lilly0 (lilly0) wrote,

Crazy Schedule... and I have no right to complain ^__^

Hey there!! ^______^

First of all... did anyone of you already write a concept for a master thesis?
(preferably within linguistics ^^)
I'm taking all kind of advices I can get ^^

Yes, you got it... I am a bit lost ^^ I need to finish my concept for my master thesis (I chose linguistics as my main subject) and the professor I chose as an advisor... is actually... well... quite important, he is the leading professor of the department. Hence I want this concept to be good. *slight-stress-alarm* ^^


Okay, and since I wanted to be a bit more organized with my Fanfics, I set up a posting-schedule. (*lol* Yes... freak) It's all yuki's fault, because I met her this weekend and whenever we meet we'll come up with something weird. I blame it on her!! ^_^

But honestly, I realized there are quite some friends who are waiting for their requests and promised Multi-chaps.

So, to my lovely Mandy:
Your Sakuraiba Multi-chap is in progress. *takes-a-look-at-her-schedule* I will start posting it in the middle of January. I hope that's okay for you. <3

Tofog_dancer: I know, it's pathetic enough, but your Request is finished... since weeks already. I'm just looking for a good time to post it. Which will be... in two weeks

To kenshinzen: I'm working on your Juntoshi mini-series. My smart and gorgeous schedule says that I should start posting it with the beginning of January. Maybe you could see it as a New Year's Surprise? (Well, I kinda spoiled the surprise now, but... you are waiting since quite some time now. So I wanted to let you know ^^)

To my dear Lori: Your surprise is actually finished too. <3 I hope it's okay for you to wait a few weeks? (Though I kinda missed you the other days. You are alright, aren't you?)

As for this week, I can promise you these updates:
Monday (*hehe* Today^^): JunBa Chapter 3
Tuesday: Yuki's birthday surprise Chapter 1 (*top-secret-till-tomorrow*)
Wednesday: eventually I'll post a One-shot (or take a nap). Pairing is still a secret, because I actually wanted to post it for Yuki.
Thursday: RyoDa request
Friday: JunBa Chapter 4
Saturday: Azure Chapter 8
Sunday: TakkiRyo Chapter 11

So, that's it. Now that my little studying-break is over, I should go back to learn for my Japanese class.

PS: I actually wanted to ramble more now, but I got a not-too-good call. I'm still swallowing the news.
I'm off now till evening! Bye <3

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