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RyoUchi Drabbles

Title: RyoUchi Drabbles: The story of our life
Pairing: RyoUchi
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Various RyoUchi Drabbles.
You can either read the Drabbles as a linked story or just as simple Drabbles. ^_^
Both works. They are just loosely linked.

Flower Petals
Uchi followed Ryo over the little path through the wide landscape in front of them. There was no work to do for the agency right now and school was closed during spring holidays. The first thing they did when Yoko had told them that they really were free for 1 week was to buy a train ticket and hurry outside. Have some holidays, because soon they would be working a lot again.
“Hey Ryo-chan, look what I found!” Uchi grinned happily, bending down to pick up the very first flower of this spring. “THE FIRST FLOWER!!”
Ryo glared at the younger one. “You just found it and pulled it out already? It’s the first flower of this season! You can’t kill it like that”
Tears were glimmering in Uchi’s eyes when Ryo scolded him. Ryo rolled his eyes for a moment, then he slipped closer to Uchi, grabbing his face with both hands, his thumbs stroking over his cheeks to wipe the tears away. He blushed for a moment, as if he just realized his tender gesture. Then he turned around. “Come… it’s not that far to the beach anymore.” he told Uchi, voice sounding husky.
Uchi watched Ryo’s back in front of him, his fingers touching his face, trying to capture the feeling of Ryo’s hands there forever. He blushed a bit, looking at the flower in his hands. He ripped out one of the petals.
He loves me…
The next petal.
He doesn’t love me.
He loves me…
He doesn’t…
The last petal was just ripped apart half, by accident. Uchi blinked. So…does he love me? Or not?
Uchi hated snow. The happier he was when Ryo suggested playing “snow angel” in summer. They lay down in the sand of the beach, ignoring the surprised comments and the giggling of their band-mates. They raised their hands to the sides, moving them up and down, leaving a clear trace in the sand.
Ryo sat up, smiling down at the pattern he had left. “It looks pretty…” he mused. His eyes shifted towards Uchi. And just for a moment… when he saw the other’s half-closed eyes, hiding from the intense sun, his skin sparkling and glimmering because of the water drops from the sea, his hair glittering under the sunlight… just at that moment Ryo couldn’t help it but think that Uchi really looked like an angel. A sparkling, beautiful angel out of the white sand of the beach.
Uchi looked at these wonderful, beautiful lips. They weren’t exactly full and pouty, rather small in their height, but still so wide and red. When Ryo opened them and pulled them into his bright smile, the most sparkling smile on earth, Uchi’s heart would hammer against his chest. So beautiful…
How would they feel like? How taste?
Uchi looked at these beautiful lips in front of him, bending forward a bit and placing a soft kiss on them. Trying to imagine it. But then he pulled away in annoyance. It just wasn’t the same… Kissing a picture with Ryo… He wanted to kiss his lips for real.
A Princess’ stolen kiss
Like so often in life it didn’t work the way one had expected it to be. Uchi blinked in confusion when he felt how Ryo grabbed his shoulders, pushing him against the wall. The latter looked at him angrily. “Say that again!” he hissed. “You really think I’m kissing everyone?”
Uchi frowned, feeling way too jealous to tear up now. Hence he merely glared. “Yes. Yasu told me he saw you making out with MatsuJun!”
“Damn, Hiroki! I didn’t kiss Jun!”
“I don’t believe you!” Uchi hissed. He blinked in surprise when he suddenly felt Ryo’s lips pressed against his, hands holding him tightly. He was even too surprised to actually react properly. His hands worked on their own, grabbing Ryo’s hips and pulling him closer, kissing him back fiercely.
Most likely they did almost everything wrong here… none of them had ever kissed someone before… but at that moment it simply worked.
Of course Uchi pulled away then and walked away, actually happy for having Ryo’s first kiss…and for giving his to him. Okay, it wasn’t the best way to get a first kiss, but still it worked.
He waited two days before he picked up one of Ryo’s phone-calls.
He liked it to be conquered.
Mirror, Mirror on the wall…
Ryo pulled the blanked up to cover the both of them. Then he sighed tiredly, but also feeling really happy. He smiled when he felt how Uchi grabbed his hand, their fingers entangled.
“This was amazing.” Uchi mumbled into the silence, before he placed a soft kiss on Ryo’s exposed shoulder.
Ryo smiled brightly. “It will get even more amazing…”
Uchi highly doubted that. If there was such a thing like the description of a perfect moment, this had to be it.
The door flew open and Yoko stormed into the rehearsing room, Hina right behind him. “What is going on here?” Yoko hurried to Ryo, putting a hand on his shoulder to pull him back. He looked at them in worry. “You two were yelling like crazy!”
Uchi looked away, then down at the floor.
For a moment Ryo had to breathe in hard, trying to get himself together. Then he shrugged Yoko’s hand off, glaring at Uchi, before he headed out of the room.
Uchi looked after the other in sadness, tears filling his eyes. How do you take back words you already said?
Crumbled cookies
Ryo looked at the basket in Uchi’s hands, blinking in confusion. “I made that for you…” Uchi stuttered. “As an apology…” he added silently. They hadn’t talked since two weeks now and it basically crushed Uchi not to have Ryo around him. But no matter how often he tried to call or talk to Ryo, it always ended in an epic fail.
Not that this here wasn’t a fail either. He looked down into the basket, tears filling his eyes.
Ryo swallowed when he saw the content of the basket.
He had actually planned exactly what to do when Uchi appeared again.
He wouldn’t let him into his apartment.
He wouldn’t allow him to hug him.
He wouldn’t feel affected by his tears.
He wouldn’t be interested in his apologies.
He wouldn’t talk to him that soon again.
Ryo looked into the basket in Uchi’s hands again, full of cookies… half-burnt… half-crumbled… some of them totally falling apart.
“Come.” Ryo sighed, taking Uchi’s hand and pulling him into his apartment.
The higher the place was you fell down from, the more it hurt. And Uchi hurt. He wasn’t sure if he had ever hurt that much. In these dark hours full of doubts and tears and pain, he tried to snuggle close to these two warm arms that were wrapped around him now, holding him close. Even when he was falling.
The first time Uchi was standing on stage again, it was Ryo who was watching him. Jumping and smiling like crazy. And Uchi simply decided to enjoy every moment of it, without dwelling in the past too much. It was a difficult decision, but for him it was the right one. He could be free now, singing and acting. He wanted to put his all into it.
But it were these intimate moments when he woke up in the morning before Ryo did, brushing through the other’s dark hair and watching his sleeping face, that he felt actually really at home. This was his place.
At one point it felt tiring and nerve-wracking, the endless fights and discussions. When did they become two persons who didn’t know each other anymore? They were together since years, not only as a couple but also as friends, how could it become like that? One misunderstanding after another.
Uchi had agreed to it. To finally pull a line and break up. But it was when Ryo packed his stuff and left their apartment, that Uchi felt his stomach twist and pull painfully. He couldn’t let go. Not like this.
There was a difference between actually being on his own and doing things alone… and feeling alone, lonely. It was good to be self-confident and to solve one’s own problems, but the empty feeling at home, in bed when he looked at the empty side next to him, when he looked into the fridge and found it empty, when he switched through the channels of the TV and couldn’t complain to anyone about the TV program, not able to cling to someone when he watched a tear-jerking drama or a thrilling one, when he cut his finger and no one was there to pat his head and tell him that ‘until you marry, it’ll be well again’. It felt tiring to not have someone around whom he could talk to about his problems, who would hug him and calm him down with the strength only a person who was in love possessed.
But it was all gone.
This was loneliness.
Knocking on someone’s door whom you had actually broken up with, was definitely not something Uchi liked to do. It felt awkward and painful and sad… and it crushed his pride. But the emptiness inside his heart became almost too painful. At one point it even overwhelmed his pride, smashing it into pieces.
Now here they were, sitting next to each other at the kitchen table, not talking at all. Maybe they didn’t know what to say. And secretly Uchi wondered if this might be even worse than fighting.
“Why are you here?” Ryo finally asked, not sounding really polite.
“I didn’t want to be alone.” Uchi answered bluntly.
Ryo sighed in frustration. “We broke up… you remember?”
“Of course.” Uchi looked down at his fingers. “It’s like you become a stranger to me.”
“We became both strangers to each other.” Ryo admitted silently.
Uchi looked up into the other’s eyes, searching for something he knew. Then he held out his hand, looking at Ryo, feeling so determined like never before. “Hi. I’m Uchi Hiroki.”
“I said: I’m Uchi Hiroki!” Uchi interrupted him. “How impolite are you not to introduce yourself!”
Ryo sighed. “I’m Nishikido Ryo.” he gave in.
“Why did you want it that much?” Ryo asked half a year later. “Trying this again. I mean, us.”
Uchi smiled helplessly, remembering all the times they had spent together, all the difficulties, all the obstacles, all their problems, but also the funny and calm times. Ryo had always been the only steady constant in his life. “You are like family…” he mumbled.
Maybe it wasn’t perfect. Actually it was far away from being perfect. But still… this was his own little family.

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