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Monologue Chapter 2

Title: Monologue: Chapter 2 (of 13): Pinky
Pairing: RyoJin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, friendship
, bit angst
Disclaimer: I don't own them or anything else JE-related. But the story is mine of course^^
It happens almost out of a sudden. 'Almost', because Jin should have seen the signs. But too pre-occupied with the problems in their relationship, it slipped his attention. And then Ryo is gone... leaving just a single note. Where he is, is a mystery, as is what drove him to leave. Desperate to save their relationship Jin decides to fight against unknown demons of their hearts. He is searching for the key to understanding Ryo's past... so that he might be able to open the locked door again.
Note: Flashbacks and letters Jin has written are in [italic]

“This was the best first date ever.” Jin boasted, grinning brightly. He didn’t care about how cheesy he sounded or how lovey-dovey. Because, damn, he was so happy!
Ryo grinned happily at that, wrapping his arms around Jin’s waist to rest his head against the other’s chest. “It was perfect.” he agreed, sounding fond, but also strangely silent. “I love the huge aquarium.”
Jin rested his chin on the Ryo’s head, sighing contently. “I know that. That’s why I chose it.”
“You knew?” Ryo asked in surprise.
“Of course.” Jin’s lips moved through Ryo’s hair. “Your eyes always gleam when you see an advertisement about it… or when you read something about it.”
Ryo felt his stomach twisting in joy. “You really recognized such a thing?” he asked in deepest surprise and joy.
Jin rubbed his temples in worry, remembering Yuu’s words. Every person had a history. How did someone break up with his love? How was his previous love? What was Ryo’s history?
On that day, when they went out for the first time, Ryo had been so happy and at the same time always at the edge of tears. Because of happiness? Or was there also sadness?
Jin brushed through his hair in confusion. Why should Ryo be sad? He loved their date at the aquarium, Jin knew that. And Ryo’s eyes hadn’t been telling him any lies when he told Jin how much he adored this place.
“You really recognized such a thing?”
Jin stumbled a bit when he remembered this sentence. Was Ryo sad at that time because he had never had such a date?
Every person had a history. Was this part of Ryo’s?
Jin sighed deeply, a sudden determination running through his mind. This was Ryo, damn! He was fucking important to him! And he wouldn’t let him go that easily. He would find this little idiot, so that they could finally settle everything… all the things that apparently had happened in Ryo’s past. And then they would be able to move on.
He jumped up, angling for his phone. He needed Yuu now. Because this was a travel into Ryo’s history, into his past. And though he had always been part of Ryo’s past, he didn’t know everything. He needed other people to help him to fill the gaps.
“Okay.” Yuu yawned tiredly when he stumbled into Jin's apartment. “I hope this is important... it's way past midnight. You owe me!”
“Ryo's gone.” Jin told the other without any further excuses or explanations.
Yuu blinked, obviously confused. “Where did he go to?”
Jin rolled his eyes in annoyance. “Wake up, Yuu! I don't know where he is, that's why I called you. Here...” He gave his friend the letter Ryo had left him.
Yuu's eyes widened when he read it. “Oh shit.” he whispered. “I'm sorry, Jin...”
Jin shook his head. “I was an idiot. You don't need to be sorry for me. I'm so stupid... and he is just… hiding and running, as always. It's always been difficult to grasp him.”
“Yeah.” Yuu mused. “He is really the closed type...” He stayed quiet for a moment. “Just, what does he want to do now? Where is he? He didn't break up, right? He just ran away.” Yuu sighed. “Why is he just leaving a letter? That doesn't sound like something he would do...”
“I guess he couldn't breathe properly anymore.” Jin said silently.
“Or...” Yuu interrupted him carefully. “It's not just about you. Maybe he is desperate about himself. Maybe there is more about his reasons than just the both of you.”
“Of course there is!” Jin told the other firmly. “I don't know what's going on inside Ryo. But there are things I know. He had been my friend since forever and I can read many of his signs.” He paused. “But still I need your help.”
“My help?” Yuu blinked in confusion. “Sure, whatever you want. But how can I help you?”
“Didn't you say that every person has its own history? I want to know Ryo's. Though I know him since so many years, I don't know everything. I need your help to plan my next steps.”
“You need people to fill in the gaps? To make you find the things you don't know, so that in the end you have a completed puzzle.” Yuu mused. “This sounds like a huge work. That's gonna be difficult. But of course, I'll help you.” He looked at Jin carefully. “And then? When you know everything?”
“Then I will find this idiot and fight with him for our relationship.” Jin stated in determination. It sounded so earnest and sincere that Yuu almost envied him. For having someone who was so important.
Dear Ryo-chan,
Really Ryo, at that time, when we went to the aquarium, I just wanted nothing more than to take your hand and squish it. I wanted to hug you, not only because I fell in love with you, but because this look in your eyes.
I think this here is a love-letter too, right?

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