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White Sand Chapter 4

Title: White Sand CHAPTER 04 (of 12)
Pairing: Sho/Yoko, Takki/Ryo (The pairings themselves are not that much the focus of the story, but don't worry, they will be here^^)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, mystery, romance, bit angst

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Out of a sudden Yoko wakes up in the middle of a wide desert, white sand all around him, just a lake and a single tree next to him. After freaking out and panicking he has to give in to this situation. Is it a nightmare? Is it reality?
When Sho, a mysterious man, suddenly appears, Yoko’s questions grow even further. But then, out of a sudden, he can’t remember it anymore. What is he fighting for? What is reality, what dream? Is Sho an enemy or his friend?
He starts to forget about the fundamental questions of his being: Why is he here? What is this place? Who is he? But then out of a sudden another young man appears, different than Yoko and still the same… remembering Yoko that he is supposed to fight - for something that he can’t remember anymore. The path between reality and dream is a small one… and a dark one. And the price Yoko has to pay might be more than just his life.
Dedicated to: Happy Birthday to [info]yukitsubute!!!!!!

In my dreams I want to fly… far far away, towards the sun. Until it’s just me, the sun and a wide land full of sand.
“Tell me something about the place you are from.” Sho demanded softly.
Yoko blinked at that question, then his eyes got sad out of a sudden. Pictures of the past popping up in his mind. The moment he saw them, he felt so lonely and nervous again. He missed his friends and his home and his family. “It’s a nice place.” he told the other man silently. “Maybe not perfect, but I like it. It’s a small town and I’m working as a teacher in a school.” He looked down at the boy they had just found a few hours ago and stroked through the young guy’s hair. The guy that had just appeared out of nowhere… like Yoko. He was still sleeping, his head now resting on a blanket.
“You like teaching?” Sho wanted to know.
“Well… I like young people.” Yoko explained. “And I like working with them and helping them.”
“What about your friends?”
Yoko smiled. “Subaru… he is working together with me. He is the music teacher. We are friends since primary school. And then there is my younger brother. I love him dearly. And I have also other friends of course, but I don’t want to bore you…”
Sho smiled. “I doubt that it’s possible to bore me…”
Yoko chuckled. “If you had been sleeping in this lake for a long time… you have to be excited over every conversation.”
Yoko looked at the other in surprise. He had meant it as a joke, because who could survive in the middle of a lake? But Sho’s answer was so weird again, that it made Yoko wonder. He wanted to ask him what he was, who he was, where he came from. But he knew the answer already… because Sho wouldn’t tell him. He sighed, his gaze shifting towards the boy. He had black and curly hair, his breath going regularly. “Is he alright?”
Sho tilted his head a bit. “That’s a difficult question…” he answered silently. “I don’t even know what he is…”
“What’s if he doesn’t wake up?” Yoko wanted to know. “Is it better to wake up here or to not wake up?” When Sho stayed quiet for a moment, Yoko sighed. “Really, Sho-kun, I accepted that you can’t tell me everything. But you said you would give me clues. So please… at least give me some pieces.”
Sho bit on his lips, then he looked at Yoko warily. “If you wake up here, it means that your will and your mind are powerful.”
Yoko blinked at that, then he looked at the young guy. “He has not the will to wake up?”
Sho sighed silently, shrugging helplessly. “Actually he shouldn’t be at the same place like you are… This shouldn’t happen!” His eyes were twitching nervously again, making Yoko wonder and worry. What was going on here? Who was this boy? Someone bad? Who was Sho? Someone good? Or was it the other way round?
Sho sighed. “I’m sorry, I can’t give you any details.”
Yoko grumbled at that, rubbing over his head. “How should I call him?” He wanted to know. “I feel awkward calling him ‘him’ and ‘he’ and ‘the boy’ all the time.”
Sho tilted his head. “I don’t know his name.”
“But you knew mine!”
“With you it’s different. I came because you were here.” Sho told Yoko.
“Wait…” Yoko blinked. “So I’m the purpose that you are living?” He grinned. “Are you some kind of an angel?”
Sho almost laughed at that. “No. I’m not an angel. And you are not the purpose of my living” he stated simply. “You are just part of my business.” He pointed at Ryo, his eyes almost looking angrily. “He on the other side… isn’t part of my business.”
Yoko felt uncomfortable by Sho’s cold glance, shifting around nervously. Then he frowned, his eyes growing wide. “You mean he is someone else’s business?”
“Yes.” Sho looked around. “And I don’t know whose. But I bet we’ll find out soon enough.” When Yoko stayed quiet, he looked at him warmly. “Tell me something.”
“Because you are bored?” Yoko wanted to know.
Sho smiled. “Yes, I guess. I want to know everything about you.” He lied down next to Yoko, his hair tickling the other’s legs. To his surprise Yoko found himself enjoying this here, it was warm and almost peaceful. Somewhere in his mind alarm clocks were ringing… that he shouldn’t get too comfortable around this strange guy. But Yoko couldn’t help it, so he just shoved these thoughts aside. “What do you want to know?” he asked softly.
Sho stayed quiet for a moment, then he looked at Yoko warily. “Tell me something about love.”
“Well…” Yoko stuttered. “About love? What do you want to know?”
“Everything…” Sho said.
There was a strange expression in Sho’s eyes. “I don’t know what this is… love… Tell me from the beginning please.”
Yoko shook his head slightly, his eyes pinned to the guy in front of him. Was it even a real guy? Or was it some sort of imagination. Really Yoko, you are too old for imaginary friends…or an imaginary playground. Yoko sighed, knowing that this wasn’t an imaginary playground. This was real.
There was no waking up.
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