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Azure Chapter 1

This here is the promised sequel to my Pin One-shot Destiny Thanks so much for your encouraging comments on it! I was really glad about all the great feedback!! <3 So...I promised I would make a Multi-chap out of it. Here it is :-) I just added a few characters and I really hope you'll like it.

Title: Azure Chapter 1 A matter of my conscience
Pairing: Pin, JunxSho, Ryox?
Rating:  NC-17
Genre: AU, angst, romance, fantasy
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: It's a dark night when Yamapi meets him: Jin, a mysterious guy lying on the street, unconscious. But who is this guy he carries home? What is he? What's the secret behind his being? After one night he is gone...and Yamapi is left alone with all his questions. Born as a Hunter, Pi shouldn't question his life... but he can't help it. He has always been different... He takes the risk and leaves for a journey which might not have an end.
Meanwhile Jin struggles for his own destiny... together with his brother Ryo and his friend Jun. But how far are they allowed to go? Trying to pass the borders of their existence they try to find the truth... and their fate.
Can you decide on your own destiny?
NOTE: For everyone who hasn't read the Prequel, you'll find it HERE

Yamapi’s heart was hammering against his chest like crazy when he rushed down the deserted street through the small village. He knitted his eyebrows, staring through the night, wanting to gather his senses. He had heard it. Definitely. A almost silent cry somewhere close to him.

A woman?

Pi halted for a moment, pressing his body against a wall, trying to concentrate on what he was doing right now. It had been two months since he had left his home town for the sake of his conscience and for the sake of his freedom. He accepted little jobs occasionally, earning enough money with that, while he kept searching. Searching. Searching for his life? Searching for him? Yamapi felt the heavy stone of the necklace being pressed against his chest. It should have felt off to wear that, but right at the moment when he remembered this necklace and its owner, he felt light again, his doubts erased, his fear gone. It was like something inside him was awakening, something he didn’t know existed within him. It didn’t exactly change him… it just opened his mind and gave him self-confidence. People didn’t know how many things could be changed by having just a bit of confidence and grace. And dignity.

Like Jin.

If his name really was Jin…

Pi shoved these thoughts aside, stepping out into the street again. The jewel of the necklace felt cold against his chest, but also light. His heart had stopped its stressed and nerve-wracking dance, staying calm now. Yamapi turned his face into the cold night breeze, taking a deep breath. He could smell it. Fear. Panic. Protection. No sweat.

No sweat? Then it had to be a creature. But why was it hunted? Pi concentrated on the scent  in the air. A girl… or rather a woman. Definitely. It was the scent of a female creature…not male. The light smell of roses and moss and water was lying in the air. Every being, every person had its own scent and this was hers. But it was not entirely clear.

Yamapi frowned. It should be clearer. The scent of a creature should be easy to detect for him. Why wasn’t it lying in the air then? He knitted his eyebrows. Wasn’t the woman alone? Was there something or someone else around her? Or…within her? His eyes widened when the realization hit him.

Within it.

Within her…

He rushed into the direction the scent was coming from. His sharp ears could hear the tapping of some men running around and searching for this woman. To kill her. Without questioning the reasons for their actions, simply taking her life away. Without knowing what she was, who she was. Not everything that was different, was bad. Something Humans would never learn. At moments like this Yamapi hated himself for being a Human. So, he was a Hunter… living forever. But he was still a Human. Eternity didn’t turn him into something different. Just human. He knew others were proud about that, feeling superior to other creatures, but why? What was so special about them? Just their number was special. They were so many that they could hunt and kill without being in too much danger. Most of the Hunters had forgotten the reasons why they were hunting, the meaning behind their being, even Yamapi had been close to forgetting it, being caught in the desperation and lethargy of this life he was living. Until this one special night which he had spent together with this young guy. A creature of the night. Someone he didn’t know anything from. No name, no address, no relations, no features. Nothing. He didn’t even know how mighty or powerful he was. He didn’t know how strong he was. Or about the things he was able to do. Jin had just told him one thing… his name. Jin. And his race. A pure-blooded Vampire. And he had left him this one treasure. The necklace with the blue jewel. Yamapi didn’t know what it was, he didn’t understand the signs on it, he couldn’t even read it. Was it a family crest of a clan? A hint about where to find this Jin? Or about what he was? What kind of might or magic was lying behind this stone?

Search for your destiny. The words Jin had written on his good-bye letter after he had left him just a few hours after their encounter. Yamapi didn’t know anything about him. And still he had changed his life. Not that he had never thought about changing it, but Jin had taken his fear away.

Pi shoved these thoughts away when he heard the heavy breathing of a young woman coming from the beach. His eyes were piercing the night, catching the shadow hovering in a small cave.

The necklace’s magic engulfing him was gone suddenly, with the moment he had found her. As if something had been calling him, his senses, his conscience, he wasn’t sure about that. Now that he found her, he was himself again. He looked at the woman in front of him…she was young, her black hair straight, her face pale. A Vampire girl. Eyes widened in panic. Pi’s glance moved down a bit, scanning the woman’s stomach. Something within her. Something that was not a Vampire. With a swift gesture Pi held his hand towards her. “Come.” he whispered.

She shook her head, panic in her eyes. Yamapi knew it…that she thought it was a trap, that he would catch her and kill her like the others would do. He looked at her insistently. “If you think I mean death for you…” he mumbled in a low voice. “What do you think lies behind you?”

Her eyes widened a bit, tears glimmering inside them. Pi blinked, he had never seen it before. A Vampire crying. He bit his lips at that… What did make these creatures less Human than the Human Beings?

“Death.” she whispered, voice husky from her fear. The unknown man in front of her was the only possibility she had. Would he kill her? She didn’t know the answer to that question… but if she stayed, the other Hunters would find her and kill her for sure. With that she grabbed his hand, letting him pull her into the darkness of the night, with the silent hope around her that he might be able to save her… and the child she was wearing inside her stomach.




“You are late, Master.”

Jin turned around when he heard the mocking voice behind him, sighing deeply. He turned around to face the Vampire standing behind him. The dark eyes were wearing this sneering sparkle, like always. His figure slender and always elegant. Jun never gave away anything… he never let his guard down. Jin shook his head. “Stop calling me that Jun.”

Jun sneered. “But that’s what you are.” He leaned back against the wall, his long fingers brushing through his curly hair. Jin looked at the other in slight annoyance, but also admiration. Every of Jun’s movements was seductive, no one could tell for sure if he was joking or not. Always self-confident. Always seductive. Almost cliché. But it simply was the way Jun was. Jin licked over his lips a bit, knowing that at some points the two of them were similar… both of them overly confident, overly mysterious, overly seductive, but in other points they were the complete opposite. Jin was caring, but choleric. Jun was fierce but considerate. There was not much softness within Jun, not many emotions he was showing, while Jin was showing them all… when he let his guard down. His temper was almost destructive, but he knew how to tame it and not let it hurt someone.

Jin smirked teasingly at Jun, remembering the other’s question. “Since when do you care about something like hierarchy?”

Jun chuckled a bit. “You won.” he said in a tune that didn’t really sound convincing but rather patronizingly. “I’m not interested in anything of that.” It had been almost two years since Jun had found this place and started living with Jin and his brother. It was strange…because they never questioned it. They wondered about the reasons behind Jun’s being and his appearance, but they never questioned his presence here. It was like they had never been without him.

Jin stretched a bit, his head dropping to the side lasciviously. He inspected the other insistently, then he chuckled. “Your toy is waiting for you right now?” he guessed, knowing that he had hit the truth.

Jun grinned. “I like to have a bit of fun.” He stretched. “And he is not a Human, so nothing forbidden about my affair with him…”

“What is he?” Jin wanted to know.

“Oh dear…” Jun’s eyes gleamed in amusement. “Didn’t you say you aren’t my Master?”

Jin frowned at that, hating Jun’s teasing remarks about his high stature. Birth had turned him into a lord, yes, but it wasn’t that much about that. “Just tell me.” he repeated.

Jun shrugged. “A simple Immortal. One of those who are living with the Humans. Actually…” he snickered. “…he is totally like one.”

Jin’s interest was awakened immediately. “An immortal? Is he really a normal one? No Hunter?”

Jun blinked for a moment, wondering where Jin’s interest did come from. Then he shrugged it off. “There are no Hunters around here. They wouldn’t have a long life here…” he grinned.

Jin sighed, tilting his head. When he closed his eyes he could see him again. Brown hair falling into the guy’s forehead, his face almost emotionless first, but so much burning inside his eyes. He shoved his thoughts away, remembering his family. “Where is my brother?”

Jun smirked a bit. “Your brother?”

“Yes.” There was slight panic in Jin’s voice. His younger brother was the only thing that remained from his erased family. “Did you look after him properly while I was away?”

Jun sighed at that. “You know that he is a grown-up Vampire right? But yes, I did. Everything alright.” Then he grinned. “But really… your brother is the strangest Vampire ever.”

“What do you mean?” Jin’s voice sounded annoyed immediately.

Jun laughed. “He likes to pick flowers. And paint. Honestly, I would rather prefer it if he would sneak out and hunt so that I could punch him for doing something stupid… but he prefers to paint me a picture.” He shook his head a bit, wondering about Jin’s silent and a bit naïve little brother. At the same time he was almost unbelievable melancholic and absent-minded, living in his own little world. “Are you sure he really is a Vampire? Is he really your brother?”

“Don’t say that about him!” Jin hissed out in wrath. “Of course he is!”

Jun grinned, shaking his head. “Really Jin… don’t overreact. But sometimes this guy is having such a melancholic aura that one could sit down next to him and cry.”

Jin bit his lips at that. Jun was pointing out one of his very few sore points here. His brother’s closed behaviour was bothering him since years already.

Jun stretched. “Talking about… your temper is almost scaring sometimes. Where is your necklace by the way? Did you loose it?”

Jin’s eyes were wearing an inscrutable expression now. He had to chuckle a bit when he thought about the truth. But Jun didn’t need to know that. “I can control my emotions and powers without it.” he simply told him, then he turned around, signalizing Jun that their talk was over. “Have fun with your boy-toy.”

Jun smirked when Jin was walking away. “I will.” he grinned.





It was a lie when Sho said that he liked it. But he just couldn’t free himself from Jun’s overwhelming aura. Jun was almighty. No one could escape his mesmerizing gaze and his power.

Sho dropped to his back, grabbing the bedframe to have some halt when Jun turned him around with one swift movement. The silk blanket wasn’t covering him anymore, but then…it was too light to cover anything at first place.

For Jun Sho was nothing more than a toy, something he played with until he would grow tired of it… and throw it away then. More than these rough and sometimes painful nights together Sho feared the moment Jun would abandon him because he found something better. Something prettier. A better lover. A better guy.

Jun always took what he wanted to have, not caring about someone else’s feelings. He didn’t care about what Sho was feeling for him or what he wanted. He didn’t care if Sho felt hurt… physically or psychically. It didn’t matter. Jun just took him, every little piece he had to offer. Sho didn’t know if there was any pride left inside him. And every time when he thought that this would be the last time he would visit Jun…he just couldn’t stay away. It was like he was under a spell, a curse.

But for these tiny moments where Jun showed him something that was close to a smile, or when he showed him a bit of his inner self, of his real self, telling him little pieces of his past or of what was really going on inside him, for those little moments Sho longed. His heart would make a jump then, his stomach tightening in happiness. It was the first reason why Sho couldn’t stay away…he longed too much for these moments.

He gasped in surprise, being pulled out of his thoughts, when Jun’s lips stopped moving over his back. Jun spread Sho’s legs easily, entering him demandingly. Jun wasn’t exactly a gentle lover, Sho was used to that… but still it took his breath away every time when Jun was pushing into him. Sho clenched his fingers into the pillow, bracing himself against the mattress. He breathed in sharply, feeling the pain inside him. Jun’s fingers were holding his hips firmly, pulling him even closer. They would leave bruises on Sho’s white skin. Sho knew that, but the moment the pain made place to a hot and burning passion inside him, he didn’t care about that anymore. He simply screamed out Jun’s name in delight, moaning out almost shamelessly… He couldn’t help it, but every time Jun managed it to push him over the edge, making him scream for more, until they both were exhausted.

Sho could feel how his head was spinning, his breath going heavy, his voice sounding almost too desperate and weak. The moment the pressure inside him got released, he almost fainted at the intense feelings, feeling how his breath was going flat. And to Sho’s surprise Jun never pushed in any further, he never did real pain to him.

Humanity. Sho couldn’t help but feel that this was a tiny moment when something like humanity and pity awakened within Jun and he just pulled the trigger. Also this time the tight feeling around Sho’s hips got loosened, Jun’s hand stroking over Sho’s back soothingly…just one time though, as if Jun was afraid to show too much of a gentle side. Then he pulled out of the slighter man, sitting down next to him, head dropping back a bit to take a few deep breathes.

Sho let go of the pillow, his fingers feeling numb from the tension. He turned around a bit, looking up at the ceiling. He felt sore inside… but then, he also couldn’t feel it. At the moment he could do nothing else but dwell in Jun’s presence. He watched the other’s frame, how Jun bent forward, angling for one of those cigarettes Sho didn’t understand what was so special about. But when he saw how Jun’s slender fingers were holding the cigarette, he couldn’t help it. It was special.




Sweat was dripping down from Yamapi’s forehead when he was running through the night. He tried to make careful movements to spare the Vampire woman and her baby from too many inconveniences, but then…time was definitely against them. Or… not time…but the other Hunters. He could hear them every where around them. He turned his face to look at the woman, seeing her exhausted face and her tired eyes. She was too pale. Even for a Vampire too pale. He paused for a moment and with a swift movement he had placed her on his back to be able to carry her. Of course that didn’t make him any faster… His ears were already ringing from all the running, exhaustions in his legs. But he couldn’t allow himself to give up. Not now… not here… not with a pregnant woman in his arms…


A/N: Okay...first I struggled a bit, but now I'm so into this :) I really hope you guys will like it <3
By the way...I'm still wondering who to choose for Ryo. Ueda? Kame? Takki? I've no idea at all... So I decided to take votes. Any preferences?

Note: Hey dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support!! So, I wanted to tell you that my Request Post is open. If you feel like requesting a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE

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