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Azure Chapter 7

Title: Azure  (Sequel to my Destiny One-shot)  Chapter 7 (of 19): A matter of trust
Pairing: TakkiRyo, Pin, Sakumoto, Kimura/OC
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: AU, angst, romance, fantasy
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related, but the story is mine of course^^
Summary: It's a dark night when Yamapi meets him: Jin, a mysterious guy lying on the street, unconscious. But who is this guy he carries home? What is he? What's the secret behind his being? After one night he is gone...and Yamapi is left alone with all his questions. Born as a Hunter, Pi shouldn't question his life... but he can't help it. He has always been different... He takes the risk and leaves for a journey which might not have an end.
Meanwhile Jin struggles for his own destiny... together with his brother Ryo and his friend Jun. But how far are they allowed to go? Trying to pass the borders of their existence they try to find the truth... and their fate.
Can you decide on your own destiny?
NOTE: For everyone who hasn't read the Prequel (requested by [info]agustin1982 ), you'll find it HERE

“Uncle Sho!”
“Yes?” Sho smiled warmly at the little girl in front of him.
“When I’m grown up I will also become a doctor!” the girl told him sincerely.
Sho smiled brightly. “Well, that’s what I call a great promise!”
“It is!” The girl jumped down from the hospital bed, taking her mother’s hand and waving at him.
Sho watched them, a soft glance in his eyes. He had always liked children and he had always liked to help others. That’s why he became a doctor. And he was a pretty good one.
He sighed a bit. Wasn’t it bad that Jun didn’t know any of these things? They never talked about private stuff… Jun never asked and Sho had the feeling that the latter wasn’t even interested. As if he didn’t want to get involved too much with others. The moment you knew details about work and family and friends, it would be the start of something… because you would definitely get attached to the other then, you would be involved in his life, having to deal with his problems and needs. And somehow Sho had the feeling that this was exactly what Jun was trying to avoid. To get involved with others. Apparently it was already a quite big step for him to get involved with this Jin-sama and his brother, the two Vampires Sho hadn’t even seen properly till now though he had visited Jun quite often. Just once he had seed a dark-haired guy jumping on the roof… and one time he had seen how Jun talked to a maroon-haired guy. Somehow this other Vampire had sent a shiver over his spine… he was so… frightening. In this night Sho had almost felt safe in Jun’s arms… even when it was just for a short moment. But it was an important moment for Sho, because he had decided not to give up too easily.
There was something about Jun that made him curious, something sparkling inside the other, something he hardly ever showed. And Sho definitely wanted to find out more about that. It had been a few nights ago when he had walked through the night, enjoying the stars above him and the calm atmosphere. There he had seen him. He knew how Jun was dressed when he went for hunting, the more he was surprised that he was able to see him. Jun was a Vampire after all, it was easy for him to become one with the darkness of the night, making it impossible for others to see him. But here Jun had just been walking around, grumbling a bit, obviously feeling irritated, until he had lied down on top of a big rock close to the ocean, looking up at the sky. Apparently he had changed his plans and didn’t go hunting.
For Sho this wasn’t only a tiny, but a huge surprise. Why did Jun change his mind? He looked at the other’s expression carefully, not moving so that Jun wouldn’t see him around. And to his luck Jun was caught too much in his thoughts to check the area properly. His eyes were still looking up at the sky, his gaze pinned to the stars. And when Sho looked up too, a strange feeling hit him. Wasn’t it fascinating? Here they were… two guys who merely met each other for having sex. Two persons who hardly knew each other. Two men who had nothing in common, not even their race. But they were looking up at the same sky… From above they would most likely look the same, just like the stars did have the same image for both of them.
It was the same sky.
The structure of this society was simple. The normal people were divided into two groups: The Humans and those with slighter paranormal powers.
On the other side there were the creatures of the night. Demons and Vampires. Demons, dark beings that had lost their sense for Humanity and their control over their feelings and emotions. The Vampires' emotion and mind on the other side was comparable to the normal group of people, just that their feelings and powers were stronger and hence more dangerous. They were hiding during the day though, because the sun lessened their strength. Their hatred towards the Human race came from deep down their soul, it was like a little piece of darkness they were wearing inside them. When it grew too much, they went for hunting... feeling that they couldn't keep their dark emotions under control anymore. Most of them searched for animals then, but some of the older Vampires couldn't resist the urge of revenge and hunted those who were responsible for the suffering of their race.
Jun was such a Vampire, coming out of an old generation that had always been educated and taught to fight. His bloodline was a red, a bloody one, like all the Vampires who were trained for the war back then.
Now it didn't make any difference for him which race he belonged to. Like many others of his race he had lost his family and friends, in this mean war against his kind that happened hundreds of years ago. But no matter how hard he tried to forget, time didn't heal the wounds.
Between normal people and mysterious creatures there were the Hunters, born to sacrifice their lives for their work: Hunting. Originally they came to life to stop the Demons from hunting and killing randomly. Hunters should protect the weaker races. That's how it had been planned. But time turned them into a dangerous group that was going against every thing that was different and stronger, even killing those that had been on their side once. It couldn't be helped anymore.
But still...there were some Hunters that were different... Something inside them was being awakened. Just, what was it?
“I feel like searching for a little stone in the desert...”
The professor laughed. “Oh son, you are way too impatient. But you are young. Young people are always impatient.” He weighed the necklace in his hands. “It's old for sure.” he stated. “And the stone might be even older than its surface. Maybe the necklace itself had been changed several times, but the stone might be thousands of years old.” He held it into the light, trying to read the signs again. “You say his emotions were leading you?”
“Yes.” Yamapi nodded his head.
“Are you sure it were his?” Kimura asked out of a sudden.
Pi blinked. “What?”
“He is right.” the professor mused. “The stone is old... even if this Vampire is really old, he can't be that old. You understand? It has to be something that was inherited to him... something that belonged to his family.”
“So it's his family's emotion? Or one of the members of his family?” Mika wanted to know.
The old man tilted his head a bit. “Maybe. Or maybe it is just...”
“Just what?” Yamapi asked impatiently.
“Again you are impatient.” the professor laughed, smiling at the young man in front of him. “Don't worry, I'll tell you everything I know. But that's all I can do. I can't tell you what I don't know...”
“Thanks” Yamapi bowed deeply, blushing a bit under the older man's intense glance.
“What I was thinking about is...that Takuya is for sure right. It is a crest. And it is a charm...and curse.”
“How can it be both?” Mika wanted to know.
“It’s a charm because it protects you from something, but we don't know what it is yet. The curse, because you can't live without it.” Kimura explained, his hand stroking over his wife's hair.
“Exactly. Just...” the professor sighed. “It's too old... too strong. It's nothing simple. It's meaning lies deep underneath of what we can grasp.”
“So it might be one of the King's, the Emperor’s charms or necklaces?” Yamapi asked out of a sudden, feeling seriously surprised when the three others were staring at him through wide-opened eyes. “I just meant...” he stuttered, afraid that he had said something stupid. “I know they are just a legend... a story... but if it's so powerful and if even a strong Vampire like Mika-san doesn't understand might be...more.”
The professor looked at Yamapi for a moment. “You are not stupid, son.” He smiled. “Maybe it is something like that. I can't tell you any more, but careful when you use it. It's better to learn to control your emotions by yourself. The necklace didn't do any magic to you, it simply led you. It pushed back all the feelings that were in your way, it put the right feelings on you and awakened something inside you. Whatever you did, the senses that awakened inside you, the powers you achieved.... maybe they were yours… I think that the charm was just leading you.”
Yamapi's eyes grew wide at that. “You mean... when I learn to control my feelings and my thoughts, I can do all that...what I experienced with the necklace... on my own?” He gasped at that. “ was so powerful. I was moving like a Vampire. My senses, my thoughts, my instinct. This was not the reaction of a Human Being!”
Kimura looked at the Professor through his earnest eyes. “Maybe he is right. A Hunter is still some sort of Human Being… Though the necklace is too strong to be from a normal Vampire, but doing all that with another's not only a charm, it would be a miracle.” His fingers moved over the stone. “It's... too powerful. Maybe Yamashita-kun is right and it's an Emperor's gift.”
The professor looked down at the item in his hands. Then he looked up at Kimura again. “There is just one way to check on that...”
“What way?”
“Dive.” the professor told him. “Put it on, Takuya. You are an immensely strong Hunter. You know how to control your emotions. And you are the only one connected to a Vampire for real... don’t underestimate such a bond. And there is your baby in Mika-chan's stomach. Maybe you don’t even grasp the meaning of your connection to Mika-chan yet, but I do. Try do dive into the necklace and try to find a clue... about the person whom it belongs to...”
“Is that even possible?” Yamapi asked in surprise.
The old man smiled. “If it can awaken all these things inside you, why shouldn't one be able to connect with it?”
Yamapi shook his head in defeat. “It would be great if it worked...”
“You still have doubts?” Mika asked.
Yamapi smiled apologetically. “It's... I just can't believe that all these things I experienced while carrying the necklace were coming from inside me.” He blinked in confusion when the professor started to laugh lightly. “Sorry... did I say something stupid?” He blushed a bit.
The old man shook his head, bending forward a bit. “I'll tell you a well-kept secret.” he smiled inscrutably. “The secret behind the existence of us Hunters.”
Kimura blinked at that statement. “What kind of secret?” His eyes grew wide, when he realized what the professor was hinting here. “Our existence is not natural?”
“Hunters were made.” the professor's voice sounded sad out of a sudden. “All the time we spent hunting those who were different...but in the end it was us who didn't belong in this world. We simply became part of it... with time.”
Mika stared at the man in disbelief. “What do you mean?”
The man sighed, putting the necklace into Kimura's hand. “Use it like I told you to and you might find some answers. But be careful when and how you use it... don't stress yourself. The stone...” he tilted his head. “I only found such stones at the sea. It's an ocean's stone. You won't find its place in the mountains.” He looked around a bit. “You will have to leave tonight before someone gets suspicious. Here...” he handed Kimura a letter. “Read it when you have left the town. I trust you...” he smiled warmly, but there was a stern glance in his eyes. “ listen to my words. Read it when you have left. NOT before! It might bring you misfortune if you read it before. But I can promise you that it will answer some of your questions. More than that I can’t do for you...”
Kimura nodded his head, before his gaze was pinned to the man's face. Something inside him felt uncomfortable, but he couldn't help it. He had to listen to his teacher's voice... out of respect, out of friendship...and out of his feeling that told him to do what the other had told him to. Even though his own instincts were rebelling inside him...

Note: Hey dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support!! So, I wanted to tell you that my Request Post is open. If you feel like requesting a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE

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