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Azure Chapter 3

Title: Azure  (Sequel to my Destiny One-shot)  Chapter 3 (of 19): A matter of intimacy
Pairing: Pin, Sakumoto, TakkiRyo
Rating:  R
Genre: AU, angst, romance, fantasy
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: It's a dark night when Yamapi meets him: Jin, a mysterious guy lying on the street, unconscious. But who is this guy he carries home? What is he? What's the secret behind his being? After one night he is gone...and Yamapi is left alone with all his questions. Born as a Hunter, Pi shouldn't question his life... but he can't help it. He has always been different... He takes the risk and leaves for a journey which might not have an end.
Meanwhile Jin struggles for his own destiny... together with his brother Ryo and his friend Jun. But how far are they allowed to go? Trying to pass the borders of their existence they try to find the truth... and their fate.
Can you decide on your own destiny?
NOTE: For everyone who hasn't read the Prequel (requested by [info]agustin1982 ), you'll find it HERE

Pi sighed in relief when the weight of the woman on his back suddenly was gone. He looked up just to see the man holding her tightly, whispering soft words into her ear. There was clear panic in his voice, and fear, the way only a person could look or sound when he or she almost lost something important. Apparently the Vampire woman was important…
Pi’s eyes widened at that. Was he… the still to be born child’s father? How? Why? He was a Hunter after all… and in love with a Vampire?
Pi’s feet trembled a bit when they started to walk away from this fearful place and he was glad when the man grabbed his arm to stop him from stumbling. “A quite long walk lies before us … Are you okay?”
“Sure.” Pi smiled warily, wondering what the heck he got himself into right now. Who knew if this man was really good? What if it was a trap? But then Pi shook his head slightly… his own instinct told him that it wasn’t something like that. The way the man was holding the woman’s arm, the way she was leaning against him, the way her eyes gleamed when she looked at him, the way he had been able to calm her down almost immediately. This was too real to be a trap.
The man had been right though. The way was long. Or maybe it wasn’t, but for someone who had just ran for his life and for the life of someone else, every meter was long. Pi’s heart made a relieved jump when they suddenly reached an area far away from the civilized cities. It was a small… Pi searched for a word, he couldn’t call it town after all, because it wasn’t one… it was more like an oasis. Pi didn’t even know that there was a place like this here. They were in the middle of a stony desert after all, the fertile forests lying far behind them. He looked around, eyes widening when he saw the wide lake and the little houses. There was everything a population needed, just… that it seemed so unreal, as if it was part of another sphere.
“I know how you feel.” The man smiled a bit. “It looks strange at the first sight. This here is… a safe place. Not many know that it exists… that’s why it’s so important for us. No matter how far we travel or to which places we go or where we live occasionally, we know that we can always return to this place.” He looked at him insistently. “I want her to have the chance to give birth to our baby in safety.” His face grew pale. “I almost failed…”
“You didn’t fail.” It was the first time Pi could see and hear her voice for real. Her voice sounded like the little bells of the shrines he and his grand-father were always visiting when he was small. The bells… singing in the wind. The scared expression on her face was gone, she had recovered quickly, now her fingers were closed tightly around the man’s hand, eyes looking at him softly. She was so damn beautiful that it took Pi’s breath away. “I was careless. But we were lucky…” she smiled a bit at Pi and for a moment he thought that the sun was shining right out of her face. Strange. Right in front of him there was standing a Vampire and the only thing he could compare her with was the sun. They avoided the sun normally because it made them weaker and slower, more human. As if it was pulling away their energy.
He bowed a bit. “Don’t even mention it.” he stuttered, blushing a bit.
The man grinned. “You have to deal with the fact that we’ll be entirely thankful to you. You saved my wife and baby after all.” He smiled at Pi warmly. “My name is Kimura Takuya by the way. And that’s my wife Mika.”
“Yamashita Tomohisa” Pi repeated, blushing a bit by the intensity of the other’s aura. He took a deep breath. “You are also a Hunter, right?”
Kimura tilted his head, inspecting the figure in front of him. “Yes.”
“Why…” Pi looked at him, all the questions he had been suppressing till now, the ones he had had his whole life and the ones that were awakened when he had met Jin, coming to the surface of his eyes. “Why are we different?” he whispered.
It was the second time he saw him at that place. The almost fragile figure moving through a wide field of flowers, black hair curling around his neck and face, dark eyes piercing the area. It should be a beautiful picture, and actually it was, but somehow it was also sad. Takki tilted his head slightly, walking away from the place he was standing at, slowly following this dark-haired guy through the field. The other didn’t react, apparently he hadn’t realized his presence, but something in the way he moved… these swinging steps he was taking, as if he was dancing a secret dance… told Takki that he knew someone else was around him. And really the guy suddenly stopped in his moves, turning around with a swift movement. Takki felt how a breeze stroked over his face when the other was looking at him. His eyes were dark like the night, an inscrutable expression lying in them. His skin too pale for him to be human. He had strong features, but the way he was looking at him, the way his full lips were slowly moving with every breath he took, the way his slender fingers were holding a flower…it was beautiful. Simply beautiful in a sensitive and melancholic way.
Before Takki could open his lips to say something the guy had already turned around again, continuing his walk. The other blinked at that, but he couldn’t help it… his feet were moving on his own and he just couldn’t stop following the stranger.
“You are following me…”
Takki was surprised himself when the other suddenly spoke out loud. His voice should have cut the atmosphere into pieces, but it didn’t. It rather sing-songed along with the wind. Takki couldn’t help but smile at that. It wasn’t really about the guy’s pretty appearance but rather about the picture he painted by simply standing there in middle of the wind… right in front of him. “Yes.” Takki smiled warmly.
Takki tilted his head a bit. “Because you fit into the picture.”
Apparently the answer had surprised the guy. Takki wasn’t used to people understanding the cryptic answers he sometimes gave. His friends called him too smart occasionally or too philosophical. Takki himself didn’t think that his answers were complicated or cryptic, but why did he need to voice everything completely? There was more to a statement or an answer than just the words themselves. For him it was like a game…he liked to see the surprised faces of the persons he was talking to, or the embarrassment of someone who didn’t understand what he meant. This time he was surprised himself by the answer he got… The guy merely looked up at the sky, a short smile curling up around his lips when he looked at the sun. “I do fit into the picture?” he asked to make sure.
Takki smiled at that. “Yes.”
“Hey Sho… could you look after Ken-chan for a moment?”
Sho turned around a bit, smiling at his sister and her 5-year old son. “Of course Eri.” He took the boy’s hand into his, showing him a bright smile. “Men have to stick together after all.”
The boy smiled proudly to be announced as a man while Eri laughed cheerfully. But soon her expression got earnest again. “You are looking tired recently… Everything okay? Are you sleeping properly?”
Sho bit down on his tongue at that. He did sleep… but just when he wasn’t lying next to Jun or under Jun… or whatever… And even when he wasn’t spending the night in Jun’s bedroom he couldn’t sleep too well, pictures of Jun’s amazing body and his beautiful face hunting him all the time. But not only that, there was also more… the wish to see him smile, to hear Jun’s laugh, to have him open up. But there was no way he could tell that Eri of course. “I’m alright.” He showed her his best business smile. “I’m just working a lot recently.”
Sometimes Sho felt sick… and at the same time he felt too thankful and hyper to feel it. Feelings were never that simple and though Sho knew that Jun might never see him as more than just a toy, he couldn't leave him. Not that simply. Jun wasn’t the type you got rid off… he was the type who would get rid off you!
“Look, Uncle Sho!” Ken-chan's voice pulled him out of his thoughts. The boy showed him a few shells.
“You found them at the beach?” Sho smiled.
Ken shook his head. “They were in the water. But a guy with dark hair helped me.” he chirped.
Sho's eyes widened immediately. Guy. Dark hair. It couldn't be... “A tall guy? With curley black hair?”
“No.” Ken giggled. “He was just as short as you are.”
Sho pulled an eyebrow up, scolding Ken slightly for his impoliteness. At the same time his heart felt strangely heavy. Had he really hoped that it was Jun?
It was already dawning when Sho walked back to his house. He sighed a bit, deciding to take the way over the beach. He had always liked it here... it felt safe and beautiful to be here. He stiffened suddenly when he felt someone's gaze on his back. He felt it. Definitely. Someone was looking at him. For a moment Sho recalled what he had learned about self-defence but then he blinked. He knew this glance. It was Jun.
Sho's heart jumped faster at that. Actually he should have felt uncomfortable that a Vampire was following him right now, but he just couldn't feel panicked. He merely felt his heart beating faster. He held his breath, trying to ignore the dizzy feeling inside him, but before he could walk on he could feel Jun's hand on his chest, holding him back.
Every time Sho planned to make it more difficult for Jun to get him, but the moment he felt the other's touches, he couldn't help it. Jun was able to totally break this wall around him. Also this time the latter's hands moved down over Sho's chest, lips kissing an exposed neck and a hand rubbing against his crotch.
It was heated and strong, like always. Because Jun was heated and strong. Sho felt his back pushed against a wall, arms wrapping around Jun's neck while he let the other take him for how long and for how rough he wanted to. He clenched his fingers to Jun's back, wrapping one of his legs around his hips to press them closer to each other. He threw his head back when the pain inside him slowly lessened and he felt a wave of lust rushing through his body. It was rare that he could look directly into Jun's eyes while they were doing it and Sho totally took advantage of this possibility now. He remembered something he had heard from his father many years ago…before he had died: Looking into someone’s eyes while having sex was supposed to be one of the most intimate things one could do. If the person didn’t look away…
Sho’s heart was beating faster out of a sudden, because Jun didn’t shove his glance away. He could look into his eyes directly. Jun's eyes...he had never seen something that beautiful before. Sparkling and hot and angry and lustful and full of emotions. Somewhere far away in his mind Sho felt a tiny rise of hope. After all Jun was always seeking him out. For sex, yes. But if it was only about that, why didn't he go for someone else? At least he had something he liked about Sho and even if it was just their steaming sex... at least it was one point.


A/N: I had a few days off and finished this Multi-chap ^^ So I hope I can post more regularly now XD

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