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Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 30

Title: Painful Days and Stormy Nights Chapter 30 (31): Love?
Pairing: RyoJin, Ohno/Aiba, KimuShingo, Takki/Sakamoto, Sakumiya, Nagase/Koichi and one-sided Miyake/Sakamoto, PiKame or TegoPi? Jun/Uchi
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, family, friendship, romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: The drama reaches its last round... What will happen when the brothers try to find out the truth? Everything turns into the wrong direction when Ryo finally realizes what's lying deep inside his mind...

Takki blinked when Ryo patted into the kitchen later that day, a cup of tea in his hands. He sat down between Takki and Takuya at the table, nibbling at a piece of bread.

Subaru pulled an eyebrow up. “You are looking great.” he smiled warily. “So…fresh…”

Ryo yawned. “Sorry.” he mumbled. “I didn’t sleep well.”

“Too much partying with Jin?” Nino joked a bit.

“Nope.” Ryo stretched. He paused for a moment, remembering his last meeting with Tsubasa where the latter had given him some advice about how to open up more. He went through these points in his head, taking a deep breath. “I had some bad dreams…”

Takuya blinked at that, before he smiled warmly. “Nightmares?”

Ryo tilted his head a bit. Nightmares?

“Sorry…” Ryo stuttered, helplessly looking down at the pieces of the broken glass he had just knocked down. Before he could even hide, he already felt his father’s hands grabbing his neck and shaking him, before one of his hands hit him hard into his face. It was like he could still taste it. The blood in his mouth.

“I don’t think it was a nightmare.” Ryo yawned tiredly. “More like a piece of my memory…”

Takki stared at the younger one in surprise. It was the first time he talked about this so openly. For a moment he was almost overstrained by it. Just for a moment though. Takki gathered his senses immediately. He smiled at the younger one warmly, deciding to give it a try as long as Ryo was still trying to open up. “What kind of memory?”

Ryo shrugged a bit. “I think our father was hitting me…” he explained randomly.

Takuya stared at Ryo in shock. “What?” he mumbled. He closed his eyes, trying to grasp what Ryo had said. Then he felt it… his anger slowly crawling through his veins, eyes sparkling dangerously. Despite his own shock, Nino couldn't help but watch the older one in interest, thinking that he was one of the very few people who looked totally beautiful when they were angry. Then he sighed himself. He just wished that things wouldn't be so difficult for Ryo and that he could just be a normal teenager.

Takuya turned to face Takki. “Did he abuse you too?”

Takki shook his head, eyes twitching a bit. After all these years and the problems he had had with his brother, he had already expected something like that…but hearing how Ryo actually said it and made it truth was almost overwhelming him.

“Tsubasa-kun said that apparently he got insane after the death of our mother.” Ryo tilted his head a bit. “She died when she gave birth to me. So it was my fault, right?”

Takuya knitted his eyebrows. He put an arm around Ryo’s shoulder. “You don’t believe that, right?”

Ryo shrugged helplessly, not sure how to answer. When Takki tousled his hair a bit he couldn’t hide a smile though. The latter smiled at him warmly. “We’ll make you believe us that nothing was your fault.” He rested his chin against Ryo’s head. “We won’t leave you alone with that…”

“Yep.” Nino nodded his head firmly. “You won’t get rid off us.”

Subaru smiled warmly. “We are like weeds.”

Ryo’s stomach jumped a bit at his brothers’ support. He smiled warily. “And for the rest of the truth?” he asked carefully. “I still can’t remember every detail...”

Subaru smiled warmly at that. “Just take your time. With time and some patience you will understand everything.” Then he coughed a bit, wanting to lighten up his younger brother’s mood. “How about…Nino cooks something for us?”

“Really?” Nino chirped. “I’ll make your favourite dish Ryo!”

Takki smiled a bit. “Okay…”

“Well…” Takuya sighed. “If you all want it that much, I will eat it too.”

“Hey Takuya-Sensei?“

Takuya blinked a bit when Shingo pulled him into a dark corner. The latter had just popped up to help them with Ryo’s party organization. Well… he had his very own definition of helping, Takuya thought when Shingo wrapped his arms around his waist, stroking Takuya’s waist demandingly.

“Forget it.” Takuya smirked a bit. “Tonight we won’t do anything like that…”

Shingo grumbled a bit. “I just can’t resist you.”

Takuya sighed, actually planning to be annoyed…but he just couldn’t. Shingo was simply Shingo. One couldn’t be angry at him. Takuya smiled at the younger one, patting his shoulders and pushing him back into the corridor. “Let’s go.”

“But my plan!” Shingo complained.

Takuya laughed a bit. “We’ll see. Maybe later…” With that they came back to the living room, joining Subaru and Nino with their cleaning. They looked up a bit after a while, eyeing Sakamoto suspiciously – the latter was just helping Takki right now, standing close to the other.

Almost too close.

Subaru frowned. “Hey…” he mumbled. “I swear, if it wouldn’t sound stupid, I would say that… well…”

“Yeah.” Nino agreed, eyeing Takki and Sakamoto suspiciously. He grabbed Ryo’s sleeve when the younger one passed him. “Hey Ryo…”

“Eh?” Ryo blinked at them. “What…”

“About Takki and Sakamoto-kun.” Subaru started, eyeing the younger one curiously. “Do you know something?”

Ryo rolled his eyes, looking at them in confusion. “They are together. Since a few months already. Didn’t you realize?”

Shingo chuckled at that while the others merely blinked. “So…” Nino sounded warily. “We have a new brother in law?”

“Seems so.” Takuya smiled a bit, patting Ryo’s shoulder. “It’s good right?”

“Yes.” Ryo grinned. “We like Maa-kun” He smiled brightly, feeling happy that his brother had found someone at his side. At the same time he was also really relieved that he wouldn’t get on his nerves too much then. Sakamoto would distract him from being so over-protective. He smiled contently, jumping down the staircases to look for someone special.

“Jin…” he wrapped his arms around the other’s waist, leaning his head against the older one’s back.

Jin blushed at that. Actually it was nothing unusual for them to do something like that… to cuddle and hug each other, but somehow it didn’t feel that innocent anymore. But then, he didn’t want to miss it either. He turned around a bit, placing a kiss on Ryo’s hair. When he drew back a bit, he was sure he saw something in Ryo’s eyes. It was just a moment though and Jin wasn’t sure if it had been really there. But for a moment he was sure that there were feelings beyond friendship and simply admiration… an expression in Ryo’s eyes, something Jin had wished for since months already.

He sighed a bit. He was totally fantasizing here… really, he needed to do something about his feelings. He stroked through Ryo’s hairs a bit, deciding to give it a try. Once and for all. Ryo would never hate him for having feelings for him, even when he wouldn’t like him back. But he wanted him to know and to make sure. Jin didn’t want to loose this chance, even if it was just a small one, even when Ryo didn’t have feelings for him at all. But without asking, he would never do.

Jin licked over his lips nervously, but before he could say something, he saw Nino’s frame approaching them.

“Hey guys!” Nino waved at them. “Where are you two hiding? Come Ryo… Aiba wants to know what kind of cocktails he should make for you.” He smiled contently. “Non-alcoholic of course.” he added.

Ryo smiled happily. “Cool! I’m coming.” He watched how Nino left them, before he turned around to Jin. He couldn’t help but blush a bit, being annoyed by his own obviousness. “Are you coming too?”  He grabbed Jin’s hand, feeling how Jin’s warm fingers were brushing against his. Ryo gulped a bit at that. What was he doing here? Holding Jin’s hand… But before he could pull it away, Jin tightened his grip. “Sure.” he smiled.

Jin’s heart jumped in joy when Ryo pulled him along. He still wasn’t sure what all this was about, but he decided that today he would find out.


“Good evening and Happy birthday!” Tegoshi chirped happily, before he clung to Ryo, hugging him tightly. Out of the corner of his eyes Ryo could see Koichi’s exhausted expression. Apparently the latter had picked Tegoshi up and brought him along to his party. Ryo grinned a bit, patting Tegoshi’s head. He knew Tegoshi could be exhausting sometimes – one had to get used to him first – but then…he was totally charming and likeable. When he looked around he caught Jin’s frame. The latter was leaning against the wall, eyeing them carefully. Ryo blinked at the expression on Jin’s face. Was he looking bothered here? Angry? But why?

Tegoshi pulled away from Ryo, planning to get something to drink. On his way he got into a little fight with Pi, like always. Ryo grinned a bit at that. Those two would never admit that they actually really liked each other. His grin grew even wider when he eyed Kame, who was wearing a possessive and jealous expression on his face when he watched Tegoshi and Pi. Ryo hid his grin, before he blinked in surprise. Hadn’t Jin’s expression been similar? He tilted his head, trying to recall his best friend’s face, then he shrugged it off. He didn’t want to think too much about the confusing feelings inside him every time he saw Jin. Instead of it he simply rushed to Jin’s side, taking his hand and pulling him along. “Come.” He smiled happily. “I want you to meet my friends from school”

Jin blushed a bit at the fond gesture and returned Ryo’s smile, following the younger one to Pi and the others.

“That’s my best friend.” Ryo explained to them. “Jin.”

“Hi!” Pi smiled friendly, thinking that Jin was really gorgeous. Not as gorgeous as Kame though. “I’m Yamapi.”

Jin grinned a bit, remembering all the troubles Ryo had with Pi and the problems Jin had helped them through. He didn’t say anything about that though, he merely smiled. “Nice to meet you.”

Ryo smiled happily, glad that Jin was immediately getting along well with Pi. He patted Maru’s shoulder. “You already know Maru, right?” Then he pointed at Ueda and Tegoshi. “That’s Tatsuya… and here is Tegoshi.”

Tegoshi grinned. “Nice to finally meet the guy Ryo-kun is talking about all the time.”

Jin smiled brightly at that, suddenly thinking that this Tegoshi guy wasn’t that annoying at all. His heart made a jump when he saw how Ryo blushed a bit at Tegoshi’s words. He looked so cute right now that Jin really had to fight the urge to simply hug the younger one and kiss his red lips softly.

“Are these your brothers?” Tegoshi interrupted both Jin’s and Ryo’s thoughts.

Ryo nodded his head, waving a bit at his brothers. He nodded towards Takki who was standing close to them right now. “These are my friends.”

Takki smiled at them. “It’s really nice to meet you.” he grinned at Maru. “We already know each other right?”

Maru blushed a bit under Takki’s intense eyes, still feeling a bit unsure when he was around him. He nodded his head, smiling politely. “Yes, Takki-san.”

Tegoshi pouted a bit at that. “Maru is ahead of us.” he grumbled.

“Don’t worry.” Ueda grinned. “We’ll catch up.”

“You know…” Ohno mused, pulling Aiba on his lap. “Within all these young boys I’m feeling a bit old.”

Sho who was sitting next to the two of them, drinking a glass of wine with Nino, grinned. “I understand that. Actually I even feel old when standing next to Jin…”

Okada bent forward a bit, pointing at Kame, Jun and Uchi. “Are those Koichi-kun’s boys?”

“Yep.” Aiba nodded his head.

Okada grinned brightly. “We look so much better right?”

Sho laughed at that. “Totally!”

A/N: Only one more chapter left!!!!!!!!!

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