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KameRyo One-shot

Title: One-way traffic or About how to approach a guy who dislikes you in 9 steps
Pairing: KameRyo, side-pairings: A lot of pairings involving Ryo and Kame^^
Rating: NC-17
Genre: romance, bit angst, bit humour
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: Kame and Ryo's history is a difficult one. Several encounters, affairs, ex-boyfriends, broken hearts and best friends made it even more difficult for them. But what when Kame suddenly realizes what he really wants?
Dedicated to sweetspicyhot because I love your KameRyo story! <3

They had a difficult history.

Since they knew each other, they didn’t get along well. Or maybe they did, but they would never admit to it. Basically it was not their fault, but the ones’ around them. It was TOTALLY not their fault… Okay, maybe it wasn't entirely the others' fault, maybe they could have made it less complicated. But hey… nobody is perfect!

Causa Akame: Because the first one is special...

The first guy, the first boyfriend or lover, was always something special. Everything was new and exciting. Kame could still feel Jin’s lips on his after they had kissed for the first time. His first kiss by the way. His first time touching someone else beside himself, his first time being touched. His first time dating. His first time falling in love. First. First. First. First. First. First.

Hist first time…making love.

Jin’s hands on Kame’s body were like fire, heating him in places Kame didn’t know they could react like that. Jin was wonderful. A gorgeous first boyfriend, because he was unexpectedly gentle and careful...and, Kame couldn't even believe it back then, romantic. And then he was a bit shy and insecure too, because Kame was also Jin’s first boyfriend.

The first time to say I love you.

And the first time to break up.

The first broken heart.

The first tears to cry because he felt lonely...

The first time feeling love-sick...

Oh so sweet and melancholic.

Causa RyoUchi: Talking about being the first…

The secret about the emotional roller-coaster and the intensity of a first love… Ryo still wasn’t able to explain it, though he experienced it himself. Uchi was his treasure, his beloved, his little prince. He got angry when someone said something bad about him. No matter what Uchi said, Ryo would smile and be happy. Everything was like in a big, pink bubble. Everything beautiful, new and intense. He had never felt like that for someone before. It was the first time for him to be really in love, to kiss someone, to have sex. It was just... so perfect.

Until they broke up…

It’s a lie to say that breaking up is easier the younger one is or to say it will get easier once one is older… Ryo knew that quite well, he hated to break up. Breaking up was always tearing one's heart apart.

But with Uchi it was especially terrible, because he loved him so much. And suddenly… there was nothing any more. They couldn’t get over the things standing between them, though they had been together for years. In the end there were only tears and betrayal and pain that remained...

It took both of them long to get over this break-up

Causa Akame: The ‘I-I hate you-but-can’t-be-without-you’ get-together

“I don’t even want to see him anymore.” Kame almost stabbed the steak on his plate. “I hate him. This idiot!”

Koki sighed a bit. “You don’t. You are just disappointed, because you guys broke up. But it’s been months now… Don’t you think you should talk to each other. Maybe?”

Koki was always like that. Totally reasonable. Trying to get some senses into the two of them since weeks.

“I hate him!” Kame answered stubbornly, ignoring Koki’s words. His gaze shifted towards Jin who was sitting in the same restaurant right now, talking to Ryo and Pi. When Jin looked up a bit Kame met his glance and for a tiny, tiny moment he thought that the other looked hurt. But it was just such a short moment… he couldn’t say it for sure.

It was half an hour later that Kame went to the restroom, wanting to wash his hands. Of course… fate didn’t have any mercy here, because whom did he meet?

“Hi” Jin said, voice sounding emotionless.

Kame frowned at that. Exactly this was the reason why he was so annoyed of Jin. Why couldn’t he show any anger? Why not showing him his disappointment, his pain? Why didn't he yell at Kame and blame him for everything? Kame on the other side did all that and he was doing everything to make Jin react… but he just didn’t.

“Hey.” Kame said without looking at the other.

“So… you hate me?” Jin asked out of the sudden.

Kame winced a bit at that. He knew that Jin had heard parts of his conversation with Koki, but he had hoped that he overheard this part. “Why do you even care?” he asked instead of answering, trying to hide his blushing face.

“I didn’t say I care.” Jin told him bluntly, voice still totally calm.

Kame’s eyes sparkled at that. “That’s why I hate you!” he suddenly blurt out. “Because you don’t even show a tiny emotion towards me!”

Kame could see how something in Jin’s eyes snapped. “What do you want from me!?” Jin hissed out in utter anger, eyes sparkling in wrath. “You told me never to intervene in your business again. And exactly that’s what I’m doing.”

Kame stared at the other in surprise, feeling a little shocked. He didn’t want Jin to be angry at him. He didn't want him to ignore him. He didn’t like it that they were avoiding each other. But then…what else should they do? Before he even realized what was going on, he had already grabbed Jin’s face, kissing him heatedly. Better fighting with him… as being without him.

Causa Jin’s friends: Kame… again??

“You have to be kidding me…” Ryo mumbled.

“Yeah. I bet it’s April’s fool day.” Pi shook his head. “Come on, Jin. Kame? Again?”

Jin shrugged helplessly. “I know you two aren’t his biggest fans, but maybe you could overcome that and like him a bit more?”

Ryo rolled his eyes. “It’s not that we don’t like him… as a person… but as our best friend’s lover, we can’t stand him.” He looked at a photo of Kame standing somewhere on Jin’s table and sighed. He really wanted to convince himself that he hated the other… but in the end he couldn’t.

Causa Pikame: The hot-headed romance, with the fucked up end

It was after Jin and Kame had broken up again… It wasn’t that kind of a drama like their first break-up. It was more like…giving in to the fact that it didn’t work between them and that it mostly likely would never work. It hurt to go apart, but it hurt even more to admit this simple fact that they didn’t fit together.

Kame was slowly getting over this whole thing, when there was suddenly someone else... Kame would never be able to explain why the heck he went for Yamapi then… What was he thinking? That the both of them would fit together?

Well…the beginning was nice of course… hot and overwhelming…full of steaming-hot sex and love-making. It was mostly that though, nothing more. The moment their relationship passed the three-months-border it changed.

Did Yamapi always have these strange habits? Kame couldn’t remember that he had seen them at the other before… And it was so difficult to wake Pi up. Not that Kame liked to get up that early, but Yamapi was sleeping like a bear, he wouldn’t even wake up when there was a bomb exploding next to him.

It was annoying… everything. And to his own surprise Kame found himself doing annoying stuff so that Pi would be annoyed too.

That was how they ended it… Annoyed. Both of them. Kame couldn’t tell if they would be able to ever warm up their friendship again… There was too much between them.

Causa RyoPi: Are we really more than friends?

This here was much later than Pi’s disaster with Kame. Pi and Ryo had been friends since forever…they knew each other so well, all the flaws and weak points and also strong points. It was so simple, everything.

Ryo didn’t know when he started to see Pi in a different way than usual. Maybe when Pi got rid of his school-boy hair style and with it also his school-boy image.

The man Yamapi was simply hot. His eyes so strong, his body trained, his eyes shining beautifully. Well, what Ryo didn’t know was that Pi started to have similar thoughts about Ryo… at the same time.

It happened out of a sudden. A movies night at Pi’s apartment, some whisky, some stupid movies, some jokes, some messing around… a lot of kissing and a lot of sex… Ryo felt sore when he woke up the next day. How often did they do it last night? He couldn’t even remember it… He just knew that he was hardly able to move, pictures of their hot night slipping into his mind every time he closed his eyes. It had been gorgeous.

Between them there was a lot of intimacy and passion. They knew each other well enough so that the other’s flaws weren’t nerve-wracking. And they were able to spend days and nights in bed together. It was fun and easy-going. But at one point they both felt it… that it wasn’t enough.

They went apart as friends though, glad that their was no damage done to their relationship.

Causa Akame: Hopefully the last, though our sex is just too good to be true…

Kame didn’t even know how it happened. He just opened his eyes the next morning, looking directly into Jin’s, their bodies pressed against each other. Kame closed his eyes again, not wanting to think too much about how and when and why, he just wanted to feel the other’s warmth right now. And Jin gave him exactly that: Warmth. He didn’t ask any questions either…they both just went with the flow.

Causa My lover’s friends: You and Kame…again? I won’t even react to that

When Jin smiled nervously at his friends, Ryo immediately knew what it was about. Jin was never nervous. Never. But right now he was standing in front of him, rubbing his hands against his trousers.

“What?” Pi asked, eyes widened in worry.

“I slept with Kazu.” Jin admitted silently.

Ryo stared at the other in disbelief. Why? How? When? Why…again? Ryo merely shook his head, not saying anything to Jin’s confession. He knew it would hurt the other when he wouldn’t react…but he just couldn’t. He couldn’t exactly explain why, but he simply…couldn’t.

Well…better than what Pi had to say. “What?” Pi glared. “Wanna get hurt again?”

Causa KameRyo (or more like Kame and Ryo?): Beause you are my best friend’s ex-boyfriend

They met each other in a restaurant. Lunch-time. Kame thought that this had to be the worst coincidence ever. How many restaurants where there in Tokyo? Yeah… exactly! A lot of them! And why was he going to the one where Ryo was having lunch at?

Kame sighed in frustration. He had tried to hide himself behind some other people to escape out of the restaurant before Ryo could see him. But of course it didn’t work and Ryo saw him… His dark, piercing eyes directly looking into Kame’s. Kame sighed a bit. And now it would be totally impolite and add to Ryo’s dislike towards him, if he simply walked away. He gritted his teeth, walking to the other and trying to smile as friendly as possible to forget about Ryo's cold eyes. At the beginning it actually worked, since Ryo apparently was too surprised from Kame’s friendly appearance to react in any way. But soon he was back in his gloomy and rather cold state.

Kame looked at the other, scanning him a bit. He had always liked Ryo. It wasn’t a crush or something like that. It was much simpler. He just liked him. He was a type of guy he always wanted to be friends with. But well...what should he say to their situation?

He flinched a bit when he saw the cold look in Ryo’s eyes again, almost freezing him. “You don’t like me, do you?” Kame asked sadly.

Ryo looked at the other in surprise, for a moment he felt taken aback. Then he sighed, looking down at his fingers. “I can’t.” he admitted silently. Because you are my best friends' ex-boyfriend.

Causa Koki, the gangster-softie: Why is he like my older brother?

When Koki told Kame that he had a crush on him, Kame almost fainted. Not because he disliked Koki or because he didn’t like his appearance. But Koki was simply… Koki… His buddy. Like an older brother.

Kame searched deep within his feelings, but in the end…he couldn’t find anything. Not like that. He didn’t like Koki in that way… just as a friend or brother.

Causa Subaru: OH dear… what had driven us?

Kame had always said that he never believe in something like his type of men. And he had really meant it. However, should he still had doubts, they had been chased away after his one-night stand with Subaru. Because if Kame talked about a type he liked…it would everything but Subaru.

Well, good thing was that it wasn’t complicated in the end. It also wasn’t complicated in the beginning… it was simply Dreamboys.

“You know…” Subaru suggested nervously, blushing a bit. “Let’s just pretend like nothing happened.”

Kame had felt relieved like never before. “I totally agree!”

Causa Asami-chan: Since when are you into girls? And why THAT girl?

Actually Kame had believed that Ryo always hated Asami-chan… or at least disliked her. Hadn’t Jin told him once (in times they had still talked to each other) that Asami-chan and Ryo didn’t get along well, because he was too shy and she too straight-forward?

They were so different, the complete opposite. So when Kame heard it from Tegoshi, he couldn’t even believe it. He had to make sure himself. Okay. Maybe it was pathetic and Kame wasn’t even sure why he did it… but he followed Ryo, secretly of course. And really… he was meeting Asami-chan. The way they were looking at each other… it was clearly a new romance blossoming between them.

“Hey Ryo-kun…” Asami looked at Ryo through her beautiful, sparkling eyes. “You are absent-minded.

“Sorry.” he smiled, putting an arm around her shoulder. “I just thought I heard something behind us…” he turned around again, scanning the area, but nothing…

Kame was trained and sportive after all… and he was good at running away as fast as possible.

Causa Uchi: The shortest romance in history

Mainly to distract himself from this Asami-chan-Ryo-chan encounter, Kame started to…well… look at Uchi. Actually he was surprised what he saw there. He hadn’t really been friends with Uchi, he merely remembered him as the whiny, weak teenager. And now, Uchi was still whiny, but not weak at all. Really… wow! He grew into quite a handsome man. Kame was actually kinda surprised, so he invited him to a movies night at his apartment. They were shooting together for their drama, so it wasn’t suspicious to meet up.

It started simple. Some movies, some snacks… and a sudden random kiss. The kiss grew more heated immediately and to Kame’s surprise Uchi’s hands on his body were feeling so warm and soft. He definitely liked that. He wanted more of that… and Uchi gave him more. It was a wonderful first time together, Uchi was gentle – maybe a bit too gentle for Kame’s taste, but it was a first time… so of course they were both nervous.

When it was over the realization hit Kame though. He just had something going with Uchi. With Uchi!? They didn’t even like each other much. When he turned his head to face the other, Uchi was looking at him, feeling similar shocked.

“I think I should go now…” Uchi stuttered, almost helplessly.

And Kame totally agreed to that.

They never talked about this ever again…

Causa Ryo: You slept with my ex-boyfriend… I should hate you…

When Kame met Ryo the next time, he knew that Ryo knew…

Uchi. Ryo had found out…somehow. Kame closed his eyes a bit, well aware of the fact that Ryo would dislike him forever for sleeping with his first love, his biggest love. How stupid had he been!

He lowered his gaze a bit, trying to avoid Ryo’s piercing glance. Damn… why did he even bother!? It wasn’t like he wanted something from Ryo! Ryo was just Ryo… nothing more. Jin’s best friend. Why did Kame have to care for that guy?

But somehow he did… and he hated this nervous feeling that spread inside him when Ryo was around him. He felt helpless then and rejected and unwanted. His stomach twisting nervously.

Ryo eyed the other carefully, wondering what Kame was up to. What was he thinking? He couldn’t even understand a bit of the other… But somehow he just couldn’t keep his eyes form him.

He was Jin’s ex-lover right? Three-times-ex-lover! And he had had something going with Pi… and then with Uchi.

Wasn’t Ryo supposed to hate him? In the end he simply decided to walk away, without saying anything – he didn't want to start a fight or to say something mean, so he better stayed quiet. Kame's eyes followed him, a hurt expression sparkling in them.

Causa Takki: My admiration is yours

Ryo was glad about some distraction… and honestly said, Takki was the best distraction ever. He was so gorgeous and talented, Ryo couldn’t keep his eyes away from him. He was just totally engulfed in Takki’s gorgeousness.

Just sometimes he couldn’t help it that his thoughts slipped away to a fragile guy, with brown curly hair and intense, warm eyes.

Yeah, great. How should he ever tell that his friends? Out of all guys he was falling for Kame?

Causa Kame as a single: When do I know I’m in love?

Kame’s eyes were following Ryo when he was getting his coffee from the canteen. Should he talk to him? How? When? Was Ryo alone right now? Kame would definitely feel like disappearing if he walked into the canteen to talk to Ryo…just so see him standing next to Jin.

He shivered a bit at this thought. The last thing he needed was an ex-boyfriend around… and he also didn’t need Ryo to remember that three of his best friends were Kame’s ex-lovers. Could it be even more complicated? No! Kame thought that this here was pretty much the highest level of complicated… or maybe one of the highest.

He didn’t even know why he wanted Ryo to like him. He simply hated the thought that the other disliked him. He wanted his approval, he wanted to see his shining smile, chat with him, eat something together…

Go for dinner…

To the cinema…

Cook something for him…

Kiss his oh-so-kissable lips…

Have some amazing sex…

Kame’s eyes widened at this thought. OH NO!!!!!!

Causa KameRyo: How to approach a guy who doesn’t like me – in 9 steps. A manual by Kamenashi Kazuya.

  1. Show him that you are single

  2. Learn about his interests and meet him (coincidentally!) when he is going after one of his hobbies

  3. Learn how to surf (>< Why surfing!? Can’t Ryo be into horse-riding?)

  4. Find the right line between being overly confident and needing his help. (How about learning to play the guitar? Ryo might like that…)

  5. Be sexy and irresistible. (Well, that one I already achieved *hehe*)

  6. Learn how to cook. (Though Ryo already knows that so well… He could cook for me then…^_^)

  7. Don’t ever remind him that you are his best friend's ex-boyfriend (for three times ><), his other best friend’s ex-lover and his first love’s ex-one-night-stand. (Wow… what a great record. Ryo will hate me! *cries*)

  8. Show him that you are loveable. For now he just knows your bad points and flaws. (Comes with Point 7 I guess… ><)

  9. Don’t give up and win him!

Ueda looked up at Kame in disbelief. “You are kidding me, right?”

“Nope.” Kame shook his head. “I’m determined.”

“I know that you are determined.” Ueda mumbled, staring at the sheet of paper. “But… aren’t your goals a bit high this time.” He pointed at point 7. “You think you can really make him forget that you broke up with Jin three times, had an affair with Yamapi and a one-night stand with Uchi?”

Kame sighed deeply. “I’m a horrible person, I know that…”

That’s not what I wanted to say!” Ueda flinched visibly, trying to reassure Kame. “You are not a bad person! That’s not what I wanted to say!!! It’s just… difficult.” He sighed a bit when he saw the troubled expression on Kame’s face. “So…” he tried to sound positive. “With which point do you want to start.”

With the 3rd one!” Kame was up his feet immediately, grabbing a bag. “Come on… let’s go!”

Ueda stared at the other in disbelief. “WHAT!? You want me to join your surfing lessons?” He shook his head desperately, but to his annoyance Kame had already left the apartment, leaving Ueda no other option than to follow him…

Causa KameRyo: About how difficult it is to follow a to-do list.

Kame started to hate this list he made. What had been riding him to write down such a manual!? His surfing lessons were a natural disaster, not to talk about his guitar lessons of course. And Ryo was still thinking about him as his friends’ ex-lover, Kame was sure about that.

He grabbed his guitar in annoyance, walking towards one of the empty rehearsing rooms. He was too pre-occupied with his gloomy thoughts to see Ryo and Pi who were walking down the corridor.

Ryo blinked when he saw Kame slipping into one of the rooms. “Since when is Kame playing the guitar?” he asked curiously, trying not to sound too interested.

Pi shrugged. “What do I care for that!?”

Ryo tried to laugh at that, but his thoughts were too pre-occupied with something else. When Pi had left him to talk to his manager, Ryo walked towards the room Kame was currently practising inside. He peeked into it, blinking in surprise, when he saw how Kame’s head was bent over the guitar, his fingers desperately trying to play on it. Well…he did every possible mistake here. Ryo had to grin a bit. Then he blinked. Why was he even watching Kame? He wasn’t even a bit interested! He pretty much disliked him. He bit his lips nervously, wavering a bit and before he knew what he was doing, he found himself walking into the room.

Kame blinked for a moment when he saw how a shadow fell over him. He looked up, eyes widening in surprise when he found Ryo standing right in front of him. “Want some help?” the latter offered, trying to hide the unsure tune in his voice.

Causa KameRyo: About how to tell my best friend that I’m falling for his ex-boyfriend.

“Hey Jin…” Ryo shifted around uncomfortably, looking at his friend warily.

Jin’s senses awakened immediately. “What’s the problem?” he asked, feeling worried.

Ryo blushed a bit. “How much do we dislike Kame at the moment?”

“Eh?” Jin blinked in surprise. “I don’t dislike him. We were together. It didn’t work. I was angry when he broke up for the last time… but now… we also had good times. I like to look back at them and cherish them.”

“Okay…” Ryo almost sounded relieved.

Jin looked at the other piercingly, then he rolled his eyes a bit. “What? Don’t tell me you are falling for Kame!?”

Ryo blushed deeply at that, glaring at Jin when the latter almost dropped to the floor laughing.

Causa KameRyo: How we kissed accidentally… Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

It was an accident. Really. Actually it was so cheesy and drama-like that Kame felt embarrassed to tell anyone. And so did Ryo.

Because they simply stumbled, their bodies entwined, lips suddenly pressed against each other.

It was more like a kiss out of shock, not a real first kiss… but it made Kame long for more. He wanted to kiss Ryo properly now, feel his beautiful lips for real.

Causa KameRyo: Because I love you, you idiot!!

“Because I love you, you idiot!!” Before the words had left his mouth, Kame already gasped in shock. Did he really just say that? But after a look into Ryo’s face, he knew it… He had definitely said I love you to Ryo just now! Confessing to Ryo right now was already pretty stupid – they were getting along better now, though Ryo still treated him carefully, almost avoiding his glance sometimes – but confessing to him after they were fighting, was even more stupid!!

It had started with Kame simply snapping and telling the other that he knew Ryo was still thinking of him as a stupid bastard who dumped three of his best friends.

To Kame’s surprise also Ryo snapped then, telling him something similar charming, which ended with something like: “Why do you even care, you dumbass!?”

Which led to Kame’s: “Because I love you, you idiot!!”

Now they were standing next to each other, panting heavily, Kame’s eyes widened in shock, while Ryo was looking down at the floor.

“I love you.” Kame repeated, almost silently this time, while looking away from the other. “I think I never felt like that for someone before.” The moment he said it, he knew it was the truth. From the moment he had broken up with Jin for the last time, his eyes had always been following Ryo... without the latter noticing it. Actually Kame himself didn’t notice it first. But when Ryo started to date Asami-chan he slowly began to see the truth.

The more Ryo’s answer surprised him.

“I know.” the older one mumbled.

“Eh?” Kame blinked. “You knew?”

“Yes… since I saw how you followed me and Asami-chan, I felt a bit suspicious.”

Kame stared at the other in disbelief. “Why did you never say anything?”

The other blushed a bit. “I was afraid that what I saw was wrong… and that you don't like me at all.” With that he grabbed his bag, leaving the room.

Kame stared at the wall in front of him for a moment, before his eyes grew wide. Wait! Did Ryo just say that he was afraid that Kame wouldn’t be in love with him? So he wished for him to be in love? When Kame had gathered all his senses and rushed out of the room, looking around desperately, he couldn’t find Ryo anywhere…

Causa love: It should be easier, shouldn’t it?
So now…we are friends?

It had taken Kame a lot to find out Ryo’s address. Actually no one he was friends with knew it. Some of his friends had his number, but address… Kame closed his eyes at that, knowing that he had to approach one of Ryo’s friends now… such a bad coincidence that he wasn’t working with Tegoshi or Subaru right now, he was pretty sure that they both knew where Ryo was living.

So what were his options? There were quite some, he knew that. But when his gaze shifted towards Jin, he sighed a bit, knowing that Jin was the best option here. Not only because he had Ryo’s address, but also because they hadn’t talked with each other since…forever. And if Kame really wanted to approach Ryo, he should also start to get along with Jin again.

“Hey Jin.”

Jin almost looked surprised when Kame approached him. “Hey.”

Kame shifted around uncomfortably, wondering what he should do or say now, then he frowned deeply when he saw how Jin was grinning brightly, obviously making fun of him. “Don’t be stupid Kazu. Just sit down!”

“You are still such an arrogant ass.” Kame grumbled, but smiled a bit when he sat down. With that the ice between them melted. They chatted with each other, before Kame shifted around a bit. “I’m sorry.” he finally said. “I know I was a difficult boyfriend.”

Jin sighed. “So was I.” he admitted. “We were still young…” he smiled. “And to be honest… we didn’t really fit together, just the time we spent in bed together worked out.”

Kame looked at the other in relief. “You don’t think it’s all my fault?”

“Of course not!” Jin shrugged. “I think we also had pretty good times. Let’s not hold a grudge against each other.”

“Okay.” Kame smiled. “I agree.”

Jin laughed. “Especially since you are hooking up with Ryo right now.” He grinned when he saw how Kame blushed, a troubled expression on his face. Jin pulled an eyebrow up. “What do you wanna know?”

“Does he like me?” Kame asked carefully.

Jin shrugged. “You know the answer yourself, don’t you?”

“Maybe.” Kame admitted carefully. “But I’m not sure if we can overcome what’s between us.”

Jin pulled his eyebrows up. “What’s between you? You mean me for example?” he rolled his eyes. “Don’t dare to take me as an excuse for a failing romance. If you don’t try it, you won’t get him.”

“Is it really okay for you?” Kame asked carefully.

Jin grinned. “No… I feel totally crushed.” He sobbed into his tissue dramatically. “I’m still in love with you! Please stay with me!”

Kame giggled at that, glad that Jin wasn’t that stubborn and unfriendly anymore. “You grew up, you know?”

Jin smiled. “I know.” Then he sighed. “Ryo had been hurt a lot.” he told the other warily.

“Eh?” Kame blinked. “What do you mean?”

Causa love…love…love: First (real) kisses are the best!

Ryo blinked a bit when he heard his door ringing in the middle of the night. He was sitting in front of the TV right now, watching a movie, but not really listening to what was happening. His thoughts were far away. Actually he didn’t know what to do right now. He knew what he wanted, but he didn’t know if he was strong enough to go for it and wake up with a broken heart again.

When he opened the door and found Kame standing in front of him, he should have been surprised. But actually he wasn’t… After his half-confession yesterday, he knew that Kame would search for him. It was his own fault for not telling Kame that he didn’t love him. But at that day when he was looking into Kame’s deep and honest eyes, he just couldn’t lie to the other and push him away.

Ryo stepped aside a bit to let Kame into his apartment. For a few minutes they were just standing next to each other, looking everywhere but not at the other one. Then Kame took a deep breath. “So…you love me back, right?”

Ryo shrugged, blushing a bit. He didn’t even know how to answer that. But when he looked at Kame and saw his fragile frame and his beautiful eyes, he just couldn’t say no. Again.

“Why are you still avoiding me then?” Kame asked silently. “It’s not about Jin, I know that, because I talked to him. So…why?”

Ryo sighed, turning around a bit to look out of the window. “I don’t know…”

Kame stared at the other’s back, a soft smile on his face. With a swift movement he wrapped his arms around Ryo’s waist, resting his head on the other's back. “But I know why.” he whispered into the Ryo's ear.

Ryo winced a bit at the contact, but couldn’t do anything else but lean into the others arms. “Then tell me the reason.” he demanded.

Because you were so much in love with Uchi… and then you broke up and you were all hurt.” Kame mumbled against the other’s neck. “So you don’t want to take the risk again…”

Ryo sighed a bit, turning around in Kame’s hug and stroking through the other’s hair a bit. “Maybe you are right.” he admitted. “But on the other side…I’m already totally lost. I guess I can’t win this game.”

Kame almost pouted at that. “That’s not really romantic, you know?”

“Sorry.” Ryo smiled. “I guess I lost my romantic feelings somewhere on my way back home.”

“Yes?” Kame joined the other’s joke. “Want me to help you find it?”

Oh.” Ryo smiled, stroking over Kame’s cheek softly. “Well, you could try it.”

Kame smiled happily, wrapping his arms around Ryo’s waist and pulling him closer. He could see how the other was still struggling with himself, but decided better not to ask too many questions. Out of a sudden instinct he bent forward, deciding to simply kiss Ryo and distract him from these gloomy and bothersome thoughts.

When Ryo felt Kame’s lips on his, he stiffened first, eyes widened in shock. Kame’s eyes on the other side were half-closed, his expression peaceful and at the same time so longing. Ryo couldn’t help but get engulfed into the other's aura. He put his arms around Kame’s neck, finally giving in into the younger one's demanding kiss, kissing him back softly, feeling Kame’s lips against his, his tongue brushing against his upper lip, until it slipped into his mouth, starting a lazy fight with his tongue.

Causa KameRyo: First times are great… and the promise for more is even better

It wasn’t like Ryo hadn’t any doubts any more or that he was totally sure about what he was doing here. But somehow he just couldn’t think about that right now. There was this special glance in Kame’s eyes, something Ryo couldn’t resist. Absolutely not. It was like they were two other persons now, two guys who knew each other since years and suddenly saw each other properly. Nothing standing in between them. No difficult break-ups, no ex-boyfriends, no best friends, no hurt feelings. Just two normal guys.

Causa Happy End?: Love is never easy, but hey… we could have made it more difficult!

They snuggled against each other after their first night together. Ryo’s hands were moving through Kame’s hair, feeling their softness a bit. Kame enjoyed the other’s light touches. The softness of Ryo's fingers felt so good, especially after their heated love-making. He smiled a bit though his eyes were never leaving the furrows between Ryo’s eyebrows.

“You still have doubts, right?” Kame asked carefully.

“Sorry.” Ryo admitted. “I… I’m still not sure.”

It would be a lie if Kame said that it didn’t hurt to hear that. But then… on the other side he could also understand it, because Ryo’s doubts had also been his. He smiled at the other warmly. “As long as you won’t run away form me, we can work it out.” He bit his lips a bit. “You won’t run, will you?”

Ryo smiled at that question, his hands stroking over Kame’s cheeks. “I won’t run.” he promised.


Note: Hey dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support!! So, I wanted to tell you that my Request Post is open. If you feel like requesting a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE
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