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Jade Chapter 1 (Akame)

Title: Jade: Chapter 1
Pairing: Akame. RyoxJin as brothers (not as a pairing). Various other characters.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, crime, romance
, (bit family and political)
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
Tokyo, 1981: A young bride disappears, leaving no trace but an old necklace out of jade. No one has seen her, no one knows who she is. The woman that never existed.
Tokyo, 2011: Jin, a talented photographer, is known for his sixth sense when it’s about photos and other person’s emotions. When he gets the offer to work with Tokyo’s Criminal Investigation Department, he moves to Tokyo, together with his 16-year-old brother.
There he starts to work together with the skilled, but eccentric young detective Kamenashi Kazuya.They are part of the department for Cold Cases, where forgotten and never solved cases are investigated again. Despite their first rather bad impression of each other, they soon learn that their skills complement each other almost perfectly.
The case they are working on seems mysterious, but harmless: Jade, the woman that had been erased from everyone's memory. But soon Jin and Kame realize that with this case they are awakening a sleeping lion, bringing themselves and everyone they love and care for into danger. They suddenly fall into a network of intrigues, murders and threats. On top of that they are both hiding something from each other and from everyone else... something no one is supposed to know...
Dedicated to: [info]yukitsubute. She almost begged me to post it ^_____^ So, here it is!

A small suburb town close to Tokyo, 1981:
There was hardly any natural light shining on the street, just the neon-light of the streets’ lantern. The moon was covered almost completely. But still…there was some silver light engulfing the bride, when she walked through the street. She didn’t look at anyone, she didn’t say anything. She merely looked straight ahead, concentrating on something no one would ever get to know.
“Did you see her?” a voice whispered silently.
“Of course, she is right in front of me.” A second voice.
“She looks like a ghost…” the man sounded both fascinated and frightened.
“Don’t be stupid.” a third voice chuckled. “She is not a ghost.”
“Who is she then?”
“How should I know?”
“Make a photo.” A fourth voice suddenly ordered. The voice was vibrating in a way like just someone could talk who sensed something interesting and thrilling. “Make photos. A bunch of them at least.”
“Yes, Sir!”
For a moment these four men were surrounded by the low noise of the camera clicking, then it was quiet again. They kept staring at the woman in front of them, something engulfing them, pulling them to the scenery. They watched her going into the park, but still none of them could leave. Then their eyes widened in surprise, their bodies pressing against the wall even more so that they would stay invisible.
When they felt secure again, the fourth man looked at the other three piercingly, his voice breathless. “Let’s go now! Fast!”
“Eh? Why, Sir? We could…Shouldn’t we report it?”
The fourth man stayed quiet for a while, before he spoke again. His voice strangely trembling. “Don’t you have family?”
“Not yet, but I’m engaged. I’ll marry in one month” 
“Do you want to keep your bride?” the man answered, before he pointed at himself. “I have family too.” He looked up at the dark night-sky, his eyes twitching. “I don’t want to see too much…I don’t want to know any more.”
Kame’s feet were almost carrying him on their own. He hadn’t slept at all this night. He couldn’t. Because tomorrow the new guy would come and work together with him. Kame hated the fact that he was apparently not capable of solving these cases alone. He knew all the good points of having a partner of course, like: Together with someone else it would be easier. Two pairs of eyes saw more than just one. Two people approached a topic differently. Teamwork. Just that Kame had never been a fan of teamwork. He was a loner, or better: he liked to work on his own, peacefully, without being forced to make too much conversation and listen to someone else’s problem. He wanted to work on his cases, totally engulfed in them and not being distracted by anyone.
Kame yawned a bit when he angled for a cup of coffee, sitting down at the living room’s table. He wondered what he should do now, while he was waiting for tomorrow to come. His eyes shifted towards a small cupboard and before he could change his mind again, he stood up, walking towards it.
With swift fingers he angled for a small box. When he opened it, he saw it right in front of it. The sparkling, green stone. With trembling fingers he took it into his hands, trying to feel it and sense its emotions. The bride that had carried it, what had she been thinking? What had she been feeling? What were her intentions? What did she want to do? Why did she elope? Did she elope or was she forced to elope?
Since years Kame was working on this case, even though he had to work on other cases too. But this here never left his mind. It was his addiction. Not only a policeman’s addiction, who wanted to solve a case, because his job was his passion. It was more. It was Kame’s life-goal to solve this.
“Ryo, stop dreaming and move your skinny body up here to help me!”
Ryo turned around, glaring at Jin in annoyance. “Shut up!”
Jin crossed his arms in front of his body. “Don’t you think you should pay more respect to your older brother?”
Ryo stuck out his tongue. “In your dreams!”
“I’m a gorgeous photographer!” Jin argued. “Even the police are hiring me to work with them.”
Ryo rolled his eyes. “Yeah, you are gorgeous…”
“Hey!” Jin complained. “Say that you admire me.”
Ryo sighed a bit, grabbing two bags to move them out of the car and into the house he would be living in with Jin from now on. “I admire you.”
Jin sighed at that, well aware of the fact that Ryo hated to move away from his friends and his old school. But the job offer he had gotten was huge. He would work for one of the most important newspapers in the country. And since the police got to know about his work and his talent, they already hired him to cooperate with them.
The department for criminal investigation. For Jin this job was like a dream come true, not to talk about the money it would bring them. He would be able to pay for a good school for Ryo and for whatever university he wanted to attend later on. It would open everything for his future. He knew Ryo understood all that, but still…Jin couldn’t blame him for feeling grumpy and sad that he had to leave all his friends and all the things around him behind.
“Hey Ryo-chan.” Jin put an arm around Ryo’s shoulder. “Let’s leave the unpacking for a while. How about going for dinner?”
Ryo wavered a bit, still not happy about moving so far away from his former home. Everything here was new and unknown. He didn’t even know one single person here. But then, he was also proud of Jin for getting such a wonderful work. And he knew that from now on they would be able to live really well. Ryo had never really asked for many things, knowing that Jin had to earn the money for his own and for Ryo’s living. They didn’t have any parents after all. He knew that Jin did almost everything to be able to offer him all the things other teenagers had.
He sighed a bit, trying to shove the bitter feelings inside him aside to make place for the thankful and admiring ones. “Okay.” he mumbled.
“What do you think about our house?” Jin asked when they walked down the street.
“Well…” Ryo mused. “I already saw it before… But it’s good of course.” He winced when he felt how Jin’s fingers were suddenly grabbing his cheeks to squish them and pull at them. He wriggled, trying to get free from his brother. “STOP THAT!” he hissed.
Jin grinned, letting go of the younger one. “Finally you are showing some excitement.”
Ryo glared at his brother, rubbing over his read cheeks. “That hurt!” he complained.
Jin chuckled. “I thought you are a tough guy…”
Ryo blushed at that. “I am a tough guy…”
“Well then…” Jin moved his hands towards Ryo’s face again, grinning a bit when Ryo pushed them away.
“Leave me alone, idiot.” Ryo grumbled, walking away from Jin.
Jin smiled a bit when he followed Ryo down the street. He liked it much more when Ryo showed him an emotional side. “Where do you want to have dinner at, Ryo?” he called towards the younger one, grabbing his arm when he finally reached him.
“I told you to leave me alone, Jin.” Ryo glared.
“And I told you to call me Aniki.” Jin complained. “Like everyone else calls his older brother.”
Ryo blushed a bit at that. Actually Jin was right. Calling him by his first name was really impolite. But then…when he was angry or upset, he couldn’t stick to ‘Aniki’ or ‘Onii-chan’.
Jin smiled a bit, taking Ryo’s arm. “Don’t worry, Ryo. It’s okay… Call me Jin. Aniki. Onii-chan. Master…”
Ryo had to giggle over the last one. “Yeah, sure.”
“Finally.” Jin smiled in relief. “You are smiling.”
“I’m sorry.” Ryo admitted. “For being so gloomy.”
“I think it’s okay.” Jin reassured him. “It’s not really fun to change home like that. But we’ll also make us a nice place here. And I’m sure you’ll find lots of friends.”
“Ah!” Jin beamed. “An Okonomiyaki store. Let's eat there!”
Ryo glared at that. “We ate Okonomiyaki three times last week! It's not exactly the healthiest food.” He looked at Jin firmly. “Really, you will slowly come into an age were your body won't forgive you when you eat so much unhealthy stuff! Besides that you will gain weight...”
Jin frowned at that, before he wrapped his arm around Ryo's shoulder, tousling his hair. “Who are you to lecture me, little brother?” He grabbed his arm. “I want Okonomiyaki.”
Ryo sighed a bit, rolling his eyes when Jin pulled him into the restaurant. Once they were inside he grinned a bit. There were no empty seats... But unluckily Jin discovered something else immediately. “Look Ryo-chan... isn't this boy there wearing the school uniform of your new school?”
“Yes...” Ryo answered warily, eyes widening in shock when Jin pulled him along to the table.
“Let's talk to him then!”
“No...wait... Jin, stop it! Aniki...” He tugged at his arm, but Jin did a great job ignoring him and pulled him along.
When they were standing in front of the surprised boy, Jin bowed a bit. “Hello, I'm Akanishi Jin. Sorry for interrupting you. But this here is my brother, Ryo. He will attend your school from tomorrow on. Please watch out for him.”
The boy’s eyes were staring at the two of them in utter surprise, then he smiled warily. “Yamashita Tomohisa.” To Ryo's relief he apparently was the polite type and didn't make fun of them immediately. “I'm also new to this school...”
“Ah.” Jin smiled. “So you can watch out for each other!”
Ryo blushed deeply. “Oh are so embarrassing.”
Pi had to giggle a bit. “You two can sit down here, if you want to.” He smiled, turning towards Ryo. “Your brother is the overly excited type, right?”
Jin leaned back a bit, letting the boys talk to each other, while he inspected the little store. It was small, but tidy. One of the waiters was just ending his shift and went to a little staff-only room, apparently changing his clothes. When he came out again, Jin frowned. Something about this boy reminded him of someone… He had short black hair, almost bald. His face was immensely pretty though.
“Bye Tatsuya. See you next week!” one of the guy’s co-workers called towards the pretty guy.
Jin rubbed over his head in high concentration. He knew this guy, but he was sure he had never met someone who was actually bald. Tatsuya? Did he know someone with that name? Maybe it was a person he had met in a shop once or he had bumped into at the street. Jin grumbled, cursing his almost too good memory… for remembering almost every person he had ever seen.
Jin angled for his ID-card when he walked to the criminal department of the police. The man at the entrance inspected him suspiciously first, but when he looked at his documents he smiled politely. “Akanishi-san.” He bowed a bit. “The chief is already expecting you.”
Jin smiled thankfully, feeling happy and euphoric about the good start of the day. He had sent Ryo off to school – without any bigger discussions about his bento box and without any bigger offence against Jin’s person and his authority. Not that Ryo was rebellious, but well, he was a teenager and Jin had set up some rules for him, including curfews, his school work or when he wanted to go out with his friends. Just general stuff, nothing too specific. And actually Ryo wasn’t really complicated, he was learning quite well – not too much though, but it was okay. He was late occasionally, because he was a bit of an air-head, but also this was okay. Just that sometimes he fought Jin for the most ridiculous little things. But in general Jin couldn’t really complain, Ryo was not more rebellious than any other teenager his age. And mostly they got along quite well.
Jin hurried up the staircase, smiling politely when he passed a group of young police officers. Most of them smiled at him friendly, just one glared at him. He was smaller than Jin was, his hair was a bit curly, his face utterly pretty. But he did look a bit stubborn.
Jin frowned. He knew that stubborn expression from Ryo… and he knew that such an expression could mean trouble. Hence he really hoped that he wouldn’t need to work together with this guy, especially since he was the only one who didn’t really look at him or greet him. Arrogant idiot.
Jin shifted around nervously when he reached the right office, knocking at the door and waiting until he heard foot-steps. The door opened up and the chief looked at Jin in confusion for a moment, then he smiled as he recognized him. “Akanishi-kun, am I right?”
Jin bowed politely. “Yes, Sir.”
“Good.” The man’s face had already wrinkles in all kind of patterns, his temples already grey, but still he was good-looking. There was something about his appearance that was soothing – lucky guys whose chief he was. Now he patted Jin’s shoulder. “Come in.” He pointed at one of the chairs, signalizing Jin to sit down, then he angled for his documents. “Your boss thinks you are a brilliant photographer.”
Jin blushed a bit, not used to this kind of blunt praise. “Thanks.” he stuttered.
“He said that you aren’t only really skilled, but that also your eye is brilliant, your senses.” The chief put his glasses down. “Akanishi-kun. That’s exactly what we need. I saw some of your work, it’s brilliant. In a very special way brilliant. You see things that other people don’t see.” He looked at Jin intensely. “We just recently realized that a journalist and photographer’s eye will see different things than a police officer’s eye.”
Jin nodded his head a bit, listening at the other man in high concentration. “I understand…. and agree.”
“We have a department here, for cold cases. You know what a cold case is?”
“A case that was never solved?” Jin suggested.
The chief nodded his head. “Exactly. Some of these cases are even decades old. Even if it’s about something that’s already reached the statute of limitation, it’s important to solve these cases. For our future, for our reputation, but also for the victims and their families. And also to know where the culprits came form, what background they had, it’s important for us to know these things for future cases. Often politics are involved, sometimes also the police themselves.” He sighed. “I won’t lie to you. The cold case department is a difficult one, but it’s also one of the most interesting ones.”
Jin nodded his head, trying to hide his excitement. This here was definitely the biggest step in his career and he knew that. He bowed a bit. “I will try my best to help you!” he sounded so straight-forward that the chief had to smile a bit.
“I’m glad to hear that.” He handed Jin another ID and a map of the building. “You’ll be working together with Kamenashi-kun, he is leading the cold case department.” The man chuckled. “He resembles you. He is young and determined. I hope you two will work well together. I already told him to be nice…”
Jin frowned a bit when he walked down the corridor, searching the way to the cold case department. The chief already told this Kamenashi-kun to be nice? Somehow this didn’t really sound promising. Jin frowned over his own thoughts. This was ridiculous. He should at least give this guy a chance! He didn’t even know him after all and they needed to work together.
He knocked at the door, stepping in after he heard an absent-minded ‘yes.’ When he eyed the other man, his eyes widened in surprise. The curly hair, the pretty face, the fragile figure, the stubborn expression. The arrogant guy from before. Jin forced a smile to his lips. “Hello, I’m Akanishi.”
Kame looked at the other man warily. He hated it to work together with someone outside of the department. This meant that he apparently wasn’t capable of the work and needed help from a stranger. But his chief hired this guy, there was no other way than to work together with him. “Hi…” he mumbled, bowing a bit. “Kamenashi.”
Jin sighed, rolling his eyes. But then he grinned a bit. He would get used to handle this guy. He had Ryo at home after all… and he was just equally stubborn. “So?” Jin smiled. “Where do we start?”
Kame pointed at a box with folders. “These are the most tricky cases.”
Jin nodded his head. “I understand. So which one should we work on?”
Kame shrugged. “Choose one.”
Jin sighed a bit, but at least he would be the one choosing, so he could just let his instincts decide.
Jin pulled some of the folders out of the box, going through them. All of them were mysterious and interesting… but there was one that caught his eyes immediately. Because of the photo that was attached to it. He handed the folder to Kame. “This.” he said. “I’m interested in this.”
Kame’s eyes widened in surprise. “This…” he stared at the photo with the girl in her white wedding dress. It was out of a newspaper from the town she walked through. The only picture they had. “Our biggest mystery… We call her Jade, because of the necklace she is wearing. It’s our only clue.”
“Who is she?” Jin wanted to know.
Kame shrugged, trying to sound as random as possible while his eyes were already flickering in anticipation. Finally, this was his chance. “We don’t know anything. Just that she wanted to marry. Who? When? Why? We don’t know, no one does. She disappeared. And her groom committed suicide He had no relatives, no friends. Or at least that’s what people make us believe. There is no trace anymore. Nothing, not even the registry office they wanted to get married at knew something.”
“As if they got erased…” Jin mumbled.
Kame smiled slightly. “Well, they did get erased. That’s what I believe.”
“But how?” Jin asked in surprise.
“That’s one part of the mystery.” Kame tilted his head. “How do erase a person. Even if she didn’t have relatives, she had to work somewhere, she had to interact with people. But there is nothing… No trace.”
“There always is…” Jin mumbled, looking at the picture in fascination. “There has to be a trace.”

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