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Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 28

Title: Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 28: Hints
Pairing: RyoJin, Ohno/Aiba, KimuShingo, Takki/Sakamoto, Sakumiya, Nagase/Koichi and one-sided Miyake/Sakamoto, PiKame or TegoPi? Jun/Uchi
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: The drama reaches its last round... What will happen when the brothers try to find out the truth? Everything turns into the wrong direction when Ryo finally realizes what's lying deep inside his mind...

“Do we really have to do that?” Takuya pretended to complain, though he couldn’t hide a soft smile. “Inviting Shingo-kun for dinner… Really, what are you thinking?”

Ryo grinned for a moment before he saw how Subaru and Takki were exchanging some meaningful glances. He frowned. So there really was more about Takuya and Shingo? But before he could ask any curious questions, Nino interrupted him. He smiled at his brothers. “Want me to prepare some snacks?”

“No thanks.” Takuya did his best to sound polite.

“We…” Subaru tried to hide his amusement. “…already asked Aiba…”

“Yes.” Takki nodded his head, patting Nino’s shoulder. “Really… sorry. But Aiba just wanted to cook for us so much.”

“Yes.” Takuya grinned a bit. “He almost begged us to cook for us…”

Nino glared at his brothers, grabbing a broom to clean the living room instead. “Idiots.” He grumbled.

Ryo grinned secretly, before he pointed at the table. “We forgot a plate for Jin…”

“Jin?” Subaru rolled his eyes a bit. “How could we! Especially since we didn’t know he drops by.”

Takuya grinned slightly. “Really Subaru… you didn’t expect him? This guy is hardly leaving our house recently!”

“Why should he?” Ryo blinked in confusion. “He is always welcome, right?”

“Yeah.” Subaru chuckled. “And recently he is especially welcome…”

“Almost ever day.” Takki smiled a bit.

“Is that a problem?” Ryo hissed out angrily.

“Not at all.” Takuya grinned, feeling relieved to have some parts of his snarky brother back. “We are just wondering…”

“About what?”

Subaru rolled his eyes. “About my oblivious younger brother.” he teased, not making it sure whom he meant. Ryo or Nino. But Ryo was pretty sure that Nino was not the oblivious type of guy…
Shingo stretched a bit when he searched for the toilet. Takuya’s house was gorgeous, he thought. And he was overly happy that he had been invited for dinner. He was just about to leave actually… their little dinner party was already going since hours and his heart made a little jump when he thought about how nice Takuya was towards him. Shingo sighed happily, when his eyes caught a little figure sneaking through the corridor. “Ryo-kun?”

Ryo sighed in annoyance. “So you saw me…”

Shingo frowned, then he grinned brightly. “What…are you and Jin-kun still having a secret, little sleepover party…though you are still not over the past sleepless nights? ” he tilted his head. “I thought Jin-kun had already left.”

Ryo knitted his eyebrows. “I don’t know what you are saying…”

Shingo chuckled, twinkling a bit. “Well, it’s not like I’m saying anything special….”

“Eh?” Ryo blinked “What?”

“Well I’m still young myself. I understand that you want to have some fun and relax a bit” Shingo smiled brightly. “Besides that I didn’t see anything… you just came out of the bathroom right?”

Ryo grinned a bit, secretly thinking that this Shingo was really likeable. “Right.”

Shingo smiled when he saw how the boy looked at him thankfully. He was about to walk into the bathroom, when Ryo suddenly remembered something. “Shingo-kun?”


Ryo shifted around a bit, feeling rather embarrassed. “Thanks.” He finally said shyly. “I know you helped a lot to find me. My brothers told me that Yokoyama-kun is your friend…”

Shingo smiled warmly, making a dismissive gesture with his hands. “Forget that already.” His voice sounded a bit husky, since he felt a bit embarrassed himself. Then he wavered slightly, not sure how to start. But since they were already on it, he decided to give it a try. He had wanted to talk to Ryo about something since days already… “You know…” he smiled a bit. “I know it’s really difficult to talk sometimes.”

“Eh…” Ryo blinked before he blushed a bit. “It is.” He finally agreed carefully.

“And not everything that bothers us we can tell someone really close to us. I don’t mean the really big problems, rather the small ones, like love problems and other stuff.” Shingo tried to explain. “Maybe you should search for a friend… or a teacher… someone you trust, but someone you are not too close with. So that it’s easier for you to talk then. Instead of keeping too much inside of you. You know, many small problems can become a big one at one point.”

Ryo tilted his head a bit, looking at the other nervously. “Do you think I’m stupid for running away?”

“Nope.” Shingo explained simply.

Ryo sighed in relief, wishing that Takuya would really get together with this guy. He was gorgeous after all. He took a deep breath. “Shingo-kun?”


“Could you be this person for me?” Ryo asked nervously. “Someone I can call and talk to occasionally?”

Shingo blinked for a moment, then he smiled happily. “Of course! Tell me when you want to meet. I would be totally happy to spend some time with you…”

Ryo sighed in relief. “Thanks so much!”

Shingo grinned. “When do you want to meet?”

“Saturday?” Ryo suggested carefully.

Shingo nodded his head. “I’ll check my schedule and tell you then, okay?”

Ryo closed the door of his room happily, jumping on his bed where Jin was lying, eyes half-closed. "I met Shingo." Ryo chirped in a tune that made Jin frown immediately.

"So?" Jin asked.

"He is so cool" Ryo smiled happily. "He said he would meet up with me sometimes, so that I can talk about my problems..."

Jin felt his stomach twisting painfully. "You could talk to me, you know?"

"I know." Ryo stuttered, smiling warily. "But... well... for small things, when I can't talk to someone who is so close to me... You know, when I need an outsider. It's easier to talk then..."

Jin tilted his head, trying to grasp the whole information, then he smiled out of a sudden. "So we are really close?"

"Of course." Ryo blinked in surprise, blushing a bit. "Aren't we?"

Jin grinned brightly, wrapping his arms around Ryo's waist and pulling him closer. Ryo sighed contently, feeling the warmth of the other one rushing through his body. When he was slowly drifting into sleep, he could hear Jin mumble something. Ryo's heart made a jump, because it sounded like 'You are still mine', but then Ryo was already half asleep, so maybe he just had heard it wrong...


“I’ll take my leave” Shingo called out cheerfully. “By the way, could you tell Ryo-kun that Saturday is fine for me?”

Kimura looked at him, his eyes full of surprise. “Ryo?”

“Yeah, I told him to talk about his problems. And if he feels like he isn’t able to talk to someone who is too close to him, he should choose someone else. And when he asked me, I agreed of course.” The glance in his eyes became a bit unsure. He shifted around nervously. It was unusual for him to feel uncomfortable, but he knew quite well that this was a sore topic. “Sorry, I should have asked you guys before. I hope it’s okay?”

Nino found his speech before the others did. He nodded his head earnestly. “It would be a great relief for us. Thank you.”

Subaru watched Shingo as he left. “He is not a bad guy at all, right Takuya?”

Takuya stayed a bit quiet, then he stood up. “Excuse me.”

Shingo turned around when he heard his Sensei’s voice calling his name. He blinked in surprise, wondering what the other man wanted to tell him. Was he mad at him? But to his surprise Takuya grabbed his shoulders, looking directly into his eyes. “Thank you.” He said.
Shingo beamed happily, but before he was able to ramble on again, he could feel Takuya’s hand on his mouth. “Just shut up for a moment.” the older guy told him.

Takuya smiled a bit when he looked into Shingo’s surprised and honest eyes. His heart made a little jump. He grinned teasingly at Shingo. “There is just one condition for this: Don’t talk about my butt all the time.”

Shingo blinked. “What will be…” he asked nervously. “When am I supposed not to talk about your butt?” Then his eyes gleamed in delight, when Takuya grabbed his face and pulled him into a heated kiss.

“Right now for example.” the older one teased.


Ryo yawned a bit when he came downstairs for breakfast. “Morning…”

“Oh.” Nino teased. “One of us is in a gorgeous mood…”

“Oh.” Ryo blinked. “I’m not in a bad mood. Just tired…”

“Yes.” Subaru chuckled. “Let me guess: You didn’t sleep well?”

Ryo frowned at that, deciding that this here was not worth an answer. Instead of it he turned towards Takki. “I’ll go to buy some things for school. Is that alright?”

“Sure. You’ll be back for dinner?”

Ryo eyed him carefully. “Is that really okay?” he stuttered a bit. “I mean…I worried you so much. I was so stupid. Is it okay to let me get away that simple? Isn’t there anything I can do for you?”

There was silence and before any of the others could refuse Ryo’s offer, Takki spoke, smiling softly and a bit shyly. “There is one thing.”

“What?” Ryo wanted to know, his eyes shining curiously and a bit relieved that he might be able to get rid of this guilty feeling. But not only he was looking at Takki curiously, also the others were surprised.

“We want to meet your friends.” Takki looked at him carefully.

Ryo blinked. His friends? Yamapi… Maru… Tegoshi… Ueda… That’s the only thing they wanted from him now. “That’s all?”

Subaru chuckled a bit. “Well…we are talking about YOU. So it’s quite a lot…”


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