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MatsuRyo Drabbles

Title: MatsuRyo Drabbles
Pairing: MatsuRyo (Also including dorama pairings: Taiga/Yuuji friendship, Domyoji/Ace)
Rating: various
various (also including AU and dorama)
Summary: 12 JunxRyo Drabbles that are NOT connected to each other. There are various genre and ratings (from G to R)

It was a warm summer day when Ryo blinked sleepily into the rising sun. He rubbed over his eyes in annoyance, grumbling a bit, before his leg hit against something soft lying next to him.
Wait... something soft...
His eyes widened in surprise when he saw a well-known figure lying in his bed. Blanket just covering his body half-heartedly, giving away a nice spine and a well-formed back.
Ryo blushed a bit at that sight, then he blinked. He rubbed over his temples, looking down at Jun. For a moment he felt shocked.
For a moment...
Jun had a nice body...definitely...
He lifted the blanket a bit to get a more detailed look on the rest of his body.
Amazing. Ryo's inner fanboy squealed at that.
Then he blinked in shock. Wait...this here was almighty MatsuJun lying next to him!! Hopefully he had pleased Jun well enough!
Had he been any good?
It's a warm summer day when Ryo blinks sleepily into the rising sun. He rubs over his eyes in annoyance, grumbling a bit, before his leg hits against something soft lying next to him. He grins contently, snuggling against Jun's chest.
Last night was good...
Not good... amazing!
He definitely knows how to make Jun shiver in delight.
About the questions he had one year ago... Who cares about them? Ryo had already forgotten them long ago.
“And here...” Ryo shows Jun another photo. “That's Jin in his new sweater.”
“Hm...” Jun sighs a bit, trying to hide the fact that he is totally not interested in Jin’s wardrobe or Jin in general. Jin is too hot. “Cool.”
“And here is Jin in his new T-shirt.”
“And here...oh that's Pi!!” Ryo inspects the photo closely. “With whom is he making out here?” He blinks. “Is that Nino-kun?”
Jun almost spits out his coffee at that announcement, robbing at Ryo's side immediately, his eyes pinned to the photo there. Undoubtedly... Nino's black hair... his sleepy eyes... his fragile figure. His lips...almost glued to Pi's. He would recognize this guy everywhere. Jun grins, placing a kiss against Ryo's surprised smile. What a nice possibility to stop Nino's never-ending teasing remarks about his and Ryo's relationship. Who is the king of teasing here? Clearly not Nino...
Jun is an artist. He has always been interested in beautiful objects. Things with a nice shape, a beautiful frame, interesting charisma.
It’s simply the way he chooses them as his nude model. Portray them, go to bed with them, send them away after some time. He always did it that way. Just this time it’s different, because the dark-haired guy he hired makes his head spin in confusion while he lies there, all naked, ready to be portrayed. He doesn’t question anything, he doesn’t ask Jun to stay with him. And suddenly Jun finds himself wishing for exactly that. A simple sign from the other one to light up his heart.
“What is love for you?”
Jun's friends blink at this question, looking at him in surprise.
“Why are you asking?” Nino finally manages to ask.
Jun smiles. “Just interested.”
The others shift around uncomfortably, wondering how to answer such a question. They are almost glad when Sho opens his mouth first. “Love means to forgive...” he admitted silently, smirking towards Aiba secretly.
The latter grins brightly at that, then he smiles at Jun. “Love means that the other is more important than your own pain.”
Ohno shrugs a bit, remembering his endless discussion with Nino last night. “Love means for me to support the other... even when I don't always understand his decisions.”
Nino smiles at these words. “Love means to live with the other's flaws and weak points, because something else is more important than these things.” He looks at Jun curiously. “So?”
Jun smiles, looking down at his bag full of groceries...He has just been shopping, because Ryo freaked out over his burnt cake. Exactly that is love, he thinks.
(Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku x Inu wo kau to iu koto)

Taiga is sure he has seen it all. He is elite after all. Okay, maybe he is not. Maybe truth is that he is working his ass off to become one. He is confident that one day people will recognize how stunning and amazing he is. That’s when he will be happy for sure, when finally someone sees him at the same height as his successful father.
But right now, when he is sitting on this park bench, watching this young father swirling around his little daughter, Taiga’s heart warms up out of a sudden. The man looks young, he can’t be that much older than Taiga himself. Somewhere close to him a woman is sitting on a blanket, a baby basket next to her. Apparently she is his wife. Because now she is waving at the young man. “Yuuji, Mako-chan, come and eat something.”
The man called Yuuji smiles at her, taking his daughter and searching for his son who is running around and playing soccer.
Taiga can’t take the eyes off of them. And when the boy’s football accidentally flies into his direction, he takes it, handing it to Yuuji. Yuuji smiles thankfully at that. “Thanks.” He points at the blanket, where already two other men have gathered around. Apparently friends of the couple. “Why don’t you come and eat with us?”
Taiga blushes a bit at the offer, because it was spoken so honestly. He looks to the woman who looks almost angry. “Are you two coming, Yucchan?”
Yuuji smiles. “Sure Sacchi.” He pats Taiga’s shoulder. “Come.”
Somehow Taiga can’t decline it anymore and he is glad about it, because he doesn’t want to decline the offer. When he sits down next to them, he is caught in their atmosphere immediately. At one point Sacchi let’s Yuuji eat from her bowl, making the kids giggle and squeal.
Taiga has to laugh at that, surprised himself that he envies this couple. There are many different kinds of love, he thinks. It’s then he realizes that he wants to feel this kind of love too. That this might be the highest happiness for him.
When Ryo comes home late at night, Jun curls his nose in disgust and annoyance. The scent of cigarettes everywhere in the apartment now. He opens the window immediately, before he pulls the younger one towards their bathroom. “You need to shower.” he explains sternly. “Your whole body smells like smoke.”
“I know.” Ryo yawns a bit. “The whole club was actually smoking...” Then he blinks, his cheeks flushing a bit. “Jun…”
“Yes…” Jun mumbles when he nibbles at Ryo’s exposed neck. “We’ll get rid of this cigarette scent on your skin.” he mumbles against the other's shoulder, pulling Ryo to the shower.
Ryo is surprised first that Jun isn’t even getting rid of their clothes first, but this is about Jun… he is always able to surprise him. The first water drops are cold though and make Ryo squeal, but when the water gets warmer, he feels how Jun gets rid of their clothes.
Ryo’s head gets dizzy by all these sensation, their bodies moving in their very own rhythm together. Ryo smiled against Jun’s lips and lets Jun do what he can do the best: Direct the scene.
Jun expects the new puppy carefully. It’s cute, he thinks. Maybe a bit too small. Jun’s a cat after all… shouldn’t a doggy be bigger than he was?
He pokes the puppy’s head carefully with his small paw. “Hey you…”
“What?” the little puppy grumbles.
Jun frowns, poking the little one again. “What’s your name?”
“Short name, short dog…” Jun muses teasingly.
Ryo looks at him angrily, turning around so that Jun is only able to see his fluffy back. Everything about him looks warm and cute at the moment, Jun thinks. And it invites one to cuddle. Jun sneaks closer, dropping down next to this cute, new puppy and snuggling against it. He rubs his head against Ryo’s stomach, enjoying the warmth. “I’ll protect you.” he promises.
He doesn’t forget that promise, ever. Even when Ryo becomes a huge dog, over 10 times the size of Jun. Even when they both become older and slower, sleeping most of the time, he doesn’t forget it. Even when Jun takes his last breathes as an old cat and Ryo whines in sorrow, he remembers it, the promise he had given once. Friends forever.
“So?” Aiba looks at Jun innocently. “What will you do about your feelings?”
“What?” Jun blinks at the other in surprise. “What feelings?”
Aiba hugs his bento box cheerfully. “Your crush on Ryo-kun of course...” he sing-songs.
Jun frowns a bit, smacking the other one. “You are nuts.” he grumbles. But despite that his eyes can't help but shift towards a small figure sitting on one of the benches, guitar in his hands, playing on it absent-mindedly.
He is cute...isn't he?
Somewhere out of the corner of his eyes Ryo inspects Jun secretly. He sighs, playing the strings of his guitar absent-mindedly. Jun is so far away…totally out of his reach, isn’t he?
Ryo can feel it with every step he takes... the pain crawling through his body, starting from his heart and reaching every part of his body. He rubs over his eyes frantically, trying to chase the tears away like that, not wanting to feel it anymore... the numbness inside him. His eyes are searching the place...for a random stranger he can go to bed erase the pain. But before he can do so two arms are hugging him from behind. “Don't do that...” a voice tells him. A voice full of wariness... but also full of promises.
Jun turns around when he hears Ryo approaching him from behind. “Are you inspecting my luxurious body?” he teases the other, pinching Ryo's butt a bit.
“Leave my butt alone...” Ryo complains, blushing slightly when he feels Jun's hands stroking over his shoulders.
Damn... why is Jun's body that gorgeous?
Jun grins. He knows what he has after all.

(Hana Yori Dango x 8Uppers)

Domyoji wonders why on earth he is the one being stuck with this arrogant and impolite idiot, whom apparently no one taught manners to till now. Unfortunately he also doesn’t look like the type of guy who one would want to teach manners too. Too dangerous. Like a little, stubborn, arrogant brat. But on the other hand he has a nice backside… really nice.
Ace glares at the buttons of the elevator. That’s why he hates elevators. Technology sucks. Really… he should have just chosen the staircase instead of the elevator. Most likely Mac would already be worried like crazy. He grins a bit, deciding that since he is already stuck here he can as well make the best out of it. The guy behind him looks pretty after all. And he is staring.
Ace wriggles with his butt a bit, feeling how the other’s eyes are almost piercing him. That’s gonna be a nice stay…
“WATCH OUT!” Jun's eyes are piercing the boy in front of him. “Nerve-wracking kids.” he grumbles, forgetting that he is still a kid himself.
But instead of feeling intimidated the kid looks up at him grumpily. “Sorry.” he grumbles, though there is also an embarrassed sound in his voice.
Jun blinks for a moment, thinking that today's youth (who cares that he is part of this youth too?) is impossible. He inspects the boy closely, grinning a bit over the other's pouty face and his slight blush. “Who are you, cutey?” he asks in a sudden change of mood.
The boy blinks at that question, cheeks flushing slightly. “Ryo.”
“No!” Ryo glares. “Ryo!”
“Okay...” Jun grins. “Ryo-chan...”


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