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Azure Chapter 4

Title: Azure  (Sequel to my Destiny One-shot)  Chapter 4 (of 19): A matter of two
Pairing: TakkiRyo, Pin, Sakumoto, Kimura/OC
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: AU, angst, romance, fantasy
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: It's a dark night when Yamapi meets him: Jin, a mysterious guy lying on the street, unconscious. But who is this guy he carries home? What is he? What's the secret behind his being? After one night he is gone...and Yamapi is left alone with all his questions. Born as a Hunter, Pi shouldn't question his life... but he can't help it. He has always been different... He takes the risk and leaves for a journey which might not have an end.
Meanwhile Jin struggles for his own destiny... together with his brother Ryo and his friend Jun. But how far are they allowed to go? Trying to pass the borders of their existence they try to find the truth... and their fate.
Can you decide on your own destiny?
NOTE: For everyone who hasn't read the Prequel (requested by [info]agustin1982 ), you'll find it HERE


It was forbidden...
Ryo frowned slightly, looking down at the glass of wine in his hand. What did that mean... forbidden? Why was something forbidden?
It was forbidden for kids to go into the dark forests during night... this was because of their safety. It was forbidden for men to steal... because it did harm to others. But why love? Why was it forbidden to fall in love with a specific race? Did falling in love harm anyone? Was it dangerous?
Ryo knocked with his finger against the glass, looking at it in high concentration. He had always thought that wine was something interesting. Red red blood. They didn't need either of it. The purpose of hunting was merely to satisfy the wild animal inside them... not for their hunger or for their need. No Vampire needed to hunt. Theoretically. It was part of their species though. Was one no Vampire if he didn't hunt?
Some of them said that hunting was important to get rid of their anger, to feed the monster inside them so that it wouldn't grow any further, to stop their hunger if they had one. Hunting was easier than cooking. But Ryo hated the smell of blood because it smelled like death.
Still he had never really questioned that, not intentionally, but unintentionally he had questioned it. He had just never spoken about it. Ryo looked at the wine in interest, wondering why on earth there was something so similar to blood... It was perfect, sparkling in the sun, tasting like fruits…like life. Wine was his blood.
They normally only went for Humans, when they hunted. Other creatures were mostly safe from them. Simply because...they weren't human. There was no need to hate them. Again Ryo frowned. So their hunting was nothing more than a revenge? Against that one species that had hurt them so much over the past years. Just that it wasn't an open fight like against the Hunters, it was a secret fight. Going against Humans. Every time Ryo saw this sparkle of wrath in Jun's eyes, he knew that Jun was about to hunt... to get rid of the hatred inside him and the pictures that were following him.
Ryo's grip around the glass got tighter, until it broke inside his hands. He closed his eyes at that, feeling how a sharp pain ran through his body when the pieces of broken glass cut into his flesh, strands of blood appearing and running down his fingers.
The door to his room flew open almost immediately and Jin's worried expression was next to him within a second. “Ryo…what happened?“
Ryo inspected the other closer. Jin had always been there, always. Like a father. He had never cared much that being the first born son had made him to an Emperor. Jin, one of the Vampire Lords. He didn't want to be one, so he didn't become one. Just sometimes Ryo saw a sparkle inside Jin's eyes, something Jin didn't realize himself. It were these rare moments, when the Emperor’s feelings inside Jin were overwhelming him, covering the normal and brotherly feelings that he normally had. At those moments Ryo couldn't help but think that maybe it was impossible to stop being what one was. Could Jin really stop being an Emperor? Could he run away from his fate?
Jin's answer would be yes to that question, but Ryo never asked, merely because he knew that Jin himself had the highest doubts about that. He feared it himself, what would happen when the Emperor's might, his coldness and his wrath and his strong dark emotions took control over him. That's what the necklace was for, to hold some of these emotions back, to help Jin in fighting this dark fate full of hate and pain. Just that the necklace was gone and Ryo didn't know what happened to it. He didn't ask Jin any questions, because he didn't want to hear a lie or only half of the truth. In the end, Jin had to decide that himself. What was this necklace? Where did it really come from? Jin had to find the answers to the reason of his being to fully understand it.
Jin turned Ryo's hand around, sighing when he pressed a towel against his brother's hand. “You should be more careful.”
“Maybe.” Ryo mumbled, not really caring about that. They were vampires after all. Their wounds would heal faster.
He could feel Jin's hand stroking through his hair, the eyes of his brother looking down at him softly and also a bit confused. Jin didn't understand him... and Ryo couldn't really blame him for that. Most of the time Ryo didn’t understand himself either. But as long as this thread was between them, everything was alright.
When Jin had left him alone again, Ryo looked down at the pieces of glass in front of him. Why was  something so simple and normal like love forbidden? Why weren't they allowed to fall for a Human?
Kimura was sitting on one of the benches in front of the small house that apparently belonged to him and Mika-san. He was leaning back against the wall now, his head tilted a bit while he listened to Pi's story in high concentration. Pi told him everything, well almost... he left out the rather delicate information that he had sex with Jin of course. But the rest of it was all revealed to Kimura. Kimura opened his eyes when Pi had finished, looking at the young guy thoughtfully, then he bent forward a bit.
“Show me the necklace.” he asked Pi friendly, but also firmly.
Pi nodded his head, angling for the necklace that was dangling around his neck and showing it Kimura.
Kimura's long fingers took the item carefully, turning it around and inspecting it closely. He turned it in different directions, inspecting the name that was graved into the chain. “Hm.” he mused. “I think that's the vampire's name. Jin... I can't read the other part though. I think it might be a family crest.” He rubbed over his head, frowning a bit. “Only high Vampires have crests. It's like with the Humans... They have to be noble men.”
Pi nodded his head, signalizing Kimura that he understood. Then he pointed at the jewel. “If you hold it against the sun, there is also something else written in it...”
Kimura blinked at that. “A secret signature?”
Kimura held the necklace against the sun, blinking a bit when the words slowly appeared inside the stone. He frowned, bending forward to take a closer look. It was not only written in a language that didn't exist anymore, it was also a really old handwriting.
Born as two
Lived as two,
Loved as two,
Died as two,
For the sake of two,
The door is you.
“A riddle?” Pi asked curiously.
“It sounds more like a curse...” Kimura mumbled. “Or it’s simply a protection charm.” He looked at the other insistently. “You said every time you really needed it, it led you?”
“Yes.” Pi nodded his head. “Also when I was trying to save Mika-san, it suddenly appeared... and led me to the place you were looking for her. It was...” he looked at Kimura warily. “I know it sounds stupid, but it was as if I acted with the instincts of a Vampire.”
“Maybe you really did.” Kimura mused. “From what I know this charm always got activated when too many dark feelings were dwelling inside you. Panic for example. Then it cleaned you from all these things, activating other feelings.” He sighed. “The Vampire who carried this one has to be a powerful one to need such a charm.”
“What do you mean?” Pi blinked.
Kimura smiled warily. “Well, from what you experienced with the necklace, I guess it's purpose might be to prevent him from anger or wrath and stop him to act in these dark emotions. He can stay himself then, because every time those dark feelings appear the necklace will make them disappear.”
Pi's eyes widened in shock. “Why did he give it to me then? It sounds so dangerous for him...”
Kimura smiled. “I guess at one point a person might feel the need to fight these things on its own. It's good if you have something that supports you, but I guess he wanted to learn to live on his own and save those he loves…with his true emotions.”
Pi looked down at the necklace. “I still feel uncomfortable for having it...though I actually don't need it.”
Kimura tilted his head. “But in the end... you needed it, right?”
“Maybe.” Pi stuttered.
“Maybe he knew...” Kimura mused.
“But how?”
“I don't know.” Kimura chuckled. “Vampires are mysterious beings after all. Who knows what they know?”
“Talking about...” Pi looked at the other curiously. There were still so many unanswered questions he had. “Can you help me to find out more about the owner of this necklace? Maybe also where I can find him?”
“I can try it.” Kimura smiled.
“And...” Pi shifted around nervously, feeling embarrassed about his curiosity. “And your story, Kimura-kun? Will you tell me about it too?”
“I'm going.” Jun called into the living room non-chalantly. “I need some flesh.” He grinned a bit when Jin pulled an eyebrow up, his voice sounding amused. “Not that sort of flesh. It's too dangerous to get him while he is working. Such a pity... now I have to hunt.”
“Be careful.” Jin mumbled, not really listening to what Jun was saying.
“Why do you have to hunt?” Ryo asked out of the blue. It had never really bothered him, but now it did.
Jun frowned a bit. He got used to Ryo questioning everything and everyone, all the things that were making them to what they were. Vampires. But Jun couldn’t stand it at all when Ryo questioned his habits. “Why do you care?” he grumbled.
“I'm not sure, if I care...” Ryo mused. “It's more... Why? We don't need their death to survive... It's as if we are seeking pleasure out of hunting something that's weaker than we are.”
Jun wasn't so sure why, maybe because Ryo touched a weak point inside him, but he simply snapped, rushing towards the younger one, grabbing his shirt and shaking him. “Don't do that all the time!” he yelled. “Stop questioning everything we are! There is nothing like a humanitarian vampire!”
“STOP IT!” Jin's eyes were sparkling in wrath when he pulled the two guys apart. For a moment he could feel almost took his breath away... the dark feelings from somewhere lying deep beneath his soul crawling up towards him, engulfing him. It was as if his mind was going blank, blank in anger. But it was just a short moment. He sighed in relief when he had fought it back on his own.
Jun blinked at the other Vampire, sighing a bit. “Really Jin, my temper is already too much, but yours is really...overwhelming.” He turned his attention back to Ryo. “Sorry little one.” he mumbled. “I just snapped.”
Ryo tilted his head, opening his lips as if he wanted to say something, but then he didn't and Jun almost felt reluctant at that. “I'll be going then...” he mumbled, leaving the house. He sighed a bit when he walked down the road, looking up at the sky. He blinked when he saw the stars, sparkling and glimmering, lightening the dark night sky. He knitted his eyebrows in concentration. These... this bunch of stars looked exactly like the picture of a flower… The moment he had thought this, Jun felt like slapping himself. He wanted to rip this small Vampire's head off for working his way into his mind like that. Finding pictures out of stars was something Ryo would do... and did.
Jun sighed. He didn't feel like hunting at all anymore. He always thought that Ryo was a weak Vampire, the weakest he had ever met, but somehow... Every time they got into a fight, Jun felt... guilty. The way Ryo kept seeing them and explaining their being made his head go dizzy. Maybe this guy's power lied somewhere else than in physical strength.
Ryo sighed a bit when he lied down in his bed, stretching a bit. He didn't feel tired, not much. They didn't need too much sleep any way. He looked up at the ceiling. Till now he had never voiced it, in the end it was Jun's decision if he wanted to go hunting or not. But Ryo couldn't help it... What if... What if Jun met the guy from the sun-flower field... The young Human man who was touching his heart in a way no one else ever did. What if Jun would find him coincidentally and kill him? 

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