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One-way ticket or About how to approach a guy who dislikes you, in 9 steps (NC-17 (with story), romance, angst, humour. Kame and Ryo's history is a difficult one. Several encounters, affairs, ex-boyfriends, broken hearts and best friends made it even more difficult for them. But what when Kame suddenly realizes what he really wants?)
The early bird catches the worm (PG-13, romance, humour. Kame is having the worst morning ever, not only a bit bad or not too good, it's the w-o-r-s-t. Or maybe... it isn't?)


Title: Brotherly Confusion *finished*
Summary: They had always been together, even after the death of their parents. For Kame it's just normal that his twin is the most important person on earth. But then his brother falls for the same guy he likes... For the sake of his shy and insecure brother, Kame decides to give up on his own feelings. far can he push this secret?

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] *end*

Title: Enchanted *on-going*
Summary: 20 years ago two little boys had coincidentally shared the same dream, swearing the same oath. Today Kame and Ryo are both idols, in love with each other. But their relationship is at a dead end... Right at the moment when they want to break up, it happens: Two faeries, a curse and a charm. They are supposed to fight the curse... or one of them will die. Just, how to do that when you are invisible? Full of mischievousness and plans, they try to fight what's lying in front of them...

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Title: Fall's Melody *finished*
Summary: Kame's love life is a mess, since years already. Determined to relax during his holidays, he tugs a very unwilling and moody Uchi along to spend two weeks in a tiny, unknown town in Scotland. At this far-far away place no one is supposed to know them. But then Uchi is having strange encounters... And Kame hears someone singing Arashi songs in the hotel room next to theirs...
And soon Kame has to realize that his crazy love-life gets even crazier... Or how would you call a holiday you have to spend with your ex-boyfriend and so-said ex-boyfriend's best friend?

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] *end*

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