi was showing him here. The zeros of the number written in Tegoshi’s book dancing around him…

He sighed a bit when he saw the worried expressions of them, but still…he was thinking if it was really okay to let them go without any punishment. But then... kids doing such a thing to earn so much money...not for themselves but for a bigger reason was quite rare. “Alright.” he told them. “I won't tell the headmaster about it, but...”

“But?” Maru asked carefully.

“You will tell your parents about it.” Nagase told them. “I want them to know and I want that you are the ones telling them. I swear, if I find out that you didn't tell them... you'll really be in problems.”

“Okay.” Maru smiled happily. That didn't sound like a huge punishment. His mother would definitely be okay with it.

Ryo frowned lightly. He had to tell that Takki? Great... He sighed a bit. Well… on the other side he didn’t really care much. It was for a charitable event after all and Takki was not completely unreasonable. Besides that he had other problems right now… this here was just a tiny one.

“Are you okay, Ryo-kun?” Nagase asked in concern, remembering the report of the school nurse. “You are still looking so pale. Don't you want to go home for today?”

“I'm okay.” Ryo told him stubbornly, his thoughts still curling about his talk with Jin. What was he supposed to do now?


Note: Hey dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support!! So, I wanted to tell you that my Request Post is open. If you feel like requesting a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE
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