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Title: Little lonely boy
Pairing: Akame
Rating: PG
fluff-ish, romance-ish, friendship. Akame as kids.
Summary: (Akame as kids) Every day Jin walks home from school, he sees him... this little boy, sitting on the park bench, staring at the lake. And no matter how hard Jin tries to forget this boy, the little figure sitting on the park bench doesn't leave his mind...
Dedicated to: yukitsubute I hope it will make you feel a bit better!! *huggles*

Jin saw him every day, every time after school, on his way back home. The small boy, sitting on this park bench, when Jin went past the park… every day.
At one point it almost became addictive for Jin. He purposely chose this way to pass the boy with his brown and fluffy hair, in his huge sweater  - way too big for him -, sitting on this park bench…looking at the lake. Nothing more. He wasn’t doing anything, just sitting there. Sometimes Jin stopped, purposely, to angle for something in his bag, just to look at the boy a bit longer. But no matter how long he waited, he didn’t even move.
At one point Jin started to wonder if this boy was real… Maybe it was a ghost? Or… Jin’s eyes widened in shock… was he dead? He flinched, feeling afraid by this thought and hurrying home.
“Mooooooooooooom!” Jin closed the door loudly when he rushed into the house. He kicked his shoes into a corner before he ran into the kitchen.
“Jin?” his mother blinked first, the she smiled brightly, hugging him. “You are early today.”
“I ran.” Jin explained.
His mother frowned, stroking over his hair. “Is everything alright, dear?”
“No!” Jin shook his head. “Do you think the boy is dead?”
“What boy?” his mother asked in surprise, wondering what kind of movie or book her little son had watched or read.
Jin looked at her desperately. “The boy in the park. He is always there… and he never moves. Is he a ghost? Or dead?”
His mother smiled a bit. “I’m sure he is alright. Maybe he just likes to have some calm minutes for his own, don’t you think so?”
Jin frowned a bit at that, suddenly feeling quite stupid for his fear. “Maybe…” he stuttered.
“You know…” his mother smiled. “You could talk to him and ask if he is alright?”
“I could…” Jin half-agreed.
His mother chuckled. “Maybe you should?”
The next day was free, no school. But still Jin felt restless, he couldn’t enjoy his day off. Because of that he started to do his homework for the next two weeks – quite unusual for him. When he was finished it was lunch time.
He sighed, patting to the kitchen to have lunch with his mother. But still…the restless feeling stayed. His gaze shifted outside, it was raining. For sure the ghost-boy wouldn’t be there… not when the weather was that bad.
Jin shifted around a bit, before he sighed. “Mom?”
“Yes, dear?”
“Is it okay if I take an umbrella and go for a walk?”
His mother sighed. “It’s raining so much…”
“I know.” Jin nodded his head. “I’ll wear warm clothes. And I already did all my homework…”
His mother blinked in surprise. “All of it? YOU?”
“Yes, I didn’t know what else to do… I couldn’t concentrate on anything else, so I finished my homework for the next two weeks.”
His mother looked at him in honest surprise. “Well…then… if you are careful.”
“I will just go to the park.” Jin explained randomly, hoping that his mother wouldn’t catch on. “Just for some fresh air.”
His mother smiled a bit, but didn’t say anything. “Alright then. Don’t forget your scarf and take the big umbrella.”
To his own surprise Jin found himself rushing down the street, something almost magical pulling him to the ghost-boy on the park bench. First he didn’t see him though. It was raining after all, but then he frowned. Was he there? Sitting on this park bench, staring at the lake?
Jin glared at that scene. What was this kid thinking!? It was raining!! And he was sitting there without an umbrella or jacket.
Jin grumbled, walking towards the boy until he was standing right next to him. The boy blinked at him in surprise, biting his lips nervously. He was cute, Jin thought. Pretty and cute. Jin sighed, rolling his eyes. Then he shifted the umbrella a bit so that it was covering both him and the boy.
None of them said a word, they just stayed next to each other silently, caught in their own thoughts, too shy to say anything.
This night when Jin closed his eyes, drifting off to dream-land, he saw it right in front of him. The boy’s pretty and lovely face.
They met each other every day from this one rainy day on. Never did one of them say a word, they just kept standing or sitting there, looking at the lake.
Jin smiled every time he could feel how the boy slipped a bit closer to him, until one day Jin decided to get a grip and reached out a bit, angling for the boy’s hand. The boy blinked for a moment, but then he wrapped his warm fingers around Jin’s hand as well, holding it tightly.
After a while he turned his head, looking at Jin. “I’m Kazuya.” he mumbled shyly.
Jin smiled happily at that. “I’m Jin.”
They fell back into their quietness, just their two warm hands entangled, holding each other tightly. The touch was sweet, but the promise it brought along, and the unspoken words, were even sweeter.
Jin bounced happily when he went back home. Kazuya. Such a pretty name… for such a pretty boy. He grinned dorkily, jumping upstairs to his room and stretching on his bed.
And he was not a ghost.
Jin was waiting impatiently for the school clock to ring, to signalize him that school was over for today. The moment he heard it he was up his feet already, rushing out of the building towards the park.
But Kazuya wasn’t there.
Also the next day he wasn’t there.
And the day after the next day.
Jin started to feel uneasy, all his thoughts circling around this little boy, who had been sitting on the bench every day… until now. Even though they had hardly talked, Jin felt so attached to him. He couldn’t help it. This boy belonged to his side.
These nights when he lied in his bed, he couldn’t find any peace. He wasn’t able to drift into his beloved dream-land. All he could do was staring at the ceiling, thinking of this little boy with the pretty face and the beautiful name, who had moved his heart in such an unknown and strange way.
Jin wanted to talk to his mother about it, but he couldn’t. He wasn’t sure how to explain his worries and his fears, there was not a word he could name them with. Hence he couldn’t talk to her about it.
When the school clock rang on the fifth day, right before weekend, Jin didn’t feel like rushing out of the classroom. He was afraid of passing the park and finding the park bench empty again. His heart was clenching by the mere thought of it.
Where was his Kazuya? Was he alright?
He didn’t want to walk by the park today, he had planned to take the short cut through the school’s backyard and pass the main street. But his feet didn’t carry him into this direction, they pulled him back, turned him around and made him walk towards the park.
Jin’s heart sank when he reached the park bench, no Kazuya there. He felt tears filling his eyes, tears of disappointment and sadness and worry. He sat down there…for the first time sitting there alone. His gaze was pinned to the lake, his thoughts circling back to Kazuya and this one day where their hands were entangled.
He had thought that it was a promise… a promise of eternal friendship, of a little soul-mate. He wasn’t sure what soul-mate meant, he had only heard his mother saying this word once when she talked about his father. But even though he didn’t know its meaning, it strangely fit for him. Kazuya was his soul-mate.
Jin buried his head in his knees, wrapping his arms around them. He didn’t feel it first, he just felt the tears dropping down his cheek. Until he had no tears left. This was the moment he felt it, a tiny hand stroking his hair.
Jin almost jumped at that, his head moving swiftly, searching for the hand that was stroking his hair, comforting him. His eyes widened in surprise, when he found him sitting right next to him. His sweet Kazuya.
The boy pulled his hand back again, obviously feeling unsure by what he had done. But Jin grabbed the hand the moment it was pulled away. He held it tightly, not saying anything. He was sure they would sit there in silence…and unsureness again, but this time the boy spoke.
“My parents are often fighting…” he explained silently. “Every time my father comes for lunch they fight. So, I always take my time when I go home from school.” He paused, looking down on their entangled fingers. “So I always waited at this place.”
Jin felt his throat going dry. His parents hardly fought, and most of all, if they fought, they would keep it away from him. “And last week?” he asked, voice rough.
The boy smiled sadly. “They are getting divorced…” He bit his lips nervously. “I don’t want Dad to go…” he whispered, tears filling his eyes. “But if the fighting stops then, maybe it’s the best.”
Jin looked at his Kazuya’s sad face and before he could hold back, he was already kneeling on the bench, hugging the boy tightly. “I’ll be there.” He promised. “I’ll be your friend forever.”
Kazuya snuggled against the Jin’s arms. “Really? Promise?”
The question was just whispered, but still Jin could hear it clearly. “Promise.” he whispered into his friend’s ear.
It was the first day Jin took his Kazuya home. He didn’t want to let him go back to the uncomfortable situation at home. Not when he could be there for him at least during the day. First the boy felt uncomfortable when he stepped into this unknown house, but when Jin took his hand and pulled him along to his mother, introducing him with a proud voice as ‘his friend Kazuya’, the boy’s eyes gleamed in joy.
He had a friend.

Note: Hey dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support!! So, I wanted to tell you that my Request Post is open. If you feel like requesting a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE

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