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Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 27

Title: Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 27: Apologies
Pairing: RyoJin, Ohno/Aiba, KimuShingo, Takki/Sakamoto, Sakumiya, Nagase/Koichi and one-sided Miyake/Sakamoto, PiKame or TegoPi? Jun/Uchi
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: The drama reaches its last round... What will happen when the brothers try to find out the truth? Everything turns into the wrong direction when Ryo finally realizes what's lying deep inside his mind...

“You are such an idiot!” Kame almost cried.
Jun blinked at that, wondering a bit. Who would have thought that Kame could be that fierce. He looked at Uchi but the latter just shrugged a bit. He hadn’t seen the other like that either.
“Well…” Jun sighed a bit, grabbing Uchi’s hand and pulling him out of the room. “We’ll let you two alone.”
“Will we?” Uchi blinked, feeling a bit reluctant. Kame and Pi fighting was way too interesting.
Jun smirked, closing the door behind him. Then he grabbed Uchi’s hips. “I’ll distract you.” he promised. “You won’t be interested in these two at all…”
Uchi smiled a bit. “Sounds promising…” he admitted, allowing Jun to pull him along to leave the other two alone.
“Sorry.” Yamapi looked at Kame sheepishly.
Kame brushed through his hair desperately. “You even told me that you were going to a basketball competition. I was so worried, really!”
Yamapi sighed nervously. “I’m so sorry, Kazu. Really. I don’t know what else to say.”
Kame sighed. “Why didn’t you tell me? I would have come with you…” he said, sounding a bit disappointed.
“OH…” Yamapi blinked in surprise. “Believe me… It wasn’t planned. Actually I was really panicking… Ryo was looking so drained during the last days that I didn’t know what to do. And when I saw him standing there on the roof top I really thought he would jump.” He paused here, smiling sadly. “And then I met him in the park. And he had this strange expression… again. That’s why my mind simply snapped…”
Kame blinked for a moment. “Okay then…” he smiled. “I can live with that.”
“You can?”
“Sure… I thought you didn’t want me with you.” he admitted.
“Don’t be silly.” Yamapi almost sounded angry. “I always want you with me.”
“Really?” Kame looked at the other insistently and hopefully. Then he stood up again, walking towards Pi. He raised his hand a bit, brushing over Pi’s hair and over his face. “Tomo…” he mumbled, blushing a bit. His fingers moved over the other’s lips now. Pi didn’t even move, but he also didn’t push him away. “Is it okay?” Kame asked almost shyly.
Pi nodded his head. He was still too surprised to say or do anything… Kame’s change of attitude came so sudden that he was totally overwhelmed. One moment later he could feel warm lips on his, kissing him softly.
Ryo stretched a bit when he woke up the next day. Spending the night in his own bed was so amazing. He sighed almost contently before the realisation of what happened the last days hit him again. With that he sat up, realising that he somehow had to face the rest of his family too… not only Takki and Takuya. He sighed a bit, grabbing his clothes and sneaking to the bathroom, glad that no one was on the second floor right now. He smiled contently when he felt the warm water of the shower on his skin, making him feel a bit more comfortable. When he padded out of the shower he almost jumped back, gripping his head in utter shock. Here it was again… He could see blood on the floor and on his father’s arms. Somewhere in his mind he could hear a kid crying…it sounded like him.
Ryo bit his lips, taking a deep breath to get his senses together again. His determination started to grow. One part of him was feeling afraid of the promise he made towards Takki last night, but on the other side he was also feeling so relieved. Finally he would face his problems…and he wouldn’t be alone while doing it.
Ryo looked around a bit when he came into the living room, smiling shyly when he found Nino sitting on the sofa. The latter grabbed his younger brother’s arm, pulling him down on the sofa as well. “Hey, my lovely, complicated brother.” Nino grinned. “I’m glad to have you back again. It was so silent here. Nothing to worry about. Everything calm and soothing. No loud arguments. Too calm if you ask me”
Ryo sighed a bit when he heard the reproachful tune of Nino’s voice. “Sorry.” Ryo told him, not sure anymore how often he had already apologized till now. He also wasn’t sure how often he still had to apologize.
Nino smiled at him, tousling his hair. “It’s okay. We all have our desperate moments here and there, right? Just don’t let it get you again.”
Ryo looked at him thankfully. “I promise.” he reassured his brother, a smile popping up on his face. The first one since days.
Nino grinned impishly. “Actually I think you are pretty lucky.”
“Why?” the younger one wanted to know, feeling a bit surprised.
Nino laughed a bit, pushing one of his fingers into Ryo’s cheek, poking and teasing him like that. “Because Takki is determined to solve everything… which is definitely good.” Nino grinned. “He doesn’t even want to ground you.”
“So I’m really safe?”
“Not entirely.” Nino grinned. “Subaru is desperate to get you into some important psychology talk.”
Ryo sighed a bit. There were better things than Subaru trying to solve someone’s problems. But then he wasn’t really in the position to complain. And Subaru wasn’t exactly the biggest punishment of all, Ryo had to admit. It could even be interesting.
Nino watched him a bit, then he grinned. “By the way, I changed my novel.”
“Eh?” Ryo blinked about the sudden change of topic and also about the information itself. “But you were so confident about it.”  He looked at Nino curiously, allowing his older brother to hug him without complaining and wriggling too much.
“Hmm…yes I was. But I thought of something better with Sho-kun. Now I’m confident.”
“What are you writing about?” Ryo wanted to know.
A soft smile appeared on Nino’s face, though there was also a mischievous glance in his eyes. “Us.” He stated simply. “I think our family is worth a novel.”
“Really?” Ryo looked at Nino piercingly, then he giggled a tiny bit. “Wow. Sho-kun must be really something…”
“What?” Nino blinked.
“Every time you say his name your eyes sparkle.” Ryo teased.
“Hey…” Nino complained, half annoyed, half amused. “You are in no position to tease anyone here…”
Ryo blinked. “Why?”
“Because your eyes sparkle too sometimes.” Nino grinned, but not saying any more, no matter how much Ryo was asking him about it.
“Hey…” Ryo looked at Takki, blushing a bit. He still felt a bit awkward around him, this time it was his own fault though for running away from home like that.
Takuya blinked at that for a moment, then a grin appeared on his face. “You two are really something…” he said, not able to hide his amusement.
“Come, Ryo-chan. Sit down.” Subaru pulled the younger one to the kitchen table, forcing him to sit down.
“Breakfast?” Nino asked almost hopefully.
Three pairs of air were looking at him in utter shock, just Ryo smiled a bit, remembering how much he had missed Nino’s awful cooking when he was sleeping outside with Yamapi. Nino placed a big bowl of… something… on the table. Definitely cereals… fruits… and some other unrecognizable things. Subaru and Takki gulped a bit at that, while Takuya just leaned back, obviously planning to fight Nino here… by not eating what he cooked. To his luck he wasn’t only older than Nino but also more intimidating. Nino would have rather thrown the whole thing away before trying to force Takuya to eat it. Just Ryo took a fork, taking some of the cereal-fruit-whatever mix and swallowing down.
He smiled contently. “I so missed that!” he admitted happily.
Subaru pulled his eyebrows up in surprise. “You did?”
“So you like it?” Nino chirped.
“No.” Ryo beamed. “It’s so awful… but when Yamapi and I were outside… I thought that I would even prefer Nino’s cooking.” He sighed a bit, putting his fork aside and looking at his brothers. Then he bowed a bit. “Sorry.” He said. “I’m so sorry for worrying you like that.”
Takuya blinked for a moment. “It’s okay.” he stuttered, feeling a bit embarrassed for maybe the first time in his life.
“Yes.” Subaru nodded his head smiling a bit. “It was stupid but it’s okay… But you don’t have to sacrifice yourself by eating Nino’s food.”
The others laughed a bit at that, earning them an angry glance from Nino. But then he smiled. “I already told you it’s okay…”
“Me too.” Takki smiled, twinkling a bit towards Ryo.
“Yes.” Takuya grinned. “But the next time you run away from home like that we’ll lock you into your room till you are 80.”
Nino grinned a bit. “Could we please also do that with Aiba-chan? Honestly… he is so lovey-dovey recently…”
Subaru rolled his eyes. “You have to talk…”
Half an hour later Ryo came to the living room again, his jacket in his hand. He tilted his head a bit. “I left some things at Yamapi’s house yesterday…”
“Sure.” Takuya nodded his head. “We’ll find someone who can drive you today.” He sighed a bit. “I can’t. I have to go to work. But maybe Sakamoto-kun?”
“Eh?” Nino pulled an eyebrow up. “I thought we didn’t want to punish Ryo-chan…”
Ryo giggled a bit at that, knowing that not all of them were feeling really comfortable around Sakamoto. But he and Takki did.
“Somehow he is right…” Subaru sighed. “I will never understand why you and Takki are so into this guy…”
On Ryo’s face there appeared a very rare soft smile. “He helped us a lot…” he explained. “…through times that were really dark…”
“We know that.” Takuya smiled. “He is a good guy.”
“Just a bit creepy sometimes…” Nino admitted. “So inscrutable…”
“Oh.” Ryo blinked a bit. “I guess that’s because of his son…”
“He had a son?”
“Yes.” Ryo looked at them warily. “He died many years ago. In an accident…”
“Really!?” Subaru blurt out in surprise. “Poor man…” he sighed a bit. “Really…one never really learns everything about a person.” He glared a bit when Takki came into the room. “Takki…” he complained.
“Hm?” Takki blinked a bit.
“You and Ryo are really able to keep a secret.” Subaru grumbled.
“Just forget it.” Takuya laughed. “We were just talking about who could drive Ryo to Yamapi’s house so that he can get the things he forgot there.”
“Oh, I can drive you.” Takki smiled.
“Ryo-chan!” Yamapi jumped down the stairs, hugging his friend tightly. Then he grabbed his arm, pulling him upstairs. “Here…” he smiled. “Kame and I already searched for your stuff…”
“Yes.” Kame nodded his head. “It wasn’t that much. But I guess you and Takki-san were already so tired yesterday that you didn’t think about your stuff.”
Ryo smiled thankfully, then he bowed a bit towards Kame. “Sorry for bothering you.”
“Ah.” Kame blinked in surprise. “No…it’s okay. Really.” he stuttered.
“Did you come with Takki-kun?” Yamapi wanted to know.
“Yes.” Ryo nodded his head. “He is drinking some tea with Tsubasa-kun right now.” He paused a bit, knowing that Takki was asking for Tsubasa’s help. He was a therapist after all… and maybe he would be able to help Ryo. “They are talking about several things.” he smiled. “Otherwise I would have come with the bus…”
“You are not grounded?” Yamapi blinked in surprise.
“No.” Ryo sounded almost bothered.
“WHAT!?” Pi called out in surprise, glaring a bit. “Why am I grounded and you are not!?”
Kame giggled a bit at that. “Don’t worry. You have me after all…”
Pi blushed a bit at that, then he smiled. “Okay… that’s something after all.”
Ryo giggled a bit, before he got earnest again. “It would have been easier if they had punished me. But they want to solve my problems.”
“Is everything alright at home?” Yamapi asked carefully.
Ryo considered this question for a moment, then he sighed a bit. “Not really…” he admitted honestly. “But we are working on it.”

A/N: I guess most of you already realized that this is slowly reaching its end, right?
Just a few chapters left...

Note: Hey dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support!! So, I wanted to tell you that my Request Post is open. If you feel like requesting a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE

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