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Mood Swings Chapter 6/6 (Sakumoto)

Title: Mood Swings Chapter 06 (of 6): Breakthrough?
Pairing: Sakumoto, hints of others (Ohmiya for example)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, friendship

Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Raised in a rather conservative way Sho has learned to hide his emotions perfectly, building an indestructible wall around him. Whenever people are exchanging feelings, it makes him feel uncomfortable. But when he meets Jun, his perfect wall seems to crumble. And suddenly Sho realizes that he wants to be something for for Jun... a brother, a friend, or even more. With all his might Sho tries to break out from his shell, hoping that Jun will see and accept the person Sho really is.
Note: This is a little travel through Sho-Jun relationship from their debut till now.
Dedicated to: Originally requested by [info]fog_dancer in THIS post. I had planned to make a One-shot out of it, but...suddenly... I found myself adding one chapter after another.

Sho was normally not the guy who would call someone to ask for help or for comfort, but this here was a different situation. Something Sho was not used to. So he called the only person he knew would be comforting in such a situation and understanding.
“What...” Aiba stared at Sho in disbelief, his eyes widened.
Sho didn't even wait for Aiba to finish his sentence. He opened the door a bit further and stepped back into the living room. Aiba followed the other, closing the door behind him carefully. Then he sat down next to his friend, his fingers carefully touching the bruise between Sho's forehead and right eyebrow. He looked at Sho's face carefully, shifting around nervously. Sho... in a fist-fight. SHO!? He had always doubted that Sho even knew how to pronounce ‘fistfight’ and now he had been in one for real? Aiba didn't know what to say or do right now, though he had so many questions at the moment. But... it felt so inappropriate to ask now.
“Did you already cool that?” Aiba asked instead, turning Sho's face a bit.
“Not really.” Sho admitted, still lost in his thought.
“But you used some disinfection spray and wound spray right?”
“No...” Sho shook his head, only half listening to Aiba while his thoughts wandering back to his fight with Jun earlier that day.
“Sho-chan! You have to do that... It might get worse otherwise.” Aiba shook his head desperately. “I'll help you...”
Sho looked at his friend warily, with an expression Aiba had never seen on him before. “Won't you ask, Masaki? Aren't you curious?”
Aiba bit his lips nervously. “Well... it couldn't be a stranger, right?”
“What drives you to that conclusion?” Sho wanted to know.
“Because it's you.” Aiba answered simply. “If it had been a stranger, you would have called the police for sure. Hence it has to be a fight with someone you know...”
Sho tilted his head a bit, wondering when Aiba got so mature. He still was naïve and random sometimes, but despite that... he was quite smart. “So what if?”
“Well...” Aiba stuttered. “You in a fist-fight... is like my dog dancing limbo... I can't even imagine it.” He tilted his head a bit, inspecting Sho closely. There was something strange in his eyes, something sad and something nervous... Aiba knew this look in Sho's eyes, but he only had it when it was about a specific person. “It was Jun?” he asked in surprise. “You got into a fist-fight with Jun?”
Sho looked down at his hands. “Yes.” he admitted.
“Jun!?” Aiba shook his head in disbelief. “But, Jun adores you and you like him so much... Out of all guys, him?”
“Pretty pathetic right?” Sho wanted to know.
Aiba rolled his eyes at that, looking at Sho insistently. “Not exactly your fight is the pathetic thing. But it's pathetic to not admit any of your feelings for him.”
“What do you mean?” Sho asked in surprise.
Aiba looked at Sho warily. “Is it so hard to admit it that you fell for him?” he asked silently. “Is it so bad to be in love with Jun?”
Sho sighed a bit when he walked through the park, looking up at the cloudy sky. He couldn't see any stars at all, neither could he see the moon. He sat down on a park bench, looking down at his fingers.
“What are you still doing here, Sho-chan? Just go and talk to him!” Aiba said encouragingly, slowly getting motivated to finally force Sho towards his luck.
“I don't think he wants to talk to me.”
Aiba sighed in frustration. “He adores you! What? Are you waiting for him to come to you? He won't come! He is not the type of guy who will make the first step. He has changed a lot about himself, but this is too deep inside him.”
“What makes you think that I'm the type of guy who will go to him then?” Sho wanted to know.
Aiba grinned a bit. “Because it's Jun. And Jun had always been reason enough for you to change your usual patterns and flaws.”
Sho shook his head a bit. “What makes you think that?”
Aiba pulled his eyebrows up, mock-musing. “Wait... let me think... maybe because you just got into a fist-fight with one of your friends? FIST-FIGHT! This is like an illusion for me. You hit someone… Isn't that already a clear sign? One shouldn't suppress all his feelings... At one point you have to consider what's more important for you: You and your traditional education or the person you changed almost everything for.”
Well, no matter how uncomfortable Sho felt and how hard he had to struggle with himself until he followed Aiba's advice, it was definitely worth Jun's surprised expression. Jun had just opened the door, praying that it wouldn't be Nino or one of his other friends. How should he explain his condition to them?
But when he saw Sho standing in front of him, he almost dropped back. He looked at the other in disbelief first, his eyes catching the bruises on Sho's face... and yeah, he felt pretty bad when seeing it. His own hand was wrapped in an ice-cold, wet towel to cool the bruises on his knuckles.
Sho shifted around a bit, looking at Jun nervously. His lips were bleeding a bit, and he had quite some scratches and bruises on his face. Great... he went against his Junior. This was a low point definitely. He coughed a bit. “Is it okay, if I come in?”
Jun looked at Sho helplessly, nodding his head before he stepped aside. Sho took his shoes and jacket off, placing them at the floor neatly, then he followed the other into the living room. “Here.” he put a bag on the table. “Aiba gave me some stuff...”
Jun blinked a bit. “What?” He looked into the bag, finding some plasters, wound sprays and salve. He frowned. “You won't make me put any of that on my face?”
“Eh?” Sho blinked in surprise. “Why not?”
“Because it will hurt!”
Sho chuckled at that random statement, feeling how he was slowly relaxing. He stood up, walking into the kitchen to search for some ice and towels. When he came back he pressed one of them against Jun's face. “Here.”
Jun smiled weakly. “Thanks.” He looked at Sho warily. “Here we are.”
They sat next to each other quietly. Then Jun sighed silently. “You know...” he started carefully. “I didn't feel anything.”
“Hm?” Sho blinked about Jun’s sudden approach of a subject he had not expected at all. “When?”
“When Miki broke up, I couldn't care less... I didn't feel anything for her and it didn't hurt at all. This almost drove me crazy.”
Sho looked at Jun warily. “So...that was the reason for your gloomy mood?”
“Yes...” Jun admitted half-heartedly. “One reason.”
“And the other?” Sho asked again.
Jun stayed quiet at that, his gaze shifting to something far away.
Sho looked at the younger one nervously, biting his lips a bit. “The other reason is me?”
Jun sighed. “Listen, Sho-kun. It's not like... well... I know I'm not always an easy-going guy. And I might be difficult sometimes, but maybe I could change some things so that you like me more?” he shrugged. “You know… so that you won’t hate me anymore?”
Sho’s mouth dropped open first. He stared at Jun in disbelief. Was this the kind of image he was giving to Jun!? He dropped his head back, laughing in frustration. “Honestly Jun... you are so smart normally. Why can't you see the truth?”
Jun blinked. “What kind of truth?”
“I never hated you, idiot.” Sho sighed. “Actually you always were my number 1.”
Jun frowned deeply, looking at Sho warily. “Are you for serious? I never felt like someone special...”
“Well, I hid it.”
“Yeah.” Jun pulled his eyebrows up. “You hid it quite well!”
“You know...” Sho admitted. “I never learned that... to show feelings or emotions. The only emotion I could show was my temper. At the same time I watched you, how you grew up and how you didn't need me anymore. Suddenly I wasn't important for you anymore. You grew up so well... and no matter how much I tried I didn't change at all.”
For a moment Jun stayed quiet, then he grinned, smacking Sho with his towel. “I can't believe you just called me oblivious! I always needed you. I just tried to make my own decisions and chose my own paths, because that was what you taught me to do! Don't you remember?” he leaned back a bit, smiling slightly. “Truth is, you changed a lot.”
“Me?” Sho pulled an eyebrow up. “I didn't change at all.” He threw the towel back to Jun, covering his face like that.
Jun grinned, pulling the towel away again. “I realized it for the first time when you followed me into this club and when we had some drinks together. You were so different then... so much fun and so open-minded. I never thought you would be able to become a guy who can go with the flow... The old Sho would have never made random jokes or ordered a 'Blow Job' or get into a fist fight” He shrugged a bit, smiling slightly. “You even hit me...Talking about, you definitely know how to lead a fight.”
Sho smiled warily at that. “Really?” He snorted. “Thanks a lot. You are quite skilled to.” He sighed a bit. “All the time I was afraid to become a guy like my father was... Did I become like him?”
“No.” Jun answered simply. “Not at all. You became you.”
“Oh wow.” Sho laughed. “I needed almost 30 years to find out that I became an independent person?”
“I know.” Jun grinned. “You are quite pathetic.”
Sho pulled an eyebrow up. “How about treating your Senpai with more respect?”
“Senpai my ass.” Jun teased. “I don't need a Senpai right now. I could need something else though...”
“Like what?” Sho asked carefully.
Jun smiled a bit. “You tell me.”
“Hm.” Sho licked over his lips nervously. “How about a friend?”
“I'm not sure.” Jun answered. “Nino, Shun, Ryo and stupid Jin are already bothersome enough.”
Sho chuckled a bit. “I won't become your punching bag. Clear?”
“Don't worry, I don't think I need one.”
“What do you need then?”
“Oh God.” Jun sighed in frustration, throwing the towel back to Sho.
Sho blinked in confusion, tugging at the towel to get it down from his face. When he looked up again, he could see Jun right next to him, his fingers stroking over Sho's hand a bit.
Sho tilted his head a bit, a rare smirk appearing on his face. “What?” he teased. “You want to check if I'm able to go with the flow?”
Jun smiled a bit. “Maybe.”
“Good.” Sho's lips curled up into a warm smile, he turned his hand a bit so that Jun's fingers were stroking his palm now. He wondered a bit what kind of strange guys they were. In the end they hadn't talked about any of these important questions they had, because they didn't need to. It was simply their way of talking to each other. They didn't need to voice absolutely everything to get it out of their way and Sho was pretty glad about that. He raised his hand a bit, his fingers touching the bruise under Jun's right eye, then he bent forward, placing a kiss on it.
Jun winced a bit at that, but didn't move away. Sho's lips moved up to Jun's eyebrows, kissing the bruise he had left there. He kept continuing this game until he could feel Jun's hands at his back, pulling him closer, Jun's fingers and lips treating him the same way he had treated Jun.
He smiled brightly. “You know Jun...” he mumbled. “I still can't apologize.”
Jun grinned. “Neither can I.”
“Well...we aren't really a perfect couple.” Sho mused.
Jun smirked, nibbling at Sho's lips a bit. One part of him was still wondering about the exact definition of what he and Sho were. But the other, bigger part decided to simply find this out with time. “Perfect enough for my taste.”
With that they kissed, like the two random and proud and confident guys they were. Soft and heated... demanding and careful. 
When they drew back from each other for a moment, Sho smiled brightly. “Just one thing. Let's not tell Nino and Riida, alright?”
“Why?” Jun asked curiously. “Because you don't like it when people show off their relationships?”
“No.” Sho grinned. “Because it will drive them insane if we keep it a secret...”
Jun agreed immediately. Because it simply was how the way they were. It was their imperfect but perfect start into something new...

A/N: Okay, this is basically the last ^_^ I didn't want it to become cheesy or too romantic in the end, because that wouldn't fit the story at all. So I kept it rather simple. I hope you'll like it!! ^^

Note: Hey dear friends and readers! Thanks so much for all your support!! So, I wanted to tell you that my Request Post is open. If you feel like requesting a specific pairing or situation you can do so HERE

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