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Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 24

Title: Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 24: Hints
Pairing: RyoJin, Ohno/Aiba, KimuShingo, Takki/Sakamoto, Sakumiya, Nagase/Koichi and one-sided Miyake/Sakamoto, PiKame or TegoPi? Jun/Uchi?
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: The drama reaches its last round... What will happen when the brothers try to find out the truth? Everything turns into the wrong direction when Ryo finally realizes what's lying deep inside his mind...

Goro nodded his head. “What have you heard?”

Well...” Nagase started. “First of all. Yamashita-kun...”

Ah.” Goro made. “He is on some sort of family vacation right? I got a call from one of his cousins yesterday.”

Nagase smiled warily. “I'm not sure if it was one of his cousins calling, because I met one of them yesterday. And apparently he is on our school's basketball competition in Osaka.”

Goro blinked. “But the competition got cancelled... Well, I know he was supposed to participate, but...” His eyes grew wide out of a sudden. “You mean...”

Yes.” Nagase said. “The boys are definitely somewhere together.”

Goro sighed a bit. “As stupid as it is, I kinda feel relieved...”

Of course.” Nagase smiled. “They are kids, but they are not that thoughtless. I guess something bad has driven them...”

You mean they acted out of desperation?”

Nagase nodded his head, earning him a sigh from Goro. The latter smiled a bit. “Nagase-kun, to be honest, as I said before, you are not the most gorgeous teacher. But you have a good instinct and the boys trust you. That’s why I hired you. And now you are proving my decision right.”

You are not angry with the boys?” Nagase wanted to know, blushing a bit over Goro's nice words.

Not really. I'm sure they had some sort of reason... I want them to be safe. Maybe that makes me a weak headmaster, but I think the boys should be happy kids and enjoy school. They should be safe at home and they should grow up in an environment that loves them and helps them to become good men. Does that sound stupid to you?”

Nagase shook his head, smiling a bit. “I'm thinking the same.”

Okay...” Goro nodded his head. “Then we agree. Let's keep what we know as a secret. Let's not make them more problems than they already have with their families. We'll find them and bring them back to our school again.”

Good.” Nagase sighed in relief, feeling glad that his boys weren't in danger to be suspended from school or something similar. “We'll just tell their families, right? But what about the other boys?”

Let's keep this game up.” Goro told him. “We'll tell them exactly what Yamashita-kun told us. That he had to go on a family vacation. And Ryo-kun is sick.”

Nagase tilted his head. “But Ryo-kun has just been sick... some of the boys might grew suspicious.”

Alright.” Goro agreed. “That's true. Let's switch the stories then. Yamashita is sick and Ryo on a family vacation.”

Nagase sighed a bit. “Good. I just hope I’ll be able to keep it a secret in class.”

Well...” Goro chuckled lightly. “Normally the boys don’t ask.”

Yeah…normally…” Nagase mumbled. “And what do we do with their families?”

I'll call Yamashita -kun's family now. They need to know what's going on with their cousin. And then I'll tell the news to Ryo-kun's brothers.”

Nagase nodded his head thankfully. “I'll go and help them searching for the two boys after school.”

Good.” Goro smiled thankfully.

Five minutes later Nagase was in his class, planning to start with the lesson. He sighed deeply when he saw Tegoshi raising his hand. What did Goro say? Normally they don't ask...

Where are Ryo-kun and Yamashita-kun?” Tegoshi wanted to know. Maru looked at Nagase expectantly, while Ueda nodded his head in expectance of his answer.

Yamashita-kun is sick. And Nishikido-kun has some sort of family incident.” Nagase told them, smiling brightly. He secretly hoped that they would buy it, but the moment he saw Tegoshi's suspicious glance and the surprise in the other two's eyes, he knew he was done. And really...after the lesson the three guys rushed towards him.

Sick?” Tegoshi blinked. “Why didn't Yamapi call then?”

And since when is Ryo going on a family vacation with his brothers?” Maru asked unusually piercingly. “He doesn't have family expect his brothers... and he isn't so eager to go on holidays with them.”

Besides that Takki-san has his Host Club.” Tegoshi told him. “He can't close it for days to go on holiday.”

Yeah...” Ueda nodded his head angrily. “Whom are you kidding here? What did really happen to them?”

Okay...” Nagase sighed. “But what I'll tell you now has to stay a secret, alright? Don't even tell it to your parents. If you feel like you can't keep a secret then please don't ask for it. I don't want the boys to get into some sort of danger or problems.”

We promise!” Tegoshi nodded his head fiercely.


I...” Jun looked at Koichi in utter shock. “I can't believe that!”

Uchi just stared at Koichi and Tsubasa in disbelief. “The school called you? Yamapi ran away?” he took a deep breath, starting to panic slightly. “But...why? Did he have a fight with you...or one of us? Why would he do that? Did anything happen to him?” He blinked when he felt Jun's arms around his shoulders.

It's okay.” Jun tried to sound as reassuring as possible. “We'll find him. Don't panic okay?” He turned around, sighing when he saw Kame's bothered face. “Kazu...”

I should have seen that coming...” Kame breathed out. “He was so strange when I met him on that day. So calm... and far away. And then he hugged me as if...” he paused there, eyes widening in shock.

As if what?” Tsubasa asked alarmed.

As if he was saying good-bye.” the younger one mumbled.

Oh god...” Uchi breathed out. But before he could say anything, there was a knock at the door. Tsubasa stood up, rubbing over his hair in desperation before he ran to the door, opening it. He was still looking confused when he came back with a tall and slender man, hair black, hanging into his face messily, his skin white, his eyes something between firm and soft. Behind him there were three other guys. One of them tall and muscular, with blond hair. The other one a bit smaller, with a rough face but beautiful eyes. And the third one was definitely older than the others, looking stunning, his eyes sparkling intensely.

Koichi blinked when he recognized two of the guys. “You are... Shingo-kun right?”

Shingo nodded his head, pointing at the others. “Maybe you also remember Hina, Koichi-san?”

Koichi nodded in confusion, earning him a content smile from Shingo. Then he pointed at the tall black-haired guy. “That's my friend Yoko. He is part of the criminal department.” Then he turned around. “And that's university teacher. Takuya-sensei.” he paused, but before he could say anything, Takuya stepped forward, bowing slightly, his eyes scanning the persons around him piercingly. “I'm Takuya. Ryo's oldest brother.”

Tsubasa stared at him. “You are one of his brothers?” he smiled politely, bowing. “Nice to meet you.”

Yes...” Yoko interrupted them. “Let's forget about these polite things and get right to the point. We'll just wait for the other brothers to drop by and for the boys' teacher.”

Takuya nodded his head. “And Jin-kun...”

Ah, yes.” Yoko agreed. “Apparently this guy has some information.”

Jin-kun?” Kame blinked. “Ryo-kun's best friend?”

Yes.” Yoko nodded his head. “I told them to meet here, because it's closer to the city. And I'm sure these two boys won't hide somewhere in the forests. And the area around Takki-san's Host Club is too fancy, no 16-year old can afford that.”

Kame's eyes started to shine a bit as he felt some hope rising within him. “You already found out something?”

Well...” Yoko smiled a bit. “I have a copy of a surveillance camera. There is a park between right in front of the school. I checked all the areas around the Club, the boy's home and the school. And they met in one of the parks.”

And?” Tsubasa asked breathlessly.

One of my men is still working on the voices to make them clear for us so we can hear what they are saying. And maybe Jin-kun can help us.”

How?” Koichi wanted to know.

He might know about their reasoning...”

Koichi blinked at this explanation. “How will this help us?”

There was a soft smile on Yoko's lips. “Because people always act out of reasons. It's important to know them to understand what's driving them and to be able to guess their next step.”


Takki blinked as he heard Jin's story, taking a sip from the tea Tsubasa had offered him. “He told you that he is having strange dreams?”

Jin shrugged. “Yes.” he mumbled. “He said he wasn't sure if it's reality or imagination what he sees... he asked me if he is going insane. And he said he didn't even realise that something in his mind is missing.”

Takuya stared at him in utter shock. “You think that the fever he had and his strange break-down where due to...” he paused. “...because his memory is forcing its way back into his mind?”

Subaru turned around a bit, looking at Tsubasa. “Is that possible?”

Tsubasa smiled weakly. “The human brain is not like a simple box. Sometimes it closes itself up to protect itself. I guess Ryo-kun's mind had filled the empty links with some random information. That's why he never had the feeling that something is actually missing.”

Unbelievable...” Nagase mumbled, rubbing over his head. “As I thought. Something is totally off.”

Sakamoto sighed a bit, looking at the sheets of paper, the ones Takki had found in Ryo's room, and at Takki. “Can you remember any of these things?”

No.” Takki shook his head. “That's all totally new to me.” He rubbed over his head desperately, then he blinked for a moment. “Wait...” he angled for one of the sheets. “Maybe this...”

Nino looked at in surprise. “There is a name on it.”

Yeah...” Takki blinked. “It's the nickname of my mother. I hardly remember her, but from what I remember it's the way my father called her.”

Your father?” Sakamoto blinked in surprise. “So there really happened something?”

Could you give us more information?” Yoko asked curiously.

Takki sighed when a bunch of curious eyes was looking at him now. He had never been too fond of talking about his parents. Just slightly he wondered if it would have been better to talk about it, for Ryo's sake. So he took a deep breath. “My mother died early, when she gave birth to Ryo.”

Tsubasa blinked for a moments. “That's why one of the pieces of Ryo's memory says Give me back my wife!

What else?” Takuya wanted to know.

Our father was really strange from then on. He had some weird break-downs, where he couldn't tell apart reality and imagination anymore. He was asking me strange questions sometimes, asking for his wife, mixing up names, sometimes he looked at me as if he was seeing someone else there. Some years later he died.”

How?” Tsubasa wanted to know.

He killed himself.” Takki explained. “Ryo and I found him.”

Yoko rubbed over his head. “Okay... that's what I call complicated.” he turned towards Tsubasa. “Sensei, you are a psychologist right? Please take a look at Ryo's notes. Maybe you will find something.”

Tsubasa looked down at the small notes, his expression concentrated and nervous. “Okay...” he mumbled. “some of them are like dialogues or rather things someone said to Ryo. I guess that none of these phrases are things he said. This for example.” he pointed at the sheet of paper with Die! on it. “Or sometimes there is even his name on it. Someone was talking to him.” He shook his head. “I think the most interesting part is this.” Give me back my wife... What happened? Why are you looking at me like that, Ryo?

Yoko blinked. “You mean it was one and the same person? Maybe the father?”

Maybe.” Tsubasa mumbled. He paused for a moment. “Here is another sheet of paper, it got stuck with one of the other notes.” He pulled the two notes apart, then he blinked. Ryo? Why are you lying on the floor? What are you doing here, Dad?

Takki was up his feet immediately, snatching away the note. “That's something I said!”

Eh?” Yoko blinked. “You are sure.”

100 percent.” Takki said firmly. “Here the note isn't finished. I'm okay. I just dropped to the ground. That's what Ryo answered.”

You have to be kidding us.” Takuya mumbled.

But...” Kame looked at them in irritation. “ that's why Ryo-kun ran away?”

Well...” Jun tilted his head. “It's like he tried to escape from his own memory, right?”

Exactly, Jun.” Tsubasa nodded his head.

But why is Yamapi with him?” Kame blinked a bit.

Yoko smiled slightly, angling for his laptop. “I guess my guys already worked on the voices of the surveillance camera. We'll see...”


The quite blur version of Yamapi grabbed Ryo's arm. “Please... don't do something stupid.”

But I...”

Yamapi took Ryo's hand, pulling him with him. “Let's go. I have an idea.”


Ryo-chan?” Yamapi sat down next to Ryo, leaning against the latter. “And now?”

Ryo sighed. “How many days have passed already?”

I have no idea.”

Ryo rubbed over his head, still fighting against his headache and the pieces of memory that were hitting his mind every now and then. “What should we do now?”

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