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Jade Prologue

Title: Jade: Prologue: The bride that had never been here
Pairing: Akame. RyoxJin as brothers (not as a pairing). Various other characters.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, crime, romance
, (bit family and political)
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Tokyo, 1981: A young bride disappears, leaving no trace but an old necklace out of jade. No one has seen her, no one knows who she is. The woman that never existed.
Tokyo, 2011: Jin, a talented photographer, is known for his sixth sense when it’s about photos and other person’s emotions. When he gets the offer to work with Tokyo’s Criminal Investigation Department, he moves to Tokyo, together with his 16-year-old brother.
There he starts to work together with the skilled, but eccentric young detective Kamenashi Kazuya.They are part of the department for Cold Cases, where forgotten and never solved cases are investigated again. Despite their first rather bad impression of each other, they soon learn that their skills complement each other almost perfectly.
The case they are working on seems mysterious, but harmless: Jade, the woman that had been erased from everyone's memory. But soon Jin and Kame realize that with this case they are awakening a sleeping lion, bringing themselves and everyone they love and care for into danger. They suddenly fall into a network of intrigues, murders and threats. On top of that they are both hiding something from each other and from everyone else... something no one is supposed to know...
Dedicated to: yukitsubute. She almost begged me to post it ^_____^ So, here it is! 

30 years ago.
A woman in a white wedding dress was walking down the street, her hair loosened, her make-up a mess because of the tears she had been crying. There were black strains on her cheeks because of the washed out mascara. The only memorable and sparkling thing she was wearing was a necklace out of jade. It threw green pattern on her white dress, an almost pretty contrast to her crushed appearance.
With one hand she was holding her hips as if she was in pain, with the other one she pulled a suitcase along. Her hands were shivering in the cold air, her feet trembling a bit, the bottom of her dress already getting grey because of the street’s dirt.
Where was she going to? Maybe she didn’t know it herself. Who was she? No one dared to ask. And maybe she wanted to be exactly that: A non-existent person, erased from everyone’s memory.
There were hardly any people on the street during that time of the day, but those who passed her were staring at her through wide eyes. Some of them wanted to ask, some of them were thinking of offering their help, some of them wanted to call the police… but in the end none of them did anything.
The woman just walked past them, unnoticed, though everyone saw her. But their eyes were closed, no one wanted to intervene into someone else’s business. People were easy to scare and easy to offend. And there was something so creepy and desperate about this woman, which made passengers draw back automatically, as if her bad luck would rub off on them.
The woman walked into a small park where no people were walking around at the moment. Some eyes were following her curiously, wondering when she would come back again, because the park ended in front of a high wall. The only way out was to walk the same way back again.
But she didn’t come back that day. She also didn’t come back the next day. No one saw her ever again. And when finally someone called the police, there was nothing, no trace, no sign, no footsteps, no name, no face.
As if she had never existed.
The bride no one was missing… The bride that had never been there…
“This is our last chance” Jin’s eyes were gleaming furiously. “You know what I’m loosing here, don’t you?” He grabbed Kame’s shirt, desperate tears in his eyes when he was pulling the other closer. “Listen to me, Kazuya. And damn, listen well! This here is not your fault, no matter how much you believe it is. It isn’t! But it IS our LAST CHANCE! You know what will happen if we loose this game…”
Kame blinked for a moment, then his eyes got a desperate look. He clung to Jin for a moment, trying to gather his strength like that. “You are right, Jin. This is the last clue we need…” He looked at other firmly. “I know you are worried, but I promise you that I’ll give everything I have to save all of us.” He angled for his gun, charging it, while he put his other hand into his pocket, his fingers touching the jade-necklace slightly, as if he needed to feel it to be pushed over the last the edge. “Let’s go.” he mumbled. “Fast.”
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