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Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 23

Title: Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 23: Desperation
Pairing: RyoJin, Ohno/Aiba, KimuShingo, Takki/Sakamoto, Sakumiya, Nagase/Koichi and one-sided Miyake/Sakamoto, PiKame or TegoPi? Jun/Uchi?
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: The drama reaches its last round... What will happen when the brothers try to find out the truth? Everything turns into the wrong direction when Ryo finally realizes what's lying deep inside his mind...

“You are an idiot! You know that?“ Shingo yelled. “Idiot!!”

„Sorry.“ Miyake mumbled. „Really… I didn’t want to die… I did it… and when I realised what I did, it was already too late.”

Shingo sighed in frustration, lying down next to Miyake in his hospital bed. “Ken…” he stroked through the other’s hair. “Promise us one thing.” He looked at Hina, wanting him to help him here.

Hina smiled, sitting down on Miyake’s other side, nodding his head. “Yes, there is one thing we want.”

Miyake nodded his head firmly, wanting to defeat the demons within him. “Whatever you want!”

Shingo smiled a bit. „Whatever?“

Miyake looked at him thankfully, glad that the other was making jokes about it. “Okay…maybe not everything. Nothing that includes sex or something similar.”

Hina grinned. “Not?” he pretended to be disappointed. “Well…that limits our possibilities.”

Miyake looked at them thankfully for lightening up his mood, before nodding fiercely. “Okay…tell me what you want.”

Shingo smiled. “Listen. I know, you often don’t mean it… But when you get into things you are so determined… no one can stop you then.”

Miyake lowered his head a bit. “Sorry…”

“I know you don’t mean it.” Hina told him. „And I know you have this trauma from your past… that your parents always left you alone. But that’s not a reason to do something so stupid.”

“Yeah.” Shingo agreed. „Even if you get dumped or if your love lets you alone, you have us! We are always at your side.”

Miyake blinked at that. “Yeah.. I never thought of that…” he admitted, sounding pretty sheepish.

“Promise us…” Shingo started again. „That whenever you feel that desperate again, talk to us! Don’t let it escalate.”

Miyake sighed, leaning his head against Shingo’s shoulder. He was fighting against himself here, but the moment he had felt his life pass in front of his eyes, he felt strangely attached to this world. “I promise.”



“Okay…” Sakamoto looked at the other Hosts thoroughly. “We’ll have to think how to find Ryo.”

Aiba winced a bit. “He didn’t come back?”

“No…” Sakamoto mumbled. "And the police are not really a big help…“

“Why?” Sho wanted to know, feeling pretty angry at that fact.

“They say it’s normal that kids run away after fights at home… and that they will come back.” Sakamoto explained.

„And what do you think?” Okada wanted to know.

“I’m not sure… but no matter what. It’s not an option to leave Ryo outside. Even if he simply ran away he is alone there… what if something happens? And if really something happened to him…” Sakamoto took a deep breath at that thought. “…we’ll have to look for him even more!”

“That’s right. Of course” Okada nodded his head firmly, feeling really worried himself. „What’s the plan?“

“We’ll divide the city into several parts… every two of us will search at one part. Including hotels and empty buildings. Everywhere. Nino is waiting in the other room right now, he will tell you some details.”

Okada and Sho headed towards Nino, trying to get some information from him. Sakamoto watched them, before he turned his attention towards Jin. “Jin…” he said, as fondly as he could. “Keep it together, alright?” Sakamoto put an arm around his shoulders. “We’ll find him. Okay, so let’s stay strong.” He paused as a sudden thought came to his mind. “Listen…” He grabbed Jin’s shoulders, looking at him firmly. “You are the closest to him… if you know anything, if you know any hints… no matter what! Everything helps!... Tell us!”

Jin nodded his head firmly, deciding to keep his mind together. For Ryo. “I’ll think of everything I know… of every talk I had with him.”

Sho watched Nino piercingly, not wanting him to feel lonely and desperate now. When the latter left the room, Sho rushed behind him, his arms wrapping around Nino's waist. Sho placed a soft kiss on Nino's cheek, not saying anything.

Nino smiled at that, understanding what Sho was telling him here without using words. “Thanks.” he leaned into the other's hug, letting Sho comfort him.


Takuya glared at Shingo as the latter knocked at his office and stepped into the room. “Sensei! I just wanted to tell you that Miyake-kun is okay.”

Takuya forced a smile to his lips, though his thoughts were far, far away. “That’s good. I’m glad to hear that.”

Shingo sat down, eyeing Takuya insistently, wondering what was up with the other. “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” Takuya mumbled shortly.

“Really?” Shingo wanted to know. “You look so gloomy.”

“Leave me alone!” Takuya hissed. He knew he was really being impolite here and that it wasn’t Shingo’s fault, but he couldn’t help it.

“Why are you in such a bad mood?” Shingo’s voice almost sounded hurt.

Takuya sighed, feeling a bit guilty about his outburst. “My youngest brother disappeared. He is only 16… I don’t know where he is and why he is not here anymore… I don’t know if he is alone, or if he is…” he paused, not daring to say those words out loud. “healthy…” he said instead.

“Oh.” Shingo made, his eyes widening in worry. Then a resolute glance appeared in his eyes. “I’ll help you.”

“How?” Takuya smiled a bit over the younger guy’s enthusiasm. He didn’t feel like smiling, but Shingo was special. His words were so honest that Takuya couldn’t help but feel glad that he was here.

“You underestimate me.” Shingo told him.

“I don’t underestimate you. I know you are pretty bright.” Takuya reassured him. “But I don’t dare to hope too much in this matter.”

Shingo took a deep breath. “I have an important friend.” he told Takuya. “Or rather: Hina has one. His name is Yoko. Remember? Hina told us about him during our excursion. He is a policeman, a really gorgeous one.”

Takuya stared at the other, his eyes suddenly gleaming. “Yes.” he breathed out. “I remember…”

“He helped us with finding Miyake. I’m sure he will help us again.” Shingo’s voice sounded euphoric.

“Could you set up a meeting Shingo-kun?” Takuya asked, not realising that he had called Shingo by his first name. But the latter had realised it of course and a slight flush appeared on his cheeks.

“Of course!”


“Takki…” Sakamoto hurried towards his lover’s side, his hand stroking over the other’s hair. “The guys are on their way. And I asked Jin for his help”

Takki looked at him. “Thanks.” he mumbled, sounding rather depressed.

Sakamoto sighed, hugging the other. “Did the notes you found in his room give you any clues?”

Takki bit his lips. “I’m not sure… the police said that he apparently has some problems… But they are not sure if these notes are real or really written by him… Well, they suggested that… if he…” he paused here, not sure how to continue.

But Sakamoto understood it without him explaining it exactly. “Like suicide?” he blinked. “He is not the type for that. I can’t believe it.”

Takki smiled weakly. “Me neither.”

“And the other possibility?”

Takki drew back from Sakamoto’s arms, sighing a bit. “Well… apparently there is something bothering him. Maybe something happened.”

“Well…this sounds more like him.” Sakamoto mused. “He is rather closed… and he is the type to act out of the blue… without thinking much.”

Takki looked at him, biting his lips nervously. “It’s just…what if something… what if he is…”

“Don’t say it…” Sakamoto told him softly. “Please, don’t say it. Don’t even think it. Let’s not loose hope alright?”

“It’s just…” Takki breathed out. “It’s all my fault!”

“It’s not your fault” Sakamoto tried to calm him down.

“It is. I should have seen that coming! I should have talked to him earlier… and not just one day ago…” Takki called out.

“Come on…” Sakamoto bit his lips a bit, worrying about Takki’s outburst, wanting to help the other and make him get some hope again. “Don’t think like that. You know that it’s not that easy…”

“I should have listened to you! You were right. I should have tried to dig down to the main problem from the beginning on.”

Sakamoto flinched at that. “I told you, it’s not that simple… Suggesting something as an outsider is always easier.”

“Everything is my fault.” Takki hissed desperately.

“He is not a happy child, this has nothing to do with you… I promise you that we’ll solve everything after we found him.” the older one tried to reassure him.

“What if we won’t find him?” Takki’s eyes were twitching in fear, his hands shaking. “What if he is dead!? Then I killed him!”

The next moment he could feel the back of Sakamoto’s hand in his face, slapping him, not really hard though. He blinked for a moment in confusion, trying to grasp what was going on. Slowly he felt his senses slipping back into his mind again.

“Takki…” Sakamoto pulled his boyfriend into his arms. “We’ll find him. Besides…”

Takki looked up to him, smiling warily. “What? Besides what?”

“You should have let me finish my sentence before…” Sakamoto smiled a bit. “But Takuya-kun called. With some of help of this Shingo-kun he found a policeman… from the criminal departure. Apparently a genius.”

“Really?” Takki stared at him in surprise, eyes wide. Slowly hope was rising in him again.

Both men drew apart when there was a knock at the door. Takki blinked when he opened it. “Jin?”

“Yes…” Jin nodded his head, looking at Takki insistently. “I thought of my last meetings with Ryo… and there were some strange things happening...”



“Headmaster?” Nagase sat down in one of the chairs in the office.

Goro sighed a bit. “Well, you guess why I called you in on your free day?”

“Yes.” Nagase rubbed over his head. “Ryo-kun, right?”

“Alright.“ Goro took a deep breath. „I know your education is not that high like some of other teachers’. But you have a gorgeous instinct. You see things others don’t see…the boys trust you, you know them.”

Nagase smiled a bit, bowing slightly. “Thanks.”

Goro looked at him thoroughly. “What do you think? What should we do? What happened?“

“Alright.” Nagase took a deep breath, he wavered a bit, but decided to simply dash forward. „What I tell you now are no facts. I just researched a bit…”

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