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Azure Chapter 2

Title: Azure Chapter 2 A matter of humanity
Pairing: Pin, JunxSho, Ryox?  (It was a really close decision... but Takki got one vote more than Kame and two more than Ueda)
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: AU, angst, romance, fantasy
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: It's a dark night when Yamapi meets him: Jin, a mysterious guy lying on the street, unconscious. But who is this guy he carries home? What is he? What's the secret behind his being? After one night he is gone...and Yamapi is left alone with all his questions. Born as a Hunter, Pi shouldn't question his life... but he can't help it. He has always been different... He takes the risk and leaves for a journey which might not have an end.
Meanwhile Jin struggles for his own destiny... together with his brother Ryo and his friend Jun. But how far are they allowed to go? Trying to pass the borders of their existence they try to find the truth... and their fate.
Can you decide on your own destiny?
NOTE: For everyone who hasn't read the Prequel (requested by agustin1982 ), you'll find it HERE

Yamapi’s heart was hammering against his chest. Slowly he felt how his strength was disappearing, ever muscle aching already, his feet trembling…they were hardly able to carry him anymore and the pregnant woman he was holding in his arms. His eyes were wide opened because of the high pressure and the high effort. As a Hunter he was used to physical exertion, but this here was too much, even for a strong and sportive guy like him.

He knew it, he felt it that he slowly approached this moment where he would simply drop down to the ground, giving up. Just that he couldn’t. What about the woman’s life? And the baby? They would be killed… So giving up was not a possibility. Just that he couldn’t even move properly anymore, his legs heavy like metal.

But again, it was this desperate moment where he almost gave up, his feelings overwhelming him, when something started to beat inside him again… There was this strange feeling…again. Like before when he had searched for the woman. It was as if it cleaned him from all the unnecessary feeling, the things that stopped him from being concentrated… from staying focused. Suddenly not giving up was not only not an opportunity anymore, it was also impossible.

Yamapi didn’t even question it… his mind slowly reaching another sphere. His mind felt so clear, his eyes working better than usual, his ears hearing better. He could not only hear but also sense the other men’s steps around him, perfectly able to localize them. The sound of faintness rushing inside his ears was gone, his ears were suddenly working perfectly. Too perfect. It was different. Even in this situation where he was saving this woman and running for his own life, he felt it…that something was different. As if he wasn’t himself. As if it wasn’t him carrying this woman but another man… something suddenly slipping into his body and controlling him… leading him, saving him. The woman in his arms weighed close to nothing suddenly…she was light like a feather.

When he wanted to disappear into the forest his legs carried him to another place… to a stony area full of cliffs. Why? This were his legs, why didn’t they listen to him? As if someone was forcing him to move to this place, manipulating him. But Pi wasn’t sure what it was. It was like his senses were leading him, his instincts. Something he didn’t know was inside him, something he actually didn’t have. With that Pi’s eyes widened. Exactly… This was not himself! Well, it was himself, but the senses leading him weren’t his. They had awakened suddenly in this moment of desperation. Pi glanced down at his necklace. He was moving like a Vampire.

Like a Vampire…

A powerful one...

What was with this necklace?

But before he could think any further the magic suddenly stopped and he was himself again. His eyes widened in shock when these sharp instincts disappeared out of a sudden. What… the necklace was leaving him alone now? In such a situation? Right at the moment when he wanted to turn back and run back to the forest, there was a hand appearing from above him. Pi blinked up at the cliff, seeing a man leaning down, panic in his eyes. He was older than Pi was… and Pi gasped in surprise. He was a Hunter! A Hunter who was helping him and this pregnant Vampire-woman. This was the reason why the necklace led him to this place and pulled its power away again once he reached it. Because he was safe here… another Hunter would save him. Without even thinking any further he grasped the other's arm, tightening his grip to let himself being pulled up, hoping that this man, who worked at the same side like he did, might help him, might know some answers…


“Ryo?” Jin peeked into his brother’s room, blinking when he only found it empty. He curled his nose a bit, trying to gather the scent inside the room. It smelled like summer breeze, ocean and mint. It was his brother’s scent. Definitely. And it was not only a bit of it in the air, it was clearly lying everywhere around him. Jin frowned. Ryo had been here… till the very last moment, till he had heard his brother’s footsteps.

Jin fought back the slight anger he felt at that, knowing that Ryo might had his reasons for leaving his room before they met. Jin looked around a bit, there was no way Ryo could have left through the door. He smiled a bit, with one swift movement he had jumped on the window sill, sitting there like a wild cat, sharp eyes scanning the area. Ryo was good with not leaving any traces, so it was merely Jin’s instinct that made him jump from the window towards the roof, slender fingers grabbing the rough material of the wall to have a better halt. When he had reached the top of it, his sharp eyes immediately caught him.


Ryo’s eyes didn’t even show the mere hint that he felt surprised or shocked that Jin had found him. His lips curled up into one short smile towards his older brother, before it faded away again.

It was a cloudy and cold day, perfect for them to stay outside. Not that the sun did any harm to them… but the warmth of it was bothersome and made their reflexes slower than usual. They liked to avoid it. The night was saver after all. Jin eyed a drawing block lying next to Ryo, a pencil right next to it.

“You had been painting?” Jin asked softly, sitting down next to his brother.

“Yes.” The answer came like a breeze, almost silently, but still sounding husky.

“What did you paint?”

“Nothing…” a small smile appeared on Ryo’s lips. “I painted an absolutely nothing. Like always. It’s nothing…”

Jin frowned a bit at that answer. Like so often he had no clue what Ryo was talking about. So he merely tilted his head, answering… nothing.

“You stayed away for over a month.” Ryo suddenly turned his face towards the older one, eyes wide opened, staring at Jin inscrutably, but Jin saw a short sparkle in them… a reproachful one.

Sorry.” Jin smiled a bit. “You were waiting, right?”

“It’s okay…” Ryo’s gaze drifted to something far away. “I have all the time until this planet stops moving. What’s a month compared to forever...”

Jin looked at the other insistently. It sounded like something random and unimportant, but still...also so sad. Jin sighed a bit. Throughout the years he had learned to read the signs in the other’s face and he was pretty sure that Ryo still sounded reproachfully, almost angry. At least to Jin he sounded like that. He raised his hand a bit, moving over Ryo’s cheek with the back of his hand. He could feel Ryo relaxing under his touch – it had always been like that and Jin was sure that it would never change. There was this special bond between them after all. “I had a sudden business to follow.” he explained warily, not wanting to give away what exactly had happened. Especially not that he had found this strange guy… Tomohisa.

The edges of Ryo’s lips twitched slightly, for a moment Jin thought that the other might smile, but in the end he didn’t. With that Jin knew that he could stop apologizing or explaining, Ryo either understood or didn’t want to hear any more excuses. Instead of reacting to Jin’s words, Ryo’s eyes pinned to Jin’s chest. “Your necklace.” It sounded more like a statement than a question.

“I’ll try to handle my life without it from now on.” Jin explained simply. “It might be difficult for me… but I’m strong enough. I shouldn’t rely on it anymore.”

“Maybe.” Ryo mused, a thoughtful tune in his voice. “But maybe it’s also good to rely on something occasionally.”

Before Jin could answer he felt another vampire’s presence around them. He stiffened visibly, before he relaxed almost immediately. The slight scent of oranges, cacao and summer storm was lying in the air. Jun… And really a few moments later the tall guy with the dark curly hair appeared next to them. “Are you guys celebrating a secret party?”

Jin smiled at that. “Can’t you see how much we are celebrating? Get the absinthe ready?”

Totally.” Jun grinned, sitting down next to Jin. “I like it when it gets cloudy.” he stated.

“Me too.” Jin stretched a bit, looking up at the sky without having to feel the difficulties of the sun.

“And you Ryo?” Jun tried to involve Ryo non-chalantly.

A frown appeared between Ryo’s eyes when he looked up at the sky. “I like the sun.” he finally said.

“Eh?” Jin blinked. “Why?”

“It makes things alive.” Ryo smiled weakly. “Flowers, leaves, people…”

“People?” Jun sneered, pulling an eyebrow up. “You mean… Human beings?”

Ryo turned his head a bit, for a moment his eyes had an provoking expression, but the sparkle was gone almost immediately. “Yes, Humans. Is it that bad not to hate them?”

“Well, many of them are bad…” Jin mused. “That’s why it’s forbidden for us to intervene with them. Why even going through the trouble to make Human friends or lovers?”

“I agree.” An almost hatred glance appeared in Jun’s eyes. “You can forget all of them. They are bad.”

Ryo stretched a bit, his fingers playing with his drawing block. “You know… some years ago everyone still believed that the world we live in is flat. But it’s not flat. It’s round and moves and turns around.”

Jin blinked for a moment, wishing that once in a while Ryo would simply tell them what he was thinking instead of giving them such cryptic answers. But despite this complaint Jin couldn’t help it… he had to answer to these statements of Ryo or ask for more. It was as if something was pushing him to do so. “You mean we shouldn’t generalize all of them?” he asked. “Not all Human Beings are bad. Is it this you wanted to say? That some of them are good?”

“They are round.” Ryo mused. “And move and turn. They are not flat…”

Jun rolled his eyes at that. Ryo still made him shiver sometimes. This guy was so strange and cryptic. What kind of vampire had such thoughts? Jun sighed a bit. Ryo was difficult… but to his own surprise he had learned to live with it. Ryo’s way of handling things didn’t bother him anymore, it just took him aback sometimes. “I still can’t stand the sun.” he told the other bluntly. “It makes us feel weak.”

Ryo’s gaze shifted from the sky to Jun. His eyes looked tired out of a sudden. “It makes us feel alive.” he finally mumbled.

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