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Welcome myself ^^

Okay... apparently... I have this lj account now ^^ 

And I'm not really sure what to do now *laughs* 

Okay... about me:
I'm into nearly every Johnny group - I especially love Senpais, Dai-Senpais and also the younger bands XD I go for Eitos and NewS - and sometimes also for Kat-tun. And I follow Hey!Say!Jump.

But my four favourite bands are definitely Kanjani, NewS, Tackey&Tsubasa and Smap^^
For more information take a look at my profile^^

What else? I'm totally addicted to jdramas - I just love them ^^

As for music: Besides Johnnys I like Gackt, Flumpool, Tohoshinki, Speed, Kalafina, AAA, Abingdon Boys School, Girl Next Door etc.
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