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Posting schedule and other rambling

Hello everyone!

Okay, this will be a short entry, because I'm tired.
I caught a cold... and I hope I won't have a temperature later.

Okay beside that:
I watched "Inu wo Kau to iu koto" last week. One of the very few Ryo-dramas I hadn't the time to watch till now. But finally I made it XD
It was such a beautiful drama. I loved it!! <3 It was heart-warming and cute and sad and fun. Now I've seen almost all his dramas ^__^
I love Ryo's acting. He and Kimura are my two JE-acting stars <3

Posting Schedule:

Monday: Mood Swings Chapter 4 (Sakumoto)
Tuesday: White Sand Chapter 4 (Sho/Yoko, Takki/Ryo)
Wednesday: The Stars Above Us Chapter 15 (Kanjani8)
Thursday: Mood Swings Chapter 5 (Sakumoto)
Friday: Monologue Chapter 1 (RyoJin)
Saturday: MatsuRyo Drabbles & Azure Chapter 11
Sunday: Fearful Love Chapter 14 (TakkiRyo)

AND: go_chan2011's birthday One-shot will be posted the moment I finished it. Promise!! <3

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