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Mood Swings Chapter 2/6

Title: Mood Swings Chapter 02 (of 6): Growing up
Pairing: Sakumoto, hints of others (Ohmiya for example)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, friendship

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Raised in a rather conservative way Sho has learned to hide his emotions perfectly, building an indestructible wall around him. Whenever people are exchanging feelings, it makes him feel uncomfortable. But when he meets Jun, his perfect wall seems to crumble. And suddenly Sho realizes that he wants to be something for for Jun... a brother, a friend, or even more. With all his might Sho tries to break out from his shell, hoping that Jun will see and accept the person Sho really is.
Note: This is a little travel through Sho-Jun relationship from their debut till now.
Dedicated to: Originally requested by [info]fog_dancer in THIS post. I had planned to make a One-shot out of it, but...suddenly... I found myself adding one chapter after another. Okay, I admit it, in the end [info]fog_dancer just gave me the perfect excuse to write my beloved Sakumoto again XDDDD I hope you will like it! ^_^

“It's fun to kiss you.” Jun chuckled when his lips moved over Aiba's cheek, nibbling at his lips. Aiba giggled at that, moving into Jun's touches, before both of them turned around again, lying on their stomachs and looking at the TV screen.
“You really like horror movies?” Aiba asked, forcing a smile to his lips though he rather felt like hiding somewhere.
Jun smiled brightly. “They are fun.”
“Well, not all of them.” Jun explained. “But some are fun… in a ridiculous way. Totally stupid and crazy.”
“Aren't you scared?”
“Not really.” Jun shrugged. “Are you scared?” he asked, stroking over Aiba's hair a bit. And though Aiba was actually older than Jun he somehow felt protected. He couldn't put a finger on it yet, but something about Jun was so... intense. He would become a strong character once. So Aiba didn't feel embarrassed when he shrugged helplessly. “A bit.” he answered honestly. (or rather half-honestly, because actually he felt really scared of horror movies, not only a bit.)
Jun smiled encouragingly at that. “You know Masa-chan, a horror movie is not scary at all. It's more like... Sho-kun.”
“Sho?” Aiba blinked about that comparison, biting down on his tongue to not burst out into laughter. But even imagining Sho-kun when he got to know about this comparison, was already way too hilarious.
Jun's eyes gleamed a bit. “Yes, he is scary on the surface but actually really caring inside. He just doesn't show it. And a horror movie is... scary on the surface, but actually it's not scary at all, because it's simply a movie and a movie is only pretending.”
Aiba listened to Jun's words, turning over on his back and looking at the ceiling thoughtfully. Why was it that Sho was so important for Jun? Aiba loved Sho dearly of course, but still he couldn't understand Jun's non-stop admiration. He looked at his younger band-mate and for a moment he felt sad that Jun would never admire him. But then he shrugged it off. He didn't worry that much about this.

At that time they both were so young, they didn’t care for such questions much. They simply enjoyed what they had… for now.
“Hey Jun?” Aiba interrupted the silence, trying to get Jun’s attention away from the horror movie.
“Do you think I’m a good kisser?” Aiba asked unusually bluntly.
Jun blinked at his friend in surprise. “A good kisser?”
“Yes, I always wanted to ask. But somehow I was afraid it would come off as strange.” Aiba shrugged. “Apparently people who get kissed, don’t want to give that kind of information.”
“No, really?” Jun mock-mused teasingly. “They might think it’s strange?!”
“I feel relaxed with you.” Aiba grinned. “So stop the teasing and tell me if I am a good kisser. Should I change something? Should I open my lips more? How can I improve?”
Jun sat up a bit, looking at Aiba warily. “I don’t really have a comparison, you know?”
Aiba giggled. “Then go and find one, because I really need to know…” He laughed when Jun’s pillow hit him into his face. One moment later Jun was pressing Aiba down to the ground while straddling his hips. “And? Whom should I ask?”
“Nino-chan?” Aiba suggested playfully.
Jun frowned for a moment. “Does he look like a good kisser?”
“I have no idea…” Aiba mused. “What about Riida then?”
“Eh…” Jun tilted his head a bit. “It would be like kissing my brother.”
Aiba grinned brightly. “Makes me wonder…" he mused out of a sudden. "Do you think the others are having sex?”
“With whom?”
Aiba shrugged. “I’m not sure…. With anyone?”
Jun knitted his eyebrows. “Nino…maybe.”
“Riida…” Aiba mused, grinning a bit. “Do you think it’s a cliché if I’ll say: I can’t imagine it?”
Jun chuckled. “What about Sho-kun then?”
“YUK!” Aiba shook his head fiercely. “It’s impossible! He is so serious… a real Senpai… or teacher… or whatever… He is not really a sexual person for me.”
“Really?” Jun blinked at that, wondering a bit. He had never thought of Sho that way. Well, of course he thought of him as a huge Senpai. But for him Sho was also one of the hottest and most amazing guys. Not like a brother or a father. He was simply cool.
The romance between Jun and Aiba lasted exactly a year. There was no bigger drama or lots of tears when they broke up. They were simply two young guys who found out that they were merely curious to try things out... and not really in love with each other. So, it didn't end with a drama, which everyone else was honestly thankful for.
But instead of Jun and Aiba another careful, or not so careful, romance started to blossom.
“Here Kazu.” an unusually shy Ohno handed Nino a letter.
“What's this?” Nino blinked.
Ohno shrugged helplessly. “Just read it when you are alone, okay?”
Nino blinked a bit at that, but when he looked into Ohno’s soft brown eyes, he blushed a bit. When he was on the roof deck later, alone, he angled for the letter his band-mate had given him earlier. His fingers trembled slightly when he opened it.
The sweater you are wearing is cute. Can you help me with shopping next time?
Nino laughed a bit at that, lying down on his back and looking up at the sky. He raised his hand a bit, his fingers diving through the sun light, then he jumped up, taking a pen and writing an answer. He put the letter on Ohno's lap when the others weren't watching.
You think I'm cute? XP Sure, I'll help you. You are not hopeless. Tomorrow, 1 PM. Pick me up from home! I want to have lunch first.
That's how they had their first date.
In contrary to the little romance between Aiba and Jun, Sho felt bothered by the thing between Ohno and Nino. Not because he didn't want them to be in love, but they were so damn obvious. And he hated obvious behaviour. Despite their youth Jun and Aiba had been decent and careful and had kept their feelings for themselves, but Ohno and Nino just couldn't help it... Their love was way more intense and the things they shared a lot more intimate...
“Oh-chan…” Nino called Ohno’s name softly, whispering into his friend’s ear some – obviously not too innocent – words.
Ohno merely grinned at that, turning his head to place a soft kiss on Nino’s lips. He didn’t even care if someone was watching or not. For them it was just so simple and normal and easy. They clung to each other, hugged each other, kissed each other. And Sho didn't know how to tell them that he was annoyed by their lovey-dovey behaviour. Maybe annoyed wasn’t really the correct term for his feelings, he was rather… overstrained and a bit irritated by it. But in the end he couldn't say anything... Nino was his friend after all. And Ohno too.
Sho normally loved November. It was a gloomy month, true, but still…there was something charming about it. The air felt so fresh and people calmed down a bit. But today it was a totally annoying day… a rainy mid-November Wednesday.
Sho blinked when he heard Jun’s voice and saw the younger one standing right behind him. And without any specific reason or encouragement, Sho smiled brightly at his Junior. “Good Morning Jun. Everything alright?”
Jun shifted around a bit, sighing slightly. “I feel a bit stupid for asking...”
Sho blinked, then he smiled a bit. “No need to feel stupid if you have a question. What's the problem?”
“Well...” Jun started carefully. “...we'll all be having solo songs during our next concert tour. And you know, I'm not the most gorgeous singer, right?”
“You are not bad!!” Sho interrupted the younger one immediately, not wanting Jun to feel less than one of the others.
Jun smiled a bit at that. He knew his weak points and didn't feel the need to hide them or to ignore them. Fighting flaws and weak points was the first step to overcome them. But still he felt happy that Sho sounded so encouraging and honest. “Maybe I can become good…once…, but I need some practise, more than some others need it.”
Sho's eyes twitched a bit at that. How did this kid manage to do that? To make him feel so stupid? This kid was younger than he was and still he was standing in front of him, clearly announcing to fight his weak points. When did he become so strong anyway? Sho shifted around a bit, not sure what he should answer Jun, but Jun merely laughed. “It's okay, really! You don't need to encourage me, Sho-kun.”
Sho smiled a bit. “What should I do then?”
Jun blushed a bit. “Would you help me?” he finally dared to ask. “I can still learn so much from you....”
And as they were practising Jun's song together, it also became Sho's song. His heart was always beating a bit when he heard it. He felt as if he was part of Jun's life and this made him feel happy and cherished.
But besides this feeling, he also felt nervous and reluctant, because he could see it right in front of his eyes: Like shadows that were passing him, Jun was growing up every day. His features becoming stronger, his smile manlier, his hair-style cooler, his clothes stylish, his aura engulfing. The type of guy everyone looked at when he passed them.
Sho had felt proud when Jun was in his first leading role in a drama. He was excited to see this boy getting attention. But he felt the proudest when Jun was shining and sparkling for the first time on stage. While he was singing the song he had practised with Sho…
When Sho watched him performing, he realized it immediately. This was Jun’s real break-through. The turning point. The moment he would break out completely and fly.
And to his own surprise Sho felt helpless when Jun suddenly grew up, out of the helpless, shy and admiring boy became a young man.
And just like this Sho lost his position as a Senpai and leading-figure for Jun. Jun didn't need something like that anymore. He didn't need Sho.

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